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What the heck is this??

I'm too scared to keep looking!!

Hennepin County Minnesota centipede horticulture Posted over 1 year ago

bishop weed/goutweed

Hello, Bachman's helped me identify a prolific grower in my backyard hosta garden as bishop weed. I moved into this property two years ago and really didn't notice it the first growing season. Last summer, it was very apparent that something was growing among the hostas, but since it looked pretty (huh, not any longer!), I let it go until it overshadowed the hostas. I've done enough research to be very concerned about its prominence on my property. And now, as I'm doing spring garden clean-up, I see that it's invaded perenniel gardens in my front yard (beautiful new landscape professionally designed and installed in the fall of 2017, three months after we moved in). Now I'm really concerned! I've worked carefully in the front yard gardens to uncover and remove the underground runners and plants while there are relatively few plants. However, I know that when runners break it only helps propagation. What advice do you have for me as I attempt to rid my property of this menace? Thank you Sincerely, Kathy Ehlers

Hennepin County Minnesota goutweed horticulture Posted over 1 year ago

Small bugs all over deck railing

I was pressure washing my deck today and notice these Bugs all over the place. The railing is mostly shaded and gets a lot of moisture.

Hennepin County Minnesota picnic beetle horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Curling Leaves

The leaves on my Japanese lilac tree are curling under. There is another twin tree right next to that one and it is fine. I had someone out to look at it but they said it is getting too much water. Hard to believe because of the one next to it is healthy. No bugs on the leaves. HELP

Hennepin County Minnesota leaf curl tree lilac Posted over 2 years ago

What's growing?

I have some dianthus that are growing (planted in previous year). But there's 2 other plants growing in with them. My guess is weeds, but since I know very little about gardening, I wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. Thanks for your time, Shannon

Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Hello, I live in Minnetonka on an acre and a half of property. Starting at...

Hello, I live in Minnetonka on an acre and a half of property. Starting at the road, we have a steep downgrade that spans the entire property. At the bottom we have woods, then Purgatory Creek running through. Over the past years, we have noticed much erosion, and the water runoff pooling, greatly increasing to where it is now a very large area. It also has created an unstable area where many trees have fallen, and now we have a huge pile of trees. We would like to use permaculture principles to create sustainable growing areas for humans and wildlife alike. I am wondering if you might help me to sort out what we need to do to (unfortunately, we have a very low budget to put I to this) I feel really overwhelmed and would love suggestions on these questions... 1. How to improve the creek and surrounding area for a cleaner and safer habitat? 2. How can we restore the land that has become so wet? 3. What can we do regarding all the fallen trees? Thank you in advance for your help and assistance, it is very much appreciated! Jenny

Hennepin County Minnesota erosion Posted over 2 years ago

Spider ID

Apology, most of my mind I'm sure this is not a brown recluse, but there's that tiny corner.... Please to to identify from the attached picture. Regards, Martin Daniels

Hennepin County Minnesota spider Posted over 2 years ago

How to add color to a tree line?

Hi, Past my back yard I have a tree line. I would like to add some color. What kind of plants would you suggest? - Eden Prairie --- Per Hennepin C. Natural Resource site ----- Name: Urban land-Udipsamments (cut and fill land) complex, 0 to 2 percent slopes ----- Soil Type: U4A my observations _____________ - partial to no sun - trees are mature, at least 10-12 feet between the ground and bottom of leaf branches - the ground is currently covered in a mixture of dropped leaves, old branches - even in dry summers, the soil never really 'dries out'.

Hennepin County Minnesota color Posted over 2 years ago

transplanting Amur maple

I would like to transplant a small Amur maple (5-6 feet tall) that has grown from seed in our yard. Can I transplant it now, or is it too late in the season? Thanks.

Hennepin County Minnesota forestry Posted about 4 years ago

Relocation of bees

I had fiberglass under an outside bow window for the winter. When I took it down today, I noticed a few bees. Some were crawling out of the fiberglass, like they just woke up. They do not have dangling legs, so I don't think they are wasps. I would classify the size as medium large. If they are pollinators I want to relocate if possible. Do I move the whole bat of insulation? Some of the bees are still flying around the area where the fiberglass was. Any suggestions? Thank you Gordy

Hennepin County Minnesota bees Posted over 4 years ago