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Pruning apples and Roses

I live in Cottage Grove. When should I prune my roses and apple trees.

Harris County TX Posted 16 days ago

Symbiotic ground cover with live oak

We have a 60 year old live oak in our back yard which was under stress before construction and before the plumbers ignored the tree fencing and trenched 7’ from it on 2 sides. Between the house foundation 15’ away and the water trench, only about 40% of the root system is untouched. We want to give the tree the best chance of survival it has. In addition to aeration and fertilization after construction, we would like to plant ground cover which will support the tree (or at least not further stress it). Is there a kind of ground cover that would be best for it? If the health of the tree was not a concern, we would plant a Zoysia. Thank you!

Harris County TX Posted 17 days ago

Dead Japanese boxwood hedges

I lost eight Japanese boxwood hedges. Every few days one or two of the hedges with suddenly turned completely brown. what happened? Should i replant?

Harris County TX Posted about 1 month ago

Dying Shrub

I have had this shrub for 10 years, and within two weeks this shrub went from green to brown (dying). I peeled back some of the bark, to see if there was some life. It was very hard to scrape with a dark hard like sap. When I looked down as the base of the shrub the same dark sap is dried up and hardened as well and the branches are are just snapping off . I don’t want the other shrubs to die .

Harris County TX Posted 5 months ago

Chigger bugs

How can i get rid of CHIGGERS bugs IN MY BED

Harris County TX Posted 9 months ago

Need help identify this cause

i don't know what's causing this problem I don't see no incets under the leaves

Harris County Texas Posted 9 months ago

Bit by a small spider

I got bit by this spider that I killed. It's curled up, can it be identified? If so, is it poisonous

Harris County Texas Posted over 1 year ago


Is there a way to change a dill pickle into a sour pickle. I bought the wrong one and fam already opened the jar

Harris County Texas Posted over 2 years ago

Tomato plant has dried up buds and only one tomato

My tomato plant has only one tomato. Plant is healthy. Many buds on plant dried up and died, what can be done to help this plant produce more tomatoes? I live in Houston, Texas.

Harris County Texas Posted over 2 years ago

Is the Sago plant still alive?

Hi,I have a question about a sago plant that went through the freeze this past winter. My other 3 made it ok.but this sago had some difficulty before the freeze . Let me explain. , years ago,it had gotten diseased,and the white spots were showing all over the franz. I made a mistake by asking a home depot person,and they advised me to spray this liquid on it,that I found out later to be poison. The top franz grew again,only to be very small,and not many appeared.,and looked sickly from then on. In March,unlike the others,there is no growth at all,compared to the other 3 sagos. The entire top of the s?go looks distorted. I am wondering if I could saw off the top half,and would it possibly grow back./ Or just mix some root stimulator,and see if I could jump start its growth again. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.! Thank you,Brent in Houston

Harris County Texas Posted over 2 years ago