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Bit by a small spider

I got bit by this spider that I killed. It's curled up, can it be identified? If so, is it poisonous

Harris County TX Posted 7 months ago


Is there a way to change a dill pickle into a sour pickle. I bought the wrong one and fam already opened the jar

Harris County TX Posted over 1 year ago

Tomato plant has dried up buds and only one tomato

My tomato plant has only one tomato. Plant is healthy. Many buds on plant dried up and died, what can be done to help this plant produce more tomatoes? I live in Houston, Texas.

Harris County TX Posted over 1 year ago

Is the Sago plant still alive?

Hi,I have a question about a sago plant that went through the freeze this past winter. My other 3 made it ok.but this sago had some difficulty before the freeze . Let me explain. , years ago,it had gotten diseased,and the white spots were showing all over the franz. I made a mistake by asking a home depot person,and they advised me to spray this liquid on it,that I found out later to be poison. The top franz grew again,only to be very small,and not many appeared.,and looked sickly from then on. In March,unlike the others,there is no growth at all,compared to the other 3 sagos. The entire top of the s?go looks distorted. I am wondering if I could saw off the top half,and would it possibly grow back./ Or just mix some root stimulator,and see if I could jump start its growth again. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.! Thank you,Brent in Houston

Harris County TX Posted over 1 year ago


I live in Houston in the Memorial area where we have lots of shade on our 3 acres. We also have take-all patch which makes our problem worse. Every spring we put down many pallets of St. Augustine and by the next year much has died and looks terrible. Last year we put down several pallets of Zoysia and a lot of that has died. I have put some areas in ground cover but do not want to do the whole property in ground cover. Suggestions?

Harris County TX Posted about 2 years ago

philippine lilies from seed

Hi: I'd like to grow philippine lilies from seeds collected from my plants in Houston. Will the plants bloom in their first year? Thanks for your help! Dave Sherron

Harris County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Virginia Buttonweed

My St. Augustine lawn was invaded by Virginia Buttonweed last summer. I did not notice it at first because it came up between my house and my neighbor's house. I pulled as much as I could and used Bonide Sedge Ender to eliminate the weed, but it took several applications and took a toll on my St. Augustine grass. My question is, What can I do this spring to make sure the Buttonweed does not come back?

Harris County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

proper soil to plant an avacado tree

I have a fantastic avocado tree that is about 6'-7' tall and still in a container. I need to plant it in my yard but I understand it needs a blended soil to be successful. Can you give me any directions on how to plant an avocado tree and what blend of soil to use?

Harris County Texas Posted about 3 years ago

roses well establised all turned black and dying

we had a freeze here in texas after that all our rose canes have turned black look like they are dying

will they come back?? what should we do ?? we have a vast collection.very concerned/

Harris County Texas Posted about 3 years ago

What is going on?

I had sod webworms in a BAD way this summer....treated x 3. Back yard recovered, front yard is not ok. In fact, this yard is nothing like it was at the beginning of the year last. I'm in 77062/Clear Lake-Houston, TX. I'm at a loss for where to turn for some professional help. I'm concerned there may be TakeAll Root Fungus as well.....and all in time for listing my house for sale - ouch! Any input/feedback would be highly appreciated~ SF

Harris County Texas Posted about 3 years ago