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Pesky mites

My huge lavender azalea, 5 ft in diameter and height, was turning yellow. Under the leaves were mites. Or so I thought. I sprayed it well with Malathion, top and under the leaves. Now the leaves are falling off. I hope it doesn't die. It's probably 15 years old. If it survives (branches) Should I feed and water it right away? It is now November in Tennessee. Also, the bush is abutting my brick house. Will this effect the pH?
Thank you for your advice.

Franklin County Tennessee Posted 8 days ago

Harvesting wisteria seed pods

Do seed pods need to dry to the point of bursting before harvesting the seeds or can can I break them open before then? If so, will I still need to dry the seeds? I have some that are sort of golden brown, plump & can hear seeds rattling inside & some that are a darker brown & flatter but turning beginning to turn golden (pic 1). Also, can I use pods collected from the ground? I believe the second & third pictures show the progression of the drying stages.

Williamson County Tennessee Posted 10 days ago

Spider shot web from truck cab top to my SUV cab top

I saw a spider shot a web from the neighbor truck top to my SUV top 70 yards away. It then from my SUV shot a web up to the tree top which was 60 yards away. I know it couldn't see what was in the tree from the neighbors driveway. So where was it going and how much web can it shot before running out ?

Shelby County Tennessee Posted 29 days ago

Eastern hemlocks

My Eastern Hemlocks are getting yellow needles on them . Is this normal for fall or do I have a larger problem ??

Smith County Tennessee Posted about 1 month ago

Norway spruce needles damaged

My beautiful Norway Spruce tree had about 1/3 of its needles blown off by a wood chipper man not paying attention; will they eventually grow back? Thank you!

Tennessee Posted about 1 month ago


I am in southern middle TN and we came across these in the woods today. No one around here has ever seen anything like it. Got any idea?

Tennessee Posted 2 months ago

zinnia disease

i've grown zinnia from the seed collected from the previous years for the past 30 years. This year the plant have a lot brown spots .Should I or shouldn't I collect the seed before the season is over??

Putnam County Tennessee Posted 2 months ago

Scat on pepper plants

Middle Tennessee, pepper plants near metal fence. Scat on ground, leaves and peppers themselves. Voluminous amount on ground. Some peppers partially gnawed.
UPDATE: We caught the culprit in the act. Have replaced two of the photos below.
Can you identify the caterpillar for us and recommend prevention methods?
Gordon Bryan

Davidson County Tennessee Posted 3 months ago

Black plum spots

This tree is 4 to 5 yrs old. We are getting fruit for the first time but the fruit looked to have crystallized stiff sap. After a short time it started turning black. The pics below show it better than I can describe it.

Blount County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

Little Black seeds

I live in Tennessee. The Pecan tree in my back yard is 40 years old and it is dropping these LITTLE BLACK SEEDS . What might be causing this ? Thank you , M. Davis

Hamilton County Tennessee Posted 5 months ago