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Black tree

What causes a tree to turn black

Rutherford County Tennessee trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Moss in raspberry patch

How can I get rid of moss in my raspberry patch?

Cumberland County Tennessee Posted 2 months ago

Small Black Worms

Second Request .
It is January and has been a mild winter and small black worms emerge and crawl onto my concrete drive after a rain. They are not earthworms. They are about 1 inch long, soft bodied with a black head. Its tail end appears to have a few small spikes or hairs around it. They do not appear to have legs.

Can you identify them for me.

Tennessee Posted 3 months ago

Yellowing arborvitae

We have several emerald arborvitae that we planted 3 years ago. Aside from the deer and the loss of 2 trees to voles, the rest are doing well and look healthy and have grown about 5 ft. We noticed a few days ago that all of them are yellowing uniformly. No clumps or isolated branches. We have had a lot of rain since October.

Tennessee Posted 3 months ago

Transplant Giant Arborvitaes

I planted giant Arborvitaes near the house 4 years ago by accident thinking they were a different variety. They are still young but almost 15’ high. I would like to transplant but I’m not sure how big of a deal this will be.

Knox County Tennessee trees and shrubs Posted 4 months ago

Spider help!

What kind of spider is this

Rutherford County Tennessee Posted 6 months ago

What is this

Please help! Been plagued with these bugs for a couple of years and they just keep getting worse. Most are tiny like speaks of pepper, have no particular shape and have a fuzzy appearance. Worse of all they bite or I am very sensitive to them. What are they and what do I do about them? I clean and clean and clean. Please Help!

Madison County Tennessee Posted 6 months ago

Can someone get kicked out of 4-h for fighting?

Can someone get kicked out of 4-h, for fighting at a 4-h event?

Union County Tennessee 4-h Posted 6 months ago

Struggling with clay soil

I’m trying to start a garden on the west side of my home. It gets our hot afternoon sun in summer. I have a pinky winky hydrangea but not sure if I should re-plant... I hate to because that’s the primary entrance of my home.

Washington County Tennessee Posted 7 months ago

Why is my rising sun redbud green all year?

When we planted my rising sun redbud it had beautiful colors. This spring it bloomed but since then has been all green. Not showing it’s rising sun colors. Any idea what the problem is?

Rutherford County Tennessee Posted 8 months ago