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zinnia disease

i've grown zinnia from the seed collected from the previous years for the past 30 years. This year the plant have a lot brown spots .Should I or shouldn't I collect the seed before the season is over??

Putnam County Tennessee Posted about 3 hours ago

Scat on pepper plants

Middle Tennessee, pepper plants near metal fence. Scat on ground, leaves and peppers themselves. Voluminous amount on ground. Some peppers partially gnawed.
UPDATE: We caught the culprit in the act. Have replaced two of the photos below.
Can you identify the caterpillar for us and recommend prevention methods?
Gordon Bryan

Davidson County Tennessee Posted about 1 month ago

Black plum spots

This tree is 4 to 5 yrs old. We are getting fruit for the first time but the fruit looked to have crystallized stiff sap. After a short time it started turning black. The pics below show it better than I can describe it.

Blount County Tennessee Posted about 1 month ago

Little Black seeds

I live in Tennessee. The Pecan tree in my back yard is 40 years old and it is dropping these LITTLE BLACK SEEDS . What might be causing this ? Thank you , M. Davis

Hamilton County Tennessee Posted 2 months ago

New Beautyberry Mom

I planted my beautyberry last year -bought from nursery in Aug. had small berries on it. It’s June and it looks very theses pictures. Is this normal? I am in Zone 7...

Davidson County Tennessee Posted 3 months ago

Prevention of Thousand Cankers Disease in black walnut trees

Is there an insecticide or other treatment that I can apply to black walnut trees to prevent their dying from Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD)? We have half a dozen black walnut trees on our lot, and trees are being lost to TCD in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, according to our tree trimming service. Our trees have not been visibly affected yet, although they did appear to leaf out later than normal this year.

Anderson County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

Wild vine

I have a wild vine growing all over my sprawling juniper. How can I get rid of it without killing my juniper?

Decatur County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

Mixed lawn

I live in Knoxville TN and have a residential lawn that is mostly fescue, but has Bermuda grass underneath. I like the mix of the two. But I have lots of clover and other broad leaf weeds. What is best to spray for woody weeds, sedges, and clover while not hurting the fescue and Bermuda?

Knox County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

Can I save a weeping Willow that fell in a wind storm

My weeping Willow tree fell due to high winds. We are thinking about relocating it on the property. If we do this, tips to help it survive... Or would it be better to relocate the root ball after cutting it to a stump. I live in southeast Tennessee. These trees grow well here and this one happens to be too close to the dam of the pond. It's probably 30' tall. I have the equipment to move it but lack the knowledge of keeping it standing and helping it live. Thank you

Hamilton County Tennessee Posted 4 months ago

Coral-like fungus? Memphis

Can you identify this coral-like fungus in Memphis TN?

Fayette County Tennessee Posted 5 months ago