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I am clearing out a damp carport. The items are musty and damp. The items...

I am clearing out a damp carport. The items are musty and damp. The items include books, paper, stuffed animals and a large array of household items. What is the best approach to clean, dry and deodorize this large assortment so that the items would be suitable for a yard sale.

Hocking County OH clean-up and recovery family and consumer sciences household cleaning Posted about 5 years ago

regulations for small ohio afo poultryfarm

after land division and lot splits 6 homes were built alongside a golf course. property owners with original farm dwelling turned their 5500 sq ft trucking garage into a barn for thousands of chickens even though no farming has been done since before 1977. after adding on a huge tent with more chickens now adding a second. We are rural residential with agriculture permitted. Our area is no longer a pleaseant clean community due to odor and other nuisances. Who regulates this small type of AFO and do we have any rights with being here before the poultry and living within 20ft and 40 ft? Does a small farm with this amount of poultry have any regulations? This neighbor has become the neighbor from hell due to his anger when we complain to our township. Is lawsuit the only option? Or are they protected even then?

Tuscarawas County OH zoning and land use regulation Posted almost 7 years ago