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What is this tree?

What is this tree?

Hamilton County Ohio tree identification Posted about 4 years ago

Edible Mushrooms?

I picked these mushrooms earlier today in my backyard in the open grass, almost no shade. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out what they are and am hoping you can help! (: I have pictures as well. One is a side by side of the same mushroom and the other is the caps of all three. They're about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long and the caps are about 1/2 to 1 inch wide, all dark brown.I tried a spore print but it didn't work :/ sorry about that. Hope you can help, thank you!

Hamilton County Ohio Posted about 4 years ago

My husband and I are interested in planting an orchard on our small 9 acre...

My husband and I are interested in planting an orchard on our small 9 acre farm. What are some larger nurseries that specialize in orchard stock, ideally with many varieties of various fruit trees? Also we are wondering if you know of any good nursery sources for heirloom or disease-resistant varieties? We live in Hamilton County but are willing too travel statewide also. Thank you! _Pamela

Hamilton County Ohio fruit trees Posted over 4 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

I've had this little guy for about a month now, and had been growing fine however it's starting to look a little droopy. I live in a dorm, and temperatures are dropping so I'm wondering if the cold is bothering it? I don't over water it, just give water whenever the soil is dry. The bottom of the glass contain it's in has rocks for about an inch before the soil starts - so the roots don't just sit in water. Does it need a bigger container? It's been very cloudy the past week in Cincinnati so I'm wondering if he isn't getting enough sunlight. I'd like to know what type of plant this is - and how to best care for it especially now in the start of winter!! Thank you

Hamilton County Ohio houseplants succulents Posted almost 5 years ago

Stand soil test indicate contamination?

Hi there! I was curious if the standard soil test would pick/indicate any contamination in the soil? Trace chemicals? Hazardous chemicals/compounds? Toxicity? Things of that nature. If not--what soil test would you recommend to use to ensure that I know my soil is safe for growing.

Hamilton County Ohio Posted over 5 years ago

Farmer Educator / Trainer agreement - Template

Are there models or templates or specific agreements for hiring a farmer educator to be a trainer/educator for farm apprentices that anyone will share, please? Thanks.

Hamilton County Ohio small farm issues Posted over 5 years ago

Missed taking my RMD for 2013

I missed taking my 2013 RMD total of $1500. Is this $1500amount added to my 2014 RMD total?

Hamilton County Ohio personal finance retirement planning roth ira from rmd rmd Posted over 6 years ago

we have orange spots on our concrete patio, that look like little comets....

we have orange spots on our concrete patio, that look like little comets. What is causing these?

Hamilton County Ohio Posted over 7 years ago

Food Safety Questions for Farmers

II have a few questions to ask about food safety and our supply. I'm doing a project for my Nutrition class and Northern Kentucky University. I would like to talk with someone who works directly with farmers. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I was wondering if I could get a contact for the best person to talk to?

Hamilton County Ohio Posted over 7 years ago

Hi, I've had this infestation of this grass for some years now and it is out...

Hi, I've had this infestation of this grass for some years now and it is out of hand. I would like to selectively remove it from my lawn and gardens with some sort of herbicide, but I can't seem to get an exact identification and then determine the proper treatment. If you could please I.D. this grass and offer (if possible) a remedy to kill it, it would be most appreciated. I have loaded some images on my website: (http://www.windwoodllc.com/weeds). If they are not adequate for identification, I can make better and more detailed images at your request. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Rick Hartigan

Hamilton County Ohio grass weed control lawn management Posted over 7 years ago