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Michigan Blueberry Facts
Michigan State University Extension Educators and Faculty working with the Michigan Blueberry Industries. Information posted on MI Blueberry Facts webpage.

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Blueberry leaves are getting red and have little red spots

What would cause such development of this. Little red dots on leaves and the start of red on leaves also

Waupaca County Wisconsin blueberries blueberry diseases Posted 2 months ago


Is hardwood mulch better than cypress mulch

Pierce County Georgia mulch Posted 7 months ago

Red brown leaves

I have two blueberry bushes side by side. One has green leaves the other red. Any ideas?

Outside United States Posted 12 months ago


Why have my blueberries stayed white, small and dropped off even though they have been fed and watered through the heatwave we've had? Some turned green but no blue and didn't even produce a hand full of them.

Outside United States blueberry production Posted 12 months ago

Pod like growth on bush

I have a few 4 year old bushes behind my house. They have a number of pod like growths. Kind of like a curled pea pod about 2 inches but curled. They start out green then turn dark with a wood like consistency. They look like they have round marbles inside. Any idea what they are. The green one in pic is this year and the dark is a year old one

Washington County Vermont Posted about 1 year ago

Blackberry mystery

I have small stand of Blackberry bushes in my garden; they continue to spread but don't fruit

Sullivan County New York Posted about 1 year ago


I live in the north east, I've had a blueberry bush for about 7 yrs it seems this year the blueberries are taking longer than usual to ripen what could be the problem ?

Providence County Rhode Island Posted about 1 year ago

Select Max tank mix

Can Select Max (with C.O.C.) be tank mixed with Sinbar without causing harm to blueberry canes that are just before green tip?

At what point, in the spring, is grass considered to be actively growing? So that Select Max could work. Is there a GDD number for quack grass that would give a more accurate picture?

Van Buren County Michigan blueberry weed control Posted over 1 year ago

Blueberry production

Can weed barrier fabric be used in blueberry production to aid in weed suppression? I have soils that test 5.3 for ph, is that low enough? How moist of soils will they tolerate?

Rice County Minnesota Posted over 1 year ago

I have a question wich disease is this?

I have a question wich disease is this?

Outside United States Posted over 1 year ago