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Michigan Blueberry Facts
Michigan State University Extension Educators and Faculty working with the Michigan Blueberry Industries. Information posted on MI Blueberry Facts webpage.

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Questions asked to this group

Blueberry leaves yellow with green veins

I have a new plant as of a month ago. I put it in a pot with good soil I thought. It grew 5 leaves on a stem but I accidentally broke it off. The mail stem leaves only 5 have started turning a little yellow /green with green veins. I want it to grow. What am I doing wrong? How often in a pot should you water. I thought every 3 days. Need expert advise please.

Gwinnett County Georgia chlorotic blueberries Posted 16 days ago

Blueberries turning white and falling off - Mummy berry

Our wild blueberries form then turn white, shrink a bit then fall off the bush. We use to have healthy berries and an abundant crop each year.

Rensselaer County New York blueberries blueberry diseases mummy berry Posted 30 days ago

Putting sulfur in hole with blueberry plant

I plan to plant some Star blueberry's tommorow, but my soil is 6.2 pH. My plan is to mix some sulfur with the dirt under the plant, then put some peat between the sulfur and plant, then after planting sprinkle more sulfur around plant and then cover with pine bark. Questions are: will this be safe for plant? How much to use? How long before I see a reduction in pH?

Jeff Davis County Georgia blueberry soils Posted about 1 month ago

Shriveled blueberries

Ever time I transplant the bush they shrivel and fall off but the soil is constantly moist but the plant looks under water could this be the problem

Los Angeles County California blueberries Posted about 1 month ago

Brown leaves on blueberry

Can you tell me what this is? Leaves are turning brown with silvery white spots on them. Plant is heavy with berries. Not as leafed out as I would like.

Calaveras County California Posted about 1 month ago

White shell is falling off

Why is the white shell falling off of my blueberry bush? Underneath the white shell is pink. How wet should a blueberry bush be?

San Diego County California blueberries Posted 4 months ago

Is this a blueberry bush

I have this bush and cant identifiy it they look like a blueberry but we are in December?

Horry County South Carolina plant identification Posted 5 months ago

Mulching Bald cypress

I have a bald cypress ~15 years old and was looking to spread some decomposed (10yrs+), leaves under the drip edge. Will that hurt the tree?

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania mulching trees Posted 9 months ago

Fall mulching

Is it acceptable to mulch around my blueberries with decomposed leaves in September?

Lackawanna County Pennsylvania blueberry production Posted 9 months ago

Ripe blueberries fall off bush

We live in east Tn and we have many ripe berries that fall off the bushes. Any suggestions on how to catch them? We tried plastic tarps under bushes one year, but wondered if there is a drop cloth that is mesh so they water can get thru?

Carter County Tennessee blueberries Posted 9 months ago