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Michigan Blueberry Facts
Michigan State University Extension Educators and Faculty working with the Michigan Blueberry Industries. Information posted on MI Blueberry Facts webpage.

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Blueberry bush with one large trunk

I have several blueberry bushes and I largely ignored pruning them for several years. The time finally arrived and I pruned several of them last year. All but one had numerous canes of varying ages. However, one plant has a single large "trunk", bigger than my wrist. A foot or so up it splits into several branches. I pruned off a large, problematic branch last year and was rewarded with new growth in the vicinity of the cut, but not new canes coming up from the ground. How would I go about pruning this...tree?

blueberries pruning shrubs pruning blueberries Posted 5 days ago


Why do my blueberries fall off the plant before ripening. I have three different types .

OUTSIDEUS blueberry production Posted 8 days ago

Just about ripe blueberry drop?

Picking Our blueberries the ones that are almost ripe are falling off as we are picking them. This has never happened before when we picked the berries from past years.

Cowlitz County WA blueberries blueberry production Posted about 1 month ago

Dropped fruit on pear tree

My pear tree was loaded with pears and by mid June all the fruit has fallen off. What happened, is there something we can do to guarantee fruit sets?

King County WA pears Posted about 1 month ago

Blueberries Bush

I would like to know how long before the berries blume

Alameda County CA blueberries Posted about 1 month ago

Growth on blueberry bush

Hello, I have a blueberry bush planted in my backyard, it’s a few years old. I noticed today two weird hard growths on one of the plant. A hard, Greyish, lump and one is covered with holes. Any idea what these could be?

Allegan County Michigan blueberries gardening gray mold aabi Posted about 1 month ago


I have mulched my small 8 blueberry bushes w cut grass from grass catcher on mower. I am wanting to overlay that w “hardwood mulch” just for aesthetics-but I’m not sure if this is bad for the blueberries or will it not stunt or harm them?

Woodford County Illinois blueberries mulch Posted about 1 month ago

Blueberry leaves yellow with green veins

I have a new plant as of a month ago. I put it in a pot with good soil I thought. It grew 5 leaves on a stem but I accidentally broke it off. The mail stem leaves only 5 have started turning a little yellow /green with green veins. I want it to grow. What am I doing wrong? How often in a pot should you water. I thought every 3 days. Need expert advise please.

Gwinnett County Georgia chlorotic blueberries Posted 3 months ago

Blueberries turning white and falling off - Mummy berry

Our wild blueberries form then turn white, shrink a bit then fall off the bush. We use to have healthy berries and an abundant crop each year.

Rensselaer County New York blueberries blueberry diseases mummy berry Posted 3 months ago

Putting sulfur in hole with blueberry plant

I plan to plant some Star blueberry's tommorow, but my soil is 6.2 pH. My plan is to mix some sulfur with the dirt under the plant, then put some peat between the sulfur and plant, then after planting sprinkle more sulfur around plant and then cover with pine bark. Questions are: will this be safe for plant? How much to use? How long before I see a reduction in pH?

Jeff Davis County Georgia blueberry soils Posted 3 months ago