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Mud wasp nest in air exchanger

I was cleaning out my air exchanger and found what I think is a mud wasp nest. It has what looks like a mud mass that has cylinder shaped tubes stack together. So what I need to know is are they active right now? The nest is inside my home inside a filter holder and it is on the fresh air side of the filter. So they would have to chew through the filter to get inside the duct work. Could they be hibernating in there or is it just a nest right now? Could they chew through my filter and get inside my home? Can I just scrap the nest off the inside of the filter holder and crush the nest or what should I do to remove it? Or if they are not going to get inside my home is it a problem to just leave it? Thanks.

Minnehaha County SD urban integrated pest management pest management wasps Posted about 7 years ago