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Sussex County Delaware mold mildew and mold control Posted almost 3 years ago

Trying to identify these trees

Can anyone tell me what these trees are? We need a tall, narrow privacy wall

Dane County Wisconsin landscaping plant identification Posted almost 4 years ago

Raised Garden Liner

My name is Justin Wolter. I live in the Town of Lisbon, WI. I built a raised garden using bricks (see attachment) in my backyard a few days ago. My wife and I want to make this into a chemical free garden for either this Fall or next Spring. I am looking for tips, if you have any, on a good quality liner I can put into the garden? I heard bricks can dry the garden out quicker. I had a neighbor who told me to put cardboard on the edges and bottom, I am not sure that’s the right approach nor am I sure if I want cardboard integrating into the quality dirt I use. Right now I am just collecting opinions so, anyway, if you have any tips on a safe, quality liner I would be very appreciative. Thanks, Justin

Waukesha County Wisconsin Posted almost 4 years ago

Yellow dust everywhere- could it be pollen?

We live in Walworth, WI and last week (June 1 or 2nd) we came home to find yellow "dust" all over our deck, windows and inside the house. I'm thinking it was pollen, but do you know where it could have come from? I've never seen that much before! Thanks

Walworth County Wisconsin Posted almost 4 years ago

Dying pine trees in Brodhead

My husband and I own property in Brodhead in Green County. Last year we had 10 dead mostly pine trees removed and these year many others are dead or dying. We do not know the cause. Please advise where we can find a certified arborist who can work with us, or if there a way through soil or wood samples to diagnose the problem. We would like to plant more trees but hesitate because we don't know the cause of the die off.

Thank you,

Cathy Krieger


Green County Wisconsin Posted about 4 years ago

well water rights

I have a question about well water rights
my neighbor had 2000 dairy cows up until 2012 when they added 1500 more.
The well on our property was working properly until the summer of 2013 when it was pumped
dry and the water becomes cloudy and is a mixture of air and water. Sometimes during the
summer months even filling up the washing machine will take up to 1/2 hour to fill.
we never had any issues before 2013,the well is 44 years old but works great the rest of the year.we only have problems with quantity during june through august. We believe it is due to more cattle after
2012 and during the summer months due to the cows drinking more and through natural evaporation.They are now planning a 4000 plus dairy expansion only 200 yards away from the existing dairy.I have talked to the DNR and they aren't much help...they just seem to want the new dairy set up.I am frustrated to say the least.Are there laws or situations like this you are aware of? The Dnr thinks I should drill a new well, but If my neighbor is sucking my well dry I shouldn't be footing the bill. I had the well tested and it had coliform and .7 arsenic and is deemed unsafe to drink.

Lafayette County Wisconsin drinking water well water water rights Posted about 4 years ago

burning red oak from oak wilt infested trees

Dear expert: I have 5 cords of red oak cut and split in my barn. It was cut six years ago. Is it safe to burn this wood in a friends fireplace thirty mile away? She has mature red oaks in the yard. I have read both yes and no answers to this question. The U of M fact sheet is not clear on the topic.

Thank you

St. Croix County Wisconsin forest health Posted over 4 years ago

Back yard dust reduction

My backyard lawn has been destroyed by my large canine family. I would like to replant some day but for now just want to reduce the dust and further soil erosion. What can I put there in place of my lawn?

Wisconsin Posted about 5 years ago

Ice Dam Water Problem

I had an ice dam this past winter that resulted in water leaking onto drywall and flooring. I don't know how much water entered the home, it didn't appear to be of great quantity. Should I replace or repair the affected drywall? I'm concerned there may be residual water behind the wall.

Thank you

Oneida County Wisconsin Posted almost 6 years ago

How can I deal with pantry moths in my home?

How can I deal with pantry moths in my home? I have been using the pheromone traps for several months, and while they catch many moths, there are still more flying around the house, on both floors.
I have done the cleaning of storage areas and disposing of suspect grains, etc.
I have not been able to find where the eggs are growing and hatching...

Dane County Wisconsin urban integrated pest management front page Posted about 6 years ago