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corrugated card board

What are the uses for corrugated card board in gardening

Macon County NC horticulture Posted 19 days ago

Blueberries and apples

I bought property with 8 mature blueberry bushes (trees) and 8 apple trees. They had been ignored. I trimmed and fertilized them but they all have mostly stopped producing fruit. The leaves on the apples are full of holes and dropping at the time the fruit usually drops. Can they be saved? Neem oil seemed to make the apple trees worse.

Surry County NC fruit trees small fruits horticulture Posted 4 months ago

Cedar tree is turning brown.

My cedar tree has started dying and it’s taking out the whole tree. I can send pics too.

Johnston County NC trees and shrubs horticulture Posted 6 months ago

Health of forest


I recently purchased a 3-acre property in Summerfield. I would like to arrange for a visit and review by a Forestry Ranger so as to assess the health of the trees and perhaps discuss alternative plantings (such as apple or pear trees) that I could plant in the future.

The property is sloped and I've noted several trees with what seems to be rot at the base.

thank you

tony Saiz
summerfield, NC

Thanks for your help,

Guilford County NC trees and shrubs forest health horticulture Posted 6 months ago

Hairy spider in my house

What kind of spider is this? Should I be worried?

Cabarrus County NC spider identification jumping spider Posted 7 months ago

Tomato plants grow nice and healthy them suddenly start wilting and dying.

I have six tomato plants in a raised bed that grow huge with tomatoes all over them and then they suddenly wilt and die. They are labeled to be vfn resistant. Last year I had two of the six die. This year all 6 have started wilting. What is it that's causing this problem. I'm about ready to never grow another tomato. What can I do. These are early girl indeterminate variety. I also tried after two died to plant another resistant big boy variety and they are still small but starting to wilt and die.

Wilson County North Carolina Posted 8 months ago

Coral maple

I have a coral maple tree, about 3 weeks ago the leaves on one side started turning brown then the hole tree turned brown and lost all its leaves. I have read that it will regrow it’s leaves, in the fall I’ll need to spray it with a fungus spray after the new leaves fall off and then in the spring before new leaves grow. The tree is 1 year old. Is this true or have I lost the tree?

Forsyth County North Carolina trees and shrubs maple trees horticulture Posted 8 months ago


Do daylily leaves naturally turn brown and need to be removed or does that mean the plant has a fungus?

Durham County North Carolina daylilies horticulture Posted 8 months ago

lawn edge piles of dirt

Hi. I have dirt piles ONLY along the edges of the grass, where the lawn meets the cement. What causes this? How can I treat it?
I used to have little piles coming up in the middle of the lawn, with no holes whatsoever, and I have recently had two separate and different treatments for grubs and mole crickets-- one 45 days ago and the other 2 weeks ago. So what is this new phenomenon of small mounds along the edges?

New Hanover County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture Posted 8 months ago

What is this

Confused and a little worried

Northampton County North Carolina insect issues household pests Posted 9 months ago