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Trial I code and dogs.

Hi we used TRIAZICIDE on our lawn. Hundreds of dying grubs have surfaced. We are picking them up and burning them in our fire pit. We have three Cairn terrier who dig and eats grubs ( and moles, snakes, etc) Will these dead grubs harm them if they ingest them? Thank you

Johnston County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture triazicide for grubs Posted 4 months ago

I think I may have a hammerhead worm problem in my home.

I've known for several months I've had an infestation on my lawn, shrubs, and air handler of my heat pump. Ive tried to scale them back with orange oil, vinegar, and salt with no real gains. Recently they've laid claim to my shop and screened porch on the rear of my home. I swear it seems like they're in my furniture and somehow under the carpets. Everyone around me says I'm loosing my mind and I've become the butt of all the family jokes. Soo much so, it's to the point a visiting relative had a cake made with small rubber snakes with my name on it. I know they're not supposed to be harmful to humans and pets, but something very real is stinging my feet through the carpets and furniture. My poor cat is being terrorized as well. I'm legally blind on my right side and my left eye barely affords a driver's license. I just don't understand how I'm the only one seeing these things and being stung to the point of major swelling. Today I was cleaning under my bathroom vanity of my bedroom and discovered a small hole leading into the wall. When I returned with a patch and some caulk I found this weird looking one staring at me, So I grabbed a picture of him. He looked nothing like the others I've seen on my night vision cams or frolicking in the early morning hours around the house. No one else sees anything in the picture and I'm seriously doubting my own sanity. Please take a second and see if you know what type he is or could be. Could he be the critter driving me to the brink of disaster? No one else in the home is seeing anything at all, or being stung. Only myself and the cats. i know I've got small, round, vertical, holes with tiny dirt mounds, in a grid pattern every twelve inches across an acre of land. There's something digging at night here for sure...

Thanks for your time,
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lenoir County North Carolina Posted 4 months ago

Animal poop is on my deck rail

I’m trying to figure out what animal is leaving this

Mecklenburg County North Carolina wildlife scat id Posted 4 months ago

Hard layer under sandy soil

Hello! I have planted a persimmon tree in Wilmington and at the bottom of the hole I dug there was a layer of very hard brown soil which I think is old peat based on my Google depth of knowledge. It was about 30 inches down and I planted this young Rossyanken persimmon on top of it. It is keeping me awake at night worrying about it! That layer appears to be throughout my yard but should I find a way to break through it or dig the hole deeper? Thank you!

New Hanover County North Carolina horticulture soil and fertility issues Posted 4 months ago

Identify this worm

I found this crawling on me. Can anyone identify it?

Rutherford County North Carolina worms Posted 4 months ago

Aeration & Seeding - November too late?

Due to home repairs/construction we've missed the ideal time to aerate and seed fescue here in Charlotte. I'm wondering if we've missed our window entirely this fall? With our home projects nearing an end if we aerate and seed in the 2nd week of November would the fescue have a decent chance of germinating?

Mecklenburg County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture Posted 4 months ago

goose won't eat

My 1yr old goose looks like she may have a blockage at the base of her neck. This is day 2 she is alone in the pool not eating but drinking. Should I massage it up towards her beak or down or not at all? I gave her little olive oil with water and ACV yesterday 2x. Is there a vet in Harnett/Cumberland county that would see her? thank you

Harnett County North Carolina poultry geese problems Posted 4 months ago

What material should I use to fill in a void in the trunk of my dogwood

I have a dogwood tree with a cavity in the trunk about 3 inches in diameter . I've cleaned out the dead wood and sprayed for the ants I saw inside. Now I would like to fill the void to prevent more insects from nesting and give the trunk more strength/stability. What material should I use to fill the void? Thank you Gary

Forsyth County North Carolina trees and shrubs dogwoods holes in trunk horticulture Posted 4 months ago

Overwintering dalhias

Do dalhias have to be dug up in the fall or will the bulbs survive our winters?

Forsyth County North Carolina dahlias horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 4 months ago

Vine identification

I have not been able to identify this vine can you help

Orange County North Carolina plant identification horticulture Posted 4 months ago