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Bug identification

The person sending this picture said there are very many of these and has seen lots of them on creeping jenny. Are they beneficial or harmful?

Pennington County SD Posted about 18 hours ago

Grape leaf problems

Local homeowner brought 2 samples of grapevine leaves. The first is yellow with green veins, chlorosis. I suspect Nitrogen deficienty, she thinks iron. She has been applying copper-ease, iron & sulfur. The leaves are staying the same, not worsening. Has never taken a soil test herself. When Conservation District tested years ago, the soil was different all over the vineyard (she has 18 vines.) I did recommend she do it again in the problem areas as this is only affecting some of the vines. The other leaf sample has brownish/orange spots. She has applied copper fungicide right before blooming and once a week since. She's also using Neem Oil. I'm not familiar with those products. She is beginning to notice tiny black spots on the grapes. I suspect Black Rot but due to the difficulty and possible severity of this, would like someone else to also take a look. Photos are attached. Thank you.

Codington County SD Posted 6 days ago

Maple Tree decline

I have 2 Maple Trees that are showing decline. They are 13 years old and around 40 feet tall. The ends of the branches are dying and some of the leaves are already starting to turn into fall colors. Canopy looks less full than other years. They started showing these signs this spring.

Minnehaha County SD Posted 6 days ago

I am a master gardener and love, love, love helping people with their flowers...

I am a master gardener and love, love, love helping people with their flowers and gardens. With every one of their questions, I learn more. I have a friend in Watertown whose niece planted 3 hydrangeas 2 years ago with blue flowers. I don’t know the name of the cultivar. I was amazed when she told me that the shrubs are still blooming blue flowers. She says that there has been blue spruce trees next to two of the shrubs on the north that dropped their needles etc. in that area for many years and the one shrub on the south where a spruce had been removed and the shrub is now planted. Could that soil have become acidic enough to produce the acid for the flowers? Or, has a hydrangea been developed to produce blue flowers? Neither of my ideas seem likely to me but then I really don’t know. I’d really like an answer to my quandary. I’m excited to find the why of of the blue flowers. Will you help?

Clark County SD Posted 6 days ago

Tiny brown bugs in house

We have many tiny brown bugs throughout our house. The attached photo shows the bug beside my finger. You will have to enlarge the photo to see it. Any help identifying this bug and suggestions on how to get rid of them is greatly appreciated. Thank you, LeRoy Lydic

Lincoln County SD Posted 13 days ago

Plant/Berry identification

Can you tell me what type of plant/berry this is and if it is safe to eat?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 13 days ago

Those Creeping Lawn Weeds

I have a large infestation of Creeping Charlie/Jenny and Ground Ivy in my lawn. Purple, Yellow and White flowers. I have used the Brush Killers that stay away from Dicamba. This has been used as directed and will wound the weeds, but not kill them, and they soon recover. What would be best to use? I see Roundup for Lawns has Dicamba and I do not want to kill trees or the wife's garden. That would mean my death. What would be better to get a handle on this? Alan

Codington County South Dakota Posted 13 days ago

What plant is growing in my lawn?

Hi, Can you please identify this plant that keeps sprouting up? I mow them & they grow again. My guess is possible tree roots/suckers. Can they be stopped? Thank you for your time, Kimberly

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 14 days ago

Plant ID

Can you identify this plant? Friend or foe?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 14 days ago

aminopyralid or tomato yellow leaf curl?

I purchased 4 tomato plants from a green house and when frost past I planted them in my raised bed which i put new organic compost and topsoil in bought at a hardware store along with peat moss. The plants , which were seemingly normal, started bolting and then grew spiny curled leaves. I have attached pics of the leaves, the bottom and top halves of the plant which are so different, and a couple of the new buds. I have researched, was hoping it was at first just from the high winds we had for a week, like a defense mechanism, but then saw info on aminopyralid, tomoato yellow leaf curl, and I think there are other similar symptoms. Thoughts? I live in Dell Rapids (county road) next to a corn field that has cows in it in the winter. I have a hanging tomato plant that I put in the same stuff in my green house and a cherry tomato container plant that both look to be normal with exccept of possible some leaf spot.

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 17 days ago