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I want to get rid of weeds in my vegetable garden. Does fabric sheeting do a good job? What is the best mulch to use?

McPherson County South Dakota Posted 4 days ago


I want to prevent weeds from growing in my vegetable garden. Is fabric sheeting good to use? What is the best mulch to use?

McPherson County South Dakota Posted 4 days ago

Native plant sources

We just moved to Madison. Do you know of a local source for native polinators and butterfly nectering plants?

Lake County South Dakota Posted 20 days ago

growing blueberries in containers

Hello from Watertown! We want to grow blueberries. However, the soil is alkaline and blueberries require acidic soil. In addition to soil issues, the only feasible place for me to plant are where there are buried utility lines. I figured raising blueberries in containers would be the best option for me and I also have better control of pH levels. The initial plan is to get 1 year old plants and have them in 5 gallon buckets (with drainage holes) until they "graduate" about 2 years later into big round containers about 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. One main concern about containers is how to best overwinter them without killing them. I know the roots would be more protected in the ground, but ground planting isn't a great option for me. what sort of tips or concerns about my above plan do you have? Thanks in advance

Codington County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Water Quality and Gardening

I'm wondering how much water quality plays a role on perennial/shrub/tree/vegetable growth? We have extremely hard water 95-130+ ppm hardeness from our well. We also have high reports of manganese and other elements. Just wondering how much the water will affect our plants we plan to install? The soil has not been tested but I do know it's clay based.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Starting seeds indoors

We live in the city of Sioux Falls. For the past two years, we have started seeds indoors in February or March. Our plants were about four inches tall when we transplanted them to our backyard in mid April or early May. Both years, the starts (all of them) died within a week of transplant. This is farther north than we have lived before, and we don't know if we are not preparing them properly for the roots to transfer or for hardiness in outdoor conditions. We tried adding nutrients and extra soil to our garden plots last year, too. We are experienced gardeners who moved from Missouri/Iowa (earlier stages of our family life). We have had success with seed starts and transplanting, so we wonder if there are different climate/soil conditions in South Dakota that we aren't addressing. This year, I want to just buy plants from a nursery (which is expensive). My husband wants to try starting from seeds again. I just don't want our efforts to fail if we start with seeds. Thank you! Laura Cruse

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago

Dying plant

Any ideas on what is causing this plant to die?

Jerauld County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago

Christmas Cactus Care

I take care of a Christmas cactus for a friend who is gone over the winter months. The plant is many years old and measures at least 2 feet wide and over a foot high. The house temperature is 55 degrees. What amount of water should it receive and how often should it be watered?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago

trees to plant?

My daughter and her husband just purchased a new home on 3 acres east of Piedmont. It has no trees on the property any suggestions on what to plant. Does the county plant trees.. like rows for shelter belts??thanks!

Meade County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago

Sugar maple death

I have lived in this house for about 4 years and for the first 3 the sugar maple seemed fine. No loss of leaves, no black spots, no galls no moths or other signs of insect infestation. No other tree around seems sick or has the same symptoms. However, last summer the tree started to loose its leaves and is completely dead. This fall, a branch was taken off by the wind. The bark is split on the trunk and branches and is peeling off the very dead trunk. Can you tell me what happened?

Clark County South Dakota Posted 3 months ago