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Questions asked to this group

Seeding New Grass Seed

I read an article on seeding new grass seed on areas of a sparse lawn before the first snowfall, and that it would then begin growing in the spring. I'm wondering if the seed would blow away over the long winter. Or would it be better to wait until spring so with rains it would begin to grow before mowing season.

Brown County South Dakota Posted 5 days ago

food safety

I harvested kidney beans when the pods were dried. How can I be sure they are safe to use?

Moody County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago

Christmas cactus potting soil

I transplanted some Christmas cactus plants in cactus potting soil but it doesn't seem to be the correct soil. I thought the mix would contain some gravel to keep the soil well drained. Would Miracle Grow potting soil work for Christmas cactus?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 9 days ago

Blue spruce losing needles

I began to notice my 15 yr. old Blue Spruce tree looking quite sparse on the lower 2/3rds of the tree late last summer. Wondered if it could be caused by the summer drought & whether new needles will grow back or what we can do.

Brown County South Dakota Posted 9 days ago

grass growing in landscaping area

Sod was removed in a new landscaped area of our lawn this summer, fabric was laid down, along with rock but within a short time, grass began growing up in this area. I sprayed GrassBGone and it helped some but am wondering if I sprinkle Preen in the spring in this area whether it will fall between the rock and fabric to control new grass seedlings?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 9 days ago

fall tilling

I have alot of creeping jenny in my garden. Will fall tilling help discourage it? I also had squash and cucumber beetles in my garden this year. I know not to leave any sort of cover on the soil for them to winter over in. Will fall tilling lessen my beetle problem next year? Most years I have not fall tilled so as not to disturb the earthworms and dry the soil out.

Brule County South Dakota Posted 27 days ago

How do I get rid of apple maggots?

I have an apple tree that was here when I moved in. I don't know what kind it is but the apples are great for eating and for baking. About three years ago I noticed the apples had brown "tracks" in them. I have been trying to get rid of the maggots since. I keep it clean under the tree but should I be spraying and if so, when and what should I use. Thank you. Dean Lehrke

Roberts County South Dakota Posted 27 days ago

Pest identification

A person in a rural part of the county has a problem with tomatoes. Those affected are toward the top parts of the plants and have holes bored into them. Inside is a worm-like creature about an inch long. Many of his tomatoes have these holes. He wants to know what he should do to prevent or treat his tomatoes next year so he does not have this pest problem.

McPherson County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Fall Round up-transplanted plants to the area srayed?

Raised garden bed. Cleaned up the veggies, sprayed bed w/ Round Up. A week later, I have transplanted Hosta to winter over & also plan to put lilies & iris in that bed for the winter. Will the Round Up kill them? Please DO NOT share my email. Thanks!

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Green Tomatoes how to use

Can I blanch/freeze them for soup/hotdish? Do you have relish or fried green tomato recipe? !! DO NOT share my email!!!

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago