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I dug this up when I was checking for grubs. Can you tell me what it is?

Marshall County South Dakota Posted 10 days ago

What is this?

Client stopped in with a sample found in his garden. The plant smells and has a sticky feel to the leave. There are what looks like flower pods and growth on the plant. What is this plant and how do I remove it from my garden? What control methods can I use to eliminate it coming back again?

Lake County South Dakota Posted 12 days ago

Maple tree

Client stopped in with a sample from a 5 year old tree approximately 12 to 15 ft tall. The tree has dry leaves and seems to be dying. There were small bugs on the tree but I couldn't see any to take a picture. Please advise a solution to this young tree.

Lake County South Dakota Posted 12 days ago

Green ash tree

The green as tree has bores in it. I’ve seen a picture of an emerald ash bores and I have not seen any on the tree. I treated it with a systemic and tempo. Do you have any other idea’s. I live at Mina lake Edmunds county

Brown County South Dakota Posted 19 days ago

Summercrisp and Patten Pear Trees Not Producing Pears

I have 2 pear trees, 1 Patten and 1 Summercrisp. They are both approximately 10 years old. The trees are planted approximately 25' from each other and are about 60' from 4 apple trees. To date, we have had zero (0) pears produced. The trees are growing big and are healthy, but no pears. At what point can I expect some pears or do I need to do something different to get them to produce pears?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 24 days ago

Perennials, shrubs and grasses getting spots and then die

Started with yellow spots on daylily leaves then whole plant became yellow and leaves soft. Moved to mums and yarrow which have died. English ivy has brown spots on leaves and half of plant is dead. Half of the Karl Forester grass is brown Neither of these plants got soft leaves before they died. Leaves turned brown.and then died. Disease has just showed up on a Hydranga shrub. Homeowner used Preen in front and back yard in Spring. Only front yard has disease. I'm an MG and would like a second opinion. My guess is it is some kind of virus.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 26 days ago

A big thank you.

The info and links you sent in response to my question were of great help. Thank you, Steve

Lincoln County South Dakota Posted 27 days ago

Jumping larvae in cocoa bean shell mulch

Hi. I bought Hull Farms cocoa bean shell mulch at Menard's and some of it eventually developed little white jumping maggots. After much search online, I decided they are either cheese skippers or Euxesta notata, Picture-winged flies in the (Ulidiidae group . A lot of other people seem to have had these larvae appear in their cocoa bean shell mulch as well. Do you know anything about them? Are they a danger to my plants?

Pennington County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Garden beans

What is eating my beans,I have a fence.They are just chopped off with nothing left behind.I have been using diatomaceous earth with limited success.

Lincoln County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

could choke cherry be in trouble

Trying to get pointed in right direction with this issue. At first I thought june bugs eating on leaves. Then aphids cause it did have a lot of bugs flying around that eat aphids but then I noticed the fruit on tree was shriveling up and turning brown. Googled issues and saw Anthracnose can cause holes in leaves. two. one pic is couple stems with leaves completely ate off. One pic on fruit and one pic of holes in leaves. Thank you for your time.

Lincoln County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago