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Questions asked to this group

Plant ID

Client stopped in with a plant sample. My mom described this plant as "nightshades." She used it to make sauce and pies. Is this the plants she described? I found it growing in our garden. May I use this to make sauce and pies too?

Lake County SD Posted 4 months ago

Grubs in Lawn

The past few summers it seems that in August or September I notice areas in the lawn that may show signs of grub damage. I have tried to dig up brown patches but have not actually found grubs. We then put down Menard's Grub Control granules, and the areas seem to improve. Are grubs more of a problem with certain weather conditions? This spring and summer we've had an abundance of rain, but we've had grubs also in a drought. Would it be best to just apply the Grub Control yearly? When is the best month to apply it to stop the grubs before they start killing areas of grass?

Brown County SD Posted 4 months ago

Grass seed for shady area

Our lawn is 20 yrs. old and due to trees, parts of our lawn are heavily shaded and grass has become thin and sparse. I've considered dethatching and then core aeration in the spring followed by overseeding. I've heard that's good to do following aeration because seed will fall into the holes where plugs of grass have been removed. Is there a variety of grass seed that's recommended for shady areas?

Brown County SD Posted 4 months ago

What is this vine?

Client stopped in with a sample. The vine grows under evergreens and climbs up the evergreen tree. Client used 2-4-D and it came back. Please ID and recommend control measures.

Lake County SD Posted 4 months ago

Fine leaf Buckthorn

Can you plant a fine leaf buckthorn in the fall?

Union County SD Posted 5 months ago


I dug this up when I was checking for grubs. Can you tell me what it is?

Marshall County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

What is this?

Client stopped in with a sample found in his garden. The plant smells and has a sticky feel to the leave. There are what looks like flower pods and growth on the plant. What is this plant and how do I remove it from my garden? What control methods can I use to eliminate it coming back again?

Lake County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

Maple tree

Client stopped in with a sample from a 5 year old tree approximately 12 to 15 ft tall. The tree has dry leaves and seems to be dying. There were small bugs on the tree but I couldn't see any to take a picture. Please advise a solution to this young tree.

Lake County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

Green ash tree

The green as tree has bores in it. I’ve seen a picture of an emerald ash bores and I have not seen any on the tree. I treated it with a systemic and tempo. Do you have any other idea’s. I live at Mina lake Edmunds county

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

Summercrisp and Patten Pear Trees Not Producing Pears

I have 2 pear trees, 1 Patten and 1 Summercrisp. They are both approximately 10 years old. The trees are planted approximately 25' from each other and are about 60' from 4 apple trees. To date, we have had zero (0) pears produced. The trees are growing big and are healthy, but no pears. At what point can I expect some pears or do I need to do something different to get them to produce pears?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago