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pine tree branches dying from bottom up

Hi, I would like to know how I can get someone to come and look at my evergreen tree and see if it is a fungus disease as I have a sprinkler system and it waters 2x/wk, but it is dying from the bottom up.

Minnehaha County SD Posted 4 months ago

Locust tree "mist"

I park my car daily on the outer edge of the parking lot. All the trees on the perimeter are honey locusts. I seem to get a "mist" on the surface of my car-that does wash off in a car wash- each time I park near these trees. I don't find anything mentioning this "mist", only tree sap. Is it a form of sap?

Minnehaha County SD Posted 4 months ago

Monarch butterflies

Do all monarch butterflies migrate south or do some of them overwinter in our area? Especially any that are in the beginning stages of the life cycle?

McPherson County SD Posted 4 months ago

Grub and skunks!

A friend is having a really big problem with grubs in his backyard. And then to top if off the skunks are coming in for lunch and digging up the grubs.
He lives on the outskirts of town with neighbors to his left and right. The grubs do not affect either of the neighbors lawn. In fact they seem to follow the land lot lines! (See photos)
Neighbors to the left do nothing to their yard. He had True Green spray for dandelions in the spring and fall. The neighbors to the right might spray-not sure. But both neighbors have no grubs. True Green had no answers for him.
He is treating for grubs this fall and replanting grass.
His questions is why his yard affected and not his neighbors?
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much
Cheryl Palmlund
De Smet, SD 57231

Kingsbury County SD Posted 4 months ago

Grub control

I have a grub problem in my vegetable garden. Its those white grubs. I need to treat it with something that wont harm other insects or soil. We cannot get milky spore in sd which is what I wanted to treat it with. What is the best option now?

Yankton County SD Posted 5 months ago

Abnormal coloring of tomato

A random plant showed up in with strawberries and the owner replanted it in her garden. The fruit was green on one side and very dark on the opposite side. It has ripened with the same dark coloration. Do you know the cause of the coloration and is it safe to eat? Is it even a tomato?

McPherson County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Apple Tree

We have a 10 year old dwarf Haralson apple tree that has never blossomed/produced any fruit in our backyard. We planted it ourselves and it was purchased from Landscape Garden Center in Sioux Falls. There is also an older, large Haralson apple tree nearby as well as a cherry tree. It gets plenty of sun from early afternoon on. Is there anything we can do to get this tree to start producing?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Common Lilac leaves turning brown

We have two, 25+ years old common lilacs whose leaves are getting brown spots, eventually causing the leaves to die. Over the past 2 weeks all leaves on the trees are affected. Please advise if concerning and what we can do?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago

Snow Mold on lawn

How do I avoid getting snow mold in my yard? I have always had a beautiful lawn, until this past spring. There were huge yellow patches; which never came back. I have since reseeded, but am nervous the same problem will happen this winter. How do I avoid this?

Hamlin County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago

“Scabs” on red potatoes

Harvested my red potato crop and majority of tubers are covered with dark scabs.

Beadle County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago