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Tomato plant diseases

What tomato varieties are resistant to Early blight ,Fusarium wilt ,Late blight Septoria leaf spot.

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted about 2 hours ago

powdery mildew on asters and bee balm

I started gardening in Rapid City 2 years ago. My asters and bee balm developed powdery mildew last summer, worse on the asters. A picture is below. I probably didn't remove enough of the diseased plants last fall. The asters already have small amounts of powdery mildew on the leaves now in early spring. I tried spraying with milk and water last summer, but not sure it helped. I am considering trying sulfur. Is there a safe fungicide that you would recommend? Thanks.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 4 days ago

starting a garden

I live in Brown County. I was wondering when can I start putting garden transplant out?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago

Flowering vine for hot area, red clay soil

The previous owners of our house put up a large post and lattice structure on our hot dry hillside -- maybe to grow grapes? We don't know. It's probably 6' high and 12' wide. We refer to it as the giraffe hitching post, because it has a high rail you could tie your giraffe to. If you had one. I can get water to that spot, and would like to plant something - maybe a vine with flowers. Red clay soil and gets A LOT of sun. Hillside faces west. Any suggestions welcome!

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 15 days ago

Lime for my lawn

General recommendations tell us to put lime in our lawn if I have a dog. I live in the Black Hills, on a mountain of limestone. Should I lime my yard, it sounds like pellets work better to apply, and take 2 years to work into the ground. Also, instructions say it's not good for dogs, my dog is outside a lot.

Meade County South Dakota Posted 17 days ago

Pruning Cotoneaster

I have several bushes of cotoneaster. They need pruning (too tall). Can I still prune them now? They appear to be putting on buds. Also, should I cut all of the fire blight branches out of the plant, or just prune them?

Clay County South Dakota Posted 20 days ago

Local Plant Recommendations?A

My husband and I recently relocated to Rapid City and have no idea what to plant. We are looking for some recommendations and any help is appreciated. We moved from Oregon and LOVE berries, but we don't know if berries do well in the black hills. Thank you for connecting us with a master gardener or giving us some tips. Our front yard is directly north facing and our back yard is south facing with most of it receiving full sun. The eastern area is down hill and can/does receive much runoff. We prefer to connect with a gardener who could assist in our selection of native plants.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 23 days ago

Road salt

Is there anything I can do to neutralize the road salt that has accumulated on my boulevard so that it doesn't kill my grass?

Lake County South Dakota Posted 24 days ago

Cortland Apples

I had a question this morning from a person who has a Cortland apple tree on his property. He said when he first picks the apples they are crisp and tasty but after a few days they turn mealy. He is wondering why this is happening.

Clay County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago


what is the feed capacity of each part of a chickens digestive system.

Codington County South Dakota Posted 5 months ago