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Leaves of green beans

Leaves on my Climbing green beans are small and cup shaped. I ee no aphids, bugs, or mildew on them. The leaves are still green with no yellowing.

Brown County South Dakota Posted about 24 hours ago

small rhubarb stalks

After a spring of hard picking I have one rhubarb plant with many small stalks. While my other plants also have some small regrowth there remains some larger ones. Should I care about this condition and if so what should I do?

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 3 days ago

Blue Heaven dead in middle of plant

I have had a beautiful Blue Heaven ornamental grass plant for a number of years and each year more of the center of the plant is dying. Now around 16 inches or more of the center is dead. What causes this and is there anything that can be done about it? Now there is just a ring around the outside of the plant that has grass yet. I also have this problem with Karl Foerster grass.

Brown County South Dakota Posted 5 days ago

Above the ground gardening

Due to tree roots invading the garden, I can no longer plant tomatoes deeper than 6 inches. I am considering planting them in pots but don't know the dimensions of a container that would be large enough to grow tomatoes. Also, wondering about what sort of soil to use in the pots.

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago

Bad soil

I've lost some perennials and shrubs lately and when I dig them out I find the soil is like gumbo. I don't want to plant new things in the hole and use the same gumbo around them. Would using only Miracle Grow potting soil to plant the new things be okay or would I need to mix it with some new dirt other than the gumbo/clay?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago

Barnyard Grass

I'm fairly sure barnyard grass is what's showing up in my lawn especially along the driveway and sidewalk areas. Is it an annual and the plants will not return next year except for new ones or can it be treated with something now without harming the rest of the lawn? I've been able to pull some out when we've had rain but others are more difficult to get the roots. Would using crabgrass preventer in the spring have stopped it from germinating? Also wondering if I would use a crabgrass preventer in the spring would I be able to use the grass clippings in the garden and around other perennials and shrubs to hold moisture and hold down weeds?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago

dead leaves on small apple tree

My small apple tree has lots of dead leaves all over. I sprayed it twice with cooper fungicide thinking it may be fire blight but it is getting worse. The tree is only 10 years old or so.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 6 days ago


Client stopped in with a sample of raspberry with white spots on the fruit. What is causing this? And what do do to prevent it? Thanks

Lake County South Dakota Posted 8 days ago

Are these scale bugs?

Any idea how to treat this infestation on Monarda?

Codington County South Dakota Posted 10 days ago

Cuccumber and Bean Leaves

What is happening to this cucumber leaf? What is happening to this bean leaf? What can I do to get rid of this? What is it?

Walworth County South Dakota Posted 12 days ago