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(1) 2 of my "scab resistant" apple trees developed scab probably...

(1) 2 of my "scab resistant" apple trees developed scab probably from all the water stress last year. How should I treat? I raked and disposed of the leaves last fall already. (2) I receive shredded leaves in the fall from one of the lawn service providers in town already and would like to take lawn clippings this year as well but one has to be careful about the chemicals some of his clients use. What should I take and what should I avoid? This makes it easier for both of us but I want to be safe. The only chemicals if any I use are fertilizers and lots of mulch. Thanks in advance for your help. Doug

Hutchinson County South Dakota Posted 3 days ago

Garden soil fertility

I need my garden soil tested and recommendations for soil additives

Pennington County South Dakota Posted 7 days ago

Small Backyard Orchard

Looking for help designing a small backyard pear orchard. Are there any planning resources available to help?

Brookings County South Dakota Posted 11 days ago

grass seed

how good is Canada green grass seed? or is there any other grass seed equal to this product.

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Christmas catcus

We have 3 Christmas cactus that were started from a piece of my mothers plant. It is showing some leaf disease issues. the leaves show yellowing on the edges with black in the yellow. The plant is not dying as it is flowering now with several flowers starting to open. I'm not sure if we should try fungicide or replanting. I am looking for suggestions.

Hamlin County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Pepper leaves bubbly and curled down

Can you help identify what’s wrong with my lemon drop pepper plant? Leaves are bubbly with yellow edges and curling down. Occasionally a bottom leaf or two will fall off. Plant is grown indoors in my basement with indoor potting mix, slow release fertilizer (24-8-16), and a few coffee grounds/orange peels. I try to keep my LED grow light around 700 uMol for 16 hrs a day but sometimes I don’t lift in time and plant gets closer to bulb at around 1000-1500 uMol. Overall, plant is still alive and even tiny buds are appearing. But it looks sick and hoping rest of leaves don’t suddenly drop and die.

Lincoln County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

Almond tree

Can an almond tree survive in south Dakota

Sanborn County South Dakota Posted 2 months ago

Plant ID

Client stopped in with a plant sample. My mom described this plant as "nightshades." She used it to make sauce and pies. Is this the plants she described? I found it growing in our garden. May I use this to make sauce and pies too?

Lake County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

Grubs in Lawn

The past few summers it seems that in August or September I notice areas in the lawn that may show signs of grub damage. I have tried to dig up brown patches but have not actually found grubs. We then put down Menard's Grub Control granules, and the areas seem to improve. Are grubs more of a problem with certain weather conditions? This spring and summer we've had an abundance of rain, but we've had grubs also in a drought. Would it be best to just apply the Grub Control yearly? When is the best month to apply it to stop the grubs before they start killing areas of grass?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago

Grass seed for shady area

Our lawn is 20 yrs. old and due to trees, parts of our lawn are heavily shaded and grass has become thin and sparse. I've considered dethatching and then core aeration in the spring followed by overseeding. I've heard that's good to do following aeration because seed will fall into the holes where plugs of grass have been removed. Is there a variety of grass seed that's recommended for shady areas?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 6 months ago