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can u tell me what kind of spider this is? Found on my kitchen counter

Beadle County SD Posted 4 days ago

Ramularia leaf spot

I believe I have Rumalaria Leaf Spot on my rhubarb. Red spots that expand and eventually kill the leaf. I planted the rhubarb in 8 mounts about 3' apart. I have it on all my plants. They develop the spots soon after growing, they die and new plants grow but it goes through the same cycle. We built in a development that was farmed for corn/beans. We also planted several tree saplings and bushes. My trees and shrubs developed similar spots, but they seemed to have gotten mature enough to survive this desease. But I've found the spots on some bush/tree leaves this fall as they hav started to die. What fungicide treatment do you recommend I use to control this? Thank you, Chuck Schulz

SD Posted 5 days ago

String of Pearls are shedding

I have a string of Pearls plant that appears to be very healthy, but I started noticing these tiny white "droppings" on the shelf around my plant. Upon further examination I noticed them all over. Will include pictures. Have not noticed any movement .

SD Posted 7 days ago

planting brome seed

I have some newly constructed terraces on my farm. I plant brome seed on these for erosion control. Should the brome seed be planted this fall or should I wait till next spring?

Minnehaha County SD Posted 14 days ago

Trees raising up from the ground

We have a green Ash & an Autumn Blaze maple tree each 16 years old that have been rising up out of the ground & making it more & more difficult to mow around it What causes this to happen & can anything be done?

Brown County SD Posted 18 days ago

Grub control

We have had a problem with grubs that we noticed early in September & put down some grub control granules which put an end to additional damage When is a good time to put down grub control next year to avoid them damaging the lawn?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 18 days ago

Leaves in the garden

Would there be any problem with putting leaves in the garden as mulch & then tilling them into the soil come spring?

Brown County South Dakota Posted 18 days ago

What kind of Caterpillar?

Hello, my daughter and I just moved to SD and have found a few of these VERY LARGE caterpillars and I can't seem to find anything online that looks similar. I want to know about them since I've never seen anything similar and I keep finding them.
It had a one horn on the top of its head in case that cannot be seen in the pictures.

Codington County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

plant ID

We’re stumped. One of our members on “Backyard gardening in Rapid City” has a tree that she would like to know what it is.

Pennington County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago

sooty blotch fungus on apples

Is there any way to clean the sooty blotch fungus off of Golden delicious apples?? I know it’s best to spray to prevent but is there any way to clean the fruit now!

Hutchinson County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago