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I submitted this issue last Tuesday (6/11) and have not had a response so...

I submitted this issue last Tuesday (6/11) and have not had a response so trying again. I had a lady bring this plant leaf into my office wondering what was wrong with it and what could be done to fix it. She thinks it is a version of a peace lily. It is an indoor plant that has not been repotted, is about 5 years old, and just started showing spots on the leaves about 4 months ago. She has also fertilized it every 3 months. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Gregory County South Dakota Posted 5 days ago

Emerald Ash Borer

What are the preventative measures to protect Ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer? I was on the website looking for preventative treatment options, but was rerouted here where I did not see anything relevant. Additionally, do is there any funding or assistance available to homeowners who may struggle financially to provide the preventative measures?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 7 days ago

Spider mites in succulents

Client stopped in asking what to do about spider mites in succulents. Client has a product available. Will this work? Thank you!

Lake County South Dakota Posted 7 days ago

Why are the wave petunias not blooming?

Planted three several weeks back and plants look great but have yet to produce a bloom. Used bloom booster only once since planting. Gets good sunshine morning and the better part of the afternoon. I’ve not had trouble with wave petunias ever before. Are there any that just don’t bloom and that’s what I happened to pick up? I am puzzled. I did send another message/question but I’m not sure that it sent. Now I see that the first submission was received so I don’t need two answers unless different answers surface. Hope you can help. Connie Robideau

Lawrence County South Dakota Posted 11 days ago

Snow Crab early symptoms

Snow Crab By 63rd and Cliff Ave. that has been sprayed for apple scab but is dropping leaves and has brown spots on leaves. I'm sure with this wet season the apple scab spray didn't fully work. More worried of fire blight or other issues. Please let me know if you see anything besides apple scab in these pics. Thanks

Lincoln County South Dakota Posted 13 days ago

What's wrong with my peonies?

My peony leave have this brown on them. What's the matter?
How can I treat it?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 15 days ago

Ash trees dropping leaves

I noticed yesterday that the full grown ash trees in my front yard are dropping green leaves. It looks like in the fall when the leaves have turned but they are green. My lawn is covered. What is causing it and what can I do?

Roberts County South Dakota Posted 24 days ago

Brown Pine Needles

I have several ponderosa pine that have uniform browning of all their needles. The adjacent trees are not affected and the spacing is about 15 feet. It appears that this years growth will not be affected. This is not the normal loss of the 3 or 4 year old needles. These trees are 4 to 6 feet tall. Fungus or infestation? Sorry I have no pictures but will get some if you desire.

Perkins County South Dakota Posted 25 days ago

Brown lawn

It’s May 28 and I don’t know what’s going on in my lawn. I’m in Sioux Falls and can get you more pictures if you need more. I can’t believe i would have fungus already so could this be grubs or other insects?

Minnehaha County South Dakota Posted 27 days ago

wormwood weed infestation

I'm not sure if my earlier submission got sent, so I'll try again. We live in rural Walworth County,north of Mobridge. We found lots of wild wormwood in pasture and yard last year, and it's worse this year. Can you give some advice on eradicating it? Thank you! -mike bezenek, po box 160, Mobridge,SD

Walworth County South Dakota Posted about 1 month ago