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Bradford Pear Tree Bacteria

How may I treat my 18 year old Bradford Pear tree for leaf bacteria?

Benton County Arkansas Posted over 2 years ago

Help with this spider

Can anyone help identity this spider? Is this a brown recluse?

Pulaski County Arkansas Posted over 2 years ago

Biting midges in my home

Despite the response to another question about biting gnats. Ii clearly have them living in my home. Tiny specks on my bathroom floor can be identified as such viewed with a magnifying glass. Permethrin spray and a variety of foggers have not been effective. This problem has been going on for two years.

In May following a reaction with small sores, the flies caused them to become deep lesions that are only now healing. It has taken over two months.

Please help me prevent this from happening again.

Pulaski County Arkansas insect issues urban integrated pest management Posted about 5 years ago