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Tree Identification

What is the name of the tree this came off of? I went on a hike in the Great Smoky mountains and need to know tree names for my Botany class.

Tennessee plant identification Posted almost 5 years ago

Seed pods

What is this seed pod called the pod produces red berries or seeds from the pods and it is from a very large tree. 40 foot high and 25 foot wide.

Henry County Tennessee seeds plant identification seed pods Posted about 5 years ago

What is this worm or larvae?

Found on my lawn mower cover/canvas. Ate holes and ruined the cover also left scotch tape looking strips. Have a hard shell and the segmented section moves a little. What are they?
Also found small catapillar. Could they be related?

Blount County Tennessee insect issues entomology insect identification Posted about 5 years ago