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Questions asked to this group

Tiny black bugs in window sill in North Dakota winter

About a month or so ago, I've noticed the black bugs in the living room window sil. I haven't really noticed them in other windows around the apartment but this one. There are a few house plants in the area but since the first time I noticed them we haven't watered them, so it's been over a month. I also haven't seen any movement by the plants. Around September or so we did have a few fruit flies in the kitchen, but I was able to get ride of those, so don't know if that is prevalent. When I first saw them I sprayed some Raid for a few days at the area and it seemed to have solved the problem, so I stopped. Today though, I noticed a lot of them again. Everyonce in a while I'll see one flying around the house, but they all seemed to be contained in this window sill.

Cass County North Dakota insect identification Posted 4 months ago


My Ficus Tree is 20 years old and about a year ago it decided to grow VINES instead of branches! Well, actually, it has a few new branches coming also. What do you make of this phenomenon?
Normally, it grew like a full, lush bush, moreso than a tall tree.
Monica J Stich Deltener
Fargo, ND

Cass County North Dakota ficus tree horticulture Posted 9 months ago

Mold mites

I feel That for mold there in the carpeting water made us very Sick my dog died and brother I've been very sick

Cass County North Dakota mold Posted over 2 years ago

Time frame

When useing profesional heat method to rid home of bed bugs what is the recommended time frame ans should high power fans be used at the same time

Grand Forks County North Dakota bed bugs Posted over 2 years ago

Bed bugs or not

I live in North dakota i noticed a few states had a few diffrentt details. Is there any specific details for northdakota and is there any cousin bugs that i need to no of

Grand Forks County North Dakota integrated pest management bedbugs Posted over 2 years ago

overgrown ficus

Help..my son brought this ficus home from my mom's funeral. It was sent to the funeral home by his employer. That was 3 yrs ago and it's taking over his office. He wants to cut it back but is worried about killing it. Suggestions. .pic attached

Cass County North Dakota houseplants ficus horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Young trees

I planted some bare root meyer spruce trees this spring. They looked really good until recently.They are getting brown in the middle and I am afraid I am losing them. Wondering if over watering could be a cause, I set up a drip-line. Did I kill my trees with love?

Mercer County North Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Curious to know what these are

My parents found these on a roadside in Dickenson, North Dakota. Do you have any idea what they might be? Thank you in advance for any help

Otsego County Michigan Posted almost 3 years ago

Unknown spider

I found this spider in my apartment in Fargo North Dakota, I have no idea what kind it is and hard to look up being its squished now, let me know if anyone can help I’m wondering if it’s harmful.

Cass County North Dakota insect identification Posted almost 3 years ago

Professor Kolding`s Open-Pollinated Sorghum Lines

Professor Mathias KOLDING; I am a master student in NDSU Department of Plant Sciences. I am studying with Professor Burton Johnson and we are evaluating `Location, Seeding Date, and Genotype Maturity Interactions on Grain Sorghum in North Dakota. We harvested your lines (SARE and PI lines) third week of October. I will choose and plant 4 open-pollinated genotypes from your lines in 2018 and 2019 growing season. Unfortunately, I have no idea about your SARE lines. In order to use and add my thesis, can you share lines history and story or genetic structures to me? Cool tolerance, kernel color, kernel size, chemical component of grain (protein, ash content ect.), maturity, breeding year. If you have yield trial result that is excellent for me. SARE 6, SARE 10, SARE 14, SARE 17, SARE 22, SARE 25, SARE 34, SARE 37, SARE 65, SARE 66, SARE 67, SARE 68, SARE 70, SARE 72, SARE 74. If you want, I can give more information about my thesis. Furthermore, you can make connection my advisor Professor Burton Johnson. Best Regards, Kutay Yilmaz NDSU Plant Sciences - New Crops Production kutay.yilmaz@ndsu.edu 701-541-4479

Cass County North Dakota Posted over 3 years ago