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Questions asked to this group

Professor Kolding`s Open-Pollinated Sorghum Lines

Professor Mathias KOLDING; I am a master student in NDSU Department of Plant Sciences. I am studying with Professor Burton Johnson and we are evaluating `Location, Seeding Date, and Genotype Maturity Interactions on Grain Sorghum in North Dakota. We harvested your lines (SARE and PI lines) third week of October. I will choose and plant 4 open-pollinated genotypes from your lines in 2018 and 2019 growing season. Unfortunately, I have no idea about your SARE lines. In order to use and add my thesis, can you share lines history and story or genetic structures to me? Cool tolerance, kernel color, kernel size, chemical component of grain (protein, ash content ect.), maturity, breeding year. If you have yield trial result that is excellent for me. SARE 6, SARE 10, SARE 14, SARE 17, SARE 22, SARE 25, SARE 34, SARE 37, SARE 65, SARE 66, SARE 67, SARE 68, SARE 70, SARE 72, SARE 74. If you want, I can give more information about my thesis. Furthermore, you can make connection my advisor Professor Burton Johnson. Best Regards, Kutay Yilmaz NDSU Plant Sciences - New Crops Production kutay.yilmaz@ndsu.edu 701-541-4479

Cass County ND Posted 6 months ago

Pressure Canning beer starting wort

Do you have a thermally process tested recipe and instructions to pressure can (and render shelf stable) wort? It is a sugar solution meant to feed the yeast for fermentation. Thanks! I may have him call you.

Burleigh County ND pressure canning wort Posted 8 months ago

Tree pruning

When is the best time to prune apple trees?

Grand Forks County ND trees and shrubs apple trees pruning fruit trees Posted about 1 year ago