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Tiny little fly’s

What can I use to get rid of them . That tiny little fly’s

are around the windowsill in the kitchen and around the sink

Adams County Indiana fly control Posted 10 months ago

Maple tree leaf damage

My maple tree leaves have black spots on them. What is this from? Will the leaves come back healthy next year?

Fulton County Indiana maple trees Posted about 1 year ago

Peach Tree Canker

I have 11 beautiful peach trees from a distance. Up close they are nearly covered with canker all the way from the top to the ground. To cut out the canker would be to cut down the trees. They are 8 -10 years old. Is there anything I can do to save the trees and have fruit on them?

Indiana peach trees Posted about 1 year ago

Spider type

Can you help Me identify what type of spiders these are? I’m finding a number of them in my garage and a couple of them have made their way into the house. I don’t believe they are recluses but they definitely have some markings that resemble one. Either way there’s enough of them that it’s concerning me

Hendricks County Indiana Posted over 1 year ago

Same type of spider in bed several times

I have caught this spider on me in bed several times. It isn't every day but usually months apart.

However this last week it has been on my leg 2 times right on a chigger bite I got in my garden.
I freak out and throw the thing accross the room as a knee jerk reaction. Then of course I can't find it after that.
It is black and round about the size of a nickle or quarter.
Kind of hairy but I have never seen any other color on it than black.
I live in Indiana if that helps. I don't think my bug bites are due to this spider but maybe. I assumed the bites were chiggers since I only get them the day after working in my garden. Is this spider trying to catch the chiggers?
The spider does not look anything like the pictures I have seen of bed bugs, plus it is too big.

Hancock County Indiana Posted over 1 year ago

Cat spraying on my Raised Broccoli Bed

A male cat keeps spraying on the sides of my Grow Bags and plants. The grow bags are on a plastic covered pallet on my sidewalk Can I eat the broccoli heads and other veggies (corn beans etc) or is everything ruined?

Blackford County Indiana Posted over 1 year ago

Dead Holly Bush

I have a Holly Bush that grew to be 5*5 and is 10+ years old. This winter it turned brown and is very dead now. Nothing in the area changed this last year(that I know of). Do you have any ideas why? I am hesitant to plant another in that spot, would you agree? What would you put there? Thanks for your input.

Howard County Indiana Posted over 1 year ago

crabapple apple scab

i have young trees five years at least lost leaves last year really early like juneish. what can i do to help them this year since they are beautiful barrier from a lg apartment building next door/

Vanderburgh County Indiana apples Posted over 1 year ago

What kind of spider is this?

  • I keep finding this kind of spider dead in my basement , I’m pretty sure I got bit by one while sleeping but something I fixed right away no reactions just huge bump, went away... please help, I would like to know whats it called and what they do or how to get rid of these before they bite my daughter feels fuzzy , looks like a mini tarantula to me.

Tippecanoe County Indiana Posted almost 2 years ago

Is this poisonous?

What kind of spider is this?

Jasper County Indiana Posted about 2 years ago