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Help with Weed Eradication

I have an issue with weeds growing in my front lawn. Sod,kentucky blue poa aunnua, was laid about 6 years ago. Last year noticed some weeds in the lawn, but this year the weeds have gotten worse. Put down weed and feed in springtime. Now have mostly that wide broadleaf weed that looks like a doily on top of grass,oaslis,I think,and crab grass. I've dug up weeds, re-seeded, covered spots with topsoil and even put some straw down to protect the seeds frome birds while the grass grows back in. But after all that, the grass did not grow but the weeds continue to spread. I got a soil test and its low in potassium and nitrogen, rest of test is good. I'm at my wits end. What should I do now?

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted 4 days ago

Blue Spruce tree.

we have a big blue spruce tree that is about 24 years it is a Beautiful tree and I sure don't want to loose it but on one side mostly it is loosing it neadles.What can I do to help it.?

Brown County Ohio Posted 8 days ago

Planting in Clay Soil

We are building a new home in Grand Rapids and unfortunately have clay soil. Is there a list of plants and trees that do better in these conditions?

Kent County Michigan clay soil Posted 8 days ago

White mold on weeping cherry tree. Also seeing black tips on some of the leaves.

Seeing white mold on weeping cherry tree we planted 1 month ago. Also seeing black tips on some of the leaves.
What can we use to treat this? We have Daconil Fungicide from Garden Tech.

Ionia County Michigan Posted 17 days ago

Strawberry plants with no berries

I have been working on growing strawberries in my garden. They are an ever bearing plant. My plants are amazingly flourishing with foliage but absolutely no berries are being produced. I also snip the runners so that all the energy is staying into the main plant. My garden soil is a black sand. I do not know the ph level of the soil but my research is guiding me into adding phosphorus to bring the acid level down. What and where can I find this phosphorous material. Or, what can I do or add to produce berries... it just seems that I have been wasting my time with trying to keep the plants alive and not producing the fruit is very frustrating. Also, at the beginning of the growing season, I did however, get 20 or so buds on my plants but they eventually dried up but the plants were well watered.

Michigan strawberries small fruit Posted 19 days ago

Wilted hydrangeas

Why are my hydrangeas wilted and have brown spots? ( Mostly in shade.)

Limestone County Alabama Posted 21 days ago

limelights turning yellow

I planted these limelight’s in April. They look wilted eventho I water about every three days in the absence of rain. Have bloomed some but not healthy looking blooms.

Limestone County Alabama Posted 23 days ago

Is this really organic soil?

Hello! I am part Community garden group in Chikaming Township in Berrien county, Mi. Everything in this garden is to be organic, no chemical pesticides, herbicides, ferilizers, etc. We have a big compost pile, a leaf pile, wood chips, and the manure pile. Well, when they ordered and had the latest delivery of manure brought in, it looked nothing like the usual manure that we had in the past. I asked about it and was told that it was organic manure and completely deposed. It sure didn't look like decomposed manure to me. It looks like black dirt with a lot of pea gravel mixed in. I did not like the looks of it. My brother went ahead and sifted it and used it as the top layer in has raised bed to start his seeds. And since he used it, I decided to use it as the top new layer to start a row of lettuce and spinach. Well, In both areas, not one seed germinated!!! I'm wondering if they garden leader bought some toxic dirt! Can I send in a sampler or two for testing?

Berrien County Michigan Posted 24 days ago

Cherry tree showing white growth

Tree has not leafed out as it did in previous years, seeing lots of suckers sprouting from the root line. Also, several things that appear to be fungi/mushrooms and many white raised spots (see image). Is this something that can be treated by an arborist or not?

Worcester County Massachusetts Posted about 1 month ago

assitance in determining crops to grow

how can i give recommendations on what types of crops to grow based on the soils analytical results that I found from Palintest.

Marshall Islands Posted about 1 month ago