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Amount to use with a dosatron

I purchased MSU 13-3-15 granular and the directions say 1 teaspoon per gallon. I have a Dosatron DI-16 and need to know what settings are needed to dispurse the correct amount. I am using this on orchids mix, (bark, perlite and charcoal) as the mix and they are in plastic pots. My stock tank is 5 gallons. I talked to Dosatron and they said the manufacturer would know this. Looking forward to your reply. John @ Butler Orchids

Orange County California Posted about 23 hours ago

Tip turn brown

I recently purchased 14 -6 foot Norway spruces. I have watered them for 14 days minus a few days it rained. It seems the tip are turning brown and drying out. Any idea why? Pic attached

Westchester County New York Posted 5 days ago

Reductions for Grass Clippings?

Thank you for my soil test results! By how much (by what percentage) should I reduce the amount of nutrients I apply to my lawn, as recommended in my test results, if my clippings all get returned to the lawn? Thank you!

Wayne County Michigan lawns and turf Posted 5 days ago

Adjustments for Fertigation

Hello, and thank you for my test results! Do the nutrient requirements listed on my results represent actual biological need, or are they adjusted up, assuming drop or spread fertilization, to account for estimated run-off and leaching? The reason I ask is that my lawn is fertilized through a fertigation system with doses of fertilizer released into the sprinkler system at each watering (twice per week unless rain shuts the system off). I have read that fertigation can greatly reduce fertilizer needs because it reduces run-off and leaching. Is that true? If so, by what percentage should I reduce the N, K and P numbers from the needs/recommendations on my test results when calculating nutrient need in my fertigated lawn? Thank you!

Wayne County Michigan Posted 5 days ago

High sodium level

A recent lawn soil test showed sodium levels at 193 ppm. My planned response is to add gypsum to the soil to counter the sodium. Can you confirm this approach? Can you also give me some guidance on how much gypsum to add (lbs/1000 ft2) and over what period of time to add it?

Midland County Michigan soil and fertility issues Posted 7 days ago


How can I lower the magnesium in my lawn

Wayne County Michigan soil and fertility issues Posted 8 days ago

What is this 5’ tall weed?

Hi! Was trimming back some bushes and saw this tall weed growing on the side of my house. Can you help me identify what it is? It’s mid-June and it’s about 5’ tall already.

Oakland County Michigan weed identification pokeweed Posted 9 days ago

PH lowering in SE MI

Hi, I live in SE Michigan and after having my soil test by MSU, realize my pH level of 7.7 seems to be a bit high. I'd like to lower it in order to promote healthy Bluegrass growth while naturally making it a little harder for broadleaf weeds to grow. What is the most effective way to lower my pH level to 6.5 over the year?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 9 days ago

What is this weed?

These popped up under some pines in my yard last year and are back in 2018. As best I can remember, they got about 6' tall and had just 1 ragweed-like 'bloom' at the top. These are already 4' tall, I'd guess they will grow well beyond 6'. The stalks are about 1" in diameter at this point. Basically, they are pretty ugly and without any redeeming features, but I will probably let them grow just to see how big they get.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 10 days ago

above optimum Magnesium (Mg)

Soil Test (#5L6ZLZ) My soil test report Magnesium (Mg) is above optimum. Do I have to be concerned about this? What should I do to reduce it? Will it affect vegetable plan growth?

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted 13 days ago