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testing for contamination

we purchased a house 2 yrs ago and there is a ditch on the west side of our property with a pump house that the original owner installed for lawn sprinkler purposes. but there is also a fire pit on the east side of our property with a spicket (for fire extinguishing purposes). the question is that that area(by the spicket) would be the best spot for a garden but would like to get the soil tested to see if the soil is contaminated from the water from the ditch. there are farm fields to the north of our house and don't know if there are chemicals in the water transferring to the soil which could contaminate vegetables if i were to install a garden. i would like to purchase a kit if you could test that for me. thanks

Bay County Michigan soil contaminant testing Posted 7 days ago


What do I need to add to my soil it said I need. Nitrogen, how do I now that? How do I lower the ph how low should it be? This is in araised garden bed about 30 in high. Jerry

St. Joseph County Michigan soil test results Posted 18 days ago

Deer field

What testing should I use for a deer plot? The Field/Crop or Lawn/Garden soil test?

Crawford County Michigan Posted 20 days ago

Soil Test - Deer wildlife feed plots

Please advise on the correct soil test form to submit (Home & Garden or Commercial). Collected samples last fall and need to mail in to MSU. Soil test is for new deer food plot 1-2 acres in size.

Ogemaw County Michigan Posted 21 days ago

Homemade organic fertilizer blend

Greetings! I would like to mix my own organic fertilizer blend using blood meal, bone meal and kelp meal per the recommendation of my test (47lbs/1000 sq ft of 5-1-5). My question is, since each component contains a greater overall analysis (blood meal= 12-0-0 for example) how do I convert each into the amount I would need for 1000 ft? Math never was my strong suit and I don't want to burn up my plants. Thanks in advance! Deb

Berrien County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

soil sample collected in late Dec, 2017

Hi. I wanted to have a couple parts of my landscaping tested where I am going to be transplanting 2 blue hollys. I collected the samples in late December. Are they still ok to use or do I need to collect fresh samples?

Butler County Ohio Posted about 1 month ago

Kaffir Lime Tree

What over the counter food should I buy to feed my kaffir lime tree.

Ingham County Michigan lime trees Posted about 1 month ago

More help

Soil test # BD78FD Jennifer Johnson Perennial bed Hi. I had a soil test done in the Summer. My results indicated that I needed to amend for K, Phos, and N. My results also indicated my soil pH was 8.1, calcium 4346 ppm; magnesium 316. I didn't receive any recs on reducing my soil pH. Do you have any recs? I would like to test a few more amended, empty beds where my husband and I want to transplant two blue hollys in the Spring. If we have you test these two locations and soil pH still too high for hollys, can you provide recommendations on pH amendment? Thanks! Jennifer Johnson, Hamilton OH

Butler County Ohio Posted about 1 month ago

Natural gas like smell in soil

We recently started to smell a natural gas like smell outside of our home and called the utility company and had them come out and they found no trace of any natural gas but could not explain the smell. The smell became worse when they agitated some of the soil in front of our home. What could be causing this smell?

Jackson County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

White spider

I live in Denver and found a spider last night that was completely white with black eyes and a little black on the tip of the fangs. (please forgive incorrect verbiage) I couldn't find anything online that resembled it. It was definitely white and not tan, I inspected her pretty close through a glass before taking her outside. Not a daddy long legs or brown recluse as far as I can tell. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to figure this out or I would have snapped a photo. Any ideas?

Denver County Colorado Posted 2 months ago