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Heritage River Birch browning leaves

Hi, I have several Heritage Birch about 5 years old. They died back upon planting but recovered and grew well until this year. Several areas didn’t leaf and some that did the leaves turned dark brown. We are in the Catskills and have had a very wet spring and start of summer. Any ideas of what could be going on? Last year we a one that rotted through but I cut several “dead” branches- no signs of rot.

Delaware County New York trees and shrubs Posted about 19 hours ago

What kind of plant pest is this?!

I just noticed them under a single begonia leaf.

Williamson County Texas Posted 2 days ago

High Phosphorus levels

Hello! I received my soil analysis results and discovered that phosphorus levels are very high (91ppm). The area sampled was a large patch (about 20x20 ft) where grass has been uniformly discolored (brown). What would cause high phosphorus in that particular area? Thank you!

Charlevoix County Michigan Posted 3 days ago

I live in area where it's this hard clay. The lawn is hard clay some...

I live in area where it's this hard clay. The lawn is hard clay some grass,weeds,crab grass, will the straw work for this type of lawn?

Jackson County Oregon Posted 4 days ago

Soil mineral content

My soil test (C44nr3) indicates a low k level of 34ppm. What is the desired level of K, P, Mg,Ca expressed in ppm? What is the assumed soil depth and BD used to calculate concentration in ppm? Is calcium sulfate recommended for a lawn with soil test results as per my report to help porosity and reduce soil compaction? Thanks, AJohnson

Marquette County Michigan Posted 6 days ago

beautiful leaves but no flowers at all

I bought a pre packaged patio container of soil containing begonia tubers last winter. The directions said to begin watering as soon as frost was past. This I did, and the container filled with begonia stalks and is covered with healthy looking leaves. However, there is not a sign anywhere of blooms! What could be the cause of this and can it be remedied?

Outside United States Posted 9 days ago

Leaves shrinking and dying on apple trees and maple trees

I have trees in my yard that have leaves that are dying and shriveling up. They stay green up until the very end. This is on a maple and apple.

Hubbard County Minnesota Posted 10 days ago

Red Twig Dogwood

My dogwood gets brown spots at the end of each season. What’s going on with it? Is this something that I am somehow causing?

Tazewell County Illinois trees and shrubs disease issues Posted 15 days ago

Rising Sun Redbox and 2 4 D

My whole tree was affected by drifting 24D and it looks pretty sad. It had flowered and was just beginning to leaf out. I'm not sure what to do. Wait and see or just replace it.

Ingham County Michigan Posted 17 days ago


My results came back to add nitrogen, but no recommendations for phosphous or potassium, or even a current measurement of these two. I think that should have been included with a $25 fee.

Macomb County Michigan Posted 18 days ago