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One flower

I planted my bulb in the late summer. I only got one blossom. It sits in a south east window where it gets some morning sun. I live in SC zone 9. See attached pic. What can I do to make it bloom? I water when it is dry to touch.

Greenville County SC Posted 15 days ago

Silver Maple Tree Root Removal

We are in the process of cutting down a huge silver maple tree because the roots are growing under and lifting the HVAC unit and the pole barn floor. How can we remove the roots from under the concrete floor. If we cut the roots outside the barn will the roots under the barn rot away?

Henderson County KY removing tree roots Posted 24 days ago

lawn moss

We are in Livonia, mi with a small lawn 60 ft. x 40ft. front and back with a lot of mature trees. Have been getting a lot of green moss with weird black stuff in the lawn and moss in the walk ways, I always been fertilizing with scotts products and cutting the lawn but any suggestions to get rid of it. The lawn is 40 years old but I core it every year. Maybe spread with lime?

Wayne County MI Posted 30 days ago

Iron Infusion for ash tree

My Mountain Ash trees were infused with iron in the summer 2019. Do I need to do this every year from now on?

Mesa County CO trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Norway spruce turning brown

I planted a beautiful Norway spruce about 5' tall - it has done very well - watered it a lot during it's first year. You can see a brown tint o the tree - more brown on west side than the other sides. Does it need water? I can get the hose out and give it lots of water if you think that will help. Don't want to lose this tree - it is in middle of circle drive in front of the church.

Coles County IL trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Albino spider?

Just wanted to see what this would be called and if if’s poisonous? I got a short 3 second video of it as well before it crawled down past the wipers into the hood, but it won’t let me upload that. Found 2nd picture online with no description but close enough match far as I can tell.

Panola County Texas spider identification Posted about 1 month ago

organic matter

My soil sample is 3.7% organic matter. Is that good bad or ugly?

Lake County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

Worm like bug....i find them randomly in every room

Cab you please help? These little bugs are driving me crazy largely because I don't know what they are so I don't know how to deal with them.

I found one in my dinner plate, washroom, bedroom and in my bed.

Thank you

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

green worms destruction

i have tried several sprays, nt,neem, to no avail
the worms have completely eaten all the leaves off the rose bush.
will the bush come back?
what else can i spray on these green worms?
product called NT was suggested by local garden shop, but did not work.

Wake County North Carolina Posted about 1 month ago

White Mine Spider

This spider came from one of our coal mines here in Utah. Can anyone tell me what kind it is. The biggest one was the size of a quarter.

Carbon County Utah Posted 2 months ago