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What in the world?

Found this in an underground garage. Any ideas of what it is??

Outside United States insect or spider id Posted about 1 month ago

Albrecht and Ream soil tests for organic growers

I am a new organic and regenerative farmer in the Fenton area, and I am looking for a place to do soil testing using Albrecht and Ream methods. Can you tell me if Michigan State offers either or both of these? Also, I am looking for an agronomist to support an organic farm that will focuses on the soil food web and regenerative farming. Can you point me in a direction?

Livingston County Michigan soil testing aabi Posted 3 months ago

Attack on poinsettia. Plant

What are the very tiny things on my poinsettia plant. They ate smaller than coffee grounds, but out side in light they look white.The plant is in light by sliding door..They are getting on everything.

Hamblen County Tennessee Posted 3 months ago

High levels of p k mg

I notice my P , K ,Mg are above recommended level, should I be worried ? Should I take steps to lower them? If so how would I proceed with that. Thank you

Livingston County Michigan soil gardening aabi Posted 3 months ago

Preserving . My pine

My cottage was built in the fifties by my grandfather. He didn't put a good foundation under it and now it is breaking apart . I have 2 very large White pines within 10 ft of 2 corners. I would like to replace the foundation without destroying the pines . How can this be done well ?

Ottawa County Michigan trees and shrubs gardening aabi Posted 3 months ago

Lowering Magnesium levels in soil?

The soil test revealed Potassium and Magnesium levels above optimum. Is there a way to lower the Potassium and Magnesium in the soil?

Butler County Ohio Posted 4 months ago

wisteria plant

I ordered 2 wisterias but they are not doing anything.. a few leaves they had have fallen off. twigs are partially green.. will it survive?

Outside United States Posted 4 months ago

Lawn Frustrations

Hello Lawn Expert, I have an approximately 3 year old lawn which I'm at my wits' end over. The lawn is Kentucky Bluegrass (I believe) and is extremely dense but over the past two years seems extremely susceptible to what I have concluded are various lawn fungi that consistently cause yellowing and spotting of the blades. I follow all the named best practices such as long mowing (3.75") as well as deeply watering in the late morning (5am-ish) only. This past season, I have put down multiple applications of Humic Acid as well as liquid aeration products. I have also had two core aerations completed hoping less compaction would lead to less fungal breakouts. I have also had to treat the lawn with numerous fungicides (Propiconazole, Thiophanate-methyl, Myclobutanil, Azoxystrobin) and have even rotated the modes as recommended. It has been a constant struggle. The lawn has its moments of beauty, and then out of nowhere, it turns quickly. But as it stands today, I am left with a whitewashed lawn, more than likely for the entire winter/spring, until about June when hopefully it will start to match my neighbor's green lawns. With all that said, I have attached a photo of my lawn, which leads me to my question. Upon review of my soil analysis, it appears that I'm low on P and K which I can address with starter fertilizer (18-24-12). But what I could not ascertain is how deficient I am in N. In the photo, you can see an area MUCH greener than the rest -- it is where my dog urinates. The yellowed area behind is representative of the remainder of my lawn in its entirety. Given this, would it be feasible to say that this area is much greener than the rest because it's meeting its N requirements? Is the remainder of the lawn the color it is because it is N constrained? Could this also be contributing to the fungal outbreaks I am continuously having? Please help!

Oakland County Michigan lawns and turf gardening aabi Posted 4 months ago

I have a 3-year old Japanese Umbrella tree...I have lived here a year and it...

I have a 3-year old Japanese Umbrella tree...I have lived here a year and it has not grown at all. It was very pretty and green until several weeks gets dripped throughout the spring, summer and fall and has done well this last year. But now all the needles are turning brown and dropping off. All of them. I think it's dying and no saving it, possibly. Don't know why? I haven't changed anything about how it's been taken care of. I can't find anything about it on-line for some reason. I will say I did put a ring around it to hold the water when it gets dripped, is that not good? But only did this very recently. They shut off our irrigation the first week in October and when it was still warm, I did still water it a few times. But now it's colder, so I haven't been watering it. Just like last fall/winter, once the water was turned off, I didn't water it. ?? If you can help me, I'd appreciate it. Looking at the pic, I think it's nearly completely dead. : (

Ada County Idaho Posted 4 months ago


I have been out on a leave with much restrictions. My sister was outside at my place and asked me about my “ berry tree I was growing”. I had her help me go out back , and noted a large pokeweed behind my shed. Is there anyone you could recommend to remove it. ? Thankyou

Oakland County Michigan weed issues gardening pokeweed aabi Posted 5 months ago