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Hi. I got this latest soil test back after doing 6 or so tests over 3 years. NH4, P205 and P are still very low in spite of my strong and persistent attempts to get them up. What would you recommend please??

Outside United States soil and fertility issues Posted 4 days ago

Efficacy of Urea fertilizer over time

A cargo of bulk urea fertilizer from Ukraine aboard ocean sea going vessel became detained for two years seven months and later became discharged into 50kg bags and stored in a warehouse for a further period of one year six months --- can this fertilizer still be of use? Would the
46% N content not deteriorate ?

Outside United States fertilizer aabi Posted 4 days ago

Reducing P and Mg..... winter crop?

My soil test results say that I have a Phosphorus content of 100 ppm and Mg 239ppm in my 100sqft veggie garden. Any ideas on what could have caused it to go so high? And is there anything I could do over the winter to bring those numbers down for next planting season?

Jackson County Michigan Posted 7 days ago

How to apply these results to potted blueberries

I submitted a soil test back in early June, and for whatever reason only got the results today. The test results are code 36NWTM. Looking at the results, it says that next spring, I should apply .25lb of ammonium sulfate and .38 lb of TSP, but I want to make sure this is accurate, because the results above it say that every year, my plants need .1 lb of nitrogen / 100 sq ft. and .18 lb of phosphorous / 100 sq ft. The pots they're in are 20 gallon smart pots, which only have a surface area of about 2.2 square feet each. Do I need to adjust the amount to apply based on this fact? If so, by how much?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 7 days ago

fertilization calendar

Does it make sense to add fertilizer in the fall, if I want to plant some spinach seeds? I just got my soil test results which tall me what is needed.

Kent County Michigan Posted 13 days ago

transplanting fine line buckthorn

I live in Wisconsin. I'm wondering when the best time of year is to transplant my fine line buck thorns?
I have two of them that are healthy but have not grown one inch since I bought and planted them 3 years ago. They are still about 1 1/2 feet tall. They are in a part shade area and I think I should transplant them where they will get more sun.
Thanks for your help!

Waupaca County Wisconsin Posted 20 days ago

Dead bed

I have two raised vegetable bends and a few vegetable plants in pots. All our doing well except one of the two raised beds. Both beds were built at the same time, filled with identical garden soils and garden manure. Both received the same fertilizer and watering. Both were planted with a variety of tomatoes and peppers. One bed produces well while the other is dead. The one thing I've noticed: The dead bed contains a scattering of gravel, which I didn't put there. Didn't notice this in Spring when I planted. As I've been watering, I've noticed the stones appearing. As the soil and manure I used came from the same source and was used in both beds, I have no firm idea as to where this foreign material came from. I can speculate that someone used my garden to dispose of some leftover materials. Also, I don't know that the stones represent the root cause as why this bed died - something else included with the stones or something else unrelated? Other than digging the entire bed out and replacing it with fresh soil and amendments, is there a way to determine the root cause behind the death of this bed?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 21 days ago

Soil test

I would like to do a soil test on my lawn and another in my native flower garden. I would like to know if it makes a difference if I do them in the fall or should I wait for spring?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 22 days ago

How to apply

Hi. My test results showed that I need to add 3-4 lbs. of Nitrogen and 5.5 lbs. of Potassium per 1000 sq. ft. If I were to buy a bag of 13:0:13, how would I apply it since the two fertilizers are mixed together? Thank you, Dale

Kent County Michigan Posted 23 days ago

Fertilizer application

Hello. Pardon my ignorance, but I'm confused on how to calculate the amount of fertilizer I need to apply per the recommendations. It is recommended that I use 3-4 lbs. of Nitrogen and 5.5 lbs. of Potassium. If I'm using 13-0-13, do I add the numbers together and apply approximately 8-9 pounds?

Kent County Michigan Posted 24 days ago