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I am now quite disabled & my health is now very bad & I am now very depressed as a result as I loved gardening & cannot do it any more, but most of the garden had been completed before I got to bad so it was all finished thank goodness & so felt so pleased as my family hate gardening, however like myself they loved sitting in it & all my friends, relatives, & the neighbours were always mentioning to me that they loved looking & sitting in my garden too. however I believe my immediate neighbour after hearing these lovely comments from others as been nasty & telling me that he as been putting some type of chemical onto my flowers, grass & all over my garden. i had been questioning for a while with my garden slowly dying & now everything as died & believe he as been doing this damage for a few years now especially as my son mentioned that he had noticed some type of dry whitish residue around the garden & at first my son thought that I had done it with ant powder, so I was unaware that he had noticed this all until recently. Also it did also do so much harm to my poor dog as he had to be rushed to the vets a couple of years ago too & with very badly burnt paws that were raw, blistered & very swollen. The vet did say at the time that it was a very powerful chemical that had caused it. which I was puzzled even at that time as I do not use any chemicals around my house & would not on my floors with having a pet walking on it, & I will only ever use a steamer which only uses very hot water that turns to steam to clean the floors carpet & house. When I tried to apply even the strongest grass seed down in the garden it would not grow & my neighbour as since been calling over the fence & telling me that nothing will grow in my garden for a long time now. The police would like to know what it is but believe it could be bleach but 100% not sure. Please can you advice on what I can do about this. I have been suffering with severe depression & not wanting to live anymore since I was first diagnosed & becoming worse, & now using a wheelchair to get around & this is all just breaking my heart & my garden was my main hobby & life & this is all hurting me so much now please please help me.

Outside United States Posted 1 day ago

Pasture Testing

I would like to re-plant approximately 15 acres of pasture. But I need a soil test first. What kit should I order?

Allegan County Michigan soil testing Posted 7 days ago

Japanese umbrella pine in a Michigan winter

Is there anything I should do to protect my Japanese Umbrella Pine from the Michigan winter? I planted a three year old in September. The soil is a sandy loam with an added wheelbarrow of organic compost and a pine needle mulch.

Livingston County Michigan trees and shrubs Posted 9 days ago

non toxic pest control

this summer "cabbage moths" and a small black bug devastated my swiss chard and collards. MY kale and cauliflower weren't touched but still did not do well. What can I use to ward off these critters without harming myself or the environment?

Wayne County Michigan vegetable gardening Posted 10 days ago

problems growing vegetables

i need to know what nutrients to apply to my soil as well as the proper ph to grow spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, squash, tomatoes and green beans.

Wayne County Michigan Posted 10 days ago

Apple and Walnut tree soil amenities

Greetings! I'm hoping to grow about 10 apple tree and a couple of walnut trees in this soil. Could you advise on what I should put in and add (organic material as well) to the soil? Thinking the Persian Walnut and Jonathan and Honeycrisp apple trees. Thoughts and recommendations?

Newaygo County Michigan Posted 12 days ago

Soil testing

We are wanting to plant an alpaca and goat friendly pasture, can you provide soil testing feedback for pastures?

Livingston County Michigan soil testing Posted 12 days ago

what is this plant/weed please?

it has spikes on leaves too

Outside United States Posted 13 days ago

Growing blackraspberries

My black raspberry plants appear to have a mold or blight looks like dying

Lapeer County Michigan Posted 13 days ago


I had a manzanilla. It was flowering beautifully. I happened to look at it one morning about a week ago and it was completely dead I mean dead dead I have a feeling that somebody poisoned it because well just a gut feeling. Is there a way to test the plant To see if it was indeed poisoned?

Santa Clara County California Posted 20 days ago