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I don’t know what to do

Last night I woke up and I felt something run across my back, I felt scared so I grabbed it and threw it on the floor (not knowing what it was) when I looked I saw it was a grasshopper, I thought it was dead and when I got a closer look I saw it lost a leg. I have put it in a container with dried oats, spinach and grass. I can’t put it outside with one leg but I have no idea how to look after a grasshopper. The grasshopper isn’t moving and it’s not eating the food I am putting infront of it. It can hardly move I don’t think it’s leg is working

Outside United States grasshoppers Posted 2 days ago

Some of my red twig dogwood bush leaves are not looking happy!

Some of the leaves on my new red twig dogwood bush are curling up, and some are turning yellow with small black spots or pinholes. The trunk looks healthy and I don't see any cankers or powdery mildew. This bush was planted in late May and is located in Western MA in a flowerbed situated in the middle of my front lawn. It gets full sun for 2/3rds of the day. I have taken good care of it and water it weekly but more during very hot weeks. I have been using MiracleGro fertilizer every 14 days or so because it is a young bush. The bush has bloomed, produced the blackish berries and is now producing more new blooms. It is my first such bush and I am in a quandary as to how to take care of this problem. Thanks for your guidance.

Hampden County Massachusetts Posted 4 days ago

what kind of spider do I have?

Every night right around dusk I have a spider that builds a web from my garage to my house which is about 9 feet apart. It anchors his web to the ground and to the power lines overhead and he begins making about a 3 foot wide web which is about 10 feet off the ground being suspended between my house and garage. The spider is about 1 inch or slightly larger and catches a lot of bugs. He appears to be a light color hard to tell at night. Then just before it starts to get light out he takes the whole web down he been doing this for the last week or so. What do I have here.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 18 days ago

Fungus ?

Just had my soil tested and it's pretty good. Just needs a bit of nitrogen. But my Jalapeno plants are doing TERRIBLE. I did some reading and thinking i may have fungus. This would explain each year why my tomatoes die out from the bottom up, same with cucumbers. I have raised bed garden, 3 of them exactly 4 feet x 24 feet. I also have drip irrigation to each plants roots. Maybe i watered too much, but should drian because it's raised bed. Lastly, I've seen these little centipede like insects time to time when digging in the soil. So, how can I test for fungus, and if it's that, how do i kill it? I heard to 'solarize' it next year by putting black plastic over whole garden for the whole year, which is a bummer, that means no garden next year. But I'd love to solve this problem. Oh, and this year I even had mushrooms pop up after a heave rain! Yep, looks like fungus to me! Thanks so much. Chris Schornak 586-850-2776

Macomb County Michigan Posted 21 days ago

Cherry tree

I need help with this tree i dont no what to do with it. It looks so bad its a cherry tree i think can any 1 help me

Trumbull County Ohio Posted 22 days ago

Small brown patches in lawn

Could you render an opinion of what may be the cause of and solution to eliminate the brown spots as per attached pic of a portion of my lawn. Also, can K2O burn grass?

Marquette County Michigan Posted 25 days ago

What time of year to add P and K to a home lawn?

My soil test indicates I need to add ~1lb of P and K to my home lawn per year. Can I add these nutrients any time of the year or is there a best season.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 26 days ago

lowering lawn pH

My soil test indicates that the pH of the soil in my lawn is 8.1. Should I attempt to lower this? If so, what is the best approach? Elemental sulfur? How much sulfur would be needed for the clay soil type I have? Is this something that would need to be done over a number of years?

Wayne County Michigan Posted 26 days ago

Black eyed Susan’s Plant collapsing

Why does my black eyed Susan plant collapse in the middle and make a hole? It falls outside and the middle is open.

New London County Connecticut Posted 28 days ago

Which Soil Test?

Over the last 4-5 years the grass over my drain field has gradually died. I don't believe it to be grubs because it's only over the field and I treat for grubs. The lawn is about 35 years old and only about the last 10 to 12 years has our water softener regeneration discharge goes into the septic tanks and then to the field. It was suggested to get the soil tested to see if the salt is the reason. I want to purchase the correct test kit to cover salt and anything else the septic may be throwing in the field? From looking on the web site it may be an add-on test to the basic lawn soil test. Please advise, and thank you

Washtenaw County Michigan Posted 28 days ago