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What should I know or be concerned about mycorrhizae and nematodes

WhAt should I know about mycorrhizze fungi and nematodes. This is my third year at this. A lot of my plants bolted last year and some veggies I planted two years ago didn’t do well last year I’m looking to get an all inclusive book on everything from planning. Soil amnending Planting, watering fertilizing before planting and during during season and anything else I might encounter. I have ordered a soil test kit.

Livingston County MI Posted 9 days ago

Help with my soil test results

You were a big help with my one Michigan State soil test results, thank you. Alas, I have one other soil test that I need help with. This test indicated that yearly per 1000ft2 I need are: Nitrogen 1pound and Potassium 2 pounds. Would this be 10-0-20? Or more preferably, I would like to buy powdered Nitrogen and Potassium and mix my own..but I do not know what concentrations or compounds to purchase( I did read your recommendation that potassium sulfate is better than KCl)...but, again, what would the concentration be? Many thanks, Tim Peters

fertilizer soil test results Posted 26 days ago

Help with my soil test results

You recently did two soil tests for me(thank you). I am kinda new to gardening and you recommended 25-15-10 for one garden.I went to your fertilizer calculator and need to buy 4 pounds of Nitrogen, .6 pounds of Phosphate, .4 pound of I have 1000ft2. Here are my questions: 1- Do these three ingredients come in varying concentrations? 2- I looked online and can't seem to find just Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash( and don't understand the concentration(back to my questions 1). Where can I buy the proper ingredients? Thanking you in advance. Best regards, Tim Peters

Hamilton County OH Posted about 1 month ago

Horse trail ground cover

Client has built a horse trail on property near Cross Village, Michigan where the soil is mostly sand and maybe loamy soil. She has removed the grass and wants a safe, effective ground cover option for the trail system that will not harm the horses or native habitat.

Emmet County MI horse exercise recommendations for horse pasture Posted about 1 month ago

Grubs in the dap

I have several pines in my yard and almost all have sap leaking from them. If I dig in the sap I find white grub like bugs. What should I do. If necessary I will take pics and upload. Just ask

Macomb County MI trees and shrubs pine tree insects Posted about 1 month ago

Skunk smelling ground cover

Looking for seed of skunk smelling ground cover. How can I get this in Tasmania ? This is an edible plant few Nepalese or Burmese people eat. First it smells bad but when u used to then its taste is awesome. It helps to increase ur appetite and keeps ur stomach cool. Can get its seed plz?

Outside United States plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Corn bags for pain relief

I want to make microwavable corn bags for Christmas gifts. I have one of my own and I love it! I had thought I'd get a bag of dried corn for pellet stoves, but no one in my area seems to have them. So... I bought a bag of cherry pits instead. I filled one of my fabric bags with the pits (they smell like potting soil!) and microwaved it, but it smells bad. I tried washing the pits, but they still smell bad. Is there a difference between dried corn for pellet stoves and dried corn for feeding squirrels? Any other suggestions?

Antrim County Michigan corn human health stress Posted 2 months ago

Food plot soil testing

Where can I get soil testing in my area for assessing what I need to establish a food plot for whitetail deer

Oceana County Michigan soil testing Posted 3 months ago

Chondrite Meteorite

Found this rock while constructing a building this summer. Tried to identify it using online resources and seems to bear the characteristics of an L1-L5 Chondrite meteorite.
1) The rock is very blackened or charred in appearance.
2) The "heft" of this rock seems uunusually heavy for a rock of this size.
3) The rock has an effect on stronger magnets, but not as powerful as a piece of iron would have.
4) A window was cut using a diamond wet saw. Observed was a fused crust along the edges: examination of interior with a loupe presented small metallic flakes as well as round nodules of metal. No air holes are observed anywhere on the rock.
5) the surface appears pitted and small rusty pores are present over the surface.

Am fully aware that only a very small percentage of found rocks actually turn out to be meteorites, so I have taken a sceptical approach to it being an actual meteorite, but my limited experience and resources in this analysis have led to where I can only conclude that there's no reason that it is NOT a meteorite, based solely on my observations.
Please have a look at the photos attached and let me know your opinion.

Thank you for your help.

William Fragel

Michigan rocks and minerals rock identification meteorite Posted 3 months ago

What is this fruit?

We were vacationing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico earlier this month and a local man offered us this fruit.

We tried some and it was quite mushy and not a lot of flavor.

Do you know what fruit it is?

Barry County Michigan fruit identification Posted 3 months ago