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Reduce "Above Optimum" Phosphorus in Soil

My soil test shows "Above Optimum" phosphorus and magnesium. The perennial bed tested is on a lakeshore, so the high amount of phosphorus is troubling. I rarely fertilize the bed, though I sprinkle a pinch of in the hole when I plant a new perennial. Is there a way to lower the amount of phosphorus in the soil? If there's nothing I can do, will the level naturally go down over time? Can you say approximately how long it will take? Thanks very much!

Benzie County Michigan Posted 1 day ago

One lilac bush looks burnt and other has white stuff on trunk

We bought are bushes about 3 years ago. We got some flowers last year and figured that was a good sign and would get more as the plants grow. This year one plant had hardly any leaves but got a couple of flowers. The other plant is full of leaves but no flowers. Looks like no sooner does the flower start to bloom it dies. The one with all the leaves is the one that has the white stuff on the truck and branches. The other one looks like a sorry little thing. It's all branches and hardly any leaves and looks like it's drying up. Is there anything I can do, or do I need to just tear them out and try again. I included 2 photos. The one with all the leaves has the "white" on the bark and the other is almost bare.

Bristol County Massachusetts Posted 1 day ago

how many 40 bags of top soil do I need to cover 300 sq ft. please

how many 40 bags of top soil do I need to cover 300 sq ft. please

San Diego County California Posted 7 days ago

Plants that Compete with Poison Ivy

We have a group of maples at the back corner of our lot that, until recently, were unkept. Under the canopy was a sea of poison ivy creeping into the lawn. I’ve spent the last 2 months spraying the growth, just cut the limbs from ground level to a height of about 7 feet and have pulled as many vines from the ground as possible. I’m on the winning side and just need to dispose of all the debris that was under the tree.

What can I do with the area now to discourage the poison ivy from taking over? The first 6 feet under the tree now gets about 4 hours of morning sun and the 6 feet going towards the trees gets almost no sun. I would rather not leave bare dirt and we really can’t afford to mulch the whole area.

We do not want to cut anymore branches from the tree to let in more light because they help block out the houses behind ours. I know I will have to stay diligent and watch for new PI growth. I’m considering a shade tolerant grass blend at the edge, but I think I need a more shade tolerant suggestion for 6 feet around the tree.

I’m open to any suggestions for the area and realize they may be as hard to control as the PI but likely won’t require me taking prednisone.

Hartford County Connecticut weed issues gardening aabi Posted 8 days ago


I live in Northren Michigan. Petoskey and attached are what I believe to be spider bites. I got the 1st 5 days ago and it started off as a bump with 2 puncture marks. Today it's an open wound a little bigger than a pea. The 2nd one I got yesterday and again bump with 2 puncture marks only these marks are 1/4 inch apart, about twice as far apart as the first.

Emmet County Michigan Posted 10 days ago

What spider is this

What kind of spider is this? I can’t find anything online about it.

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted 10 days ago

driveway being redone near river birch trunk which is 4 ' away

We have a 30 year old large river birch with 4 stems and large surface roots that are going under the asphalt driveway. The trunk of the tree is 4 feet away from the driveway. The driveway will have to be completely over, digging down for foundation rocks beneath the asphalt. The tree roots are directly below the asphalt and so I'm thinking they will have to be cut off. What is your recommendation. What is the lifespan of a river birch? My husband wants to save it for the shade but I'm wondering if it's worth risking the driveway and the health of the tree by cutting off the main roots so close to the trunk once its so old.

Dakota County Minnesota Posted 14 days ago

Red bark

My young apple tree I planted this spring also has red bark, some of the leaves toeven have a pink tint to them, growing great, just concerned it’s supposed to be a Malus “Prairie Magic”. does this sound normal?

Michigan Posted 18 days ago


My tuberous begonias are growing huge leaves but no flowers how can I stimulate the flowerd

Outside United States gardening flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials aabi Posted 28 days ago

Fertilizing chestnut tree

Last year I had a question about chestnut trees on the field only bore only 20 fruits from 3 trees. (Previous year they bore more than 300, the 2nd year those trees started bearing fruit). You told me they might be bi-yearly fruit trees. I saw those trees have started flowering now. My question is any fertilizer could help the improvement of fruit bearing? And it there is fertilizer how to apply it? Looking forward to seeing your answer again. Thanks.

Oakland County Michigan gardening chestnut aabi Posted 28 days ago