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What plant is this?

Seeking info on medicinal plants.

Genesee County Michigan Posted 3 days ago

What plant is this?

Just having trouble figuring what this is.

Genesee County Michigan Posted 4 days ago


Are you able to test soils for trace amounts Atrazine herbicide? If yes, How much $. If no, do you know of any labs that do? Thank you. Barney!

Kalamazoo County Michigan Posted 5 days ago

Grass mound

Grass mound in front yard sounds like there is something in it.

Pulaski County Arkansas Posted 5 days ago

Wildfire Black Gum Tree

Is this considered a hard wood?

Cass County Missouri forestry Posted 7 days ago

Cooley Spruce Gall

Any advice on products to spray on spruce trees to control Cooley Spruce Gall/Pine Tree spur??? We have several hundred spruce trees but only a few are affected.


Eaton County Michigan Posted 8 days ago

When do a water?

When do I water lawn before or amhow soon after applying 26-0-2

Eddy County New Mexico lawn fertilizer Posted 14 days ago

Burning Oak Leaves

For the past few years I've been raking oak leaves onto my vegetable garden and then burning them -- once in the fall and again in the spring. Is this bad for a vegetable garden? I had the soil tested -- it is loam and I was told I need to add sulfur to acidify (it's at 8 now) also, that I have an above optimum level of magnesium. My garden been going downhill for the past few years and I wonder if it's because of the leaves.

Livingston County Michigan Posted 25 days ago

Black Bark and Holes

Not sure what type of Maple this is however I have 3 in close proximity to ea. other and over the years the bark has turned black (pic 1) and it appears the woodpeckers love the bark as there are hunreds-thousands of holes all over from top to bottom (pic 2).
In addition, what's been planted under these threes has either died or growth has been stunted.
Any Ideas? Thank you for any info shared.

Fulton County Georgia Posted 26 days ago

Chicken manure

Will years old chicken manure still have any fertilization value?

Lincoln County Nebraska Posted 27 days ago