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Ice damaged shrubs

Hello, I’ve got a couple of shrubs hard hit by the ice. Any pruning and recovery tips for broken branches? I also have a butterfly bush that was toppled over from snow weight. It’s planted up against a fence on a rocky incline border. Is there a way to help it get re-established, or is it done for? They usually seem very hearty, and this was a mature specimen, if a bit leggy. Any advice to save it would be great. Thanks! —Kristin Everett

Lane County Oregon snow damage Posted 14 days ago

Lawn Care Question

I replanted my front yard 2 years ago and now and starting to see moss growing in it. Any recommendations on how to treat this and get a healthy green lawn again?

Linn County Oregon moss in lawn horticulture lawns Posted 14 days ago

Yard moss

Hi I was wondering what the best way is to get rid of yard moss for good. Thanks

Benton County Oregon Posted 17 days ago

pH testing soil

How might I obtain soil test service? I live in lane county (Springfield). What is the cost? Thanks

Lane County Oregon soil testing Posted 20 days ago

Planting Dahlias

2/21/2019 When can I plant Dahlias in Albany, Oregon? Is it a little too soon to plant them now? I don't want them to freeze or rot from cold or rain!

Linn County Oregon flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 30 days ago

Iceberg Rose Shrub

I have started rose pruning for spring. Next in line is a bare root Iceberg shrub, which is old but currently small. It has diseased/damaged branches and a very brown crown that is sitting above soil level. I intend to cut off the diseased branches but am not sure what to do about the crown. Should I cover it with soil? mulch?

Marion County Oregon Posted about 1 month ago


When should I prune my roses short? I usually do them on Presidents day but it was so frozen I was afraid to. Can you help me?

Polk County Oregon Posted about 1 month ago

Rose care

I am expecting some bare root roses to be delivered soon. I will be planting them in a new, as yet unprepared, bed. The weather right now isn’t ideal for making a new bed. How can I keep them healthy until I can plant them? An idea I had was to put them in some soil wrapped with burlap so that when I can plant them I won’t be disturbing any new tender roots. What do you think? Thanks

Lane County Oregon roses Posted about 1 month ago

2nd crop of figs?

My fig tree sets a second crop of figs, but these never seem to mature. They drop off when still small & a long way from maturity. The tree is about 10-11 years old, and seems quite healthy otherwise.

Polk County Oregon figs Posted about 1 month ago

Insect ID

What's the name of the common black hard shell bug that buzzes around your house mainly in the spring and fall? They're close to an inch long, the underside is a light color.

Benton County Oregon insect identification Posted about 1 month ago