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Soil additives

I'm new to Oregon as of 6 weeks ago. I moved here from Miami Beach where it was A LOT easier to grow. I moved into a house where there were raised beds but the soil was tan and looked as if it severely lacked nutrients. The soil is very dusty and doesn't seem to hold much moisture. I've since transplanted that soil and added soil conditioner and compost. I've planted some carrot plants and I plan to plant the rest of my crops from seed. I want to know the best way to rehab that soil in order to get the best yield. Can you all help me? I'm planning to plant leafy greens and se of the better growing crops for this area. I have another box that is 12' x 6' and the rest of a 5'x5' box that the carrots are planted in.

Clackamas County Oregon soil Posted 16 days ago

Black fig production in sept.

Hi, I have a black fig tree-7 ft. tall. It is still producing baby figs. There are about 100 half grown ones. Should I pick the new baby figs? Will that direct growth to the older, bigger figs? Its Aug.29. Thanks in advance, Bob Abbott

Marion County Oregon figs Posted 22 days ago

Privacy screen arbor shrinking annually

For the third year in a row during the month of August, I’ve watched my screen lose it’s northern-most end member. I haven’t watered that section this year (last 2 years I assumed it was over-watering and root-rot). Still seeing an annual loss on the northern-most end of the line.

Benton County Oregon arborvitae Posted about 1 month ago

Help indentifying new garden growths

Hello, What are these new growths in my garden? I am finding them in only one of four garden boxes. The same soil was used in all-a mixture of compost, top soil, and mushroom compost. Are they harmful to growing plants? Please see attached pictures. Thank you, Lisa

Marion County Oregon mulch fungus Posted about 1 month ago

tree moss killing tree

There is a moss / lichen that seems to be killing the branches on my Japanese Snowbell trees in front of my house. It seems that once it gets thick enough on the branch, the branch dies. What is this and is there something that I can do to manage / kill it?

Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago

Watermelon won’t ripen

I’m growing black tail watermelons. The melons have a yellow spot on the bottom and the tendril is dry and brown but when we cut them open they were almost totally white still. They had some pink but not near enough, I have some more unpicked but again looking ripe. Any ideas on the problem? I’m really hoping to get the others ripe. Help! Thank you!

Clackamas County Oregon watermelons horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

apple tree

Hello, i am researching planting apple trees at my property in upper klamath county near Crescent. My main question i have now is with the heavy snow and frost in my area when is the best time to plant B&B or potted trees? Fall or late spring to avoid frozen ground.

Klamath County Oregon apple trees Posted about 1 month ago

Red climbing vine next to a red clematis vine.

Wondering what the name of this plant is? It's at the Botanical Gardens in Denver.
Maybe near the birds and butterfly gardens?

Oregon plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Should this beetle be a reason for concern?

In the past two days, we've found three of these critters on our patio (all on their backs curiously, and all moving very sluggishly). We watched the first one give birth to several dozen small white eggs. I photographed this one next to a nickel for size reference. We're newcomers to Oregon, so perhaps this beetle is common. A quick online search for "large Oregon beetles" makes us think it's a California Root Borer (Prionus californicus). Does that sound correct, and is this a potential pest? We're proponents of IPM and don't kill anything until we confirm there's a serious threat. Thank you! Paul

Hood River County Oregon insect identification Posted about 1 month ago

what is this fly with fuzzy antennas ?

I am being bitten by at least two different tiny flies inside my apartment. Both flies grow to about the same size as a fruit fly, although I mostly find them when they are so small they look like a speck. This one has fuzzy antenna - They seem to change color as they mature - or else there are several different varieties. I find these dead in my bedsheets and on the east facing windowsill. They seem to congregate near the cage of my two quaker parrots as well as in my bed. SOMETHING is biting me and tiny black or white hair-like 'things' emerge from my skin which I remove with tweezers. When I look at these 'things' under a microscope, they look like globs of eggs. Please help me. I live in the Lloyd District of Portland, in a newly constructed mid-rise apartment building and none of my neighbors seem to have these in their units. I'm actively treating my drains to eliminate drain flies with organic treatment; a professional exterminator sprayed and fogged with insecticide; and my birds have been quarantined three times to eliminate them as a source. Lab tests for Lyme have tested positive one month and then negative another month. Thank you

Multnomah County Oregon insect identification Posted about 1 month ago