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Peace lily in distress

I have an indoor peace lily plant that doesn’t get sunlight. I got this about 4-5 months ago. I water this once in 4-5 days. Occasionally I add miracle gro plant food mixed in water. Of late, I noticed it’s not healthy. Tip of the leaves turning dark brown; odd whitish thing near roots; Is there anything I can do to revive this plant?

King County Washington peace lily Posted 3 months ago

average chill hours in Beavercreek 97004

What is the average chill hours for Beavercreek, 97004. Aurora may be the nearest weather station.

Oregon Posted 3 months ago

where to plant new raspberries in home garden

I am currently ripping out an old planting of everbearing raspberries infected with crown root borers. How far from this bed could I plant the new bed to discourage infecting new canes. Also how far can I plant them from my marionberries? Thanks so much, Lynne Holmes in Hood River.

Hood River County Oregon Posted 3 months ago

Mud nest? in crawlspace

I found this sitting on the ledge in my crawlspace.
Id like to know if it might be the remains of a nest of a harmful organism. It is about three inches long and an inch and a quarter wide. Seems to be made of dried mud.

Benton County Oregon insect identification Posted 3 months ago

Pollinator required for filbert?

We have a filbert tree that planted itself on our property. Its been growing 4-5 years now and this winter we noticed the male catkins for the first time! Do we need another filbert tree nearby for pollination or can a filbert pollinate itself? If we need another tree for pollination, will any filbert available at a garden center work? We obviously don't know the variety we currently have since it was a volunteer. Thanks!

Hood River County Oregon horticulture Posted 4 months ago

Bamboo for mulch???

Help! I inherited a horrible spreading bamboo problem in my backyard. I have had estimates for removal ($$$$) that involve stump grinding the roots. I've been told that I can mulch it. Is this true? I envision the bamboo returning all over my yard.
Can the roots, shoots, shafts, and leaves be used for mulch?
Thank you!!

Marion County Oregon bamboo bamboo control Posted 4 months ago

sheep in apple and pear orchard

I have a small apple and pear orchard (30 trees) and this summer I got a few sheep to eat down the grass in the orchard. Every year I have the orchard sprayed with a dormant spray in January, but now I'm thinking that this would be harmful to the sheep, especially the copper in the spray as sheep can't tolerate copper. I can remove the sheep for a short time, but I don't have a long term place to put the sheep. How long would I need to keep the sheep away from the spray area, if the spray is harmful to them? I know that the spray would get on the grass. Do I need to get rid of the sheep or is there an alternative spray that wouldn't be harmful?

Jackson County Oregon sheep dormant spraying Posted 4 months ago

plant identification and whether can transplant

Can you please identify these 3 plants and let me know whether they can be divided and part of the plant transplanted to a different location.

I really appreciate your site and the assistance you provide.

Thank you,


Multnomah County Oregon plant identification horticulture Posted 6 months ago


Can you prune Jefferson’s early fall after harvest with the leaves still on??

Linn County Oregon pruning hazelnuts Posted 6 months ago

collect seeds from Mina Lobata

I live in the Odell area of the Hood River Valley. This is the first year that I have grown Mina Lobata ( what a beautiful plant ). It grew great, over powered the structure we had it growing on. It did not start blooming till three weeks ago, but man, it now has a huge amount of blooms. The hummingbirds are loving them. My Question IS will they develop seeds to harvest for planting next year? What is the best way to harvest the seeds? Is there anything I can do to artificially get the seeds to develop in the house after first frost?

Hood River County Oregon vines horticulture Posted 6 months ago