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No leaves on redbud tree

Our redbud tree has had no leaves or buds this year. What could be wrong? Last year was extra wet and the tree may have been in a run-off area. The tree is about 3 years old. Buds were fewer last year too. There is still green in small broken off branches. Is it dead or dying?

OR Posted about 7 hours ago

Vinegar as weed killer

I sprayed a portion of my lawn which was not healthy grass anyway with the vinegar, Epsom salt and dawn dish soap concoction. it seems to be a very effective weed killer. I want to rock this area leaving a few spots for shrubs and perennials. My concern now is that by using this spray I may have ruined the soil for replanting. I don't want to waste my time and money on plants that may die shortly after planting. Can you please advise me on this; Thank you., Virginia

Union County OR herbicides Posted 7 days ago

What is wrong with my Bamboo?

My bamboo is usually green and healthy looking. This year two of them are turning yellow, losing leaves, and some of the stalks have black spots. They do have lots of new sprouts coming up but even some of those have the black spots. Can you help me figure out what is going on and what to do about them? I love my bamboo and usually you can't kill the darn things.
Also, whenever I plant something between the bamboo it dies and never comes back up the next spring, Any thoughts on that?

Marion County OR Posted 10 days ago

Plant identification

This hardy plant continues to grow back after cutting it, putting plastic over it, treating with crossbow, round up and tordon. What is it and how do I kill it? Is it invasive?

Marion County OR plant identification Posted 11 days ago

Grass modification

Why have we not created a genetic modification of grass that doesn’t grow past “mowed lawn” height? Golf courses and homeowners everywhere would go nuts!

Benton County OR Posted 12 days ago

More weeds or plants

are These weeds or plants. Taller upright are popping up everywhere.

Deschutes County Oregon Posted 12 days ago

Birch pruning and the birch borer

Is there a best time to prune a birch (specifically, jacquemontii) with respect to the bronze birch borer? The Western Garden Book suggests not pruning when the insect is active. David Bell

Marion County Oregon Posted 13 days ago

Willamette Valley, lawn watering recommendations

I have an established lawn, sod, last fall. How much water and how often should I water. Also best time of day Thanks Brad

Benton County Oregon lawn care lawn maintenance Posted 13 days ago

Something is wrong with my rose bush

Last year we move all our rose bushes, most of them are fine with exception of a few. This one I'm sending picture of, I'm wondering if it is diseased and it might need to be taken out. I'm sending a picture of another rose that has something wrong as well, all the leaves are curling. My honeysuckle is dying in the middle, and new growth is funny looking, that is the last picture. I would love any help I can get. Thank you!

Marion County Oregon honeysuckle roses Posted 14 days ago

tiny flies

what are the tiny flies on my tomato plants? they are in pots because I don't have a yard for garden. set them out yesterday and this morning there were 100's of black flies!

Marion County Oregon horticulture Posted 14 days ago