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Eradicating Thistle

Hello, I have a group of students willing to help me remove two patches of thistle on Wednesday. What is the best approach to this if we are trying to not have the thistle return in spring. Should we cover the area with cardboard to tarps after we remove thistle by hand? I believe we are dealing with bull thistle. Alison

Washington County OR weed control Posted 2 months ago

Eugene Spider

What kind of spider is this?

Lane County OR Posted 2 months ago

Raspberry plants

Should plants be trimmed short before transplanting in November??

Lake County OR raspberries Posted 2 months ago

transplanting raspberry plants

How soon after digging up raspberry plants in November should they be replanted in another area??? Hasn't snowed yet.

Lake County OR Posted 2 months ago

Powdery Mildew on Pine Bark bush

I plan to dig out my pine bark bush that is infected with powdery mildew. How do I protect another bush that I hope to plant in that same spot? How do I stop the spread to my other bushes? Are there mildew spores in the soil? Do I need to sterilize the soil? And if so, what do you recommend?
Thank you for your help.

Union County OR forestry horticulture Posted 3 months ago

Philodendrun root disease problem

I have long-term Philodendron cuttings living for many years in three vases of water in my house. Always healthy, zero problems until now. This summer they started developing spotted places on their leaves, some minor leaf curl on their edges followed by fully brown/dead leaves dropping from the plants. Next I discovered the white fungus on the stem joint sections above the water level. These collections are more than 25 years old, always perfectly healthy and much enjoyed. Q: What can I do to rid them of root fungus or root mold, not sure which. Recently I have tried Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) : 6 tablespoons in 1 pint of water, soaking for 1/2 hour then full rinse and back into clean water. Not working after two attempts. [ Hello Elizabeth R. - many thanks for any help you can suggest] Susan P.

Benton County Oregon philodendron Posted 4 months ago

What am I seeing in my cooked apple slices?

While many of the applies have been attacked, probably by the coddling moth, I have cut out the bad parts, sliced up the good parts and steamed them. Some of the cooked slices have small little substances. Does anybody know what they are? Is there a facility that could examine them with a microscope?

Clackamas County Oregon apple insects Posted 4 months ago

What are these insect eggs?

Can you help me identify these insect eggs? I don’t want to harm them if they are something beneficial. They were placed within the past few days on a tropical “Rio” plant near my front door. Thanks!!

Wasco County Oregon insect identification insect eggs Posted 4 months ago

Strange Plant Popped Up, What is it?

Hi Folks, I grow Oregon native plants on my property, including some listed plants (I have permit); an odd plant popped up in an area I cleared after my nine foot P. cardwellii died of old age. Out of curiosity, I let it grow and last night it opened up, stayed in bloom so far this morning. It looks alien and is likely either invasive or ornamental. I would like to know the plant name/species. It is quite large, competitive of the adjacent sunflowers; about 2.5 feet leaf tip to tip and now about two feet high. The photos were either taken early morning; the flower is a light lavender away from the center. Thank you, Jim Smith Albany, Or

Linn County Oregon plant identification datura stramonium jimsonweed Posted 4 months ago

Dead leaves

Apple tree began getting dead leaves when apples were 2-3 inches. Now new leaf growth on raspberries dying also. Disease or pest?

Umatilla County Oregon horticulture Posted 4 months ago