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tree identification

What is the name of this tree? It is growing in Cascadia State Park.

Linn County Oregon plant identification Posted 7 days ago

Fall cover crop?

I planted red clover as a fall cover crop last fall in my raised beds. I have been getting more interested in the benefits of manure crops for my garden and, recently retired, I now have the time to pursue it. Do you have a recommendation for a fall cover crop for here in the valley? I saw a seed mix for f clover, rye and buckwheat and wasn’t sure if that was a good cover. Reading up on buckwheat, I am interested to try that next. Thanks for your thoughts.

Linn County Oregon cover crops Posted 7 days ago

Small worms in potted lime a problem

I watered a potted lime after stirring the soil to mix in fertilizer, and about a dozen small worms 1 1/2 to 2 inches long with a very pronounced pink translucent front ends came out of the soil. Photo attached. Are these potentially pests? Or neutral? Or beneficial? They are very consistent in size and do not look like other earthworms from the garden. They are either all the same size because they are very young or a different species than I’m used to seeing in the garden.

Lane County Oregon Posted 7 days ago

Help with citrus in pots with yellow mottled leaved

Hello, I have a few citrus in pots on our concrete patio. One of the regular lemon tree's leaves have become somewhat mottled and yellow. I'm not sure why? The Kaffir lime we have had mealy bugs, but I've used the crysanthimum insecticide, and that seems to be under control. Please help!

Oregon citrus Posted 8 days ago

Plants with mildew

Is the fruit from a plant with Mildew on the leaves safe to eat

Josephine County Oregon food safety mildew Posted 13 days ago

Using cover crops in a home garden

What do you recommend planting for cover crops in the home garden?

Lane County Oregon cover crops Posted 17 days ago

Deciduous conifer

This tree is growing in my back yard in Ashland, OR I have been unable to identify what it is and would appreciate your help. I thought it was a Bald Cypress but can't get that verified. Thank you. It's 70 feet talk, scaly bark and small green cones.

Jackson County Oregon forestry urban forestry plant identification Posted 18 days ago


Some of our rhubarb has little holes in the stalk when cut, it seems to run all the way through, is it safe to eat, is this anything to worry about?
Thanks for your help

Clackamas County Oregon food safety rhubarb Posted 20 days ago

Drawf cherry leaves turning yellow

I have a drawf cherry tree that appears to be not doing well. It's leaves are turning yellow. It's potted in a container and I water it about once a week. I live in zone 9 Sacramento. I wondering what if anything I can do to help it so the leaves stop turning yellow and it starts to grow again. I think maybe over watering.

Sacramento County California cherry trees Posted 20 days ago

Leaves turning yellow

My hydrangea's leaves are turning yellow all over the plant plus there are dark spots on many of the leaves. The plant just doesn't look healthy. What can I do to help it get better.

Sacramento County California hydrangea Posted 21 days ago