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Jade plant loss of limbs

Not exactly a garden question, but if you can help I’ll be grateful.. My jade , about 3 feet tall, 30 years old, is rather suddenly dropping a quite a few (healthily-looking) leaves and also losing whole limbs (the limbs are dry and rotten where they break off). I give it a quart of water once a month.

Hood River County Oregon container gardening indoor plants plant diagnostics horticulture Posted 16 days ago

Invasive grasses

I have a no lawn yard. I was not able to garden much this year, and my yard has been thoroughly invaded by wild grasses of many kinds. Though most are beautiful, they are everywhere—paths, raised beds—all over. What is the best way to stop them from sprouting when the fall rains come? Failing that, what’s the most environmentally friendly way to eradicate/control a small suburban yard full of unwanted grass?

Benton County Oregon weeds grass Posted 16 days ago


We live in the Odell area of the Hood River Valley. We have grown watermelon here successfully on our neighborhood lot. We would like advice in furthering our skill. Or do you have a brochure or can you direct us to a intructional video. Sincerely Debbie Elliott

Hood River County Oregon watermelons watermelon horticulture Posted 16 days ago


I'm curious what you guys recommend when you encounter this kind of aphid situation? This is a sunflower in a pot, and when I noticed all these aphids--that's what these are, right?--I tried to spray them off with a stream of water like I'm always reading about, but it didn't work one bit. What would you recommend doing in this type of situation? What are your best recommendations for preventing this in the first place? ~B

Wasco County Oregon aphids Posted 18 days ago

Zinnia damage?

Hey MGs, Looks like something is eating or otherwise damaging our zinnias. Does this look like more than just earwig damage? My go-to is to put out empty cat food containers with a little oil in them to capture earwigs, but I'd love to hear other suggestions! ~B

Wasco County Oregon zinnia zinnias Posted 18 days ago

Root cellars in Central Oregon

Hi there, I'm wondering if you can point me towards any resources or information regarding root cellars in Deschutes County. The shallow soils and volcanic bedrock of Central Oregon make excavating complicated and expensive. For instance, many homes in Central Oregon lack a basement. So I'm exploring options for root cellars for storage of vegetables, wine, and other preserved foods that are more practical for my area. I've considered mounding earth to provide the effects of dug-in cellars, but I'm struggling to find much information. If you have any resources or tips for food storage in my area, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Andy

Deschutes County Oregon home food preservation horticulture Posted 18 days ago

White Spruce

I have needles turning brown on two of my White Spruce. Looks to be about 1 inch at the tips. Seems to be spreading. Need to know what it is in order to fine the appropriate Spray. TKS

Hood River County Oregon trees Posted 19 days ago

Caterpillar Web in Canadian Choke Cherry

On 8-25-20, I noticed a caterpillar web about 25 feet up in our Canadian Choke Cherry tree in Sisters, OR. I've attached two photos. With binoculars, I can see the caterpillars moving in the web. Can you tell me your best thoughts on what it might be, whether it will be detrimental to the trees health, and if I should spray to kill the caterpillars or just let them be. Thanks

Deschutes County Oregon fruit trees pest identification horticulture Posted 25 days ago

pruning roses

We recently purchased a home with two beautiful rose bushes. When I first saw them (July), they were in full bloom. We just moved into the home and the roses have not been tended to in many weeks. They are developing hips and I wondered if it is too late to trim back to allow new growth. When do you let roses go dormant in Wasco County? I also wonder if you could identify this particular rose. Thank you so much, Mary Cary

Wasco County Oregon pruning plant identification roses horticulture Posted 25 days ago

No seeds in bell pepper crop

Hello, I grew a red bell pepper plant in a container and discovered the fruit either has just 1-3 seeds or no seeds at all. Just the fruit variety or growing issue? Thanks for your time.

Polk County Oregon peppers horticulture Posted 29 days ago