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Apple Trees

I would like to know what apple trees would grow best in my tested soil.

Sullivan County NY Posted over 3 years ago

Can you tell me what spider this is?

I'm from Oklahoma but live in Upstate NY now. I was used to seeing Wolf Spiders down South but this one looks similar.

Monroe County NY Posted over 3 years ago

fha information

address for fha in franklin county ny

Franklin County NY Posted about 4 years ago

Help! What is this thing?!?!?!?!

Buffalo, New York here, wondering what this humongous thing is that looks to be part caterpillar, part centipede with sort of daddy long legs sized legs, maybe longer, I took his picture and is just a tad bit larger than that, never seen one of these in my entire life, it was outside next to my door and when I looked again, it was no where in sight. It was out at night and it was around midnight when I found it.

Erie County NY Posted over 4 years ago

Any guess?

This plant is up against the house with very little sun or water. The leaves, as large as 10"x12", project from individual stalks. I actually want to plant it next year. The seeds project out near the top of the plant. It stands almost 4' high. Can you identify it?

Westchester County NY Posted over 4 years ago

Somerset Grapes

We have had a Somerset grape vine in our backyard patio for 10 years. It provides a canopy for our patio which is about 16 feet by 12 feet. It started producing a large fall grape crop in its 4th year and has been doing so for every year until this year when it produced almost no grapes. Any thoughts as to why it suddenly stopped producing grapes this year? Thanks.

Kings County New York grapes Posted over 4 years ago

Large mushroom on a lawn

There are several large mushrooms on a neighbor 's lawn. The distinctive features are the large size and the outer surface that looks to me like a human brain. The picture shows a USA Quarter that I placed on the surface of the mushroom. I would like to identify the fungus, and determine if it is toxic. Last year I identified a large Fly Agaric on the same lawn and recommended that it be removed and put in the trash because young children are frequently playing on the lawn.

Schenectady County New York Posted over 4 years ago

To much clay?

Hello, I'm planning to plant a few acres of Jack Pine trees and had a soil test done in preparation. I know they like a sandy loam, and I'm wondering if this soil has to much clay. What kind of outcomes could I expect with this soil makeup? Sand: 34.6% Clay: 20.7% Silt: 44.7% Gravel: 4.3% Texture: Loam Your advice would be appreciated! Thanks a lot,

New York trees and shrubs soil soil testing acres of jack pine planting in ny Posted over 4 years ago

What kind of plant?

Can you identify this?

Suffolk County New York Posted over 4 years ago

When flowers begin to die

When the blooms begin to die, how should they be removed from plant in order to allow other blooms to grow and flower?

Erie County New York flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted over 4 years ago