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Small bugs on my Deck

Can someone help please and tell me what’s the name of that bug? They’re so many in my deck

New York Posted about 1 month ago

Tall lavender flowering plant

What is the name of this plant? It looks like nodding thistle, but flowers appear to be larger.
the photo is not from NY. I believe it is from the Midwest US.

Westchester County New York plant identification Posted about 5 years ago

Animal Droppings on Walkway

Good morning. We are finding randomly scattered droppings on our walkway in the morning. Brown in color, shorter than a penny, tubular in shape. Photos below. The same problem occurred last year, starting at or around exactly the same time (early August).

We live on Long Island, New York, in a suburban area. I see small holes in the lawn near my walkway and wonder if there is a correlation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Nassau County New York Posted about 5 years ago