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Washroom wall fly or moth?

An expert birder and butterfly photographer suggested to me that it can't be a moth since it only has one pair of wings!
This insect is frequently seen on washroom walls of both outdoor privy's and indoor washrooms!
I just assumed it was a fly until I took these photos and heavily cropped one!
I have posted this on my Flickr.com site: James Roderick McGillawee
Will appreciate your answer at your convenience, Thanx!!!

Outside United States insect identification drain flies Posted over 2 years ago

Two Questions

I have two questions about the AAE site:

1). What is meant by the "handling rate" and how is it determined?

2). When I respond to a question posed to me, I am having difficulty in putting an image (JPG) into my response. Is this possible and if so, how exactly do I do this?

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted almost 3 years ago

Foliar zinc spray

hi, i want a help to calibrate my backpack mist blower to spray my trees as fo─║low:
Apply zinc sulfate to 10 trees

Labeled rate: 200 grams of zinc sulfate per 100 litre of water.
How to calculate the total spray solution and the amount of zinc sulfate for the above spray solution; can you please write me the calculation formoula; Thanks

Outside United States Posted almost 3 years ago



Clark County Nevada Posted almost 3 years ago

Help My Sago Palm is Sick

The trunk of my Sago Palm has a yellowish foamy growth on it. What can I do? Please look at pictures

Beaufort County South Carolina trees and shrubs sago palm horticulture Posted almost 3 years ago

Compacted sandy soil

How to loosen 1,000sq.ft.,of the above soil?

Orange County California soil sandy soil Posted almost 3 years ago

Maple Syrup help

This was our 1st. Time doing maple syrup. We have 9 pints. And all the jars ended up with sediment in the bottom. Can we open all the jars filter them reboil the syrup and re jar it. Or will that destroy the syrup. Please help Linda Boucher

Brown County Wisconsin maple syrup maple syrup production Posted almost 3 years ago

UVI Cooperative Extension Service Termites

I'm thinking of coming to St. Croix USVI and build a house. What kind of termite problems could I be looking at and are there parts of the island that are better than others regarding termites?

Virgin Islands of the U.S. Posted about 3 years ago


How do I set up a logIn to view All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted about 3 years ago

Albino black widow?

I found this one with egg sacs user a wheel barrel. It reached for the eggs sacs to save them when it knew I was there. What is it?

Riverside County California spiders brown widow spider spider identification Posted about 3 years ago