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It was very interesting to see the questions you have bee responding to recently, but, since you don't include your ans. , can't see why you bother. One would think that an organization such as yours would have an underling intent to inform as many people as possible about caring for the environment.????

Ah! Yea, below you suggest allowing your ? to be available "So others can learn by the and.. I would suspect we'd learn much more from ALL your ans., and can't imagine a privacy issue, unless you need to include identification of sense, which seems quite unnecessary.

Baltimore County MD Posted 7 minutes ago

Those pesky moles!

What can we do about the moles in our yard? We have four dogs who are constantly trying to dig them up, so we have holes all over our back yard! We can't use any kind of poison because of our dogs.

Washington County TX Posted about 5 hours ago

My ash tree and EAB

Hello. The EAB has destroyed my magnificent ash tree. Until last week I never heard of EAB. The tree does have sporadic branches this year. Tree guy said it's too late for saving. I believe it is a white ash. I have two questions. 1 - can I clip one or two of the branches and try to root them. If so, how would I go about this. OR 2. Will the tree drop seeds this year in its condition ? If so, how do plant them ? (I don't know how often these trees drop seeds). I don't want my tree to die in vain. I am hoping there is something I can do . Please offer me any assistance possible. I am desperate for an answer. I have emailed the dept of agriculture and also Rutgers. Nobody has responded.

Middlesex County NJ emerald ash borer ash trees Posted 1 day ago

Pruning winged elms

My wing Elm extends over the street and some of the branches are low hanging. I'm afraid to take the entire branch off. Since some of the smaller branches point down and others point up off of the same large branch, is it OK if I just cut off the smaller branches that are pointing down and leave the smaller branches that are pointing up on the same branch or would that look bad?

Pasco County FL Posted 12 days ago

best fabric glue

What is the best glue for fabric to make homemade micarta with out it becoming a stringy sticky mess?

OUTSIDEUS Posted 13 days ago

Have a sawmill in West Virginia

We have big connections with one of the largest sawmill in west virginia can supply you with any kind of wood products that you want they have 10 mills or more ready to sell what you need contact us by email or by phone at 1-606-353-9310 or at 1-503-324-0475 can start soon as the paper work is work out. Thanks GOD AND JESUS BLESS YOUR COMPANY FOREVER

Pike County Kentucky woody biomass production and management pike county kentucky Posted 14 days ago

Type of spider

Can you please tell me what type of spider this is and if it is dangerous

Outside United States Posted 15 days ago

Sad Peach Tree with Fruit on It

Our peach tree should be ready to be picked. However, the peaches are small and hard, even though some are red. Some of the branches are laying on the ground. This is the third year it has produced fruit; it is three years old. We have never pruned it-a gardner on a local TV channel here in AZ said to never prune a fruit tree here as they need the shade to protect them from the sun. Not sure about that now. Seems there are too many branches, as it seems to0 heavy with the fruit on it, thus the laying on the ground. The leaves are nice and green. Just concerned as to why the fruit didn't get very big. The first year we picked every other one, the second and third year we didn't and had nice peaches. Now this third year, small hard peaches. Any reason why this may have happened? We don't see that there is too much fruit causing the branches to lay on the ground.

Pinal County Arizona Posted 15 days ago

Future webinars on manure land application related issues.

Please forward to the appropriate person(s). I have listened in on several webinars in the past. One which I/we found extremely helpful was the 2015 webinar titled "Manure and Nutrient Management in Tile Drained Fields." Five University Staff doing research in manure management and tile drainage participated in the webinar including Jeff Strock, Peter Kleinman, Tim Harrigan and James Hoorman. One of my functions as a part time employee with EPA is to assist a consortium of educators, natural resource planners and regulators in Idaho, Washington and Oregon who deal with the varied issues of animal waste storage and land application. The group known as the "EPA Region 10 CAFO Workgroup", holds an annual workshop to network, coordinate their efforts, and develop strategies to improve water quality. We are considering using some of the information presented in that webinar and would like to know if the " Extension" has considered organizing another webinar addressing this issue and related land application - water quality issues. Maybe even put something together for this years workshop to be held September 12 -15 in Bellingham, WA. If such a venture is not possible we would certainly like to have any information possible, links etc to any additional presentation materials related to this topic. The Pacific Northwest has its own unique climate challenges but the impacts of applied manure on surface and ground water quality is as common here as it is elsewhere. We would be most interested in any information that you or other presenters of the webinar might have. Thanks for your help. Ralph Fisher Nutrient Management Specialist EPA, Boise Operations Office 208-378-5761 ________________________________________

Ada County Idaho Posted 16 days ago

Water well testing

Hi, where or, and who would well water? Thanks.

Bernalillo County New Mexico Posted 17 days ago