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Questions asked to this group

My cantaloupe's leaves is wilting

My name is Minh, I'm from Vietnam. I've been growing cantaloupes for 4 years and still have the big problems with my leaves wilting. The weather now is hot, I grow in coconut fiber. The water is full as you guys can see in the pictures. Does it can be a foilage disease? If it is, how can I prevent . Thank you for your time

Outside United States Posted about 1 hour ago

Local Offices

I wanted to know where can i find a National map with the nearest local Cooperative Extension office in my state.

Puerto Rico Posted about 10 hours ago

App will not scroll

Your codiqaproject app will not allow me to scroll. Am I doing something wrong or is it your app?

Utah County Utah Posted 4 days ago

Citrus leave desease?

Does any one know what this might be. the trees look incredibly healthy will buds and new leaves but Ive noticed this??

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 11 days ago

What vine is this?

I'm currently in Costa Rica and I found this what looks like a wild Passion flower seed pod, but when opened it for sure is not... I've been looking online but I'm Stumped.. please help,

Outside United States Posted 13 days ago

Seabrook, Texas Spider

I am having a hard time identifying this spider and wondered if you could help me out. Thank you.

Harris County Texas Posted 14 days ago

Don't understand!

I'm reading a question posted by someone in Grant, FL which is my next door neighbor. He's just starting out like me. I need help & people to talk with yet when I try to go on your site it tells me there is no one to contact in Florida. Can you put my phone number out at least to the person in Grant? Thanks! John Reed 321-405-7662

Brevard County Florida Posted 16 days ago

Nature of "The Soil Web" Ingham

I plant a Fall & Winter cover crop of; mustard, kale, red clover and others.I am in the process of tilling these in at present.I till in very thoroughly which breaks down much of the green material.By April,here in South Carolina all material will be broken down for my Spring planting.
Listening to Dr Ingham; am I destroying the "Soil Web" with the through tilling?Have been doing this for many years and my soil normally needs nitrogen according to soil test. PS: Do aspirin, used as a foliar spray, cause tomatoes to boost their immune system to resist foliar disease?

Lexington County South Carolina Posted 17 days ago

Please identifty this spider

Could you please identify this spider. Black Widow?

Outside United States Posted 18 days ago

Server FAilure

The servers for IPMSARE will not let me view the material in any browser and says server error and asks us to contact you. I need this corrected because I do not need to get behind in my work please resolve this problem....

Burke County North Carolina Posted 25 days ago