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Identifying a tree

Around 2008 April I took the photos of this flower and tree in Visvabharati University in Shantiniketan in the West Bengal state of India. I could not identify the tree through my internet search. Could you identify it?

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 2 hours ago

Is this a fruit?

I have never seen this type of fruit before. I was walking in the Shandon neighborhood of Columbia, SC when the youngsters I was with pointed out this strange fruit on the ground. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the tree but you could tell it was an old tree about 10' high.

I'm attaching pictures of it whole first open and deeper opening of fruit.

Richland County SC Posted about 12 hours ago

Whats going on with these trees?


As you will see by the pictures I'm attaching there is an unusual "defect"? or something going on with these trees. This was located at Anne Springs Greenway up near Rock Hill. They were all the same type of tree and so tall too hard to identify leaves but they may have been similar to maple with sharp points. The "Girdle" I'll call it were only on trees about same size.

SC Posted about 12 hours ago

Question admission into MU for extension programme

I wish to know whether the university offer admission for post-doctoral programme in extension. I am a PhD holder from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, where I currently lecture. I however wish to have exposure to extension studies in US, with MU as my choice of university.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 3 days ago

Didn't get a response from county extension agent

I asked a question 4 days ago that I've received no response to regarding a willow oak I transplanted. Is anyone going to address my question or is my tax money just being wasted on this online black hole?

Morgan County AL no answer Posted 3 days ago

Asian giant hornets

Sorry if I'm disturbing you, but I just wanted to ask you some questions.
1. Is the Asian giant hornet's venom the strongest and deadliest compared to all the other bees?
2. Do the Asian giant hornets hate other bees?
3. What do the hornets do when they see an enemy?
4. Do people use the hornet's venom for something important?

Outside United States Posted 5 days ago

What are these tiny black bugs killing my maple tree?

Last summer I noticed our maple tree had a large section of bark coming loose and it appeared to be black underneath. I didn't look very closely and assumed maybe it was struck by lightening. Since then, the problem has worsened significantly. The black areas and loose or falling bark has spread 10ft or more up the side of the tree. Today I inspected the tree very closely and found lots of teeny tiny black bugs all over it. So far the only picture I can find online that looks like them is from your website from a person in Michigan asking about the same issue yesterday. Hoping to get some more info before these things kill my tree!

Rock Island County Illinois Posted 6 days ago


What is the best way to get rid of crickets eating my plants.

Hillsborough County Florida Posted 8 days ago

Mulberry tree has small branches clipped off.

Fruitless mulberry planted from pot last spring, 30 MM dia stalk, looks very healthy. All of the damage was done this morning i did not see the varmint! Applied "sticky foot" to the remaining branches???
Thanks for any info,

Robert Fusco, Alpine Ca

Just saw three very large shiny black bees orbiting the mulberry tree, they flew away as I approached them. Based on descriptions I observed they may be Carpenter Bees but I did not read anything about them clipping branches.

San Diego County California Posted 8 days ago

Spruce Tree Disease

Does anyone know what type of disease this is?

Outside United States Posted 12 days ago