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Unknown Spider in House

We found a spider in are house and have no clue what type it is.

Hunterdon County New Jersey Posted about 6 hours ago


What kind of spider is this and is it dangerous to humans or canines?

Richland County South Carolina Posted 1 day ago

Very large BUG

Found this bug July 18th. Looked like a HUGE crane fly on steroids. It was at least 4" across and about 4" long. About 1/2" around. The vacuum didn't want to suck it up, but it finally did. I have NEVER seen anything like it before.. What is it?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Enrollment Key?

How to you get an Enrollment Key for 2017-2018 Returning Volunteers Training

Sonoma County California Posted 7 days ago

Orange color moth/butterfly with false face and small transparent spots on wings?

Hey, i recently saw a orange color moth /butterfly with false face and small transparent spots in India's capital New Delhi. I want to know its name. I have attached images too! Check them out! It can be a new a species!

Outside United States Posted 7 days ago

Mystery bug investation

I have a small art studio exterior constructed of old barn wood and the interior walls are compressed wood board. In one corner of one window (windows do not open) collects what looks like tan dry lint - although not as dense. It grows everyday and if left alone falls onto my work table and eventually on the floor but always originates from this one spot. Nothing seems to get rid of it. I have tried roach spray, moth balls, termite spray and some of my paint supplies (mineral spirits and it comes back every day. It would be quite large if I didn't go to my studio for several days. I can't identify a bug in this stuff but might see something that looks like small transparent wings. Nothing is flying or crawling. no damage on the wall or outside or on the window. What is this and how on earth do I get rid of it.

Austin County Texas Posted 11 days ago

Re Moth Question

I am Ricky Bolick and I sent the question about two moths from the same cocoon. I took a couple pictures of the two moths holding onto the cocoon. Its on a regular camera but if your more interested in seeing them I will get them developed and sent to too you. I also have the cocoon they came from if you want too inspect it for evidence. If it would help prove something interesting for science I would be willing to meet with the scientist from Gastonia. That's about a 1 hour drive from my home. ncstats@charter.net Thanks.

Caldwell County North Carolina moth development Posted 11 days ago


Can you identify? Thanks! Albert

Kentucky snake identification nerodia sipedon northern watersnake Posted 17 days ago

What is this fungi called

Please can you help me identify this fungi

Outside United States Posted 23 days ago

weeping willow cherry tree

I purchased this tree at lowes on clearance it had dry branches and leaves,but the bark is green.Is this tree salvageable and what can I do to save it? Any information is helpful. Thanks

Baltimore Maryland trees and shrubs trees Posted 24 days ago