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Alone on the Lake

We have what I believe is a lone Canadian Goose on our lakefront property. He has been here about 6 weeks left behind from a flock that passed through. He doesn't appear to be able to fly. It is really sad to watch him. My question is whether or not I should feed him.?. Or is there someone in our area that would rescue him? Thank you!

Smith County TX Posted about 5 hours ago


Hi, I never got an answer to my question about "bondocho", submitted a couple of weeks ago... If no one in Texas has a clue what this plant is, that's OK, but I would like to know one way or the other.

I'm in Virginia, but I'm putting my location as Texas because someone in Texas needs to answer it.

Thanks-- HBeeler

TX Posted 5 days ago

I believe I'm being poisoned

I have diareah, fatigue, nasseua, dizzyness, bumps on tongue, red rash, previously my joints swelled and enven blistered and popped on my toes. I know too much and person has tried to kill me in past. Cindy Lay 657-273-1052

Orange County CA Posted 7 days ago

Farmland Rents

Are farmland rent prices usually shown by month or year or what?

Travis County TX Posted 8 days ago

Webinar CEUs

Good Evening, I am a Certified Child Life Specialist looking to gain more insight and development, especially through different resources. Do you have any webinars/webcasts or online presentations that you offer CEU/PDUs for? Live workshops? Thank you Kindly.

Miami-Dade County FL Posted 8 days ago

Type of moth/butterfly?

They are flying around a particular set of bushes on the church grounds.
We have a lot of different plants and are an official "Wildlife Habitat."
Are they beneficial or pests?
Thank you for your time.

DuPage County Illinois insect identification Posted 9 days ago

Holly bush with sparse leaves

I have a holly bush beside my house which has done very well for the past 22 years. The last 2 or three years there have been lots of berries but the leaves seem to be becoming very sparse very quickly. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am uploading some pictures. HELP..It used to be beautiful.

Outside United States Posted 9 days ago

Can you help me id this spider please?

Found this spider at night in gravel parking lot.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 12 days ago

Call for advice..

Hi, please could you email me and I'll give you my contact number we we could talk over the phone..
I really need some advice as too what to do next now. I have nothing left to do any more. Thank leon

Outside United States Posted 12 days ago

A bird from New Zealand, south island

Can anyone tell me what this bird is? It looks black but with camera exposure,it has different colors. It has followed me around for weeks, and the last 2 pics I spoke to it from 3 feet away and appeared to be listening. It is a wild bird and quite big
I can send 2 more photos but you allow only three

Outside United States Posted 17 days ago