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Speaker for garden club Jan 16

Candleridge Garden club needs a speaker for our 7pm meeting. Subject: wildlife certification of our yards- how do we qualify

Tarrant County TX Posted 8 days ago

CE credit

Hello! I watched the webinar Have a Seat! Learning Through Play, and I would like to do then post test to get credit and a certificate. I am having trouble getting to the links do do that. Thank you! Ellen Martinez, M.Ed., ITFS

Union County NC Posted about 1 month ago

Is this quartz?

I found in riverbank

OUTSIDEUS Posted about 1 month ago

What rock is it?

I found your website online and it sounds like someone can help me identify a rock I have. It's purple, semi see through, attached are pictures.
Thank you,

DuPage County IL Posted about 1 month ago

I am A VA employee RN Caregiver Support Coordinator/ Former Army Public Health Nurse Retired

Is the VA Computer system associated with your Extension Learning. I have a VA .gov extention e mail. Is there a fire wall protection syste.

Anchorage AK Posted about 1 month ago

What spider is this? It bit my dad on the face

I wanted to know what spider is this , the image isn't very clear but he went to the doctors and we want to know what the name is. His face got swollen very quickly and had an immediate fever , this was during the time he was cutting down trees at his work.
I hope you all can help us out , thank you

Orange County California spiders spider identification Posted 2 months ago

Cactus disease (or not?)

Hi, at thw two photos I am sending you can see the problem of my cactus. Its been like that 2-3 years. Is there something I can do? Thanks a lot anyway.

Outside United States cactus Posted 2 months ago


I opened a package of nuts took a hanfddfull bit down and it felt like ichewed a rock with cracked tooth I pull out walnut meat that is hard as a rock looks like walnut shell but it's like the meat what is it

California nuts walnuts Posted 3 months ago

resources for care givers in my area?

I have a child with SPD, and has an IEP in San Marcos school district. I'd like a nanny for him after school. one who has worked with kids like mine. any resources or programs i should know about? thanks!

San Diego County California Posted 3 months ago

I uploaded the question below

I uploaded the question below

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago