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What kind of moth is this?

We found this unusual looking, very large moth resting on our new siding outside our front door this am. It looks like it has a body of a spider with wings. Any ideas what it could be? The wing span is 4” wide.

King County Washington Posted about 6 hours ago

Washroom wall fly or moth?

An expert birder and butterfly photographer suggested to me that it can't be a moth since it only has one pair of wings!
This insect is frequently seen on washroom walls of both outdoor privy's and indoor washrooms!
I just assumed it was a fly until I took these photos and heavily cropped one!
I have posted this on my Flickr.com site: James Roderick McGillawee
Will appreciate your answer at your convenience, Thanx!!!

Outside United States insect identification drain flies Posted 10 days ago

Two Questions

I have two questions about the AAE site:

1). What is meant by the "handling rate" and how is it determined?

2). When I respond to a question posed to me, I am having difficulty in putting an image (JPG) into my response. Is this possible and if so, how exactly do I do this?

St. Louis County Minnesota Posted 18 days ago

What is this growing in my grass?

With all of this rain, our grass is growing faster and this has popped up. What is it and how can I treat it?

Greenville County South Carolina Posted 19 days ago

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Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

How the plants grow the naturally, procedure may be explained ?

Sir, your given information tells me and updated. Thanks with regards.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

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Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Unique question about woodpecker habits

Over the last 20 years my house has been damaged by woodpeckers on all four sides. The damage results in fist-sized holes one after another in a line below my gutters which are directly attached to 7-inch wood molding and the fascia board . This time I am hoping I will put an end to any future damage by replacing my gutters entirely. I am having the fascia board completely covered in metal flashing and have purchased a much larger gutter to cover the area that was once wood molding. In other words, when a woodpecker stands on my gutters they should only have contact with metal and no wood. Now, I heard that woodpeckers are creatures of habit. My question is, will they continue to try to peck on my new metal gutters once they are installed? If so, what can I do to effectively deter them so that they don't make dents in my new gutters? After all this extraordinary expense I don't want to have to look at dented gutters for the rest of my life! Thanks in advance.

Contra Costa County California Posted about 1 month ago

re: Lawn Problem

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am attaching additional pictures as requested. The second one shows the plant growing in a side yard which has no St. Augustine grass- perhaps that will best show you what the plant looks like without having to try to distinguish it from the grass. If you have any difficulty opening the attachments (saved in photo viewer), or if you need additional information, please let me know. Thank you again, ken stegall

Montgomery County Texas Posted 2 months ago

New indoor potato plants have yellowing shriveling leaves

I have 2 potato plants grown from store bought potatoes. They are about 5 weeks from initially sprouting and have numerous stalks. One is around 42" tall, the other 34". A bunch of the leaves have been turning yellow, getting dark brown/black areas at the edges, shriveling and falling off. Can you tell me what could be wrong and what I can do to fix it? Thanks also, if this helps, I potted both up to larger pots, about 10 to 12" wide, and kept them watered but not excessively so I don't get root rot. They get sunlight all day, but from a North facing side window and the room temp is between 64 to 68 degrees. Hopefully that's enough info. Thanks again

Cook County Illinois Posted 2 months ago