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usually when weeds grow, there's more than one......this is growing by itself

please advise

thank you
have a good day!


Milwaukee County Wisconsin Posted 2 days ago

Bug identification

Can you tell me what this tiny bug is?

Scott County Kentucky Posted 3 days ago

Birch chips

Can I mulch blueberry bushes with birch chips?

Spokane County Washington blueberries mulch fruits and berries Posted 4 days ago

pinto beans turn to mushy

why did my pinto beans go to mushy after presure canning them for 90 minutes?

Hancock County Indiana home food preservation Posted 5 days ago

Registeration for non extension

A gentleman I work with would like to view waste to worth discussions How do we get him registeration

Kansas Posted 7 days ago


I can't figure out how to register to ask questions.

La Salle Parish Louisiana Posted 10 days ago

How do crops become herbicide resistant

Hello. I have been trying to find information on the internet that specifies the scientific process involved in making crops (not weeds) herbicide resistant. Eg, what does a GE company do to the corn plant to make it resistant?

Can't find exact info anywhere.

Thank you

Sarah Benson

California genetic engineering genetically modified crops Posted 13 days ago

Hello. I am a B.SC animal husbandry.and what kind of job can i get -with the poultry industry? pleas

Pleas help me.and if your impassible for me to send in variation that to meet your.

Outside United States Posted 15 days ago

Varieties not listed

I am growing varieties that are not listed as an option. How do I add more varieties to the listing?

Berkeley County South Carolina Posted 24 days ago

Alberta spider

Hi, my daughter came and told me about this little guy on her slide in central Alberta. Wondering if I should be worried? I've never seen this kind of spider and I've only been living here for a short time now! Thanks Dan

Outside United States Posted 25 days ago