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Drain field depth

I have a drain field I wish to cover with K9 artificial turf used as a dog run, the installers say they need to dig down two inches and remove the existing material and replace it with a material that wick away moisture and is packed to about 95 %, is that a problem? How deep are the lines normally?

Arizona Posted 4 months ago

goof plugs

I just moved into a 20 year old house in Phoenix. They apparently had plants that have been removed, and put goof plugs on the drip line ends. The ends that were left, however, are about 18 inches long, and look awful. There are about 30 of them on the property. Neighbors also have some capped lines that appear to have similarly long dead lines sticking up. Is there a reason why I should leave these lines out, or can I safely cut them off just above ground, so I can find the line if I need to, but eliminate the eyesore?

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 7 months ago

Big Leaf Maple decline & injectable fertilizer

Hello! I have a big leaf maple gorgeous tree, but it has some decline. I believe it is 60ish years old, about 70-80' tall, 10' in diameter at chest height. One large branch of the crown has died and the crown itself is thinner and less robust than other trees in the area. I've had two arborists come out, one wanted to cut down the dead crown and suggested soaker hose watering during drought weeks. The other would remove the dead section AND cut the crown back 1/3 AND inject fertilizer (24) directly into the trunk. In googling this and in looking on forums I have not found good info about the efficacy of injectables. I am concerned about drilling 24 holes in an already stressed tree, seems like an easy access point for damaging bacteria/virus/fungus. Can you point me to any research or resources or advice? Thanks! Adria

Arizona Posted over 2 years ago

What is this

Send me a email and I will send pic

Maricopa County Arizona Posted over 2 years ago

Ficus roots

The property I care for has a Ficus tree whose roots are heaving a sidewalk. The base of the tree is about 8' from the sidewalk. If I remove the sidewalk and cut out the infringing roots, will I damage the tree? Are there other options?



Maricopa County Arizona Posted over 3 years ago

water storage

I have several 55 gallon food grade barrels full of water. They are stored outside on wooden pallets. My concern is they are exposed to the sun year around. Will the water be ok for drinking over the long storage time

Maricopa County Arizona drinking water Posted almost 4 years ago

Impact of water softener on mesquite tree

I have a water softening system with all water and discharge going into a septic tank/field near a very large old mesquite tree. What are are impacts of using NaCl versus KCl for salt use in my softener?

Basically, I am wondering if potassium chloride is less harmful (re: endangering the tree) than sodium chloride, such that the more-than-double cost of KCl is justified. I am a one-person household with relatively low water use overall.

Santa Cruz County Arizona Posted almost 4 years ago

Please identify

perrenial vine, planted from seed. Leaves, opposite, flowers, white, tubular, 3/4 inch.

Cochise County Arizona plant identification vines perennials Posted over 4 years ago

Sprinkler/Irrigation box flooded

So today I went outside and turned on the valve that turns on the drip irrigation for out front yard and backyard manually, since the irrigation controller was not working. I came back and the box/cylinder was flooded with water. This never happened before so I'm quite surprised. I was able to turn it off but what should I do next? Sorry if the photos are blurry/dark.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted over 4 years ago

Plant Name

What is the name of the plant associated with this leaf it grows into a tall shrub with flowers it grows from a root

Maricopa County Arizona plant identification Posted almost 5 years ago