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What is this berry?

Hello. I found these berries at Pine Bush Preserve in Albany. They’re growing close to to ground like strawberries. I haven’t been able to identify them, any ideas? Thanks.

Albany County New York Posted about 5 hours ago

Stung like a bee

What is this? It felt like a bee sting that lasted really painful for 45 minutes. Sensation eased up but lasted a few hours. Got swelling with red hole in middle

Orange County New York Posted 1 day ago

sap on plums

I have a new plum tree. There are 4 plums on the tree. There seems to be some sap coming from the plums and not the tree. Do I have to worry?

Suffolk County New York Posted 1 day ago

Hard spongy white mold

Hi, last year they removed a dead tree on my sidewalk. This year, now June, I started to notice this white mold forming from the dead tree stomp to the grass. Any idea how to get rid of this?

New York County New York Posted 2 days ago

How to amend soil round Skip Laurel, yellowing and browning

My skip laurel was transplanted in early spring and was very happy, all flowering. The leaves at the base have been yellowing (lots of rain in June) and now the underneath leaves are crinkly brown (not much rain last week). Some branches are just wilting. I can't tell if I'm overwatering or under-watering. In one spot around shrub the water pools (first picture) but is absorbed within five minutes; elsewhere it is absorbed right away. I know these want well-drained soil. The soil doesn't feel dry or wet, and it's very hot out. Some areas might be clay-ish. How can I save this? Peat moss? More acid in soil? (Tends toward alkaline) Compost? Should I prune off dead branches? Am I overwatering or under?

New York County New York Posted 2 days ago

White fungus on a maple tree

There is white fungus growing on my tree and slowly expanding. I also noticed that there are less leaves growing on my tree this year, and some branches are drying out. Is that fungus causing the problem? Can my tree be saved?

New York Posted 2 days ago

What’s this on my emerald green arborvitae

Please look at the pictures and tell me if this is something I should remove from my little tree. I purchased 10 of these trees and kept them in their container for over a month. I water them regularly and I’ve started planting them. None of the others have this thing. And in general all of them look healthy

New York Posted 2 days ago

vine with small purple flowers

Hi, this vine is growing on and around a large bush in my garden. I wondered what type of vine it is. It has small purple flowers with yellow centers. Thanks so much for your help!

Niagara County New York Posted 2 days ago

Lilac New Growth or Disease?

We've noticed that one of our lilac's has what appears to be dying branches. On those branches also appears to be new growth or disease but we don't know which. The leaves on this growth seem to be malformed.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Genesee County New York Posted 2 days ago

Widely split Hawthorne trunk

My Hawthorne started splitting 6 years ago. It is continuing to the of 3 parts in opposite directions with a gap of at least one foot between each of them. Some have holes that I can see through, and the splitting going higher and higher each year.

Should this tree be taken down as soon as possible or will it survive for another 5 years? I live in Ottawa Ontario. Winter is getting warmer and snow isn't all melted until mid April.

New York Posted 3 days ago