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I planted a miss Kim 21/2 years ago. The leaves on the bush are small as...

I planted a miss Kim 21/2 years ago. The leaves on the bush are small as compared to the leaves on the bottom. The bushes is now dying .Do I need to remove the larger leaves?

Suffolk County New York Posted about 10 hours ago

The leaves of the beech are scarce, I am worried that the tree will die

The leaves of the beech are scarce, and the leaves are reddish and yellowish. The whole tree has no vitality and feels very weak. I am worried that the tree will die. Three trees were planted together. This one is very different from the other two trees. I don’t know how to improve the condition of this tree.

New York Posted 1 day ago

Spots on leaves of Autumn Blaze Maple. Young tree. 3 inch circumference at base. 5ft tall

I noticed a couple weeks ago that the green leaves were starting to do this as shown in the picture and it is currently the very end of September here in New York. Just wondering what this is. Hoping my young tree is ok. Thank you

Orange County New York Posted 1 day ago

Identiy of this Warbler. Thank you!

Hi Folks. Can you give me your opinion regarding the identity of this warbler. Is it a Connecticut warber. I photographed it in Twin Lakes Park in Eastchester, NY on 9/21/20. Thank you so much.

Westchester County New York Posted 2 days ago

Pine tree disease?

What is the name of the white fungus-like stuff on the lower branches of my pine trees?

Cortland County New York Posted 2 days ago

Blueberry plant with shade in fall/winter/spring, but sunlight in summer

I understand that blueberry plants need full (or mostly full) sun, but what about a location right next to an (opaque) fence on the southern side such that during the summer -- when the sun is more directly overhead -- there is full sun, but in the fall/winter/spring -- when the sun is lower in the sky -- there is shade?

Nassau County New York full sun growing blueberries Posted 3 days ago

Tomato hornworm rearing

Hi can anyone help I'm looking into rearing the tomato hornworm. I have 3 bearded dragons to feed them to plus I have a cricket business I can sell them through. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Bugz-R-us Linda M Hargett

Cayuga County New York Posted 6 days ago

Which charcoal to use

As noted in the article below

it is suggested that the tree well be filled with a mixture of charcoal and sand. What type of charcoal is appropriate? Horicultural? Activated? Lump?

New York County New York Posted 6 days ago

Waxy substance on ficus leaves

I have a waxy substance on the undersides of a 25-year-old ficus tree. It has been in the same window for seven years. Have never had a problem. It does not go outdoors in the summer. I would hate to lose it. I’ve tried an organic insecticidal soap. I have read online where someone else tried neem oil with no results. Any suggestions?

Monroe County New York wax scale ficus tree Posted 7 days ago

Pinocchio northern New York chlorosis

15 year old Pin Oak, In rough shape suspect chlorosis. Has all the symptoms. Is there anything we can do immediately this fall to help it through the winter?

Ontario County New York Posted 7 days ago