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Tall Fescue or KBG

Is this a KBG or Tall fescue type of grass?

Monroe County NY Posted 6 days ago

What bug is this?

Hello - recently found this in a sticky trap in my closet. I had a bedbug issue recently and I’m scared this is one. Is the picture good enough for anyone to identify?

Queens County NY insect identification Posted 9 days ago

Hydroponic Cucumbers


Im growing hydroponic cucumbers for the first time and I'm having trouble diagnosing what's wrong. These are from seeds (Spacemaster 80) and they germinated approx first week of October. They started out very well but took like 3 weeks to start growing up. They created large dark leaves and I recently pruned them as all of the flowers were hidden down below and there was some dying leaves turning dry/brittle in places as I don't think they were getting any light. Ive had some leaves with yellow spots and as they grew taller I've seen that most of them including the new ones have yellowing around the edges. I'm using a base hydroponics nutrient solution from Hydroponics Research called Veg+Bloom (RO/Soft). I started growing in their Hard/Tap formulation but changed that out once I got an EC meter and found out my tap water was well below 200ppm. I also added 5ml of Cal/Mag per gallon. My EC is around 2.0 and my pH is about 6.3. I'm using a Chinese knock off light which is supposed to be a "600W" LED. It's hanging about 33" from the base of the plant and cannot go any higher. I have air movement but not direct air. The temp in my room is about 70-75F and not sure of my relative humidity. The leaves feel thin and rough and have a crisp to them I'm not sure if that's normal. Pictures of my setup and some problem leaves attached. Leaves are also cupping down (too much light?). Also something odd is a lot of the leaves have spots where holes are but not sure if that's from me handling them. I also sprayed a foliar cal/mag spray a few days ago but not sure that helped any. I have more pictures if needed. Thanks for the help!

New York County NY hydroponics nutrients Posted 19 days ago

Weird down like feathers in my home

I’m hoping somebody can help me identify what insect is creating lots of skinny down feathers in my apartment. I keep on cleaning under my couch and bed weekly. I keep seeing down like feathers white. Only difference is they are skinny. I spoke to exterminators and they don’t know what could be causing these excessive dust balls and feather. Thank you for your help. Desperate in nyc

New York County NY Posted 24 days ago

Annabelle Hydrangeas

Hi, I live in Buffalo NY and our winters can be very harsh. I came across your site and advise on cutting down Annabelle’s in the late winter early spring instead of fall. My problem is that I have beautiful Annabelle bushes throughout my property they are 5 to 6 years old but now they are just growing to tall and the flower heads are to big and brake after a rainfall. How can I achieve smaller more compact shrubs with smaller flower heads? Need your advise...please help! Thanks Irene

Niagara County NY Posted 24 days ago

Cactus Help

We inherited theses two cactuses and we were wondering if they are dying or what is going on with them? We need to replant but not sure how to as well? Any advice on saving these two? It is NOT soft at the bottom just discolored I both. We have had for about 8-10 months and have no water as we were instructed. Estimated 50 years old. We live in upstate New York so they will live indoors.

Onondaga County New York cacti Posted 26 days ago

tiny black bug found in bed that bites

hi there! i’ve recently been getting bit by something in my bed and on my couch. it doesn’t bite often (maybe once a week) but when it does its bites are pretty itchy, but the itch lasts for only about a day, but leaves a mark for at least 2 weeks. please help me identify what it is. thank you so much!

New York County New York Posted 29 days ago

Peruvian lilies--not enough space for a window and are getting very straggly. Can I cut them?

I looked at other responses but don't have the right temp to cut off the foliage and keep them dormant. It's gotten so straggly and the pot's too big for my window. They are growing across the back of my club chair and looking unhappy. Can I cut them back or will that kill them?

Rensselaer County New York peruvian lilies Posted about 1 month ago

Zelkova problem

The town in which we reside had a Zelkova tree planted in our front yard near the road last fall. It had nice orange color, then dropped leaves for the Rochester NY winter. In the spring, we noticed that only the very top of the tree leafed out, leaving the rest of the lower branches bare. It's mid-November now and the leaves are still mostly green..some dark red..not dropped yet. Bark looks healthy and have not spotted any bugs....just not thriving. It is near to where snow piles up from road plows. Hoping it just had a rough start as a sappling and we'll see a better showing next spring! Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Monroe County New York Posted about 1 month ago

What's this bug

I work at Jamestown Community College in Bui;dings and Grounds and we'd like to know what this bug is.

Chautauqua County New York Posted about 1 month ago