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House pest!

Hello, can you guys tell me what this bus is, i am kind of freaking out as it appeared in my appartment last week and i found 4 dead next to my window.

New York Posted 11 days ago

Tiny flying insect

I have tiny flying insects in the house. One or two a day and they are attracted to electronic device screens. I have attached a photo for your review. Looking for ways to locate and remove them. Thanks.

Livingston County New York Posted 14 days ago

Rose bushes roots/ useful?

I do not know what kind of roses were surrounding my entire yard but when I purchased the home I tried to remove them. Useless. Can I use them to graft fruit? Berries? Anything but roses?

New York roses Posted 20 days ago

Wasp identification

I was stung by a wasp from the hive shown in the attached photo, and had an allergic reaction. Therefore I am keen to identify the species. The photo is not very good because I was afraid to approach too closely, but hopefully there is sufficient detail for this purpose.

New York Posted 22 days ago

Bumblebees in house in winter

I have found 4 large bumblebees in my house in the last week. It is mid winter here in the Niagara Region and -20 C outside. They are sluggish and I believe coming out of my Xmas cactus that spend the summer outside in my gardens. Would they nest in 10 inch plant pots and be waking up now? I have been moving cactus in and out during seasons for 30 years without this happening.

Niagara County New York Posted 26 days ago

What kind of rock is this?

Found this rock, thought it looked pretty neat, weighs about the pics it's still a little wet from cleaning it

Tioga County New York rocks and minerals rock identification Posted 29 days ago

My beautiful plants that I have had for 4 or 5 years are trying a funny...

My beautiful plants that I have had for 4 or 5 years are trying a funny color. I haven’t changed their location. They are inside in a room that gets a lot of natural light. The soil is moist, but not super wet. Please Help!

Dutchess County New York indoor plants Posted 29 days ago

out of control rubosa roses

Can I brush hog my rubosa roses down to 6- 12 inches?

Bronx County New York roses Posted about 1 month ago


I have found small white dropping’s (similar to rice) on my front porch. In the last three weeks my dog has started growling & barking at night., occasionally. Any body have any suggestions?

Orange County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Bugs outside my house

I previously ask this question but sadly the pictures I had taken weren't really good, so a few weeks ago I came home and found this insects all over the frames outside the house , they jumped when we sprayed them and after that day we hadn't see them, until today they came back, again , it seems they come out when it rains, and is soo many of them, any idea of what could this be? Thank you so much your help.

New York County New York Posted about 1 month ago