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Russian Hollyhock

I have started the perennial Russian Hollyhocks from seed. Transplanted out

and leaves are extending outwardly in growth habit but no sign of vertical

growth coming. Will they shoot up eventually?

Fulton County New York Posted 1 minute ago


I have asparagus in a raised bed. Currently in its 4th year. Grew well last year,

and didn't over pick it. This year I am getting very few, slow stalks. Is it

possibly soil not warm enough?

Fulton County New York Posted 3 minutes ago

native vine

Looking for a fast growing native vine to shade house for summer on south side and disappear in the winter (or can cut down and not kill plant).

Broome County New York Posted about 1 hour ago

Candy Crush Phlox not blooming

We purchased two candy crush phlox because the tag said they bloom all summer. The plants are healthy and continue to grow nice green leaves but no flowers! I fed them with some plant food when we planted them and continue to feed them every Friday with "Beat your neighbor" which is helping all my other plants except these. We planted them between dwarf pine trees looking for some color between the trees but so far nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you

Monroe County New York Posted about 4 hours ago

Dawn Redwood’s odd shape

Hi. We planted 3 Dawn Redwoods about 8 years ago. The bottom branches have taken off and outcompete the central trunk, so the trees don’t have the perfect conical shape we expected. We thought they would self correct but they have not, and they are starting to get big. Please suggest how to trim them. Thank you

Ulster County New York Posted about 18 hours ago

Is this horse weed?

Can you help identify this plant that is springing up in my flower beds. I think it's horse weed, yet it appears to branch.

Suffolk County New York Posted 1 day ago

White fungus on oak

This oak in my yard has suddenly had a lot of white fungus growing in a crack up the trunk. Any idea what it might be and do I need to do something to treat it?

Dutchess County New York Posted 1 day ago

What are flea-sized brown bugs with a shell that only crawl

I've lived here for almost twenty years. This is the first time my upstairs bathroom is infested with swarms of flea-sized, brown, beetle-like bugs that only crawl - no flying or jumping. What are they? What causes them? And how do I get rid of them?

Tompkins County New York Posted 4 days ago

Same problem.

I have the same problem with my knockout rose bush. Can I cut it back?

Suffolk County New York roses Posted 4 days ago

Is this partially smashed spider poisonous?

I just killed this spider in my home in Queens, NY. Was it a dangerous one?
I can retake the picture in the morning with better lighting if you think it will help.
Thank you.

Queens County New York Posted 4 days ago