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Maple identification

I think this is some kind of maple, but I can't find a leaf like this in on-line i.d. pictures.
Image may contain plant and nature

Westchester County New York tree identification sweetgums Posted 7 days ago

Insect cocoon on wood

I found these nests adhered to my lumber in my barn. What insect do they belong too and are they the wood borers I’ve had trouble with?

Orleans County New York Posted 8 days ago

Browning needles on a large Norway Spruce

Hi. I have a couple of very large and probably very old Norway Spruces in my backyard. They are probably about 60 feet tall. One is fine. The other developed a wide-spread appearance of brown needles this year about a month ago. As you know, we've experienced a drought this year and I thought it may be a result of the drought. Another thought that occurred was that the roots may have been damaged by geothermal wells drilled about 4 1/2 years ago. There have been years when a few needles turned brown but never to this extent. Thanks.

Seneca County New York Posted 9 days ago

Maple tree root rot?

Hi. I have a 70 year old Norway maple tree next to the street that i believe is showing root rot - confirmed armillia gallica mushrooms around base of tree, some dark spots on bark, smaller leaves on top and a thinning canopy. Also, worrisomly, some roots around the base in the lawn have dried out and pull up and out from the ground easily. Can you confirm this is root rot? If so, can i wait until next spring to remove it? Timeline?

Westchester County New York Posted 18 days ago

Small, Slender reddish brownish Bugs

I keep finding these bugs on my wood floors in my apartment. Once I found three in my dirty clothes in my hamper. I'm not sure what they are. They don't look like bed bugs and my mattress is clear of bugs and I have no bites. But Im dying to know what they are so I can help get rid of them. I don't seen them often but it's a few times enough to be concerned.

Bronx County New York Posted 25 days ago

What is this super tiny bug I keep seeing around the house?

Please let me know what type of bug this is, as they are everywhere!

New York Posted 26 days ago

Wild grapevine

Will it kill the trees?? How to get rid of it??

Erie County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Small black bugs on window

I have recently noticed these black bugs in my windows. They hangout on the screens for the most part. They are very slow moving and don’t appear to fly or scatter when I open the window. I notice that they tend to jump instead of fly. when I hit the screen they usually just fall to the sill when I do. Some of the braver ones like to jump! Does anyone have any idea what these are and how I can get rid of them!?

Nassau County New York Posted about 1 month ago

fungal fly problem

What's the best way to eliminate my fungal fly problem. I have put sticky strips in some of my plants. Put new soil in the ones with the most flies around them. Put out dishes of apple cider vinegar. It just got really noticeable the past 2 days.
Thank you,

Dutchess County New York Posted about 1 month ago

What is this little guy

Just foun it wanna know of i can protect it or get rid of it

Wayne County New York Posted about 1 month ago