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I planted Rhodoendra this spring and the leaves are all brown. Can it be saved??? Also, we have snowy winters, does it need to be covered. When is the best time to transplant them?

Ontario County NY Posted about 18 hours ago

What is this bug?

I see this bug around my Manhattan apartment. It is small, slow, doesn’t fly, and has a vertical brown line down its back. Seems to like water as I mainly see it in the bathroom, which gets very wet. Do you know what it is and how to get rid of them? Thanks.

New York County NY Posted 2 days ago

Is my Japanese Red Maple dying?

I moved into my house in June and the tree was full of leaves and red and full. Now leaves are starting to fall off and have white spots on them. The back of it is also green. Is there anything I can do to save this tree? I love it.

New York County NY Posted 9 days ago

Poison Ivy

Recently while out house hunting, I found a terrific house in a wooded area but a friend that came with me warned me away because he said that the ground cover which was everywhere in the surrounding woods was nothing but poison Ivy. It has been decades since I've seen any so I couldn't argue. I took some pictures of it and on further study of the photos, I remain unconvinced. I read your previous posts on the subject about what to look for so off the top of my head, I can't say definitively if the leaves were alternately placed on the stems. Could it be I am seeing a mix? I'm hoping that in one of these pictures there is something that you can use to help identify it. My friends also indicated that beyond bulldozing the entire 3 acre woodlot and those of the neighbours, there is no safe way to get rid of it. Is he right?

St. Lawrence County NY plant identification Posted 9 days ago

watering and weed killing without killing birds

hi - 2 questions:
1-how many times per week do you recommend watering lawns in spring then summer then fall ?
2- i have alot of weeds mixed in with my grass all over my prooerty -what is best product to kill all the weeds without killing the grass and birds ? thanks

Nassau County NY Posted 10 days ago

Is this Spider dangerous?

Saw this crawling on top of my bag in a hotel room in London. Hotel room is in lower ground floor and has a window leading to a sort of storage area (like a garage) with loads of couches and old stored wood and other things.

Very concerned this could be a brown recluse. I know picture quality is quite bad, but can you tell anything from it? Is this dangerous?

New York Posted 12 days ago

root system

how deep is the root system for box elders

St. Lawrence County New York Posted 13 days ago

What kind of spider is this

I've uploaded these pics to different apps that are supposed to identify spiders but they all tell me no spider found in the pic. I am very curious to know what kind of spider this is and if its poisonous or dangerous to us in anyway. Thank you.

New York Posted 13 days ago

Blue spruce

Blue spruce lost a lot of needles, however there is new growth on some branches& coming out of the trunk. Tree must be someone ok ,,I guess what do you think a

New York Posted 14 days ago

Yellow jackets/wasps

I’m allergic to bee and wasp stings. Tonight, I had a close encounter with a very large and noisy wasp. I panicked and ran for bug spray (heavy foam wasp type). I wish I had gotten a picture first. Black body. Bright yellow stripes. Main body 2/3 of overall size head portion 1/3. Overall length overall 2-3 inches! I have never seen such a large and angry wasp. After sunset and a cool night, it was doing its best to battle the fixture of my porch light. Perhaps the warmth was what it needed. My research on line describe a yellow jacket queen to be orange in color. This one was not. I had been using a riding mower a few hours before. My lot of 8 acres is natural trees/bushes. I am currently trying to add to the conquered yard space a few feet by cutting back veg and draging out downed trees so I may have messed with it’s environment. Any guess what this was??? Can’t find the body.

Erie County New York Posted 16 days ago