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New growth from a cat palm bought but doesn’t look like a cat palm

We bought a cat palm from Wegmans and it’s doing okay. There is a new sprout that doesn’t look like the cat palms other new growth. I don’t know what it is or what to do with it! It is a green curled spike with bumps. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Monroe County New York Posted about 13 hours ago

Initial pruning of bare root ribes and soil temp during planting

What is the best way to prune bare root Currants and Gooseberries during initial panting? Does the soil Temp need to bee at least 50 degrees to plant?

Allegany County New York Posted 2 days ago

Best Time to Plant bare root currants and gooseberries

Is it ok to plant bare-root currants and gooseberries in late April in zone 5 Western NY?

New York County New York Posted 2 days ago

Monkshood Perennial

I have had a monkshood plant in my flower garden for two years now. I have decided I wanted a vegetable garden in this spot instead. I removed all the monkshood out of garden. It came out very easy. Is my soil safe for vegetables now???

Erie County New York monkshood toxicity Posted 4 days ago

Lichen in crabapple tree

Lichen all over crabapple tree, some dead limbs. Should I try to remove lichen? Is lichen killing tree?

Ulster County New York lichens Posted 4 days ago

Crabgrass prevention

My I aerate my lawn prior to applying a crabgrass preemergence?

Monroe County New York lawn aeration Posted 6 days ago

Small holes in pine tree trunk

I have hundreds of these holes in my pine tree. (All the way up the trunk).What is it caused by? How can I control it? Will it affect the integrity and strength of this tree? It is right near my house.

Suffolk County New York Posted 7 days ago

Frost Dates

What is typical last frost date in winter and earliest frost date in the fall for Brooklyn?

Bronx County New York frost free date Posted 7 days ago

Gants maybe?

Hello! For three days i am seeng dead tiniest insects bellow my ficus benjamina and after cleaning they reappear. Can you help me to find out what kind of an insect is it and how to treat it. Thank you!

New York County New York Posted 10 days ago

Tiny black bugs

We were by one of our favorite trees yesterday and saw it covered in these bugs. Are they harmful to the tree? And if so what can we do to save our tree.

Chautauqua County New York Posted 10 days ago