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Spring Time flying visitors

For years I have had these bugs in my window sills and around the rooms of my East facing bedroom window and my West facing living room window. I have noticed that they are attracted to light and end up dead in my ceiling light fixture in my bedroom. In the past it has been controllable with a few visitors. However, this year there has been a bombardment of these bugs everyday since late March 2019. They are even brasson enough to land on my comforter and on me as I sit in bed. My dog with white fur has also had them land on her. How can I get rid of these bugs? Where have they originated from and what are they? My neighborhood has been settled by people from the Middle East and Asia if this is helpful.

Queens County New York Posted about 4 hours ago


I’m so confused about pruning them.....I have little lime, strawberry ....endless summer....oak leaf ?... I need info on them. when is early spring....can I still prune my lime now! Is this still early spring! Please help!

Putnam County New York pruning hydrangeas Posted 10 days ago

Cutting back hydrangea bush in April

I did not cut back any of the limbs before winter and thought I should do it now before warmer weather. But when I cut back a few I see they are alive and green. Whereas all the other older (previously) cut back limbs are brown inside. The "live" limbs are 3 to 4 feet long.

New York hydrangeas Posted 19 days ago

Dawn Redwood branches peeling bark and brown powdery coating

I have a Dawn Rewood tree about 10 years old and 20 ft high. The lowest branches (up to 3' on the trunk) are disfigured by peeling bark and a brown powdery substance. Although the branches are still alive they also seem to be stunted and as they do not grow as vigorously as branches higher on the tree. All the branches above that 3 foot space appear normal. I've attached some photos of a lower branch and a more normal looking higher branch. The disfigured branches, as you will see, bud just as well as the higher branches. Apparently whatever is going on is not affecting the tree's overall growth. I am curious to know, though, if this is a disease of is it something that is not unusual for Dawn Redwoods. I have seen the same thing on a Dawn Redwood in a local park.
Thank you,
Terry Lyle

Chautauqua County New York Posted 23 days ago

Sweet Cheery trees dying off

Hello. I have 3 sweet cherry trees I planted about 10 years ago. A Kristin, a yellow variety and a red variety I can not remember. All three died as soon as they started to bear fruit. The best growing one of the bunch was tall. leafy and during the second year of fruit bearing (5 years old), the center of the tree seemed to die off and lose leaves. By the end of September, it was dried out. I did not cut it down, and the following spring, new shoots came out of the bottom, above the graft. A lot of them. I let the three biggest ones fight it out and finally had on growing straight up I now have a 4 foot whip growing out of a 16 foot dead tree. The next one is doing the same thing, and the third, the bark cracked off the tree half way around vertically at the bottom and up 18 inches. The center is dying out and lost it's leaves toward the end of last summer. I know it's hard without seeing it, but does anyone have any ideas on this? I have a southern facing slope, heavy soil, no standing water and it is somewhat protected. The trees get full sunlight from sunrise to 2 hours before sunset. They are in Treadwell NY 13846.


Delaware County New York Posted 25 days ago

Can preen have a detrimental effect on the roots of shrubs?

Can preen have a detrimental effect on the roots of shrubs?

Suffolk County New York Posted 25 days ago

Late night "debate" with my man

My boyfriend believes that if religion didnt exist the world would be a more peaceful place.
I said that people will be either violent or peaceful for other maybe unavoidable reasons and my point is that the 3 main religions were at one time more like governing bodies, where power corrupted a message. And it is possible that people still use religion as an excuse for violence instead bc of its history, not bc relgion is full of silly notions like, noahs arc. silly notions cant be violent. people can be violent.

is he right?

Niagara County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Spring in yard

Just bought a house that according to neighbor has a spring in the yard. This is causing water to enter the basement on 2 walls. There is a sump pump on one of the other walls. What is the best solution to stop the water from entering? I have 2 ideas, install another sump pump crock by where the water is entering. Dig a hole in the back yard to find the spring then install gravel and a drain pipe around the house. Thoughts on these or other method please.

Monroe County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Fuzz covers bug identification

Hi, I found this little critter in my condo. I’m thinking he fell out if the ventilation as he’s covered in white stuff. I’m just not sure what he is - any help is appreciated.

New York Posted about 1 month ago

Seedlings stopped growing

Hello I am trying to grow watermelon and cantaloupe by starting seeds inside I planted them in peat pods in a self watering tray they sprouted grew long stems and their two sprout leaves. I kept the lid closed for about two weeks on a heater vent where there is low light which is why i assume my plants got leggy now for 1 week they have had a grow light in them there has been no change in anything they haven't turned towards the light nor have they gotten any bigger or grew any more leaves. Are they just working

Allegany County New York vegetable gardening Posted about 1 month ago