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Oak tree catkins

What month do catkins fall

Monroe County New York Posted 2 days ago

Bed bug?

I found this on the baseboard next to my bed. I couldn't find any others. I woke up with two bites this morning but have no blood marks or spots or casings on the sheets or mattress cover. I did not see others in the slats or bed frame joints. I have never had bed bugs before. I could not get a better photo, but I did take a video of it walking on the wall before I trapped it with tape.

New York Posted 2 days ago

Is this a bed bug nymph?

I saw it running on the floor under my bed when I swept. We have no blood stains or sheet marks and I can't find any in the bed frame but I woke up with two bites.

New York Posted 2 days ago

I found one of those in my backyard I think....

Does it have wings and jumps if so it is definitely that. I was swimming in my pool and on one of the floaty‘s There was this tiny bug which had a snout sticking into the air it had wings and it jumped. I’m not sure if it was trying to fly considering it was wet but......

New York Posted 3 days ago

Mountain ash turned orange

Can someone tell me what is happening to my ash tree? There are a few new growths at the very top green leaves. I’d hate to lose it!

St. Lawrence County New York Posted 4 days ago

Found these ...Are these bed bug nymphs?

I have been fighting an infestation, and thought I was done. I put down interceptor traps for a few weeks and found these. Are they bed bug nymphs? I have a video that shows them better.

New York County New York Posted 7 days ago

Rhododendron, disease or insect problem?

My large 15 yr old rhododendron suffered from the past winter, the entire top 3/4 died. It was cut, leaving only the undamaged bottom. It flowered but now all the new growth is deformed & dying as it forms.
Is this from a disease, insects and should I remove the entire plant?

Fulton County New York Posted 9 days ago

Is this a carpenter ant?

I've been seeing these large black ants in my home. They are single and measure between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch. Hard to see where they are coming from as they are one only and so no ant trail. Are they carpenter ants?

New York County New York Posted 10 days ago

Head cut for 1st level espalier lateral branching


I've attached a photo of one of my Asian pears trees. I would like to train it into espalier. Would I head the tree back to the red line and that would encourage 2 circled parts to grow as the first level (1 left, 1 right) lateral branches?


Kings County New York espalier Posted 10 days ago


I live on 12 acres of woods have a yard with lots of rock walls a small pond and lots and lots of chipmunks the last few days I have seen maybe one or two why would they all of a sudden disappear ?

Ulster County New York wildlife Posted 11 days ago