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Escapee or Wayward Migrator?

Observed this bird on Long Island, NY in January 2020 just a few days ago! Used Merlin ID without success. What is it?

Suffolk County NY Posted 3 days ago

White cherry tree

Hello, I've had this cherry tree for 7 years now, but in the last 3 years it has had the same symptoms, in spring it blooms very nice, the leaves come beautiful, but in later spring holes appear in the leaves, then the leaves turn yellow and fall in the middle of summer, and it also has many "wounds" through its branches (it has had it since when I got it), by now it already lost more than half of it's lraves. Being seven years on the ground it barely developed, it doesn't grow new branches.
Could it be canker and cherry shot hole? Is there any treatment I could try?

NY Posted 6 days ago

Outdoor musky scent- animal?

Outdoor Musk smell for last week- animal? Asked January 15, 2020, 10:47 PM EST For the past week, there has been a strong musky/perfume/sweet smell outside. We live in a mixed forested area and recently saw a moose print. We also are known to have black bear (assuming they are hibernating), deer, coyote, Fox, skunk, bobcat, etc. Any idea what animal could be emmiting this smell in mid January? It’s been very noticeable as we walk down our dirt road and smell it for 0.5 miles or so. We’ve had warm temperatures but don’t think it’s related to anything decomposing like leaves or standing water. Could it be a bear? Or some animal in rutting cycle? Please help us solve this odiferous mystery!

NY Posted 7 days ago

Tiny bugs

What are these tiny bugs on my siding? They seem to be in swarms crawling around. I am not sure if they jumped or fell.

Suffolk County NY Posted 7 days ago

Clear gelatinous substance on lawn

This mysteriously appeared on my lawn yesterday. It is clear and looks like jello. In the pic it looks brown but that is mud and grass underneath.

Rensselaer County NY Posted 9 days ago

Acer rubrum how to help it?

Hello, this is vinicius from Brazil, I love maples and I have my own red maple (Acer rubrum), it's been a year since a I got it, it is still young and small and it is in a container, in spring (October in brazil) it started its new growth well, but suddenly its new leaves started to look weird, most of them didn't develop, kept tiny and brittle and shrivelled, the leaves that had developed started to get black on the tips.
I have searched and I was thinking about mites and antracnose, só I've been applying sulfur and Bordeaux mix, it seemed that it was resulting a good effect because new buds started to grow with nice leaves, today I noticed the top of the tree that some new leaves started to get super soft like when you forget to water the plants, not all of them just a few leaves
Please help me save my red maple
PS: the white spots on the leaves is the sulfur I've applied

New York Posted 10 days ago

What is this bug?

Found one on room desk lamp, one one the floor after deep cleaning my daughter’s room. They were live I crushed them. Are they harmful? Thank you! Wen

Schenectady County New York insect identification stinkbugs Posted about 1 month ago

Is this mold?

Our bedroom smells musty, we've been sick and we found this gross stuff growing in our fireplace. Our estate agent says its just soot and dust, but the other symptoms make me think it's mold. I know we can get a proper test done but can you help visually? It's definitely got some dust and cobwebs, but feels like the underlying growth is more sinister.

New York mold mildew and mold control Posted about 1 month ago

Help light Rudolph's nose

I was given a decorative deer with lights to put in front of the house. It must have come from a set of more than one.. it didn't have a conventional plug and I have no way to give it a source of power. My Hope is that I can splice Accord off of the old broken lamp on to this string of lights for the deer. The lights on the deer I are LED.

Oneida County New York Posted about 1 month ago

Birds Nest indoor plant pest

I noticed small white, soft spots on both sides of frond. Also tips of some fronds were curled with a dark brown hard knot on end. What do I have and how to treat

Cayuga County New York houseplants Posted about 1 month ago