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Frost Depth

What is the frost line in Webster county, Iowa?

Webster County Iowa Posted about 3 hours ago

What spider is this? It bit my dad on the face

I wanted to know what spider is this , the image isn't very clear but he went to the doctors and we want to know what the name is. His face got swollen very quickly and had an immediate fever , this was during the time he was cutting down trees at his work.
I hope you all can help us out , thank you

Orange County California Posted 1 day ago

backyard poultry conference.

Our kids are thinking to do an informational conference (meeting) for other 4Her's ,and possibly open to the whole community, to educate new poultry owners. We're hoping to get more members interested in showing their birds at the fair. We're looking for knowledgeable person to come and give a presentation. Any leads on who might be available to do this type of thing?

Mills County Iowa Posted 2 days ago

Dubuque Audubon meeting presenter

Hello, I'm with the Dubuque Audubon Society and I'm helping line up presenters for our meetings this year. I was wondering if you would have anyone who would be interested in coming to Dubuque and doing a program for us. they are usually about a hour long. Someone had suggested Jim Peace from Iowa State but I don't have any contact information for him. The programs are usually bird of nature related. Any thought you have would be appreciated. Thanks - Craig Kruse

Dubuque County Iowa Posted 7 days ago

Continuing ed for farm pesticide

When is the next continuing Ed for route of pesticide lies license for farmers

Pottawattamie County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

I have fresh potatoes and I washed them and peeled them put them in cold salt water like I always do. And when I got done blanching them and strained them they turned a rusty color and some were streaked and some of them turned black. I have never had this happen before. I was going to can them but wasn't sure what happened. I have canned a lot of potatoes and never had this happen.

Please and thank you,

Howard County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

Great Wilderness Places under the Stars

Good Morning, I am an Iowa State student and have simply noticed some expertise on the outdoors. Seeing that you have taken people places to enjoy mountains or forests or lakes or simply amazing wilderness places under the stars, you probably know a few. My question is that I am looking for places in Iowa, maybe a little outside as well, just not more than the state next to us that is an amazing wilderness experience with mountains, rivers, forests, stars, lakes, etc but not a camping ground, or at least not any people around and commercialized. Somewhere where I can take off and just live in nature for a week living off my pack, skills, and experience. Seeing you have taken people places, where might some places like that be without going outside a radius of a state next to us? I'm actually looking to go out by myself, lone wolf style or with one or two other people, so the group trips that iowa state offers are generous but not my style, but thank you none-the-less.

Story County Iowa Posted 8 days ago


What can you do with horses you can no longer take care of

Story County Iowa Posted 9 days ago

"Rock" Identification

We had someone stop into the office wanting help in identifying this "rock" that he found on the side of the road in our area. I have attached 2 photos to help with identification. Any help you could give would be great!

Louisa County Iowa Posted 10 days ago

What type of spider is this??

I have been finding these all over my house lately. I live in Oregon. I am thinking giant house spider, but not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated as I have a 3 year old granddaughter and don't want her bitten.

Douglas County Oregon spider identification Posted 11 days ago