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Questions asked to this group

Algae in our farm pind

Is there a safe, effective way to get rid of that stringy, thick algae that has invaded our pond? Will grass carp be a good thing to add. There are bluegills, bass & catfish in pond but no ducks. This pond is one acre & no livestock use it. Thais for your advice.

Guthrie County Iowa Posted about 21 hours ago

Spider and human

If I swallowed and venoumous spider like a adult or young blckwidow or brown recluse spider or brown widow spider like that would the venom/poison spread in my body?!

Posted 1 day ago

fertiizer applications

How many fertilizer applications does a lawn require in eastern Iowa?

Scott County Iowa Posted 3 days ago

Buds of Maple trees

The buds on our silver maple tree have all fallen off. There are no braches attached to the buds that have fallen off. The buds look like they have been cut off at a slight angle. What would cause this?

Iowa Posted 4 days ago

Vines that Japanese beetles do not like

We have Virginia creeper vines that are stripped every year by Japanese beetles. What kind of vine will grow on a fence and not be eaten by these beetles?

Iowa County Iowa Posted 4 days ago

dead raccoons

I have found 3 dead raccoons in my sheds and farm yard in the last month. Only one had lacerations. I have a dog who checks out the sheds on her own. What causes of death could endanger her in case she locates a half dead one or interacts with the dead bodies?

Benton County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

Power washing a house

We have vinyl siding on our house which I want to power wash. My husband says you should never use a power washer on siding. He said to ask your opinion

Polk County Iowa Posted 10 days ago

Can you tell me the name of this spider

This fell out of my pants leg this morning when I put on my pants. That is a typical brown recluse hiding spot, but wasn't for sure what it was. Please help!

Indiana parson spider herpyllus ecclesiasticus Posted 14 days ago

Caterpillar worms in my STORE bought strawberries

What are those caterpillar like worms in my strawberries?
Little back story: got them out of the fridge and bit into one. Seen the creepy worms and spit my piece of strawberry out. Went and cut all strawberries apart and there were TONS of worms in my strawberries.
Am I going to get a parasite from eating a strawberry with a worm in it?

Louisa County Iowa strawberries worms Posted 14 days ago

Standard of Living

What is the current standard of living for a small town in Iowa?

Pocahontas County Iowa Posted 15 days ago