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White Pine Tree Decline

A few of my white pine trees have yellow needles that they are losing. The tops of the trees are green and growing but the lower half seems to be looking suspiciously week in growth. These particular white pines are of the columnar variety. I can supply a photo if necessary.

Polk County Iowa Posted 2 days ago

Recluse Spider?

I think it’s a recluse (brown or desert) not sure which, but have one friend who says it’s a wolf spider. Clarification please.

Maricopa County Arizona Posted 2 days ago

House spider

Can you tell me what type of spider this is? I've located like 6 large ones in the apartment I just moved into . Maintenance supposedly came and sprayed the place down a couple weeks ago but I found 3 more large ones in my closet.

Cook County Illinois Posted 2 days ago

barberry shrub rejuvenation

I'm trying to save 3 barberry shrubs that are dying out and wondered if there is a way I can save them. Can I cut them down at base and will they sprout new growth? I trimmed all of them back this spring, but one did not sprout any new growth. Would like to save them if possible. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

Iowa County Iowa Posted 8 days ago


When is the best time to dethatch my lawn.

Iowa County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

bee colony removal

I have a colony of honey bees that have taken up residence in my raised bed garden. How can I have them removed?

Iowa County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

What type of spider is this?

Hi I wanted to know what type of spider this is I found it in my garage

Orange County California entomology spider identification Posted 9 days ago


Wondering if you can identify this. I live in door county, Wi and found this cocoon in a bush. It is whiteish color and about 2" x 1-1/2" long. There are leaves stuck to it and something is alive and moving inside. Heavy for it's size. Just curious. Thank you

Iowa entomology wisconsin Posted 9 days ago

sawfly worm?

I've noticed past month my groundcover getting ravaged & just today noticed what I think are sawfly worms..hundreds of them: pale green, thin, approx. 1" long with black eyes. When touched they curl up. Never heard of or saw this before. I live in Clinton, Iowa. How do I get rid of them? Can I spray now to kill the active ones so their larvae can't winter over, and then spray again in spring to kill the larvae? My beautiful groundcover ruined at this point.

Clinton County Iowa Posted 9 days ago

Deer Eating my Newly Planted Trees

I have planted Aborvite Green Emeralds for a screen on my property. The deer have begun to eat the tops of the trees. What is the best way to handle this so that they don't devour the small trees?

Marion County Iowa Posted 13 days ago