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Why do goats exist?

Marshall County IA Posted 7 days ago

Curious about this spider

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? Me and my boyfriend was eating at ihop and this spider came crawling down so I had to pull him by his shirt to get him out the way. If I didn’t see the spider I believe my boyfriend would’ve got bitten.

Orleans Parish LA Posted 11 days ago

Nematodes in a greenhouse to control Pests

We sell sprayers and a customer asked what nozzle if any they should use to spray nematodes?

Nozzle and acceptable pressure?


Lyon County IA Posted 12 days ago

My honey bees died.

It is January 4th and i went to the hives(2) for inspection. I noticed no activity. I opened the hives (2) and saw no live bees. Also there were a lot of dead bee parts in the frames and at the bottom of the hive. On the ground outside the entrance there seems to be small pellets of chewed up bees laying on the ground. There is plenty of honey in both supers.What happened?

IA Posted 18 days ago

is my shrew full grown or a baby

I caught a shrew in a sticky trap. It is only 1 1/2 inches long. Is it a baby or is there a shrew that is this tiny?

Benton County IA Posted 19 days ago


Found this in rock around a house the holes look like quartz in them

Iowa County Iowa Posted 24 days ago

Paw paw trees?

just read an article commenting about Paw paw fruit. it said they grew in the mid west, just wondering if there are any in eastern Iowa? Thanks much!

Jackson County Iowa Posted 26 days ago

Harvesting firewood

My question is where can we harvest personal use firewood in or around Clinton County, Iowa. I understand that Clinton does not issue any kind of permit. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Clinton County Iowa Posted 27 days ago

What kind of spider is this? (Greece-Santorini)

Hello everybody and Merry Christmas to everybody, and a happy new year.
I found this spider to the island of Santorini in Greece, in a hotel close to the beach, outside.
Because it is black and moving slow like tarantulas, i kept it and feeding it from October 2018 untill now.
I want to know what kind of spider is this, and if it is toxic. Thank you.

Outside United States spider identification spiders of greece eresus sp Posted 29 days ago

home pressure canning

Since wild rice isn't actually rice, can it be safely pressure canned in soups? If so, what are the guidelines?

Jackson County Iowa Posted about 1 month ago