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Something is eating green hickory logs

I am trying to figure out what is creating a lot of wood dust on some green hickory logs I will use for firewood season after next. I also have a picture of a grub found under the bark about 1 inche long and white. attached is a picuture of some of the damage. All five loads of wood are showing a lot of wood dust. Also a previous load of oak that is stacked near a hickory load has a little bit of dust as well. I would like to know what it is and if it can spread to my house. All wood is currently outdoors curing. Eventually I will bring it inside to burn.

Jefferson County Iowa Posted 1 day ago

Townsend Tennessee GIANT spider

Not a great picture (out of fear) We are in Townsend Tennessee on a white water rafting trip, I was able to snap of picture of a giant spider. It is a big as it looks. I’ve never seen anything like it...thoughts of what is local to the area of that size?

Blount County Tennessee Posted 4 days ago

Type of Spider

could you tell me what kind of spider this is

Dorchester County Maryland Posted 8 days ago

Can you tell me what kind of spider is this?

Now the picture might not be that clear or good but I really need to figure out what type if spider this is

St. Louis County Missouri spider identification Posted 9 days ago

Pesticides on city lots adjacent to my property

Does the extension office have the capability of testing plants, soil, etc. for pesticides, and if so, who do I need to contact to partake in these services? The reason I ask is that I live next to a city lot which gets sprayed twice a year and has dry fertilizer applied at least once per year. I have contacted the city (Dyersville) regarding eliminating the use of pesticides in this lot and there was also a group of citizens who also started a movement/request for the same thing last year, bringing in experts from the City of DBQ and UNI. The city began discussion around this topic, but at this point feels that they have an obligation to "maintain" the lot so have continuing spraying. My wife and daughter get extremely sick if they are exposed to chemicals, perfumes, etc., so I am concerned with the chemicals coming onto my lawn, vegetable garden and flower beds. We moved to organic gardening many years ago. The city contractor sprayed the lot this morning with an approx. 11 mph wind directly towards my property, without notifying despite my having reached out to them to have them contact me prior to spraying. With this wind, this means is definitely hit my pollinator bed, and like hit the south end of two of my garden beds at the very least. My wife and daughter will not be able to go into our backyard for at least two to three days now due to the spraying for fear of getting sick. I want to know if I can test for contamination and if I have a right to sue the city if the results are positive. Thanks!! Gene Sorrell

Dubuque County Iowa Posted 9 days ago

Very large spider near swampy or wet land and my pool

I found a very large emerald gree spider with faint gold pin strips semi thick legs noticeably large fangs slightly aggressive seaming to be praying on water insects could someone post a pic and tell me if this spider is dangerous and what it's name is

Spartanburg County South Carolina Posted 9 days ago

What is this bug?

These bugs are taking over my living room. What are they?

Johnson County Iowa Posted 11 days ago

Red Berry Bush Identification

Please tell me what type of bush this is.

Iowa Posted 11 days ago

Japanese beetles

Do you have a recipe for spraying Japanese beetles........I want to use only organic type of spray

Story County Iowa Posted 11 days ago

Arborvitae green leaves falling off. Burlington, Iowa

What is making this happen? July 8, 2018. The pieces of green are landing on our driveway, because the bushes align the driveway. The bushes are over 25 years old.

Des Moines County Iowa Posted 13 days ago