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bat behavior

I live in Dubuque in an older house. We typically would get 1 or 2 bats flying through the house each spring & fall. Usually they just found the open door & got out. I had a bat fly through this last Oct. in the evening. I opened the outside doors then went looking for it so I could shoo it out. I couldn't find it, but I still suspected it was in the house. I forgot about the little guy until this morning when I found him (I assume it's the same one) dead hanging from my shower curtain. Could he have been hibernating through this mild winter & just woke up because of the current cold temps? How long can a bat not hibernating go without food? Thanks, Mary

Dubuque County IA Posted 1 day ago

Spider bite?

Is this a spider bite and should I be worried? It started out as just a normal itch, well so I thought cause in the next couple days I noticed it grew into a bump about half an inch off my leg with a half dime sized blister in the center. I itched it and the blister popped and the swelling died down but I've showed a couple friends and they said I should go to the doctor. Please help cause I dislike doctors.

IA Posted 11 days ago

Sewing Patterns

Do you take donations of old sewing Patterns? I am helping my Grandma clean out her house and people online recommended giving sewing Patterns to 4-H sewing clubs.

Black Hawk County IA Posted 12 days ago

Bottom ground farming

I have a small patch of ground to hobby farm in my retirement and would like to minimize input costs to limit my potential losses as the ground is not well drained and is prone to flooding. I would like to locate a farmer or dealer to buy a public variety of soybean seed. Can you help me locate this source of seed? What would be the least expensive herbicide combination for non GMO varieties where this weed control program will be backed up with row crop cultivation? The grass and broad leaf weed pressure is considerable.

Warren County IA Posted 18 days ago

Turkey cooked in convection oven

Should the confection oven be set to convection bake or convection roasting we cooking a turkey

Richmond County GA Posted 22 days ago

Easy Africa

Red and black Approximately 12cm long Can you identify ? Thank you

Outside United States spider identification Posted 23 days ago

Cost to run bin fan

How much does it cost per day to run a 5 hp fan/ motor for corn bin aeration? The motor is about 40 years old. 230 volt, 1 phase. $0.094/kWh. Run 24 hrs/day

Franklin County Iowa small farm issues farm economics Posted 27 days ago

Cooking time for pork roast

I plan to serve a pork loin roast stuffed with dressing on Christmas Eve. How many per pounds should I allow for cooking, considering the dressing will add to the minutes. Thank you

Dallas County Iowa Posted about 1 month ago

Trees and shrubs

Is there still a program that offers low cost plantings for conservation and habitat?

Palo Alto County Iowa Posted about 1 month ago

Spider identification

What spider is this?

Madison County Mississippi Posted about 1 month ago