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Tomato problem

What is happening to my tomatoes? The first few tomatoes look like the attached photo. They seem to have little scalloped insets.

Linn County IA Posted 1 day ago

What is this Spider/is it real??

My mother received this photo of this spider looking creature with a long tail. I suggested to her that it isn't a real photo but she insists she must know. Are you able to shed any light on this at all??

Many thanks

OUTSIDEUS Posted 5 days ago

Fair Board

Who are the members on the Benton County Fair Board? county Who are the members of the Benton County Fair Board?

Benton County IA Posted 5 days ago

Plant ID

There are a few fields of this growing around Iowa Falls, being a city dweller all my life, I have no idea what it is. What is it and how do they make money on it?

Hardin County IA Posted 6 days ago

Cattle and black walnut trees

Is the likelihood of cows and calves getting ill from drinking water from a tank under a walnut tree a thing? Leaves fall into their water and I have heard from unverified sources that this could pose a problem.

Boone County IA Posted 6 days ago

What types of spiders are these and are they aggressive

I think 1 of these spiders are called nursery web spider

Hartford County Connecticut Posted 6 days ago

South Africa - spider bite

I’ve had this on my leg for around a month now - could it possibly have been a spider bite? Or an ingrown hair?

Outside United States Posted 6 days ago

Quetion on old elm tree

I have a large elm tree in my back yard that is weeping. I notice moisture at the base of the tree and along the trunk. see images. Should I be concerned? Thanks.

Story County Iowa Posted 6 days ago

Is this a wandering spider that I found in Bristol Connecticut

The spider that I'm showing you in this photo had black and white tipped legs and it had bright red pedipalps near its fangs

Hartford County Connecticut spider identification Posted 6 days ago

Best way to prune a hybrid plum?

I have Toka and Superior plum trees. It’s their first year in my yard, but they look two years old. Both of these are Japanese x American plum hybrids. I’ve read that Japanese plums should be pruned into a vase shape, but find minimal instruction online on what to do with this type of hybrid. Would pruning these trees instead into a modified central leader be detrimental? I find that shape easier to mow around and it would match my apple trees. A taller tree would also let for me save some of the fruit from the deer in the event that they breach the fence. Thanks, Scott

Johnson County Iowa Posted 7 days ago