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Chicken carcass weight % ratio for price calculation purposes

Good day,

Some studies / reports and organizations use a 70% dressing percentage / carcass yield from the live chicken broiler weight, whilst others use a 65% margin. What are the respective 65% and 70% margins based on? Why are there two margin models used?

Iowa Posted about 4 hours ago

Norfolk pine

I live in the algarve in portugal ,I have a 100 foot norfolk pine which is losing branches and the pine leaves are browningand the branches are very bare,on looking it looks like there is a fungus in the dead branches with large dead ares,although there is new growth of pines coming from the trunk in certain area but very sparse,is there anyhting I can do ?

Outside United States Posted about 4 hours ago

climbing ivy

Your other emails did not work and returned to me..... I sprouted 2 Boston Ivy plants and planted them when they were 3ft tall on the 9th floor of our apartment building. The next day they were GONE!Eaten by Japanese beatles according to a person who lives here and kbnows a little about gardening. How can I stop that from happening next spring? I am also going to try some climbing Madarin Honeysuckle plants from a mail order house.Are these going to suffer the same fate? Is there a climbing ivy I can plant here in Des Moines? Thanks for your help rick marmon 515-305-1920

Iowa County Iowa Posted about 14 hours ago

Identify this rock

Found this digging in the dirt about 6 feet. Tried to identify type of stone, but not having much luck. The outer shell is translucent. Weighs about 6lbs, and it's the size of my hand.

What type of stone is this???

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Posted 14 days ago

lilac shrub rhizomes

My mature lilac bushes produce dozens of new lilac whips around the base of the shrubs. Cutting them off at ground level seems to do little more than to encourage more of them to form. Is there a product you would recommend to discourage their growth??

Madison County Iowa Posted 15 days ago

Seating assignments

Hello, I have a math problem I have not been able to solve. 6 guys are going fishing for 7 days in 2 boats. What would be the seat assignments that would allow everyone to fish with each other in the same boat at least twice (preferably thrice) during the 7 day period. I have tried several different combinations without luck: assigning each fisherman a number (1-6) assigning each boat seat a number (1-6) for each day (1-7). So far, I have been unsuccessful. I do not have the tools necessary to solve this problem. Please help keep a bunch of septuagenarians happy while fishing. Thanks

Iowa County Iowa Posted 15 days ago

Fall planting

Is it too late in the season for me to plant some shrubs I just bought? Would it be better to overwinter them in the garage? It's Nov. 2 and I can still dig but cold weather is coming.

Iowa County Iowa Posted 18 days ago

Helping a 4-H Photographer

My 11 yr old Granddaughter has been elected Equine Fever's photographer. She needs a phone for only taking photos. Can you help us? Thank you!

Clinton County Iowa Posted 18 days ago

STEM Speaker

Our small Christian school (28) students has set their stem project of the year to beautify and upgrade our school & landscaping. Would it be possible to get a speaker from the extension service come speak to our students to give us ideas and help with getting this project going?

Hancock County Iowa Posted 22 days ago

Inter-cropping and Artificial Intelligence

Hello, my name is Gordon and I'm an MBA student in Germany. Me and my team are investigating experimental business models to overcome some of the environmental and economic hurdles that farmers face when adopting sustainable agricultural practices. We have developed a few ideas, but would like to interview some farmers to learn their perspective on our ideas. Would you all be able to connect us with some relevant individuals?

Outside United States Posted 22 days ago