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What type of spider is this.

I found this in my son's cup

Dallas County Texas Posted about 14 hours ago

What kind of grass?

I moved here from the Chicago area, where the ground contains less clay. I bought a house and have quite a bad problem with mud. what type of grass is best to plant, and what else can I do to reduce the mud? My dog and floors thank you.

Iowa County Iowa Posted 4 days ago

Emerald Ash Borer

Did this past winter cold temperatures / weather kill off the Emerald Ash Borer to any large degree? I have 34 mature trees and was wondering if I could possibly skip my annual treatment of those trees this spring. I’ve been using the Bayer Advanced product specifically recommended for the Emerald Ash Borer. Your advice is very much appreciated. Thank you, Frank Jones

Clarke County Iowa Posted 5 days ago

Foundation Giving

Does Linn County have an Iowa State Research and Extension Foundation? If so, when was it started. I am serving on the Executive Board of the Wyandotte County, KS K State Research and Extension and we are researching the prospect of the creation of a foundation and seeking advice, knowledge and resources such as by-laws and Articles of Incorporation if possible. I chose Linn County because of the Blue Zones Project and population. I was also curious if the Extension office has partnered with the City of Cedar Rapids to assist expanding and promoting the Blue Zones Project. Thank you, Marsha Toler, Executive Board Member, K State Research and Extension, Wyandotte County, Kansas

Linn County Iowa Posted 9 days ago

What kind of spider is this

I’m in riverside California and this tiny spider is just attacking ants, just curious

Riverside County California spiders entomology spider identification california Posted 12 days ago

Root aphids or Fungus Gnats?

Help!!!! I just moved back to Iowa with my treasured 40 some house plants... I bought some cheap potting soil and now all my plants are dying. I either have one or the other... I have tried lots of different solutions to try and get rid of them... I swear they are smarter than I am... Can someone please help identify and give me suggestions on how to get rid of them.. Kill them!!!! Replanting them all is just not an option in this cold weather.

Taylor County Iowa Posted 13 days ago

garde soil sample

Do you handle soil samples in Scott County?

Scott County Iowa Posted 13 days ago

What am I?

Just had this growing in the front yard. I almost mowed it but wanted to find out what it was and if it's worth keeping.

Duval County Florida Posted 14 days ago

Spider identity

I have attached a photo of a spider found in my friends house today and wasn’t sure if it was a funnel web or something else.

Outside United States Posted 15 days ago

Ice Dams

We have a 1962 story and one half house with two dormers on the front and one large dormer on the back. Ice dams have been forming extensively this year, along with ice dripping out of one soffit and down the siding on the back. The eave below the back dormer is probably not insulated causing the ice drip out of this soffit vent. It is on the back of the shower on the bathroom wall. Brian from Retrofoam out of Waterloo looked into the eaves yesterday and said he would insulate the floor, bottom of roof and end walls to the exterior of the house. This all sounds pretty reasonable, except he said he would insulate over the soffit vents. I thought there needed to be air flow somehow from them up the roof rafters, or are those vents what you refer to as thermal shortcuts. I appreciate your reply. We live at 18 Blake Terrace SE, Cedar Rapids, if you want to take a look at the house online. Deb Dunek Reply Reply All Forward

Linn County Iowa Posted 17 days ago