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Questions asked to this group

Insect identification of insect infestation in tree

Hi, can you identify this insect and this tree being infested by this insect? The insect is a little over an inch in length. Located in Lake View, Iowa. THANKS! Sam

Iowa County Iowa Posted 1 day ago

Bug/Moth identifier

Can you tell me what kind of moth this is -- picture taken on car hood in Dubuque Iowa

Dubuque County Iowa Posted 1 day ago

Type of weed

Hello,W type of weed is this and what type of herbicide will cotrol it?

Story County Iowa Posted 2 days ago

what could this be?

My husband and I found this rock hunting at stars cave in Burlington iowa and his thoughts are a mastodon tusk that has fossilized.

Des Moines County Iowa Posted 2 days ago

A Devils Coach biting my dog

What do I do if A devils coach bit my dog? What are ways to kill them or get ride of them?

Iowa Posted 3 days ago

Colorful Fish

Hi bought at estate auction signed by Christopher T Tully see his work but can't find anything else

Iowa County Iowa Posted 4 days ago

What made this huge sack?

This sticky, furry, white sack was found in my yard after watering for three days. It is almost as big as my foot. It is sticky, "furry" looking, and had 5 fasten points in the rocks. It is the biggest egg sack I have ever seen. In farm country in Northern California.

Glenn County California entomology Posted 6 days ago

What animal did this bone come from

I know this is a vertebra from an animal however I do not know what animal it would be from. It was snagged from the bottom of little boy lake in Minnesota

Hennepin County Minnesota Posted 6 days ago

Tree damage after Derecho

We have several trees on our acreage that we damaged in the derecho. Most didn’t come completely down but had large branches snap off. Several Oak, Maple, Hackberry, and cottonwood trees were affected. Should we take the tree down of there was a percentage of their canopy affected? Or will they all “bounce back” if they aren’t showing distress now? I’ve included a picture of one of our Oaks that was particularly damaged.

Story County Iowa Posted 6 days ago

Grass alive under wood pile?

Is the grass on my parking, under tree debris, or should I plant new grass seed?

Linn County Iowa Posted 7 days ago