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Name this spider

I have this awesome spider necklace that I got a little while ago. But when im wearing it, people often ask me what kind of spider it is. I've done research but I haven't found much. I think it might be a black and yellow garden spider but im not sure. Can anyone tell me?

Los Angeles County CA spider identification Posted 2 days ago

What type of spider is this

Hi my name is sue and I live in Dubbo n.s.w. Australia
..can you tell what kind of spider is this

OUTSIDEUS Posted 11 days ago

Milkweed Plants

Hello, there is a milkweed plant that grows by the back fence on our property. Late last fall I noticed there was part of a open pod with some seeds that had not scattered on its own. I picked it off and put it in a sack. Can I start milkweed plants indoors this winter from these seeds? Thank you for your assistance. Shelly Wacker

Iowa County IA Posted 14 days ago


What is the best way to tell the age of a ash tree in iowa

Calhoun County IA Posted 17 days ago

What type of spider is this ?

Hi I found this spider in my garden. Curled up in a spider net . Is this harmful? Poisonous? I'm from srilanka

OUTSIDEUS spider identification Posted 24 days ago

Essentials Child Care

I am missing my certificate for Module 6 of the Essentials Child Care and I was wondering how I can go about printing of another one.

Poweshiek County Iowa Posted 25 days ago

What kind of Spider is this,is it poisonous??

This spider was in my bathroom and I sprayed something on it that's why there is white stuff on it

Rutherford County Tennessee Posted 27 days ago

Do spiders stay warm at night?

I have a weather station that is mounted to my chimney. The thermometer is sheltered under the station in a sort of grilled compartment. After a year or so up there on the chimney the thermometer started to give some very unusual readings. It would heat up around 1am at night and then cool down again after sunrise. This happens intermittently. A few days ago I took apart the whole thermometer assembly and found a lot of web and a medium sized spider. Could the spider be causing my heat anomaly?

Alameda County California Posted 29 days ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found it in my bed and have noticed bites on myself for the last several months. Is it bad? Poisonous? I also got bit by something in my backyard. Those are the first two pictures. The third picture is the one I found in my bed. I don't know what bit me outside.

Orange County California Posted 29 days ago

value of a lease of farmland

I have a client with 26 years remaining on a lease of 150 acres of farmland in Mitchell county. The new owner wants to sell the property free and clear and pay the value of the lease. Pretty average land. Is there some valuation publication on a calculation of the value of a lease?

Mitchell County Iowa Posted 29 days ago