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When is the last frost date for spring?

Lee County Iowa Posted 2 months ago

dying Boston Fern

I am caring for 6 Boston ferns this winter in a friend's green house. There were a lot of brown fronds when I got these and they have not improved in the last 4 months. any ideas of what to do? Should I pull out all the dead fronds? mist daily? Do they need food?

Johnson County Iowa Posted 3 months ago

Are Red sunset maple trees seedless

Are Red sunset maple trees seedless

Iowa Posted 3 months ago

VITA assistance

Do you have a current list of open VITA sites in Iowa? When I search for one using my local zip code and a radius of 100 miles at the the IRS site, no matches are found. However, I know that United Way of the Quad Cities is working as a VITA site. I am trying to prepare information to go out in a newsletter about how to find VITA help and I don't believe using the IRS search tool is effective at this time.

Scott County Iowa Posted 3 months ago

Animal nutrition

Does a cow (or any rumnant) have 4 stomachs or 1 stomach with 4 compartments

Iowa County Iowa Posted 3 months ago

Spider name

Can you please tell me the spiders name? It’s in my garden and it’s webs are quite strong.

Outside United States Posted 3 months ago

Iowa Master Woodland Manager Program

When will you offer the Iowa Master Woodland Manager Program again? Are you taking names and contacts of those who are interested in the Program? Thank you for the info...Greg Schwab, 515.865.6082

Dallas County Iowa Posted 3 months ago

Australian spider blokes been bit 2hrs from hospital

Hi lovely people, not me trying to help a bloke out can any one id this spider please

Outside United States insect or spider id Posted 3 months ago

On-farm fuel use of fossil fuels

I am a member of the Citizens' Climate Lobby and we are urging Congress to enact legislation to reduce use of fossil fuels and slow global warming and climate change. I have been reading recently about regenerative agriculture and have a question. Do you have data that compares the use of fossil fuels on farms practicing conventional agriculture vs those practicing regenerative agriculture? In conventional ag I include plowing, chemical fertilizers and biocides, and no cover crops. In regenerative ag I include no-till, no chemical fertilizer, no pesticides, no fungicides, sparing use of herbicides, and cover crops. Thank you for your help.

Somerset County New Jersey Posted 3 months ago

What is the family of this spider ?

What is the family of this spider? I found it in a farm in Algeria, i have done some research and it might be a Lycosa

Outside United States spider identification Posted 3 months ago