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Day lily

For the past two summers my day lilies (Orange) have not bloomed and by early August they appear “beaten down” as if a wind or storm had blown them down. This flower bed is at edge of yard, facing Lake Okoboji. We have several trees in yard, including oak. Thank you for your thoughts and treatment suggestions.

Dickinson County Iowa Posted about 9 hours ago


Hello. I just bought a property that has a small wildlife area at the end of the lot. I would like to plant some native perennials that attract pollinators and monarchs. Do you know where I can get seeds? I am new to Iowa and am not sure where to go.

Linn County Iowa Posted about 10 hours ago

Need an appropriate hedge or row of evergreens

Hi. We live in Johnson County and have a west-facing fence that could use a privacy hedge. The width of the area is 10 feet, and we'd like something that reaches no higher than eight foot tall. It must be deer resistant. We've considered arborvitae, but I believe deer like to eat the lower branches of that. We've also thought about American boxwood, but it's slow-growing. Any suggestions for an old (100+-years) woodland-style shade garden with just a tad of formality to it? Thank you so much! Sincerely, Laurie Cummins

Johnson County Iowa Posted 2 days ago

Tell me.what kind of spider this is

I have found 5 of these spiders in my house amd I have little kids what kind of spider is this please thank you

Harrison County Mississippi Posted 4 days ago

Hydrangeas in Dubuque IA

When is it safe in Spring 2020 to remove burlap covering and mulch from a hydrangea? Thank you. Tom in city of Dubuque near Mississippi river

Dubuque County Iowa Posted 4 days ago

Store bought mustard

Can i re-can store bought mustard? I bought a large container at Sams and don’t want to take up fridge room if i can.

Woodbury County Iowa Posted 5 days ago

Wondering what this is.

Dear sir, or maam. I found this yesterday. Looks like a tooth but not sure. Never seen before

Iowa County Iowa Posted 5 days ago

Tree fungus?

Hello! I have a tree close to the house that has developed something over the last couple of years. Not sure what kind of tree it is, but it is a fast growing tree with dark purple leaves all year. I have attached a picture of the fungus? it has developed. The fungus is black and hard and makes the branches brittle. I cut most of it off this year but cannot reach up to the top to get it all. Probably a 30’ tree.

Linn County Iowa Posted 7 days ago

What is this?

Saw this on my deck in North Liberty today and I'm curious. I initially thought that it was a hawk. But it doesn't seem to match up with the pic of a hawk in my Iowa Birds book. Thanks!

Johnson County Iowa Posted 7 days ago

Growing grass in a somewhat shaded area??

Two party’s,... how do we get to grow grass that we have tried several years in.. one nw DSM , one Valley junction.. NW Des Moines house has small leaf Lindens that we have trimmed up but to no avail and faces west, our house in valley Junction has a lot of shade, back yard.. some afternoon south sun.. do we have to help the soil?? Both use to grow very well!! Help plz

Polk County Iowa Posted 8 days ago