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"Fat Albert" Colorado Spruce with red needles, dying branches

We planted this Fat Albert, August 2018. Winter here was cold and snowy. So, spring 2019, I cut off some dead branches from the bottom of tree (Image 1). As of May 2019, there are sporadic red needles (Image 2) and another branch at the base of the tree, now appears to be dying, too (Image 3). The lower branches appear to droop down and it is not a blue color. I am concerned that this tree is not healthy and is not even a Fat Albert?

Black Hawk County IA Posted 2 days ago

Tulip poplar damaged in storm

The leader branch of my tulip poplar broke off in a storm last night. Can the tree be saved?

IA Posted 3 days ago

Trouble growing grass

Have an area in the yard, partial sun/shade, that will not grow grass. Next to patio, had river rock on it temporarily (until dispersed), which I believe is when problem started. What to use to make soil more friendly to growing grass. Have tried 2-3 times and grass dies out before end of the summer.

Iowa County IA Posted 4 days ago

Corn Speedwell Treatment Plan

I have corn speedwell in my lawn and I was wondering if someone could recommend a treatment plan based on products. Most research I've seen says to treat with a pre and post emergent products but not much else. Any insight is appreciated and my hope this is something I can do myself. Thank you

Pottawattamie County IA Posted 4 days ago

What Weed Is This?

What is this weed and how do I get rid of it?

Hardin County IA Posted 6 days ago

Brown spots on pear tree leaves

We have two Bartlett pear trees which we planted approximately three years ago. They have never bloomed and/or had any pears. As soon as the leaves appear, they are spotted with little brown spots. Could you give me an idea as to what is wrong with these pear trees and what I can do to make them more productive?

Monroe County Iowa Posted 6 days ago

DRP Webinar from May 17

Good morning. I was curious if the Dairy Revenue Protection webinar from May 17 was recorded? If it was, what would be the best way to view that? Thanks in advance. Nick

Johnson County Kansas Posted 6 days ago


How do you login if you cant remember any of your info?

Scott County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

Burning bush winter die back

This spring our 14 year old burning bush is struggling to leaf, its probably at about 30%. Right now the shrub is about 4 foot high 3 feet wide. It was a tough winter I realize, but is there something I can do or is it a slow death?

Scott County Iowa Posted 8 days ago

pine trees

We purchased a property with a number of pines. A couple are dead and others only have live branches at the top. Should the dead branches and trees be removed?

Grundy County Iowa Posted 9 days ago