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do you have dates for the 2019 county fair

Marion County IA Posted about 1 hour ago

Pest Management as a model for cancer treatments

Dear ISU Extension, I am a writer and the Scientific Research Curator for the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Center. I am born and bred in Iowa and I am working on a short film that presents our latest cancer research and how it is based on lessons learned from farmers and their pest management techniques. I am looking for a professor who could educate me about the latest thinking as well as the history of pest management. I would also love to be connected with farmers who are suffering from cancer. Can you help me? You can find me at pamela.l.winfrey@asu. edu. Thanks, Pamela

Maricopa County AZ Posted about 2 hours ago

Frozen Honey Baked Ham

I purchased a frozen Ham, from HoneyBaked Hams LLC . When should I take my Frozen 8 lb ham out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator for Thanksgiving.

Hendricks County IN Posted 1 day ago

Identify by picture a possible tree frog

Was in a conversation with another friend who had a picture of a supposed grey tree frog in his back yard. I remembered I had an earlier picture this summer of a similar, but it distinct, but very odd, yellow and black patterned markings on rear legs and would like to find out what I had by use of the photograph. Researching all Iowa frog photos on internet I couldn’t identify anything that was very similar...

Story County IA Posted 3 days ago

Bacterial Gastroenteritis

I helped a friend shampoo/wash off two dogs and then I give them some pets. I did not wear gloves while washing. Afterwords friend's wife brings out sandwiches etc. which I ate without washing my hands (dumb). Next evening I have lot of gas and loose bowl movement. Next day I begin to have some stomach discomfort then I throw up. Two days later I develop severe pain in upper middle stomach.Could this be a case of Bacterial Gastroenteritis?

IA Posted 4 days ago

ISU Extension and Outreach Account

Do I still need to keep my ISU Extension and Outreach Account open if I no longer need it? If not, how can I go about closing/deactivating it?

Black Hawk County Iowa Posted 5 days ago


Hi, I have vine that's is very old and has been on our barn for a long time. Zone 5b. I don't know what variety it is. We had some construction worker cut it all the way through by the base. Is there anyway it will survive if I put like rooting hormone on it and wrap it in plastic and towels for the winter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ThANKS!

Black Hawk County Iowa Posted 6 days ago

alsike vs red clover

I had a horse die Sunday evening. She was perfectly healthy and only 14. I found 7 horses drooling 2 of which had very large amounts of drool looked like gallons at a time. foamy puddles all over. My mare collapsed and every few seconds it looked like she was running uncontrollably. My gelding wanted to lay down peacefully and was able to keep him up. This went on for 3 hours until she died and the gelding seems to be coming out of it, but much slower than the others. I feel so helpless. No vet would come to help. Just said remove from hay, they will come out of it. I sent off a sample of hay for testing. Everyone is telling me that she had to of died from something else. I can't rest until I know more. This was their 3rd bale of this hay and I knew there was some clover, but not a great deal. I don't think this is your typical clover. How do I find out if anyone else has been through this? Shouldn't situations like this be reported?

Iowa County Iowa Posted 6 days ago

Canning pickled gizzards for the shelf

Do I have to hot bath or pressure can the pickled gizzards for the shelf and if so for how long. I also would like to know the same for pickled eggs. I really don't want to store them all in the refrigerator.

Iowa Posted 6 days ago

Name of Tree

wondering name of tree that is growing south of harlan on our property .. it is growing on the terraces.. there is several and just wondering before we cut them down.. there is a few I would like to dig out.. I do have more pictures if you need them.. thanks

Shelby County Iowa Posted 10 days ago