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The MI Land Use Group is made up of statewide Michigan State University Extension Educators focused on community planning, zoning and other related topics including master planning, downtown development, the Michigan Planning and Zoning Enabling Acts, the MI Right To Farm Act and more. This group doesn't answer gardening, geology or horticulture questions.

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Land locked

Own 2 lots back to back. Pay taxes on both lots. Front lot has road access but back lot does not. It is land locked by neighbor not willing to sell any property. The land locked parcel is listed as being on the side rd but no access to that road. Looking at selling lots separately. What are my options

Gladwin County Michigan Posted 4 days ago

Land Division Question

Under the land division act for non platted land the act has rules for how and when non platted land can be split aka divided. When a non platted parcel is landlocked and the owner of the non platted parcel wants to use a platted lot in a subdivision as so called access to a public road is this admissible? The owner wants to split the non platted parcel, build a home on the non platted parcel and use a platted lot in a platted subdivision as access to the public street. I have always read the plat act using it definitions and a lot is a lot and a parcel is a parcel and they are different. Therefore I have taken the opinion this is not allowed under the land division act. Does anyone have any court cases or legal opinions that support this interpretation.

Marquette County Michigan zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted 5 days ago

Modifying a PUD

We have a 20 year old condo HOA with 36 single homeowners. One homeowner is refusing to pay annual dues and wants out of our HOA. Our township requires a minimum of 3 acres per lot. They only have 2 acres but factored in is 35 acres of common green space to get the original developer PUD approved by the township. The homeowner knew in advance they were buying into a condo HOA. Under Michigan 2006 condo law can they opt out?

Kent County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Are ADUs allowed in Flint, Michigan? Also, are there any ADU builders in the state of Michigan?

Genesee County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

12.75 acre parcel

I would like to split the parcel with a 11.14 parcel and a 1.61 parcel. Once that is completed, how many splits are left for the 11.14 parcel.

Huron County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

50ft blue spruce tree root issue

Wondering if i should cut. Have 1 3" thick root high enough above ground to be an issue with lawn mower. the root is about 15 ft from trunk. the cut would be that far from tree as the root goes back underground after that.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Local Ordinance or State Building Code

In case of an apparent conflict between the two, which is controlling. Involves a private building. Thanks

Wayne County Michigan community planning and zoning zoning ordinance cfei building codes Posted about 1 month ago

50 ft blue spruce tree

Is it safe to cut Blue spruce roots growing 15-20 ft from trunk 0-3” thick. My son and me planted this tree in 1981 so it is of
special Meaning.

Outside United States Posted about 1 month ago

Subdivision lot line adjustments

Does local zoning apply when approving a Boundary Line adjustment within a platted subdivision? The Land Division Act (LDA) seems to make boundary line adjustments exempt from its requirements.

The question has to do with a subdivision that was platted in 1966, whereby the majority of the lots within the plat are 97.5 - 100 feet wide and 150 feet deep, with the exception of six outside corner parcels that are not square. These lots are typically smaller at the road (some as little as 66 feet wide), have one side that is 150 feet deep, a back width that is at least 210 feet with the 4th side being on an angle and meeting the odd side of the other corner parcel. (see attached plat map)

All of the lots in this subdivision have homes built on them - most in the 1960's - 1970's.

The owners of the two lots in question would like to transfer the angled part of his lot to the other lot owner, thereby creating two rectangular lots - one with 101.84 feet of frontage (Lot A) and the other with 94.69 feet of frontage (Lot B), the same as when platted; Lot A would then become a rectangle of 101.84 x 150 and Lot B would become a rectangle of 244.92 x 149.86 but still having its original 94.69 feet of frontage. (see proposed adjustment attached)

All of the lots in this subdivision are at least 14,625 square feet in area. Adjusted Lot A would have 15,297 square feet and adjusted Lot B would have 36,692 square feet.

In the zoning district, the minimum lot size for a parcel with no public sewer is 20,000 square feet. So, the question is: does the Township have the right to require the owners to conform to the 20,000 square foot minimum lot size when a request for a boundary adjustment is made? or, does the exempt status of the LDA apply in this situation?

Grand Traverse County Michigan land use mi land use aabi Posted about 1 month ago

How to inquire about township owned Property

I'm interested in buying some land my township owns that currently isn't used for anything. I don't understand who in township government has the responsibility for managing the properties from a financial point of view - basically, I'm not even sure who I'd ask to make sure the township does in fact own the property, much less if they'd consider selling it. Nor do I know if there are laws around the sale of public property, like, might they have to open it for everyone to bid on? Looking for advice and insights.

Jackson County Michigan public property cfei land sale Posted about 1 month ago