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Black sludge underground in Flint

A woman I know discovered pipes in the ground of her yard in Flint that are filled with black sludge that she said does not smell like oil or sewage. It seems kind of odd in the city. Not sure if you can help but thank you in advance if you can help or direct her to who she should contact.

Genesee County Michigan Posted 20 days ago


Is a township office exempt from parking space requirements for an event such as Fire Prevention Open House? We recently enforced a residence for having commercial events without adequate parking and want to make sure we aren't in violation of this same ordinance.

Muskegon County Michigan local government parking space requirements Posted 23 days ago

Growing hardwood trees

I currently live on acreage where I'm in the process of growing hardwood tree to be harvested and sold at at later date. I heed to purchase farm equipment to proceed with this endeavor; e.g., tractor, etc. Based on the above, do you think I qualify for Michigan sales tax exemption when purchasing farm equipment?

Livingston County Michigan Posted 27 days ago

Grand River Waterway dredging project and the potential physical and biological impacts

Where can I find the white paper written on this topic?

Ottawa County Michigan rivers river dredging Posted about 1 month ago

Line Adjustment to sell 5 acres to neighboring property in Shiawassee County Mi

Can you explain the process and steps required to sell to my neighbor, 5 acres of my 29.4 acres. This land is directly behind his home on another 5 acres. The lines are straight, and attach to his land.

Shiawassee County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

Lake Michigan setbacks

What are the 30 year and 60 year setbacks for the high risk erosion areas in Ganges Township, Allegan County Michigan?
Phil Badra
Ganges Township Planning Commission

Allegan County Michigan community planning and zoning erosion Posted 2 months ago

Road side store

How do I go about opening a small little roadside store. Do I need a permit and we're would I get one? Can i use a small shed? What can I sell and what can't I? I don't want to sell food, just ice, water, batterys, paper towels, sunscreen, etc. I have two swimming holes near me. It would only be open the summer months.

Decatur County Indiana Posted 2 months ago

Common Driveway Easement

I have a new construction project that was built alongside my property that I have lived in for nearly 30 years. I made the city and the new owners aware of the Liber filed common driveway easement (dated 1968) prior to any demolition or construction - and the common driveway was very apparent when they purchased the property. I signed a Plot Plan provided to me by the new owners that showed the common driveway in place alongside the new home and gave "Temporary" permission to remove a portion of the driveway to dig the foundation of the new home (Jan 2018). We continually asked the city to be included in decisions that could effect our continued use of this easement - but were never notified by the city of any plans in regard to this property. The city took the position that the easement was "a civil matter." Needless to say the owners felt empowered by the city's position and have not returned the driveway to us and have installed there gas meter, down spouts, fencing, pool deck, etc. in the prior driveway. We are in litigation over its return and the removal of the elements installed. Is this the typical position of a municipality? Can a city choose to ignore a Liber filed easement document and allow an owner to construct inside a recorded easement? Per the city's website easement must be shown on a Site Plan. The builder did not NOTE the easement on the Plot Plan (not did he NOTE the 10' easement alongside the railroad ROW and removed the reference to it from the legal description on the Plot Plan). The city was in possession of a copy of our Easement document prior to the Plot Plan being submitted so we felt we had protected ourselves. Property is purchased subject to existing building restriction and easements. What obligation if any does a city have to uphold property rights of easement holders?

Oakland County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

Twp Zoning

I understand that nearby residences have 3 years & government, and or twp ordinances have 6 years to present cases of non-conformance to a court for estoppel. Anything longer than that period is time barred, under statue of limitations & twp zoning.

Bay County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

Mineral rights futures - Monroe County

As a landowner in Monroe County, I am looking for information about if the land there (specifically southern Monroe county near the Ohio border - Whiteford Township) is deemed as having any value in mineral rights and if there has ever been any interest from companies to pursue leasing/drilling land there.

Monroe County Michigan land use mineral rights Posted 4 months ago