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Land Division Act depth ratio

Our township ordinance requires the same 4:1 depth ratio as the LDA but we are considering removing that ratio requirement from our ordinance. What is the reason for the depth to width ratio in the LDA? If we require that the land division meets minimum size and width, is there a downside to our removing the 4:1 ratio from our ordinance? We have contemplated the many ways a parcel could be split, both with and without the depth to width ratio, and cannot find a compelling reason to keep the requirement.

Livingston County Michigan Posted 11 days ago


Does the land division Act state that the right-of-way area can't be used when calculating the acreage?

Genesee County Michigan Posted 29 days ago

(IL)legality of using tractor&truck tires for use as gardens in America

I'm having the worst luck attempting to use tires that I got from a local tire sales business. He deals a lot with selling new tires for farm tractors and semi trucks. I saw that he was struggling to get rid of them and since I have a large back yard in a rural town in SW Michigan, and my daughter is a vegan, I wanted to try to grow as many fruits and vegetables as I could. I got 80 tires, all semi truck 20" or larger, and cut a sidewall from every one of them so they wouldn't retain water. I'm burying them halfway, using the dirt attached to the lawn, which is a great sandy/loamy soil, which I then add soil amendments to like worm castings, perlite and coco-coir. I dug 33 holes generally 42-60" diameter half as deep as the tire tread is tall, packing the inside completely full. I got halfway done and the city manager/code enforcer came and sited me, saying all the tires must be removed from my yard, though he told my wife that if they were completely buried to grade, he might allow that. He gave me 10 days to clean my property up to perfection, including the tires, to be completed by this wednsday, june 13,'18 at which time he's planning to show up with city workers to remove them all that aren't stored in a bldg. I need help from someone in the agricultural community that they'd likely listen to and hoped you would help out. I'm also going to try my local extension service here in Cassopolis, MI. the local number for his office is 269-445-8648 and mine is 269-228-8257 I'm JOE McCleery at 413 N. Broadway, Cassopolis, MI Thanks for any help

Cass County Michigan code compliance raised gardens Posted about 1 month ago

Round up drift

The fields adjacent to my property were recently sprayed, I'm assuming it was glyphosate because of the damage to my vegetable plants. It was a very windy day when they sprayed. I grow organic seeds and start them myself starting in February. I don't know what is safe in my garden. I have garlic that was planted last fall, onions ,blueberry bushes, perennial herbs in addition to my annual plants of beans, corn, tomatoes and many more types of vegetables . What recourse do I have, this is a huge loss. Any information would greatly appreciated I can be reached at 517 388 2918, my name is Jami Opalek

Jackson County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted about 1 month ago

Land Division

Hello, I have been asked to split 2 parcels into 3- however, there is not enough room to create 3 legal parcels as two of the three residential structures on the two parcels are within 17 feet of one another and City ZO requires 10' side setbacks- I do not think I can legally approve the split, but I am not sure what to offer the constituent as a solution... I am considering utilizing either a request for variance or rezoning

Berrien County Michigan community planning and zoning land division land division act Posted about 1 month ago

Unusual rock

I have a rock that is about the size of s volley ball. It is light maroon and dark grey. The markings on it almost look like rose petals. I haven't seen one like it before and was wondering what kind of rock it was?

Montmorency County Michigan rocks and minerals Posted about 1 month ago

County installed drain tiles problem

St. Clair County installed drain tiles on front of our home and the drain tiles have collapsed causing extensive water damage to our home. Is the County Drain Commission responsible to repair this?

St. Clair County Michigan zoning and land use regulation flooding drain commission Posted about 1 month ago

Dividing 98 acres

I own 98 acres and I want to deed a parcel approximately 3.67 acres in size to my brother. The lot has an existing farm house. The lot would have 400 ft frontage along a county road and extend about 400 ft deep. All structures would end up being at least 30 ft inside any lot lines. The remaining acreage (94 acres+) would have over 600 ft of road frontage. My question is, first, can I do this and second, how does the “Plat Act” apply to this division? Do I need any special local government approvals? The property is located in Shiawassee County, Michigan. Do I need to have it surveyed? Would it qualify as being “exempt” under the “Plat Act”?

Shiawassee County Michigan lot split land division act land divisions Posted 2 months ago

Zoning Ordinance Remote Access Standards

Keweenaw County is currently reviewing the Private Road access standards in its Zoning Ordinance. We are looking for sections from other rural zoning ordinances which may have a similar section. We have vast forests and private roads that meander through them. Large tracks of land are currently for sale. We are looking for advice.

Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted 2 months ago


If a parcel that is proposed to be split has a large area that is wetland or a natural pond, does the wetland area count toward the required minimum lot requirement of the newly proposed lot? Would that area just be considered not usable for building on?

Muskegon County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted 3 months ago