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township meeting.

Can you be forced to speak at a podium and on camera rather than at you chair in a township meeting?

Monroe County Michigan local governance participation in public hearing Posted about 1 month ago

4:1 rule

I recently went before my township zoning board to request a split of my 10 acre parcel. The parcel is 330 x 1340 and zoned A2. Several years ago the Township changed the ordinance to reduce the amount of road frontage required from 330ft to 165ft. I had a survey to split the front corner 2.5 acres thus having 2 parcels of 2.5 and 7.5 acres both with 165 ft of frontage. The zoning board denied my request for a split because the 7.5 acre parcel created violates the 4 : 1 rule in the Michigan Public Land Act.

My question is: Doesn't the zoning board exist to grant variances to The Public Land Act? They claimed that they are unable to go against this Law. Is this correct?

Thanks you.

Monroe County Michigan community planning and zoning land division act Posted about 1 month ago

Conditional land use

If a conditional land use has some requirements. What happens when those requirements are violated? Does it fall under zoning ordinance violation notice or civil infraction?

Washtenaw County Michigan community planning and zoning zoning ordinance special land use Posted about 1 month ago

Official Maps

The county government has an ordinance in place to control the building of docks on small tidal creeks. The county has an Official Small Tidal Creek map that delineates which creeks are considered small tidal creeks and therefore subject to regulation. About 8 years ago the zoning office unofficially determined a small tidal creek was any less than 300 ft wide and started requiring surveys of creeks to verify the creeks classification. I was denied a dock permit based on the survey method. My neighbor received a permit saying the creek was not identified on the map. Is there recourse for me to appeal the Boards decision.

Beaufort County South Carolina Posted 2 months ago

Black sphere

I found this rock in WI on a trail but it didn’t start out looking like this it was covered in a volcanic hard ash that we had to chip away and finally after this beautiful rock came out. We are not sure what kind it is.

Wisconsin Posted 2 months ago

Marva LaMore, Business Owner/Taxpayer

The township operates as an unincorporated general law community with a population of less than 4000. Our Township Clerk resigned November 15, 2018. When vacancies occur on the Township Board or for employees, the protocol has always been to publicly advertise in the local newspaper, to generate letters of interest from the community, interview applicants in a public meeting and appoint the best candidate by Township Board vote. We have a five (5) member Township Board made up of a Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and two (2) Trustees. The November 6th general election elevated a trustee to that of Treasurer. This subsequently produced a seated Board of Supervisor, Treasurer and one (1) Trustee. The Deputy Clerk was handling Clerk duties until November 15, 2018 when the Clerk's resignation took effect. The applicant which the Board attempted to seat was not interviewed in a public meeting, but off site in private by the Township Supervisor and the outgoing Clerk. The applicant submitted a letter of interest dated October 20,2018, even before the public knew about the opening. The Township Board at a special board meeting of October 24, 2018 attempted to appoint a Clerk. The Township Treasurer (then Trustee) put forth a motion to accept the applicant. Motion by Trustee Freeman, seconded by Supervisor Wojcik to appoint Mr. Ed Comber (applicant) as Briley Township Clerk for the remainder of the Clerks term. Roll call vote: Wojcik, yes; Freeman, yes; Kaiser, No. Motion carried 2-1 Question: It is contended by Trustee Kaiser that because Supervisor Wojcik was part of the motion, he has no vote to break a 1-1 tie. Thus the motion fails. This was based on Trustee Kaisers interpretation of "Chairperson voting", page 19 of the Open Meetings Act handbook by Attorney General Bill Schutte, citing Price vs Oakfield Township Board 182 Mich 216; 148 NW 438 (1914). Additionally, page 21 of the same OMA Handbook Re: Tie Vote-Failed Motion. Thank you in advance for you opinion and urgent reply by email Respectfully

Montmorency County Michigan local officials open meetings act good governance Posted 3 months ago

Landlocked property

Is a road that has been used for over 40 Years recently deemed landlocked because One of the owners of the so-called right of way refuses to grant an easement to us, he has granted permission for easement to all other homeowners on this road. It is Goodrich Rd in Gogebic County. Thank you for any help As we have a “sale pending”

Gogebic County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

Marva LaMore, Business Owner/Taxpayer

Very simply one trustee of the township board and community are concerned about the way our township is being run. We have learned there have been multiple OMA violations, as well as, malfeasance issues. We are discussing contacting the Michigan Attorney General with support documentation. Is this the best approach? If not any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you for you Time

Montmorency County Michigan zoning and land use regulation Posted 3 months ago

Rock identification

Surface is shiny like bits of silver. No idea what rock this is. Someone carve an image onto one side of the surface.

Outside United States rock identification Posted 3 months ago

Copper nugget?

I found this rock in a gravel pit. Could it be a meteor or copper nugget it’s real heavy. It’s about the size of two pop cans.

Hennepin County Minnesota rock identification Posted 5 months ago