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LDA 4:1 ratio

I am considering a split of my 54 acre parcel. My assessor states that because the parent parcel measures 662' road frontage by 2632' deep, there is insufficient road frontage to meet the 4:1 requirement.
Does the required ratio refer to the PARENT parcel or the split parcels?
It seems to me that my parent parcel meets the requirements, just barely, and the splits I am considering certainly will.
So far this the only objection he has set forth.

Midland County MI Posted 14 days ago

Unchartered Township Zoning Ordinance

Are unchartered townships allowed to pass zoning ordinances? Eaton County Commissioners passed an amendment to our zoning allowing Industrial Solar on an unlimited number of acres of Eaton County farmland. Many residents of our Township would like more restrictions than provided for in the County’s zoning. Can the township pass an ordinance restricting the development of solar developments on land zoned limited ag?

Eaton County MI community planning and zoning Posted 19 days ago

Land Division

Two years ago my neighbor died and I bought his 20 acre farm. Three acres are in Sharon Township and 17 acres are in Sylvan Township. Can a parent parcel cross Township lines? I would like to sell the 3 acre parcel and 6 acres of the 17 acre parcel to my neighbor. It looks like I have to know the division history of the parcels since 31 March 1997. Who can I hire to research that history and tell me what divisions I have available to me? Thanks Dave

Washtenaw County MI policy zoning Posted 28 days ago

Land use guidlines for large solar arrays (agricultural)

Do you have guidelines for solar similar to your wind siting guidlines

Huron County MI Posted about 1 month ago

Property split

I had a one ac parcel with a home on it. It was previously 2 half ac lots joined per the township to place a home on the property with a building permit. Later the county came back and said that a summer tax on one of the half ac lots wasn’t paid and they foreclosed on that half. Splitting the property back into 2 half ac lots but now with a home that sits on both properties. Taxing all the home on one half and nothing on the other. Is this legal as we now have a home that sits on 2 parcels of land with 2 different owners. In need of some help here

Midland County MI Posted about 1 month ago

Dividing up private land

my inlaws wanna give me 15 acres out of there 79 acres. Before the paid for this land the previous owner sold 1 acre to someone else. They live in shiwassaee county Michigan. Can they split their land up again?

Shiawassee County Michigan Posted about 1 month ago

Black sludge underground in Flint

A woman I know discovered pipes in the ground of her yard in Flint that are filled with black sludge that she said does not smell like oil or sewage. It seems kind of odd in the city. Not sure if you can help but thank you in advance if you can help or direct her to who she should contact.

Genesee County Michigan Posted 2 months ago


Is a township office exempt from parking space requirements for an event such as Fire Prevention Open House? We recently enforced a residence for having commercial events without adequate parking and want to make sure we aren't in violation of this same ordinance.

Muskegon County Michigan local government parking space requirements Posted 2 months ago

Growing hardwood trees

I currently live on acreage where I'm in the process of growing hardwood tree to be harvested and sold at at later date. I heed to purchase farm equipment to proceed with this endeavor; e.g., tractor, etc. Based on the above, do you think I qualify for Michigan sales tax exemption when purchasing farm equipment?

Livingston County Michigan Posted 3 months ago

Grand River Waterway dredging project and the potential physical and biological impacts

Where can I find the white paper written on this topic?

Ottawa County Michigan rivers river dredging Posted 3 months ago