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Brown grainy substance on white bird of paradise

I have a bird of paradise plant that has grainy brown spots which seem to be killing the plant. How do I avoid that in the future? And what is it, a fungus or plant bacteria?

Caddo Parish LA Posted 3 months ago

Attracting bees to pollinate avocado tree.

Can I mix honey and water and spray around blowers to attract bees to pollinate my avocado and citrus trees ? Thanks Albert

Jefferson Parish LA Posted 6 months ago

Cinder block raised garden

Do cinder blocks contain toxins that would affect safety of vegetables?

St. Tammany Parish LA Posted almost 2 years ago

Encore azaleas

I planted my encore autumn sunsets in a spot with morning shade and afternoon sun. All of my leaves are turning brown and my blooms have browned and dropped.

Lincoln Parish LA Posted about 2 years ago

Small flying beetle

We have been finding the small black beetles flying around our barn. Seem to come out around dusk and the larva live in the horse poop. The adults do not last more than what seems like a few hours And we are wondering if there is a way to control them or get rid of them? I saw another post like this but they do not look like the same thing. We are in south Louisiana and up to a year or so ago never had them before.

Iberia Parish LA Posted about 2 years ago

cut worms

how do you get rid of cut worms in bean plant soil

Caddo Parish Louisiana insect issues Posted about 2 years ago

Macho Fern

Hi, I bought a beautiful macho fern about 6 weeks ago. The foliage was very thick and dark green. Right after purchase I noticed a few blackened edges on some leaflets. Now, it looks very spindly and shriveled with darkened leaves everywhere. It is currently on the east side of my carport in an urn container. I separated two small ferns and re-planted them, but they seem fine and the black edges aren't spreading on the smaller ferns. Is there a way to save them?

Iberia Parish Louisiana ferns Posted over 2 years ago

Tomato pinworms

What is the best insecticide and how do I apply it now. I am trying to save what few plants I have left and get some tomatoes. I have read and studied and all I find is to destroy everything and wait till next year.

Terrebonne Parish Louisiana horticulture Posted about 3 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

I was sweeping the kitchen at about 1 am and looked over and this huge brown spider the size of a half dollar with it's legs out was sitting by the dog water dish. I got one person I lived with. He sprayed it and it arched up. We covered it with a jar. The pictures arent that good but i didnt want to get close to it even with it covered. Any idea what type spider this is?

Washington Parish Louisiana spiders Posted over 3 years ago

History of Chinquapin tree in North Central, Louisiana.

I live in Montgomery, La. just across the Red River from Natchitoches, La. I have always thought my area was teeming with chinquapin trees long ago when the Indians occupied this land because of the meaning of the Indian word Natchitoches until I found out information to the contrary, recently. I have never seen a Chinquapin tree in our area and I was wondering if you could shed some light on this. Could these trees have thrived in our area long ago? Legend and local “historians” have for many years erroneously interpreted the word “natchitoches” as “chinqapin” or “chinqapin eaters”. The most accurate translation however, is believed to be as recorded by John R. Swanton in his early book “The Indian Tribes of North America”. “The word “Natchitoches” is generally supposed to be derived from “nashitosh”, the native word for pawpaw, but an early Spanish writer, Jose Antonio Pichardo, was told that it was from a native word “nacicit” signifying “a place where the soil is the color of red ochre,” and that it was applied originally to a small creek in their neighborhood running through red soil.”

Grant Parish Louisiana Posted over 3 years ago