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canker in trees

How do you treat canker in maple trees

Caddo Parish LA Posted 8 days ago

Jasmine has no new leaves

I have jasmine all on a fence and arbor.some lush green ,blooming .Other looks half dead but branches are alive.Has no new leaves or greenery or blooms.Still looks like middle of winter.Whats wrong and what can I do.

Vermilion Parish LA Posted 4 months ago

Is F2 Hybrid Possible?

Last year's squash compost volunteers were of a winter, oblong variety. This year's clearly appear to be a patty pan variety. I only recall buying grocery store yellow squash and 2-3 varieties of zucchini. Can anyone explain?

Orleans Parish LA Posted 4 months ago

What type of bone is this?

I'm pretty sure it's a bone...if not some type of seed? Found on the beach in Cameron parish, Louisiana. It's about one inch long.

Cameron Parish LA Posted about 1 year ago


What type of spider is this? Found in my bathroom.

Lafayette Parish LA Posted about 1 year ago

In about a month I'll start my Aquaponic Vegetable Garden using seeds only....

In about a month I'll start my Aquaponic Vegetable Garden using seeds only. Starter plants look good but don't produce vegetables. I plan to add fifteen Bluegill fingerlings to the Gold Fish I have now. That will bring the total of fish to twenty-five. I am looking for a higher quality fish food to mix with the feed I have on hand. If anyone would could give me a brand name I'll look into it. Is there any type of fertilizer on the market that would supplement the planting into the grow beds when the time comes?

I have used the chemicals listed below for about two years now. I've only used one tablespoon a month. Two tablespoons of iron a month.

High-Yield Muriate of Potash = 0-0-60
High-Yield Triple Super Phosphate = 0-45-0
Bushdoctor Seaweed Plant Food
Natural Guard Spinosad Soap
11% iron chelate
Epsom Salt

If I should need to add anything else, or increase or decrease the amounts added please let me know.
Please bare with me, I'm still a New-Be in this. Thank you for all the help, Gil

Jefferson Parish Louisiana Posted over 1 year ago

Pumpkin mutation

I have a pumpkin plant that has three sets of two flowers growing on one stem. Is that normal?

I have an idea of the variety but I am not 100% sure. My 7 year old "helped" me plant my

Vermilion Parish Louisiana Posted about 2 years ago

Drift roses

All the leaves on drift roses are pale green. Planted in good soil, soil conditioner and compost in full sun. What do they need? Fertilized with Miracle Grow. No new growth.

Calcasieu Parish Louisiana Posted about 2 years ago

Grass trouble

Can you tell me what's eating my grass. I think it's moths. And how can I get rid of them.. thanks Paul

Jefferson Parish Louisiana integrated pest management lawns and turf Posted over 2 years ago

Bird identification

I found this nest outside my house on the back porch. I was wondering if someone can help me identify what type of bird it may be.

Bienville Parish Louisiana Posted about 3 years ago