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Apple Trees

I'm trying to learn more about growing apple trees. I live in Radford and was wondering what apple trees, if any, you would recommend in this area. Or... is it too difficult without a lot of land and with deer, etc. Is there another fruit tree you would recommend? Thank you!

Radford Virginia fruit trees Posted over 3 years ago


Can you identify this caterpillar that appeared in great numbers under the eaves of our house this morning? Should we be Concerned?

Montgomery County Virginia insects caterpillars Posted about 4 years ago

Identifying grasses and weeds

I have some seedlings growing in my garden that look exactly alike except that some smell fragrant - like an herb or lavender - and I cannot identify them using online resources. Is there an office near me (VT Campus area) where I might take some samples to someone who would be able to identify them? Thank you.

Montgomery County Virginia horticulture Posted about 4 years ago

hornets in food garden

What is the safest way to remove hornets without chemicals to preserve the edible garden?

Montgomery County Virginia home ipm Posted about 4 years ago

Weed Identification

Could you help me identify this weed? The picture is attached. It has an incredibly invasive root system and has taken over many of my beds. Thank you for your help.

Montgomery County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

pond building

Is there anyone who can help site a pond on a property? Are there resources available to help site a pond?

Montgomery County Virginia ponds Posted over 4 years ago

Pest Mgt

Kelly, I have pastureland in Riner that I have been trying to control Coral berry/ Buckbrush/ Caprifiaceae, for the last several years. I have used CrossBow 2,4 D + triclopyr applications in May and in August, Grazon PD 2,4D Picloram May and August Application. Mechanical treatments May and November, treatments all with limited control. I last used chemical treatment in 2011. I have on a limited area tried Roundup. in 20012-2015 only clipping twice a year. Currently I have a canopy of Coral berry on 10% to 40 % in some areas. Have there been and field trials on the control of Coral berry? Is there a product or other management that has been successful in controlling Coral berry. I have held off fertilizing these pastures of not wanting to feed the weed. My pH is good but my P levels are Very Low. I want to fertilize but... Could you offer some advise?

Montgomery County Virginia pastures and forages weed control Posted over 4 years ago

Will woopeckers go after painted/treated wood?

I ask this question because our deck has severe water damage that our insurance company refuses to pay for. A woodpecker has been up there but my supposition is that there was water damage first which created an environment for bugs, which attracted the woodpecker. My insurance company does not agree and will not pay for the damage because it claims the damage was due to an animal not weather. Please help!

Travis County Texas Posted over 4 years ago

Sick Tree

Hi - I recently bought a house with a large evergreen variety that is not looking very healthy. I was wondering if there are any options for helping me identify what's wrong and how it can be saved. Thanks!

Montgomery County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Bag worm treatment

I have numerous Leyland Cyprus trees and a Blue Spruce, that seem to have been infected with bag worms. What do you suggest to help get rid of this issue and remove the worms from the trees? Also is there any specific type of fertilizer you would recommend to help the trees, when/if I get rid of the worms?

Montgomery County Virginia trees and shrubs insect issues Posted over 4 years ago