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Chindo viburnum

I have two chindo viburnum plants that are about 8 years old. They have handled past winters pretty well, except for these last two. The latest cold snap knocked off most of their leaves. I was assuming they were probably dead, and in looking for dead branches I actually snapped off an older branch at the base of the plant. The wood at the bottom of the branch was dry and brittle, but the smaller branches near the top were still supple and had new leaf buds. Is the plant dying slowly from the ground up, or are the healthy Chindo branches brittle at the bottom?

Chesterfield County Virginia trees and shrubs horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

Fast growing shade trees

I would like to plant a tree to shade some playground equipment - preferably one that is fast growing and low maintenance. What would be your recommendations?

Chesterfield County Virginia trees and shrubs Posted over 3 years ago

What is burrowing in my yard?

I've attached a picture of a deep hole I found in my back yard today. The hole is 5 inches deep, 9 inches wide, and 14 inches long. It may be a part of a tunnel, but I could not tell. Hopefully yo will be able to help me identify what it might be and possibly what steps I can take to get rid of it. Thanks, John

Chesterfield County Virginia wildlife damage management Posted almost 4 years ago

white oak disease

The two very tall white oak trees in our yard appear diseased. They have diminished foliage and brown curled leaves in places. How do we identify the problem and hopefully save our trees? Ann and John Watts

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

Cucumber beetles, Colorado potato bugs, squash beetles, flea beetles, etc...

I had lots of Cucumber beetles, Colorado, potato bugs, squash beetles, flea beetles and Japanese beetles in my garden last year which consisted of tomatoes, cucumber, squash, zucchini, water melons, cantelope, yukon gold potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, and assorted peppers. My garden did pretty good despite the presence of these pest untill late augest when everything started to shrivel up turning brown from the bottom up and eventually dying. My question is what can i do to prevent this from happening again this year as i have started to see the usual suspects again.

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

Seeking master gardener

Where does a "master gardener" advertise? How do I find a "master gardener" to come to my home and assist with soil sampling AND in designing AND planting?? I am willing to pay!!!!!

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

Leyland cypress trees

I have 4 cypress trees that I planted last year. They are now about 5 ft tall but I have been noticing some yellowing and browning of the foliage in the middle of the trees. When I gently pull on that foliage it comes right off. Any suggestions what it could be and what can be done? I do not want to lose these trees.

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

grape vine question

I purchased two grapevines and two blueberry plants last fall and planted them in my yard. I wasn't sure that they would make it but I had fresh growth on all four a month ago. When it was cold last week I covered them with burlap bags and I am thinking that I caused damage. When I took the burlap bags off of the grapevines all of the leaves looked like they were dying and I have attached a pic where it all looks brown. I know it was going to be about three years before there would be usable fruit. My question is do I know if I have killed them for good? I was considering moving them is there a certain time that I should wait to move them?

Los Angeles County California Posted about 4 years ago

Lespedeza control

Last summer and early fall, our lawn was choked with lespedeza. How can it be best prevented/controlled during this coming growing season without damaging the grass? Is a pre-emergent product recommended? If so what? Sold where? Should a lawn fertilizer be used soon before or after the herbicide?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Yucca fell over

My yucca palm had some damage to the stem when I bought it. But was told it was fine. It's grown a few feet in the last 8 years. But it has fallin over and the bend is in the weak part of the truck. I wasn't sure if it would like if I just staked behind it and gave it strength that was. Or is there something else I can do. Thank you

Ocean County New Jersey trees and shrubs houseplants horticulture Posted over 4 years ago