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My tree was hit with bagworms

My tree was hit with bagworms and turned brown. Will it recover? How do I care for it? Thanks.

Hanover County Virginia bagworms virginia cooperative extension horticulture Posted about 1 month ago

What type snake

Saw this on a walk in Bolivia NC. Not sure what.

Brunswick County North Carolina Posted 7 months ago

What kind of snake

Found baby snake in my garage we live in Alabama it shook its tail like a rattlesnake

Madison County Alabama Posted 7 months ago

Bradford Pear

I have a Bradford pear tree that is approximately 15 years old. It bloomed this spring but never produced leaves. Is it dead and should I cut it down? How can I determine this?

Gwinnett County Georgia Posted 11 months ago

Lawn winterization in December?

Hello. I was wondering if lawn winterization in December is too late or if it would have a negative impact on my grass given I should have done this in fall?

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Transplanting perennials and bushes

Is it still possible in November to transplant flowering bushes such as hydrangeas and perennial bulbs at this time of the year

Petersburg Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Baby snake identification

I found this baby snake while raking up leaves. It was maybe 10-12 inches when stretched out. Had whitish underbelly. Was knotted up at first, but later had head up like in attack mode. Didn't attempt flight until I left area. See Attached image.. Need to know if it's poisonous and any other facts you can share.

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago


I would like to plant zyosia in my yard. It gets partial shade. Will it grow in such conditions, or is there a better "zyosia -ljke alternative.T hanks! Tony

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago


Just bought a home an the rear of the property has several trees. Some dead others have green stuff (I assume moss)growing on them. I would like to save and nourish the existing trees an they act as a buffer between houses.

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Pest control in my vegetable garden

I have some lovage (still in the pot). I will be planting in my garden... I noticed that something had been chewing on it and today I found the culprit (see pic attached).

I don't like to use pesticides but I don't want my hard work to be wasted either. I have recently planted some kale from seed and I wonder if these worms/caterpillars would feed on that as well.

Please advise on how to get rid of this pest. I would like to be informed on all options including using pesticide. I know that I can probably pick these off and kill them... not sure if I can get over the ick factor. Please advise. Thanks

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago