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Weeping cherry tree fungus

Can it be saved when about half of the tree leaves fell off. I have sprayed for fungus Do I need to trim off most of dead. I’ve had new growth around bottom of trunk of tree. It’s probably about 20 years old. Has white blooms in spring. Also a dwarf weep g cherry

Lyon County Kentucky Posted 7 months ago

Blossom-end rot of tomatoes

Is Southren AG "STOP" blossom-end rot harmful to bees?

Chesterfield County Virginia Posted 9 months ago

Bacterial flux in my oak tree

This is the second year my oak has been bleeding foul smelling sap. It comes from a high branch and is leaving oily looking spots on my lawn. Is there any way to stop it? It has dripped on my guests heads!

Sangamon County Illinois Posted 10 months ago

I can't find anything to tell me what came up in my yard

Cheap fill dirt filled in around an oak stump last spring. This week, in addition to lots of maples I found several purple leaf plants. They must be shrubs, but I cannot find a purple leaf plant or shrub like them, either online or locally, with perpendicular sets of leaves, with each pair growing from same node. It is a windy area and numerous neighbors have purple leaf trees or shrubs, so likely blew in, or is from bird droppings. I've dug and saved them from weed eaters that are destined to cut all else down. Do you know what they night be? How big they will grow? Preferring full sun or partial shade? Have recently bought the house and it needs much landscaping. Hoping I've found a treasure.

Wise County Virginia Posted 11 months ago

What are the Flying Insects that makes small mounds?

What insect can make this small mounds? It starts to fly when I tried to catch it...

Outside United States Posted 12 months ago

North Carolina baby snake

Can someone tell me what kind of snake this is? I found it outside my house where we have a lot of woods and leaves. We ended up losing it, but I’d like to know what kind of snake it is in case we come across it again.

Union County North Carolina juvenile black ratsnake snakes of north carolina pantherophis obsoletus juvenile Posted 12 months ago

My tree was hit with bagworms

My tree was hit with bagworms and turned brown. Will it recover? How do I care for it? Thanks.

Hanover County Virginia bagworms virginia cooperative extension horticulture Posted about 1 year ago

What type snake

Saw this on a walk in Bolivia NC. Not sure what.

Brunswick County North Carolina Posted over 1 year ago

What kind of snake

Found baby snake in my garage we live in Alabama it shook its tail like a rattlesnake

Madison County Alabama Posted over 1 year ago

Bradford Pear

I have a Bradford pear tree that is approximately 15 years old. It bloomed this spring but never produced leaves. Is it dead and should I cut it down? How can I determine this?

Gwinnett County Georgia Posted almost 2 years ago