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What the heck is this

This weed is growing in front of my house. What is it is it dangerous? How do I get rid of it

Adams County NE Posted about 4 years ago

My two hackberry trees are loosing leaves

I have a big hackberry in my backyard and a smaller one in my front yard, about four days ago they begin to drop some leaves. They are not loosing leaves like in the fall but everyday there are a few more. Any thoughts ?

Scotts Bluff County NE small fruits Posted about 4 years ago

Plant/Tree Identification

Would you please identify this plant for me? I found it growing in my backyard. Thanks! :)

Lancaster County NE plant identification Posted about 4 years ago


There are a lot of these little ( 1 cm) bugs, ( beatles) crawling on the eaves of my house. They fly when disturbed but mostly crawl. There are hundreds of them on this home. We just moved to the house a month go and have no idea what they are and how to get rid of them. The person at home depot said they could be box elder beatles but are smaller. Any help appreciated.

NE Posted about 5 years ago