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Grassy Ground Cover

This grassy ground cover is taking over my side yard. I have a beautiful Saint Augustine lawn and this matted grass is spreading. How can I kill it without harming my SA grass? I have not been able to identify what it is from pictures on-line, I am adding pictures below.
Thank You!

Charleston County SC Posted 5 months ago

Pear tree problems

I live in Seattle WA and have a mature pear tree that's developed orange spots on it's leaves and thick fungus type of growth on others. The tree had hundreds of pears on it until about a week ago when 98% of them fell off. We have sprayed it with fungicide but it persists. Do we need a different treatment?

King County WA pear diseases pear rust Posted 7 months ago

local chill hours

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find my average annual chill hours to help me choose varieties of fruit trees to plant. I know about the app run by MSU, but this app does not seem to be capable of giving data for past years, only the current years. Thank you!

Louisa County VA Posted 11 months ago

Clay dirt

My garden has clay soil. I heard that doing a winter cover, Austrian peas or wheat over the winter would help. I can’t seem to find any of these items. Where could I find these items? And will it really help? Is it worth doing? Live near Detroit Michigan.

Macomb County MI Posted about 1 year ago

Empty Mammoth Sunflower Seeds

Why do most of my sunflower seeds not have a seed in the middle? We originally grew them for a project in February (harvested them June 3rd) , and we kept growing them out. We recently cut the heads off and harvested the seeds, then we followed an online recipe on how to cook them. After cooking them we found that most off them don't have seeds. We haven't eaten many but most of the ones we have eaten had no seeds. We are wondering if we need to let them grow longer.

Maricopa County AZ Posted over 1 year ago

ginko leaves not turning golden in fall as they used to

My Ginko tree is about 45-50 years old. It used to turn beautiful golden in the falland the leaves all drop at once. The last few years it has not done this. I miss the golden leaves.

Posted over 1 year ago

Blue spruce disease

We have 3 20 ft. Blue spruce in our yard. Last spring I noticed the white "bumps" on the needles. The infected needles start on the inside and bottom of the tree and work their way up and out. I sprayed the trees all summer with a fungicide at 2-3 week intervals and I thought that it slowed the disease but now this spring it seems to be very active again. We live at high altitude with desert like weather...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Saguache County Colorado tree health horticulture Posted almost 2 years ago

Cutting tree roots

We have a river birch with a root that is lifting the bricks on our patio. Is it possible to cut this root without hurting the tree?

St. Tammany Parish Louisiana river birch horticulture Posted over 3 years ago

Tick Nests

Response to Lee T's answer about whether or not ticks actually nest. He replied he would like to see picture of said nest. There is a Facebook image circulating. Please let us know if there is any truth to this post. Thank you.

Berrien County Georgia tick nests Posted over 3 years ago

What type of spider web is this

It's really fine web like a cloth

Kentucky spider webs kentucky cooperative extension Posted over 3 years ago