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Dying E. hookeri

My beautiful e. hookeri is developing black tips on new growth and seems to be slowly dying. What could be the cause of this? Can I stop it?

Virginia Beach VA Posted 7 months ago

Abandoned duck eggs?

I have a bush In my front yard and a duck has claimed it as her nesting location. She had been there for at least three days nonstop and this evening we noticed she isn’t there. At first we looked and didn’t see any eggs, no we didn’t touch her nest just moved the bush a bit, then about and hour and a half later we noticed she wasn’t back. This time her eggs were exposed but she was no where to be found. How long do I leave the eggs out there before calling wildlife and irnuncubating them?

Virginia Beach VA Posted 11 months ago

Why my cherry tree drop all the fruits Every year?

I planted my cherry tree 13 years ago. It gave me about a handful of cherries the first two years. After that the tree flowers beautifully, I'd see cherries forming, they grow to be The size of a pea and then they shriveled up and dropped. Every year. Yes I've pruned it and gave it compost. What's wrong with the tree? Neighbor has a sour cherry tree. I live in the east bay in California, temp is warm and mild.
Thank you

San Francisco County CA Posted 12 months ago

Sequoia tree

I have this little sequoia tree I purchased while living in California. I have had him for about 2 years. He seemed to do good over the summer but I thought I was losing him last winter so I'm nervous about this winter. He is starting to brown a bit and although I see some green coming through in the center I am concerned about the months to come. Any suggestions on home to care for this guy? Especially through the winter while he is small? I don't water him much now. Wait until everything seems to be completely dry and then give it a heavy water. He gets sun most of the day(just not morning sun) in this spot and is in a covered area so doesn't get rain water so water is controlled. Suggestions and advice would be so appreciated. I am in Virginia Beach va thanks so much!

Virginia Beach VA Posted over 1 year ago

What kind of plant is this?

An unusual vine appeared in our garden area in August. It has grown very long and has large leaves like a pumpkin, but has white flower blooms growing through the openings at the tops of the leaves. There is one possible fruit so far. I looked up some possibilities online and wonder if it is a Calabash Bottle Gourd. From what I read, they are mostly grown in Africa. Can you look at the pictures I've attached and see if you can tell me what kind it is? Is it possible that birds could have carried the seed from some far away place? Will it have time to produce gourds if it showed up in August?

Virginia Beach VA Posted over 1 year ago

Type of grass to overseed? Native plants?

Hi...we're in a new house in Virginia Beach (Lake Smith Terrace - arrived in April) and have a tall fescue lawn. The front yard is full sun (and now full of crabgrass) and the back yard is mottled shade (and looks pretty good). We would like to switch the front yard to a warm-season grass. In your opinion, what is the most "native" type of grass to use - one that will require the least maintenance? Can we switch to the new grass by overseeding? We are trying to accomplish a relatively nice lawn with a very minimum of chemicals. When we first moved in, McDonalds Garden Center tested the PH - we added lime and milorganite. We are also planning to reduce the size of the lawn by planting native grasses, flowers, plants - do you know where I can find a list of plants native to Virginia Beach? Thanks so much!

Virginia Beach Virginia native plants grasses Posted over 2 years ago

where have the worms gone

Last year there were so many earthworms in my garden. Every spade full of dirt revealed at least 2 or 3 big, fat, pink worms. Not so this year. What few earthworms I find are skinny and brown. Is there anything I can do to bring them back? What do you think could be the cause? Disease? A predator?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

St. Augustine Grass

I am getting brown patchy looking areas in my St. Augustine lawn. See attached photo. Looking for some help?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

nutria here

Is there a county agency or service that will remove nutria in Virginia Beach? Is there someone else to whom I should report this?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

Water hemlock

If water hemlock is suspected of starting to grow on my property is there a program to help us identify and eradicate if necessary. We have livestock and special needs children!!!

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago