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White soil or dirt

What is the characteristics of black, white, red, yellow & brown dirt/soil

Fulton County GA soils Posted 3 months ago

unidentified perennial

Hi, I've searched every way I can think of to find the name of this plant. Any ideas? It grows about 4 1/2 feet tall, stalks get heavy and lay on the ground at times

Floyd County GA Posted almost 4 years ago

How to raise hollyhocks from seeds

Hi there, I live in GA and brought some Hollyhock seeds back with me put them in little pots an they popped up nicely. Now it is Nov and I don't know if I should leave them outside in the pots, or bring them inside for the winter I'm not in a poistion to put them in the ground.

Lumpkin County GA horticulture Posted over 4 years ago

What type of bush / tree is this

Please see attached

Cobb County GA Posted over 4 years ago

Is this a weed

Can u pl tell me if u recognize if this is weed or plant that hasn't yet bloom

Cherokee County GA Posted almost 6 years ago