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Reseeding in fall

We moved to Va 3 yrs ago. Had sod lawn put down was told we would not need irrigation system, I had one my entire adult life.we live in Crozet. Soil not the best. Lots of clay.I am planning on aerating, thatching, seeding & fertilizing. What seed would you recommend for full sun yard & which fertilizer can I apply with new seed. If I need to wait to fertilize I will based on your comments. Need your help.. Recently lost my leg & it is so much tougher to do & get things done. I just want to buy the products you feel will work best, & give me a dark green lawn, not golf classic, just REAL nice.

Thank you so much for your interest & advice, Doug Monty

Albemarle County Virginia Posted about 1 year ago

Trouble emailing Albemarle office.

Submitted questions via email not responded to. Clicking on "extension agents...etc" will not open correctly. Have sent several questions and no response. Trying to get info on grass seed to use in this area of the state (Albemarle).

Albemarle County Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

bald cypress seed

Can you stop them from producing the seed

Benton County Arkansas Posted about 4 years ago

Leucothoe leaf disease

Six Leucothoe have a leaf disease that I think is a fungus caused by cylindrocladium. Leaves have large brown spots covering the entire shrub. Is it cylindrocladium? I'm going to remove all shrubs but I wonder if the fungus lives in the soil after removing the infected plants? I want to plant new shrubs but not if they can be infected with the same problem. Thank you!

Albemarle County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Leucothoe fungus disease - Does it stay long in the soil once the plant is removed ?

Six foundation Leucothoe shrubs have a leaf disease which I have identified as a fungus, cylindrocladium. My reading says it causes root rot that will eventually kill the plant. I'm going to remove the plants and want to plant something else. Question? Will the fungus remain in the soil? If so, for how long? I do not want it to spread to another plant. I appreciate any info you have on this disease.

Albemarle County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Bald cypress tree

Hi, I collected a couple of fruit balls, their green and closed, I want to plant them after doing the above mentioned steps, when is the best time to plant them? If I do the 60 day stratification after they dry out( ? How long does that take) will it be too cold to plant? I'm in east Texas. Thanks

Harrison County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture Posted almost 5 years ago

Plastic waterslide tarp damaged grass on either side of it

We have a water slide and it involves putting two 10' x 25' plastic sheets on the yard for the kids to slide on. They stay down for an hour or two at most and then I take them up when done. There's never been a problem even though we've used it multiple times this summer. After yesterday, it seems like the grass on either side of the plastic sheets is browning (but not in the middle right under where the kids slide). What could have caused this? The sheets get rolled up and probably stay wet inside so could there be some chemical buildup from the plastic that splashed off the sides that could have happened? The water did look a little discolored.

Middlesex County Massachusetts lawns and turf horticulture Posted about 5 years ago

Ripping potato stems

Why are all of my potatoes docs or stems cracking ? Should I tape them up?

Livingston County Michigan fruits and vegetables Posted about 5 years ago

Can the root or knee of a bald cypress be cut without harming the tree?

We have a 2,300-gallon garden pond lined with a 43 mil thick EDPM (rubber) liner. Next to our garden pond is a healthy, large Louisiana bald cypress tree. One of the tree's underground roots with possible knee at its end is pressing against and extending the pond's liner. This bald cypress tree is 42" in circumference. The end of the bulge (suspected knee) is 42" away from the tree's trunk. Can the root be cut without harming the tree? At what point between the trunk and end point (bulge in liner) should the root be cut? When there a best season to cut the root? .

Dallas County Texas Posted about 5 years ago

PH Testing

How and or whom do I call to arrange to get lawn care PH testing done.

Albemarle County Virginia Posted about 6 years ago