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White spots on Japanese maple

What fungus is this and how do I treat. I had gone to a nursery and they said it is very common on the Japanese maple trees but did not clarify what the fungus was.

Union County NC Posted 1 day ago

Japanese red maple white spots

My japanese red maple bloomed great this spring but over night it started turning brown and dropping leaves. The remaining leaves are red with white spots. What is going on and how do I treat the tree.

Jefferson County KY Posted 3 months ago

Little red dots in japanese maple leaf

Hi, i’m Luciano from Argentina. I have growing this japanese maple, and i noticed the new spot on the new leafs. I want to know how bad this could be, and why this start to happend to my maple. Regards. Regards.

OUTSIDEUS Posted 4 months ago

White leaf spot in October

How do I treat or keep from spreading ? Am I overwatering ? The three maples that have it are in containers

Pulaski County AR Posted 10 months ago

Spots on Japanese maple trees

We have seedlings under our Japanese maple that we repot and sell. About every year at this time they get the dry spots on the leaves. Can you please tell us why they spot and how if anything we can do to stop?

VA Posted about 3 years ago

peach tree

I have several peach trees that have several peaches on them. Can I remove some of the fruit on the tree so there isn't as much competition for the trees energy?

Patrick County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Cherry Tree

i have several cherry trees. One of them has not leafed out. Any idea on what might be causing this?

Patrick County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Dying trees

We have mature trees that are dying and don't know why or what to do about it. Can your office help?

Patrick County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

insecticide , roses and praying mantis

Hello. My knock-out roses are infested with Japanese beetles. What can I use that will not harm the praying mantis? I have Bayer granules (merit) but cannot find info on effect on bee or mantis. Help! Thanks, David M.

Patrick County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

what would i need to add to topsoil in a raised bed if i wanted to grow...

what would i need to add to topsoil in a raised bed if i wanted to grow potatoes?

Patrick County Virginia soil vegetables soil amendments Posted over 4 years ago