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Grass under a holly tree

I planted new grass seed in the yard and all has come up except a small patch (3x5) Under a holly tree. When I water the grass it goes on the tree then drips down on the grass. Is it something on the leafs that kill the grass?

Lancaster County VA lawns and turf Posted over 1 year ago

Is my Willow dying? If so would you wager a guess as to why?

My Weeping Willow appears to be "half dead". As we ventured further into summer, it appears that the top half of my tree is dying. The top half only is producing no new growth and the branches seem to be dying (no new leaf or limb growth). The bottom half of the tree is flush with new growth. HELP!

Hanover County VA Posted over 1 year ago

Did I find rocks, tektites, or just normal glass?

I'm looking to see if I can get an idea of what kind of rocks (?) I found recently while searching a field in central Virginia for native artifacts. They appear to be glass, 2 of them are dark green similar to moldavite, and the other is clear with a small gray inclusion. While I think the green ones could be man made, what I find intriguing about them is their surfaces are very pitted like they reacted with the local strata while still very hot. I have found other pieces of man-made glass in the field, but none of them resemble the heavy pitting and weathering that these pieces have. The clear one may be the most interesting as it has a globular shape like it was clearly molten at one point. There are also pieces of quartz found in this field, but again, none of them display this exterior surface texture or globular shape, they are much smoother and crystalline. At first I was thinking fulgurite's, but these don't have the shape or texture. As I was researching, the only thing that kept coming back as what would be similar to these are tektites, however, I just can't seem to imagine that's what they are, but maybe? Any ideas as to what these may be?

Dinwiddie County VA Posted over 1 year ago

What type of fungus is this

Black area, regular branch then black again. Can it be treated?

Buckingham County VA Posted almost 2 years ago

Fertilizing Blue start juniper

Hello, I put Holly tone on these in March, and now they are looking very brown. Did I harm them?? I pruned back a little too. Can I save them, please help! They looked great before I did all this!

Sorry, my pictures ended upside down.

Loudoun County VA Posted over 2 years ago

Systemic insecticide

What can be used as a systemic insecticide to kill pine shout weevil once they have entered in the new growth. Surface sprays don't seem to work as they can't penetrate down in the plant to kill the weevil. Have an on-going problem in all my conifers. Thank you

Northampton County Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago


I am looking to have some logging/thinning done on my property. I was wondering if the extension provides free or a fee-based service to provide valuation of timber and guidance in this endeavor. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hanover County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

What plant is this?

I used to chew on it as a child. We called it sour grass. Thank you!

Virginia plant identification Posted over 4 years ago

Hickory Tree Thousands of These

I just bought a property with a beautiful shaggy Hickory. The tree's leaves are infested with thousands of these things under the leaves. What is it and what can I do about it?

Fulton County Illinois trees and shrubs insect issues Posted over 4 years ago

white pine tree parasites

what is entering thru the bark on my trees and eating little road map designs on wood and some of the entry hole are large and deep into branches and trunks all the way from an exposed large root up trunk and out branches.

King William County Virginia forestry Posted over 5 years ago