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Strange Pattern in Bermuda Lawn

It is December 1st and I thought that my Bermuda lawn was going dormant. However, given the current warm weather, it seems to be waking up a bit. But it has developed this strange Giraffe skin like pattern that I have never seen before. Is this a concern at all?

This is a new sodded lawn at a new home established in April of this year. Attached is a picture.


Sidney Long

Williamson County Texas Posted almost 3 years ago

Eradicate plant

I am not sure if I am writing to the correct office. If not could you direct me to the appropriate resource. I have a friend who owns a horse farm in Rockingham county and I visited him the other day. He is having a problem with an invasive plant. The horses won't eat it and he has not found a weed killer that will kill it. I took some photos of it (see below). Could you help identify the plant and how to erridacate it. radicate it from the tfields? Thank you Joe Lynch iPhone

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Stink Bugs

Need I say more? How do I get rid of them in my house? I know about sealing up cracks and openings but what else can I do. We now seem to have them year round

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Bag Worms

Typically Early June is the best time to spray for Bag Worms in Rockingham County. Will the warmer than normal winter necessitate spraying any earlier? Many thanks.

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Land potential for wine grapes

Hi, I was wondering if Rockingham Co. property (zoned A1) that has 5.8 acres and only 1 acres used for the dwelling site, can it be developed for cultivating agriculture such as wine grapes? Will it be enough land for said agriculture? I would like to potentially develop part of the land for future income growth. Who and how do I get that information? Thanks!

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 3 years ago

Soil Sample Testing

Within the past several years, I learned friends who are Master Gardeners that soil testing is available for home gardeners in our area who want to improve their soil. I believe they told me that this was in connection with VA Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech. I have not been able to find information on this on-line. Do you have any information about soil testing that you could provide?

Harrisonburg Virginia Posted almost 4 years ago

Fast growing trees

What are some fast growing trees that will provide a wind barrier and shade? I live in Port Republic and want to plant trees that grow fairly fast that will last thru the years.

Rockingham County Virginia Posted about 4 years ago

lawn problem

Would appreciate suggestions on how to control the large blade grass/weed coming up in my lawn

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Problems with Grapes

My grapes keep turning black and shriveling up. Have sprayed with Copper fungicide. Please look at pictures and give me suggestions on what I could do to correct problem. Thanks

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago

Bermuda Grass

Hi: I have Bermuda grass growing in my lawn. Could you recommend something that would kill the Bermuda Grass without harming the other grasses in my lawn. Thanks

Rockingham County Virginia Posted over 4 years ago