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Help with trees

Does the Extension service provide experts who can come to my property and assess the health of my trees?

Chesapeake Virginia Posted 18 days ago

Camellia Never Blooms

We have about 20 camellias in our yard. All but 2 bloom beautifully but two of the same variety have never bloomed. Buds all over the place every spring that fall to the ground. We’ve pruned, fertilized, etc, to no avail. Help!

Norfolk Virginia Posted 4 months ago

Japanese Holly's dying

Hello, I was wondering what could be killing our japanese hollys? Our neighborhood landscaper transplanted several japanese hollys about 2 months ago. We had a drought but we watered them accordingly. We noticed that once it rained, they all started turning brown and dying off. Some with patches of brown that keeps spreading, others just completely died. Every time it rains, it gets worse. Weve searched for pest infestations, but found none. The only thing we can think of is possibly fertilizer burn, as the landscaper put in, what seemed to be way too much control release fertilizer. I'd love to know what happened because it is costing us more and more money. Thank you so much for your time.

Chesapeake Virginia Posted 8 months ago

Front lawn issue

My front lawn seems to be dying and a layer of ferns or moss seems to be covering the ground. What is causing this.

Essex County New Jersey Posted 11 months ago

hardier turf

What are the hardier types of grass that grow easiest in Chesapeake? Currently have fescue and it does not do well in my back yard that is in partial shade and with two bigger dogs

Chesapeake Virginia lawns and turf Posted over 1 year ago

Getting a Soil Sample Tested

I was wondering two things. First, how to take a soil sample from my yard: Do I take one sample, multiple ones, and how? Second, where in Chesapeake can I take a sample to have it analyzed and get advice about how to improve my lawn chemistry? I appreciate your help!

Chesapeake Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

Yearly lawn death

Hello. I've been a resident of Fairfax county since 2013, and every summer the same areas of my lawn die at the same time in late July - August. Every fall, I've aerated and reseeded, I put down fall and spring fertilizers along with Grubex. 2 years ago I put down sod. Last year I seeded the area. Every fall and spring, the grass flourishes, but every summer the same spots still die. This year I also treated it with Scotts fungus control (early July) and Heritage G 3 weeks later. The lawn keeps getting worse.

Fairfax Virginia Posted almost 3 years ago

Peach Tree Question

I live in the Hickory area of Chesapeake. Our peach tree is sick. Photos attached. Not sure how old the tree is; we just purchase the home last Fall. It started with what I assume is brown fungus wiping out the baby peaches this Spring. Those that didn't fall off prematurely, turned to shriveled up little peach mummies. Now the leaves are shriveling up and turning yellow. I don't see any bug infestation. I have tried searching it up online, but there is too much information for me to digest. Any ideas/recommendations? We would love to get healthy peaches from the tree someday, but it isn't our main priority. We are more interested in just keeping the tree healthy if possible to enjoy the beautiful blossoms each Spring. However, if it is best to just cut it down, so be it. We just want a professional opinion first. Thank you for any information you will provide. Respectfully, Carl Welborn 757-288-9467

Chesapeake Virginia Posted about 3 years ago

Removal of Cicada Killer Wasps

For several years I've gotten mounds of sand from Cidada Killers and I normally ignore them. They are in my back yard which butts up to a pond, and this year there are so many it's getting in the way of mowing my yard. Should I wait until Oct. when the adults leave and pour something down the holes? What's the best way to get rid of them?

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted almost 4 years ago

Ground cover options for heavily wooded backyard?

Hello: I am looking for ground cover options for my backyard. I have almost no grass due to the 15 or so large trees in my backyard. My entire lot size is about 0.4 acres, so I would estimate that my backyard is around 0.2 acres. When I asked him about seeding, my lawn service guy advised against it and told me my backyard has the most trees of any he services, so it would be difficult/impossible to get a decent lawn. At this point I am not considering removing any trees, but I would like to have something on the ground aside from some pockets of grass and mulched leaves! What would be some good ground cover options for someone in this situation? Thanks! Brian A. Hunt

Chesapeake Virginia Posted about 4 years ago