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Food Canning

does your office have step by step information to create food canning business to sell it at the grocery stores?

Fairfax County VA Posted over 5 years ago

Blackstrap Molasses

I have a bottle of Blackstrap Molasses that has never been opened and the expiration date says 11/9/13. Would it still be good? I have heard that you can use it up to two years after expiration date.

Clinton County OH food safety Posted over 5 years ago

lemon meringue pie unrefrigerated

Can lemon meringue pie be left unrefrigerated?

Greene County MO food safety Posted almost 6 years ago

Food Safety

What things can I save from the refrigerator since it stopped working 5 days ago.

VA Posted over 6 years ago


We are cheese and yogurt manufacturers that need to develop a HACCP Plan. Can you assist? Thanks!

Loudoun County VA Posted over 6 years ago

Easy Personal Guide to Starting a Food Business

Hi, I am interested in starting a fermented food business in Staunton, Virginia. I nam likely to want to start small, making batches at home for direct sale or for sale at a Farmers Market. There are a lot of publications and guides offered on this site — so much so that it is overwhelming me a bit in terms of how and where to start, mostly as afar as what things I have to do to be in compliance with Virginia and federal at the home-based level. Do you all offer classes in this kind of thing — something basic and yet personal to help sort some of the big information out easily? Or do you offer consultations for new entrepreneurs? Best, Lindsay Curren

Staunton Virginia Posted over 6 years ago


How to tell when eggs are still safe to eat past the "Best By Date"

Loudoun County Virginia Posted about 7 years ago

commercial kitchen??

I want to make bbq sauce in my kitchen & sell it and festivals/farmers markets. It is made from ketchup, mustard, vinegar, molasses, brown sugar, tomato paste, prepared minced garlic, lemon juice and dry this an acified product???? how do I test it??? and what requirements do I need to get a "commercial kitchen license" (if I need one) and what agency do I go through??? I'm in Grayson County VA (outside of city limits)

Virginia starting a business Posted over 7 years ago