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starter fertilizer with grass seed

In planting a new lawn, can I put down starter fertilizer with some type of weed prevention/kiler? While I'm here I might as well state something for any feedback. I killed my lawn of weeds 2-3 weeks ago and I have been amazed how quickly new weeds are coming back. I'm power seeding this weekend. I'm frustrated that all the work I"ve put in is going to be compromised with all these new weeds that will be growing alongside my new seedlings. Thanks for your feedback.

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted 2 days ago

Puss Caterpillar Sting for Tracking/Prevalence Reporting

Good morning, I wanted to know if you would be able to point me in the right direction? I was stung on Sunday afternoon by a Puss caterpillar in the 23231 zip code, and I wasn't sure if anyone is tracking instances like this for tracking/prevalence reporting? I also have a picture of the caterpillar and the sting if it is wanted. I just wanted to offer to contribute data if someone is collecting it! Thanks so much, Emily Foster

Henrico County Virginia Posted 3 days ago

Problem with fleas, ticks and chiggers

Hello, For the second year now we have been plagued with fleas and chiggers in our yard. I have few flower gardens and a vegetable garden where I seem to get a lot of bites We also notice that we get flea bites when we are just standing in the lawn. A friend recommended Bug B Gone but after researching this I have found that it is harmful to bees, so that is a big NO! What do you think of beneficial nematodes? Where should I buy these? When should they be applied? Also, can you give me any other suggestions? Thank you for your time

Henrico County Virginia Posted 8 days ago

What kind of bug is this?

What are these bugs? Are our plants in danger? 2.5 years ago we planted these spice bushes as well as Blackeyed Susan’s and Echinacea plants to attract pollinators and ultimately birds. Thanks

Henrico County Virginia Posted 10 days ago

What apple variety is this?

I am trying to figure out what variety of apple this is. I got it from the home of a friend in Port Townsend WA and they do not know the type. It is one of the sweetest apples that I have ever eaten with a unique flavor. Texture is firm and juicy with a pinkish hue of the flesh relatively close to the skin.

Fauquier County Virginia Posted 15 days ago

Fescue lawn maintenance

I have mulched most of my yard and only have 800sq feet in fescue. Would like to discontinue VA Green and try maintenance myself. Do you have a list of what to do each month: fertilize, pre emergent prevention, fungus control etc. Sounds complicated but I am retired and have time.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 15 days ago

Apple trees

I purchased some apple trees from home depot and lowes this week with some leaves that are brown and curled. Tried removing as many of those leaves as possible and today I notice more leaves are changing. Did some research and I'm hoping its not fireblight. It was present on all the trees from both stores and I just thought maybe they hadn't been watered enough before purchasing. Now I'm pretty sure its some sort of disease.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 16 days ago

Weeping cherry problem

Last fall we planted a Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry. It bloomed beautifully in the spring and looked good all summer but is now struggling. There are black dots and curled up leaves, as well as branch sections that have no leaves. The trunk looks good with the exception of one injury which seeped sap. Other than that I don’t see holes in the trunk. The tree is on a drip hose line. Can you tell us what is wrong and how we should treat it? Thank you.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 17 days ago

HUGE hornet in home daycare yard!!

This very large fellow has appeared just in the last day or two right under a play structure in my home daycare play yard. Usually we observe and respect nature but this guy looks huge and I don't want any of the kids to accidentally step on it or make it angry or just get curious and try to touch it. This guy flew the entire grasshopper body and then dragged the entire grasshopper into it's hole. After a few moments it flew off again, I assumed for more bugs. Please help!

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted 21 days ago

St. John's Wort shrub is dying

I have a St. John's Wort, (Hypericum inodorum) that's about 3 years old and sits next to my garage wall on the south side of the house. It's done very well, but suddenly, a few weeks ago, several branches started to die. I thought maybe it was too hot and dry against the wall, since that side started to go first. I cut those out, but other branches are progressively dying from that point. The leaves are browning from the base of the bush up the stalk. It does get hit with water from the irrigation system, but I would think the side facing the water would have been affected first, if that was the problem. I don't see any insects on it; the roots look okay without any fibrous material. I read about root rot and leaf blight. I haven't done any kind of treatment yet. Thanks.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 22 days ago