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Asian Giant Hornet?

My wife and I had this very large (longer than one inch) hornet buzzing around us today while eating. We captured it in a cup but are not sure what it is. It is oddly large in size from what we’ve seen here before and the banding had us scratching our heads asking, “what if it’s an Asian Giant Hornet”. Any knowledge or info would be appreciated.

Henrico County VA Posted 2 months ago

Bean sprouts in lawn — what do I do?

Greetings! I’m hoping you can help me with the rather odd growth I am currently dealing with in my lawn — bean sprouts. My kids were playing with a big container of dried black and red beans (it’s a fun sensory thing), when most of the container tipped over into the yard. We did nothing, thinking that grocery store beans wouldn’t be an issue. We were wrong. A few weeks and several rainy days later, a large patch of bean plants emerged. They’re now growing quite well in our lawn. What can I do to kill these bean plants and not the grass around it? Thanks in advance!

Henrico County VA Posted 3 months ago

want to plant trees, but soil won't drain

I'm living in the near west end (near Skipwith & Three Chopt) and underneath a couple of inches of topsoil, it's all some sandy loam (?). I now want to grow some fruit so I bought a persimmon tree and a plum tree and dug large holes (9' around, 2.5' deep) to plant them so I could amend the heck out of the soil. Which is fine, but it turns out the holes don't drain. After the rain yesterday and overnight, the one I'd filled back up with amended soil is now like pudding and the one I hadn't yet filled back up is just standing water. So I have no idea what to do... Do I need to excavate somehow to install drainage to ever lower ground? Is it just hopeless? Ugh!

Henrico County VA Posted 3 months ago

Spruce dead needles

The spruce faces west and gets nearly full sun.not much water. Please advise. I sprayed with neem oil several weeks ago. Thank you!!

Henrico County VA Posted 3 months ago

What is this weed?

This weed is in my beds all around my hostas. Any way to kill it without killing my hostas? Thank you!

Henrico County VA Posted 3 months ago

Box blight!

Hi. I live in Henrico in the West End, off River Road, a little west of University of Richmond. We have a bunch of boxwoods in the front yard, and a disease which I think is boxwood blight took out basically all of them on one side of the house, and is definitely encroaching on the other side. The boxwoods have rapidly turned brown and dropped their leaves. They have a strong smell as well. I didn't see much of the tell-tale black streaks on the stems but the leaves have distinct brown spots. Pretty sure its blight. I think I may have to trash 10 plants including a few mature ones. Any advice, especially if I'm trying to save some that have patches developing but look mostly healthy? Do I just need to tear everything out?? Thanks.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 3 months ago

Weeping Willow issue +

Hello, My weeping willow looks like it has some kind of black spot. I'm guessing a fungus. Most of the leaves have fallen off already. Should we spray the tree? With what? We've been raking all the leaves out from under it. Is there hope? Any chance it may die? I just love it. It's in full sun, dry soil but we water it when it's dry out. 2nd Question. We have some fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches, cherries and almonds) and it doesn't appear that we're spraying either the right stuff or at the right times. Is there some schedule for our area (Varina)? Also, I'd like to stay organic if I can. Any suggestions on products to use? We harvested a lot of pears but no apples. Had some but they didn't make it.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 3 months ago

Is this a Murder Hornet?

Noticed this large hornet next to our back door. I killed it with spray and its still hanging on the house if you need to see it.

Virginia Beach Virginia Posted 3 months ago

Oak tree fertilizer

Hi, I have a white oak, that has thin leaf cover, some spotty leaves and seems to be overall stressed. It is large, and probably about 18—24 in diameter/ an older tree. The Daveys tree service arborist is recommending a one time Arbor Green Pro + PPR 30 potassium treatment. Worth doing or a waste of money? Do you all come out to look at trees abd offer advice? Thanks.

Henrico County Virginia Posted 3 months ago

Skipping problems??

We purchased the skip laurels on the hopes that they would be easy to grow. We planted them in early March and they seemed to do well until the summer. You can say that three are not doing well but the other seem to be doing fine and they are growing right next-door to the other ones. What should we do when the new skip laurels come in to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Henrico County Virginia Posted 3 months ago