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To be or not to be truffle?

I found these growing on roots of my quaking Aspen. Could they be truffles?

Lewis and Clark County MT Posted 4 months ago


Is there a general systemic application for Anthracnose

MT Posted 5 months ago

What should I plant after autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) removal? Is...

What should I plant after autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) removal? Is there a specific ground cover or cover crop that will help to restore the altered soil more quickly than, say, a general wildflower mix?

Oakland County MI invasive species groundcovers Posted 7 months ago

Ripening Bartlett pears

I live in Jefferson County, Mt . I’m higher up in the mountain roughly about 5000 ft. I have two dwarf Bartlett trees. It is Sept. 26 and I found several small hard green pears on the ground from one tree . Temperature at night is still in the lower 40’s . How do I keep them at 30 degrees a couple of days before trying to ripen them. My refrigerator is not that cold and my freezers are below that and will freeze them. Other question, temperature next week will be dropping into the 30’s but not below 32 degrees. Day temperature will be anywhere from 60 to in the 40’s. Also next Wed is supposed to snow.Should I pick all the rest of the the pears before the snow falls. Only 1 day predicted of snow Oct 8. From Adele in Mt.

Ravalli County MT Posted about 1 year ago

Are black walnut trees toxic to callicarpa dichotoma ("Early Amethyst Beautyberry)?

Are black walnut trees toxic to callicarpa dichotoma ("Early Amethyst" Beautyberry)"

Washtenaw County MI trees and shrubs sustainable gardening and landscaping gardening Posted about 1 year ago


Many of the huckleberry plants along the Lava lake trail in the Gallatin River valley have a red/rusty colored leaf edge. What is it? Cause?

Garfield County Montana Posted over 1 year ago

Lilac mystery

I replanted some lilacs shoots last year from a mature bush and they all caught, and this year they started out with vigorous growth, but three plants started to dry out after 6 weeks,in the middle of the row and not side by side trees. The leaves stayed green and in regular shape through the drying process, eventually ending up a lighter green and crisp. I cut the whole tree off,about 6 inches from the base, and the stem still looked healthy inside,and green underneath the bark. The trees were about 20 inches tall. I cant figure out what caused it or how to stop it from continuing. any suggestions? it seems to be spreading.Should I cut the neighboring trees right away as well? I did spread a 1/3 fistful of 32-17-7-3 fert around each plant, plus spread some 12 year old rotted manure around the base, about .5 to .75 inches thick, right up against the trees, 1 week after the fert application. [I did pull the manure back after I started to see the symptoms.] Think I did too much? we've had 4 inches of rain since spring. they started to show symptoms roughly 5 days after the last rain, but they certainly weren't dry. Please help, thank you.

Montana trees and shrubs Posted over 1 year ago

Pruning an old shrub rose hedge

I have a prolific older shrub rose hedge that is dense with canes and is about 5.5’ tall x 4’ wide. I’d like to shear it down to about 3.5’ tall x 3’ wide with my power hedge trimmer. I will be getting into some thicker (3/4”) diameter woody canes. Do you think this is safe to do.

Flathead County Montana Posted over 1 year ago

Picking Red Clapp Pears

I have two pear trees, D'Anjou and Red Clapp. I have picked the D'Anjou because they snapped off as you described. The Red Clapp does not "snap off" like the D'Anjou. Should I cut them off or wait until they "snap off". Also, how long should the Red Clapp be in the cooler.

Missoula County Montana Posted about 2 years ago

Collapsing loaves

Lately my loaves have been collapsing in my bread maker, where they used to come out perfect. Now they look like Crater Lake. Any ideas?

Flathead County Montana Posted over 2 years ago