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Herbicide residual in vegetable garden soil

I recently purchased a house that had a couple of horses on it. I cleaned it up and planted a garden, it came up nicely but when hot weather hit, the tomatoes new growth became twisted and the older leaves curled, some zuccini leaves cupped and beans did poorly. I believe that they had hay that had herbicide and most likely Dicamba. Most of the plants have continued to grow, but I need to know if it is dafeto eat, kale leaves, zuccini, etc. Thanks! Gary ps.... I am fron Corvallis originally!

Missoula County MT Posted 15 days ago

Should we prune our pumpkin plant vines?

We have a couple of pumpkin plants that each have many small fruits about the size of golf balls or slightly larger, and they are still producing lots of blossoms. Is it necessary to prune the vines, or can we keep them unpruned and get many smaller pumpkins? Also, should we be adding fertilizer or compost to help them along?

Lake County MT Posted 24 days ago

What is eating into the stems of my heuchera and heucherella?

I seem to have something...a little larva maybe or something else that causes a hole in the thin stems and the flowers fall off. The same things happens with the leaf stems...those leaves will wilt more often than they break off. What should I do to stop it. This is the second year I have had the problem.

Looking at the stem closely, the hole left is like a round pocket and not at all like something chewed on the stem.

Thank you so much for your time. I used to be a Senior Master Gardener with Colorado State and this has me puzzled.

Flathead County MT Posted 26 days ago

Shrubs at 7000 ft

We live outside Philipsburg, on a dry, windy, sunny hill, elevation 7000’ Our landscaping has been rather hit and miss. For a number of years we have been successful with Potentilla, they have come to the end of their lives and we are looking to replace them. I wonder if you have ideas of other interesting suitable plants ? Or maybe we should stick with them?

Granite County MT Posted about 1 month ago

Is My Aspen Sick?

I purchased an aspen tree about 15 years ago. Since then it has done very well, quadrupling in size. As it matured it always produced a some catkins followed by a full compliment of leaves. About three or four years ago it was covered in catkins, the most I'd ever seen it produce. That year the leaves that followed were smaller in size. Each year since then it seems to produce fewer and smaller leaves and they are very late coming in. Right now it has very small buds while the other aspens in my yard, including some suckers from this tree, have well formed leaves bursting out. Is this normal or do I have a problem with this tree. I'd hate to lose it.

Flathead County MT Posted 3 months ago

Squash leaves

Hello! Most all varieties of squash in my greenhouse are getting yellow and crusty around the edge of their largest leaves. There’s a few small holes in the leaves as well. If d like to know what I’m looking at, if you could help me identify! Images attached

Gallatin County Montana Posted 4 months ago

Little black spiders

We have an infestation of little black spiders in our yard and garden. They are in the lawn and the wood chip paths. When we walk, they scatter in every direction, sometimes across my feet and legs. When I'm trying to work in the garden, they are running all over the place, startling me and frankly, grossing me out. I don't mind garden spiders that make webs and eat bad bugs. But these little black spiders that dash around the ground in the hundreds really bother me. I would like to get rid of them, preferably in a way that is safe for my garden food and for my kids and dog. Ideas or suggestions? We have plenty of other spiders too, including what I'm pretty sure are some huge Hobo spiders in the late Summer and Fall. We've found black widows. I don't have it out for all spiders, but with so many and some that are clearly not doing my garden any good, I would like to know how to control the population. Thank you! P.S. I had an infestation like this several years ago at another house. When I tried to mow, the spiders would run out of the lawn onto the patio in batches of hundreds. I went on a killing spree once with some spray poison and killed about 300, just on my small patio. They are prolific!
Lane county Oregon

I have the same question as above. We have 8 acres and the little black spiders scatter on all 8 acres. We also assumed it was a hatch- but it’s been two months, and the number is about the same. Tiny little spiders that scatter.

Ravalli County Montana Posted 4 months ago

Sap is leaking from my apricot tree

We had landscaping done last fall and a young apricot tree was planted at our home in Lolo. A week ago, I notice quite a bit of a thick gooey liquid (sap?) leaking from a branch on the tree and also where the main trunk splits into branches. The tree looks healthy otherwise. My landscaper says that it is normal for an apricot tree to do this. I would greatly appreciate your opinion because I'm reading otherwise on search engines. Thank you!

Missoula County Montana Posted 4 months ago

Septic drainfield cover issue.

What would be good non-invasive perennials to use for septic drain field cover? The location is a large plot with native grasses so I don't want a strip of lawn in the middle of it.

Silver Bow County Montana Posted 4 months ago

Polinators for coral champgain cherry

Hello,, Just wondering if my lapkin cherry trees will be able to polinate my coral champgain cherry trees? I also have two pie cherry trees i cant remember the name of . Cherry clusters yellow red,,turn bright red.. Thanks Joe These pie cherries are doing great up here...not to sweet....think they could be rainer cherry?

Ravalli County Montana cherry trees Posted 4 months ago