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What sort of spider is this?

What sort of spider is this?

OUTSIDEUS spiders giant house spider eratigena atrica Posted over 3 years ago

What kind of bug is this?

What kind of bug is this? We just moved into a new building and we keep seeing them everywhere. They jump around and are hard to get a pic of them.

KY insect identification Posted almost 4 years ago

What kind of spider

My sister found this in her son's sandbox yesterday. She said It's back looked soft like velvet, Is it poisonous? Is it in the black widow family?

Rowan County KY spiders spider identification Posted almost 4 years ago

Match like body with legs like a frog

I found a bug in my basement bathroom that I have never seen before. It had a body that looked exactly like a small match, no discernible segments, no visible antennae, and the back four legs were like a frogs, but at least twice the length of the body. The front legs were extremely stunted. The hindmost legs were the longest while the middle legs were more proportionate. I attempted to capture it, but by the time I had gotten a container, it had vanished. It's head was a dark brown, and the body and legs appeared to be clearish with the slightest sandy color. It was approximately 3/4 inches in length and the body was roughly a millimeter wide. It has no wings. The hindmost legs are somewhere nearly twice it's length and the middle legs are about the body length. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture an image or the bug, but any help you could give would be appreciated. I live in Billings, MT, if that will be of any help.

Yellowstone County MT insect identification Posted almost 4 years ago

Is she dangerous?

This little spider has been hanging around for about 2 weeks. She stays in one spot of course snacks on her prey, she looks ready to lay eggs. Is she dangerous should I move her? What kind of spider is this? She looks to be dark brown/black in color no distinctive marks on her. Just a tiny body and long legs

St. Clair County MI spiders spinder identifcation Posted almost 4 years ago

What kind of spider?

So I was walking outside a few nights ago, talking to my step dad. And I almost stepped on this black spider. Just a little bit bigger than a quarter. Maybe even the same size. But, I don't know what kind it is. Can you help me?? I really love spiders and want to learn. It was found on the dirt road near a field and the forest. If that helps

Hickman County Tennessee Posted almost 4 years ago

Spider wasp red body blue wings

What are these spider wasps doing in lincoln nebraska? killed it sorry no pics

Nebraska Posted about 4 years ago

Type of web???

I found this on my front porch and can't figure out what it is. Looks like web strands with white balls on end. Maybe spider eggs? There are 8 of them in an almost perfect line. What could this be?

Lehigh County Pennsylvania Posted about 4 years ago

Small insects in kitchen

I noticed the small crawling /flying insects a few short weeks ago and there coming out at night or when we use that counter top, there somehow getting in my one kitchen cabinet, and I don't know how to get rid of them, I put out roach poise n it has little effect the last pic is a stomach view ,it's whiteish in color,thank you

Harris County Texas Posted about 4 years ago


I have a bite on my leg from the bed
I also have a bite that's become a huge lump on my stomach
I have had the place fogged and got rid of other furniture
I have a picture too
Thank you

Outside United States human health insect issues pest management Posted about 4 years ago