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Free Tuition and Health Care. How?

There is much talk on making health care and college free. If these too huge entities became free what would be the economic consequence? Who would end up paying for the expenses?

Outside United States economics Posted about 5 years ago

Veteran Farmer Grant Assistance

I am a service- connected disabled veteran farmer. I am trying to find out about any programs or grants ASU might have to assist Veteran Farmers.

Mississippi small farm issues agrability Posted over 5 years ago

Extension Curriculum

what are the better curriculums in the CRD program area? Topics covering leadership, business/non-profit development, etc.

Claiborne County Mississippi entrepreneurship Posted over 5 years ago

About the 2014 Farm Bill

Hello, My Name Sherrie McConnell Co Owner Of McConnell Farms. My Husband Perry and I are looking for a class on the 2014 farm Bill. My understanding is there is a class in Edna,Tx on 1-26-2015. We are trying to find out what time the class starts. I will email the CED Dwayne Vincent of Edna FSA. Hopefully I can get a response from him on when the class starts before then. Just in case maybe you guys will know what time it starts or can find out for me. We are trying to understand how to do this program but having great difficulty in doing so.We did make it to one class but we walked away not understanding it very well. I sure hope you can help me. Thank you very much for your time.
Sherrie McConnell

Fort Bend County Texas ag economics farm bill Posted over 5 years ago

Are there tax advantages

you know if there are tax advantages to opening a vineyard? We have some acreage that has pecan trees and we are looking to add a vineyard to the land if it has some advantages.

Hockley County Texas entrepreneurship ag economics Posted over 6 years ago

Mixed Berry Plantation Economics

I am a student that is conducting a management plan. One of my management recommendations is to put in a mixed berry (strawberry/blackberry) plantation on a small scale commercial operation. My questions are:How many plants do you plant per acre? What is average price of plants that will grow in east Texas? How many acres are needed to make it profitable?Is there anything other than fertilize that needs to be done (i.e. herbicide)to get plants from start to finish? If so when does it need to be conducted? How much revenue is usually gained per acre? What is the average site prep cost if using a tractor? How many berries does the average plant produce in a given year?Which species would be best to plant?

Cherokee County Texas ag finance ag economics Posted over 6 years ago