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Setting size

What sedding size do I use for a Earthway EV-N-SPRED

Clay County Missouri horticulture kentucky cooperative extension Posted 11 months ago

what animals’ scat is this?

One scat was found yesterday in our backyard and one was found this morning 5 feet away from other one. Can you identify these? Also, we are concerned because our cat is missing and hoping something didn’t get him. Thanks for your help! We live in a city.

Buchanan County Missouri human-wildlife issues Posted over 1 year ago

Is this a Recluse?

Found this in my bedroom this evening after getting home from work. It appears, to me, to be a Brown Recluse, but I have a friend in pest control who says no. I cannot find another spider that looks like this in the Missouri Conservation site.

St. Charles County Missouri Posted over 2 years ago

Identify this?

Live in mo can you identify this?

Jackson County Missouri spiders spider identification Posted over 2 years ago

grape as advertised

I have purchased SEEDLESS grapes over the years from Starks, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. All of my grapes all turn out as seeded not seedless. Also my plants get long and stringy rather than getting big healthy stalks. What Ican I do to get results as the plant is advertised?

Howard County Missouri grapes grape varieties horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Storing potatoes

Do you put lime on stored potatoes?

Cape Girardeau County Missouri potatoes Posted over 2 years ago

Patches of Green powdery mold, bark falling off

My very mature hardwood tree started losing its bark this fall. There are increasingly large patches of green powdery mold growing in areas where bark is falling off. Will this kill the tree? Is this treatable? Please see attached pictures. Thanks so much!

St. Louis County Missouri trees and shrubs disease issues forest health horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

Do I have to remove it all?

Storm knocked out approx 25 foot from top of 40 year old/80 foot dawn redwood. Do I need/have to remove the whole thing?

St. Charles County Missouri horticulture Posted over 2 years ago

What is this

i post a pic of this rock we had for 20 years.would like to kbow what it was used for and if it worth anything

Greene County Missouri history Posted over 2 years ago

Using 10-10-10 fertilizer on Raspberries

How much of 10-10-10 fertilizer should you put on in the fall? Like how thick to apply. I get 2 cuttings a year , in early spring and in fall.

Franklin County Missouri horticulture Posted over 2 years ago