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2019 winter weather forecast

is there a forecast for the 2019 winter outlook for Willamette Valley (Albany 97322)? Mild, severe, rainy, snow fall etc.?

Linn County Oregon winter weather Posted 3 days ago

Ripe pears

How do you tell when pears are ripe to pick? Bartlett, Comice and Bosc

Linn County Oregon pears Posted 3 days ago

Scale insects

I have a dwarf umbrella tree (I think) that is infested with scale insects (I think). I've sprayed 3 X with neem oil and I'm pretty sure I'm getting every leaf, but still the leaves continue to drop. It also has large bumps on the truck that I'm unsure if they are normal or part of the infestation. I'm not sure where to go from here, but I DO know that I don't want to lose the plant. Do you have any ideas?

Marion County Oregon houseplants Posted 10 days ago

moving Iris

Can I move Iris in early September?

Douglas County Oregon iris Posted 14 days ago

Winter-ize our plants?

Hello, We were given a number of wonderful potted outdoor plants by someone who was moving out of state. We're loving them, they're doing well, but as we haven't had outdoor plants before I'm wondering what we need to do for winter. We have fuchsias, hydrangeas, geraniums, strawberries, a small hemlock tree, verbena, & calibrachoa (that I can identify). There's also a small, bright green tree which we moved to a larger pot, but I don't know what it is (in the pictures it's the one in the middle behind the front seats). We're just about a block from the ocean and tend to get a lot of cloud cover even when the rest of the town is sunny, and we get very little wind out back where they are, if that matters at all. Thank you for your time! Diana

Lincoln County Oregon overwintering Posted 16 days ago

What is this?

I have a pussy willow with these white things on the underside of the leaves. What are they?

Deschutes County Oregon galls Posted 21 days ago

Pruning 1st Year Everbearing Raspberries

Hi there! I understand the difference between everbearing and summer bearing raspberries and how to prune them both. My question is specifically related to everbearing variety. I received some 1st year canes (suckers) from a friend and planted them in a raised bed in June. I understand that they will not produce fruit this year, but should I cut them down to the ground this winter/spring like you would a normal everbearing variety? Or should I leave the canes because they are first year? I would like to have one harvest rather than two small harvests. Thank you!

Oregon raspberries Posted 24 days ago

Hydrangea help

I have 5 Hydrangea plants that don't look very happy. I planted them this spring with transplant fertilizer. And then I added a flower fertilizer earlier this summer. They were looking good until about 6-8wks ago and then they started looking really unhealthy. See photos attached. I labeled each photo with the problem I see. - What is causing the yellowing leaves? - What is causing the leaves to look like they are burnt? Too much sun? - One plant looks like there is a lot of mold on the leaves. I cut some of the leaves off to get rid of it but I don't think that helped. This plant is in the shade most of the day. - Why are the flower blooms smaller? When they first started blooming they were big and bright and full of good color. Now the pedals of the flowers look green, Any help or advice would be great!! I just started gardening this spring and it's not as easy as I thought! Thanks!

Hood River County Oregon hydrangea Posted about 1 month ago

Black Sunflower leaves

The leaves on my firecracker sunflower are turning black around the edges and are very brittle. The black appears to start around the edges and then work it’s way toward the center of the leaf. I have applied an organic fungicide but it appears to be ineffective. I really would appreciate any ideas you might have. Thank you.

Lane County Oregon sunflowers Posted about 1 month ago

Weed ID

I haven't been able to identify this plant, can you help?

Linn County Oregon plant identification Posted about 1 month ago