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Invasive ground cover

This spread fast this year. Loves wet clay. Should i try to remove it or control it? Pix attached

Lane County OR weed control Posted about 1 month ago

Plant type

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of plant this is? Thank you

OR plant identification Posted about 1 month ago

Daphne odora

Hi. Can you give me any advice on growing and maintaining this tempermental shrub? They are famous for doing well then dying for no apparent reason. Thanks

OR daphne Posted 3 months ago


I left my chrysanthemums out and they got hit by 21 degrees overnight. Are they dead or alive? (I have them sitting inside the house trying to decide what to do with them?

Wasco County OR chrysanthemums Posted 3 months ago


I have a youth high school science team that is wanting to add green scape to the inside of their school. They are looking at doing a hanging green wall with succulents. We were wanting to find out how much oxygen do they produce? What kind of indoor conditions they need in order to thrive, remain healthy and productive? Best varieties to use indoors? Any other information you may have about indoor green hanging walls.

Malheur County OR science education Posted 3 months ago

Polk County Assistance Needed to Identify Plant

There is a pretty plant that has been growing in my yard for 2-3 years and I have no idea what it is. It may be a young tree or shrub..or perhaps a perennial of some type. I have trimmed it completely down to the earth in prior years and it always seems to return. The stem is red and strong for a plant, the leaves are rounded - somewhat like a ginkgo leaf and their color is truly their beauty: reddish orange. I know that the ginkgo's I've seen in autumn have yellow leaves, so I guess its not related. Do you have any idea with my weak description - what this may be ? Do I need to send you a photo of it or trim off a leaf and mail it to you in order to properly identify what it is ? Thank you very much for any help you can provide, Amy Albrich

Polk County Oregon plant identification Posted 3 months ago

Walnut leaves

Can Walnut leaves be used along with other more common compost material for garden fertilizer?

Marion County Oregon walnut trees Posted 4 months ago

Sun requirements for a Boxwood

Hello. I live in Albany and recently purchased several small Boxwoods. I would like to plant them about 30 inches in front of my home as a low hedge. I have two questions: my home faces essentially north. Will they get enough sunlight on the north side when situated so close to the house? Also, how far from the home should they be planted? Is 30 inches enough space? How about 24 (that would save me having to tear out some grass). I attached a photo of the tag but paid a fraction of that price on a late fall sale. Thank you.

Linn County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 4 months ago

What is this plant

Found along the stream. Thank you

Benton County Oregon plant identification Posted 4 months ago


1. Is right now a good time to prune overgrown roses? 2. Grass and weeds have grown up into the rose bed. Could I smother that by laying down newspaper and mulch on top and maybe have less weeds and grass by spring?

Linn County Oregon roses Posted 4 months ago