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Fence painter coated my evergreen clematis

The neighbors painted their new fence over the weekend and covered my evergreen clematis with varnish!
Should i cut ut down to regrow it?

Linn County OR toxicity of varnish Posted 7 days ago


I bought two honeysuckle plants last month. One is doing great, the other looks like this. Do you know what the problem is? I water daily, it is against the house on the west side. I live in The Dalles. Thank you for any help.

Wasco County OR honeysuckle Posted 19 days ago

White barred emerald moth in Eugene?

Hello! Look what I found the other night! It looks to be a white barred emerald moth, and as far as I can find...they do not live here! What do you think?

Lane County OR insect identification Posted 20 days ago

I’m at a loss

I have several plants in my yard that have a base and tall stock that at first looked like Milkweed, but after the second year is blooming out blue/lavender daisy-like flowers. Can you help me identify what they are please?

Lane County OR plant identification Posted 22 days ago

Tomato Planting Date

What is the latest one could plant a tomato plant in Salem Oregon and actually get some tomatoes this year?

Marion County OR vegetable gardening Posted about 1 month ago

should I prune now?

It's June 9 and my raspberries have come and gone and were delicious. The videos I’ve watched show pruning being done when the canes turn brown and leafless. But mine still have lots of green leaves on the stems. Should I wait to prune until the leaves turn brown? Unfortunately, I don't know if they are everbearing or not. Perhaps they will make more fruit in the fall if I don’t prune now. Thank you.

Oregon raspberries Posted about 1 month ago

Withered Rosebuds

My 2 Eden climbers have black withered stems just below the bud and the buds are browning and drying up. Any clue what this might be?

Yamhill County Oregon roses Posted about 1 month ago

Amending the soil for tomatoes

Hi. We have only one place in our yard where we can grow tomatoes. Fortunately, it's very sunny and is up against our house. We've planted our tomatoes there for probably 15 years or more. We amend with lime every year. However, the last few years our tomatoes haven't done that well. I'm wondering if we should amend the soil with something in addition to lime before we plant this year.

Polk County Oregon tomatoes Posted 2 months ago

Horsetail Taking Over

I recently relocated to Cottage Grove from Bend. I had never seen this plant before and it soon became evident it was an invasive weed. I was finally able to identify it as Horsetail. My on-line research gives conflicting information about killing these invasive plants (and to my surprise places to buy them!!). I am becoming more concerned because my dogs have taken to pulling them up and eating them. How can I safely rid my property of these? Thank you for your help! Patti Felton

Lane County Oregon plant identification horticulture weed management Posted 2 months ago

Old Rose new growth

I cut this old rose back more aggressively this year. And now it has a lot of new growth on old cane. Do I need to prune those off? Thank you! Charlotte Williams

Jackson County Oregon roses Posted 2 months ago