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sweet potatoes

Good morning,

I was reading the article on growing sweet potatoes "OSU agent sweet on potatoes", your featured article. I would love to grow sweet potatoes but have a couple questions:

1. Are small sweet potatoes and not slips being planted?
2. How deep is each potato or slip planted
3. What is the date of planting?
4. It notes at the end of the article that the planted potato/slip is covered with sand not soil? Could you please confirm that this is correct?

Douglas County OR sweet potatoes Posted 3 days ago

Meyer lemon spotted leaves

Good morning,
We brought our potted Meyer lemon tree inside our house a few weeks ago. Initially we hand picked and sprayed for scab aphids. Now some new leaves have tiny yellow spots. Online searches show pictures and pest/disease descriptions, but no “Aha that’s it!” We’re using the “second knuckle method” to monitor watering needs.
We are grateful for Oregon State Extension Service and “Ask an Expert!”

Marion County OR meyer lemon tree Posted 2 months ago

Blueberry transplanting

Hello, I bought a house (and yard) where blueberries are planted too close to a fence: When can I transplant them? Since I will be moving them a short distance, do I need a soil test? Thank you for your comments, Linda Snider

Linn County OR blueberries Posted 3 months ago

Baking rye bread at 3200 altitudes

Do I need to make any adjustments baking Ryebread at 3200 feet.

Siskiyou County CA baking Posted 5 months ago

Deer proof gardening

Which plants/shrubs/bushes/hedges are deer proof or at least deer resistant?

Yamhill County OR deer resistant plants Posted 5 months ago

Is my Burning Bush Dying?

I have a mature Burning Bush that has been very healthy looking for years and just this Summer is deteriorating. It looks like it's dying from the top down. The top 2/3 of the bush is completely dry, leaves dry and has some dead branches. The bottom 1/3 appears very healthy. Is it dying or is it possible to revive it by a hard prune in the winter?

Benton County Oregon shrubs Posted 5 months ago

Can I save a broken pepper plant?

2 days ago (8/16), something fell on my poblano pepper plant and broke the stem pretty low. I saw it happen, so I was able to right the pepper plant right away, but is there any saving it? It didn't break completely but it did break most of the way. I'm a little heartbroken because the plant is maybe 2 feet high and has 4 or 5 nice peppers on it (about 4 inches long and shorter). We put some support around it after the accident, just to keep the stem together, and this morning I tied it to a pencil with some pantyhose for extra stability, but I'm not sure that will do anything. If there is no saving it, should I pick the peppers now? Do I have any other options for salvaging any part of my plant (rooting parts of it indoors or something)? Thanks for your help! Rachel

Benton County Oregon vegetable gardening Posted 5 months ago

Unknown volunteer tree

Hi, I fell (very) behind on weeding and found a tree that had sprouted. I'm guessing it's about a year old at most, but taller than me already. I'm wondering if you can help me figure out what kind of tree it is and whether I want to let it keep growing or not (is it too close to the house, invasive, etc.)? If not, will just cutting it at the base kill it or do I need to do something more? Thanks!

Linn County Oregon plant identification Posted 5 months ago

Little Black Beetle Clusters In My Garden

I have never seen these before and I don’t know if they are harmful or beneficial. They are on my green beans and giant sunflowers. They stay in small clusters (image) and also roam around. This is the 1st time I’ve planted sunflowers and I am wondering if they are linked. I wasn’t able to find anything on a beetle identification search. They don’t seem to be harming the plants (yet!)

Oregon insect identification stink bugs Posted 6 months ago

climbing vines

Hi, I just put up a few vinyl panels/trellises around my garbage cans to keep them out of sight. I'd like to grow a climbing vine on them to hide them better for a more aesthetic look. I'd like something evergreen, handles full sun, low maintenance. ( I know, tall order! ) I really like the idea of ivy, but worry that it will spread. Is it possible to but the container in the ground to contain roots and then trim as needed? I would also welcome other suggestions.I live in zone 8a. Thanks!!!

Marion County Oregon vines Posted 6 months ago