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Cracks on tomato

My large tomatoes have cracks, why?

Marion County Oregon tomatoes Posted 5 days ago

White dirt and green dirt Raised Bed

I have 2 raised veggie gardens outside on top of my lawn, drainage should not be an issue.
However i saw sections of a white substance along the top of my nice expensive dirt on one bed that has not yet been planted and a dark green dry film over the top of another bed that I have lettuce and beets in.
What's going wrong?

Oregon raised bed gardening Posted 23 days ago

Gardening/Daphne root rot

I live in Dallas OR. I have two Daphne plants next to one another that I planted 12 years ago & have grown into a large hedge. Very beautiful. During the rains last Spring, my cat got underneath & dug mounds of dirt as HIS Cat box!. Gross & I believe it smothered one of the plants so now its dead. However the wood is still living & pliable. The other one is still seemingly thriving (no mounds of dirt). My question: Is there any way to save the leafless Daphne? If not & I dig it up, can I plant a new Daphne after conditioning the soil & fencing out the cat? What to condition the soil with? Should I spray my living Daphne with an antifungal? Which one? What do I sterilize my garden tools with? Your help is appreciated. Thank you

Polk County Oregon Posted 24 days ago

Spider Identification

Hi folks. I can't seem to identify this spider species. Found at about 3200 feet along the Deschutes River near Tumalo, Oregon on a leafy shrub (don't know what kind). About one inch in diameter including the legs. No web visible so I'm guessing its an opportunistic feeder. Any ideas? Best, Buddy Mays

Deschutes County Oregon spiders insect indentification daddy longlegs Posted about 1 year ago

strawberry fruits that sprout leaves

We have a raised bed of "Fern" strawberries. This year as the fruits formed, on many of them the small seeds on the surface of the berry sprouted little leaves. By the time they ripened, the berry was covered in small green leaves. We have never seen anything like this. Can you tell us what may have caused this? And what we can do to prevent it next year? Thank you very much for your help.

Linn County Oregon strawberries Posted about 1 year ago

My roses aren't bloomin

I'm in Corvallis. My rose bushes are healthy and growing huge! But there are no buds. Is it too early? Bob

Benton County Oregon Posted about 1 year ago

Cinder Blocks allowing chemicals to get into your plants and food?

Had a call from a person that was wondering if cinder blocks used for a raised garden could cause some chemicals to get into her plants and food that they produced?

Umatilla County Oregon raised bed gardening Posted about 1 year ago

Spider Repellent

Is there any repellent that I could use to get rid of spiders?
I'm arachnophobic.
I bought a house one year ago and doesn't matter how much I clean the house, keeping every window close all the time (I don't trust in the screens), watch the door when coming in and out. The spiders keep showing up. I don't know how it come in. I don't know if it is hiding on gaps in baseboards this whole year. What I know is that is no others insects in the house to "feed" it. I have babies in the house, so I never sprayed anything to kill spiders inside the house just for the kids safety.

Multnomah County Oregon household pests spiders spider management Posted over 1 year ago

Hermiston Elm trees and their pests.

We weathered the elm leaf beetles the last few years figuring finally how to control their numbers. The elm seed beetles are horrific though they don't actually harm the tree...they just stink if you upset them and are currently EVERYWHERE. But this year there is a sort of flea weevil/beetle on the leaves which is currently doing as much if not more damage then the previous year's leaf beetles. They are small brown and have a slight pattern to them. What can i do to keep from losing our trees.

Umatilla County Oregon Posted about 2 years ago


I recently bought a one acre property that has only native plants (sagebrush, manzanita, fescue, pines) with no lawn. My plan is to keep only native plants and never put in a lawn. However, only 4 weeks after cleaning up, raking and removing pine needles a foot deep on my property, I now have an explosion of cheatgrass on approx 25% of my property. I have pulled as much as possible with only to look the next day and find missed or new sprouts;and I have applied herbicides and now waiting to see the results. Am I naive thinking I can overcome these noxious weeds without replacing the open soil with a lawn?

Deschutes County Oregon weed issues cheatgrass Posted about 4 years ago