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Questions asked to this group

Jade plant droopy and dying...help!

My lovely jade plant that used to be lush and full has been suffering for some time and now seems like it's taken a serious turn for the worse.
It had an issue with mealy bugs that I foolishly overlooked for too long, and began to get what looks like a fungal infection. I tried gently removing the mealy bugs several times, tried a diluted alcohol spray a couple times, as well as later trying a neem oil spray twice to see if it improved at all.
Now the stems are drooping and dropping shriveled, dry leaves and branches--faster every day, it seems.
Can this plant be saved? Any advice is much appreciated!! Thank you!

Jackson County Oregon Posted about 4 hours ago

Giant Hogweed reporting and control

Hello, with some recent National reports of serious physical reactions to Giant Hogweed, I have taken notice of some specimens of that plant on my property. Does this need to be reported? If not, what do you recommend for eradication?

Lincoln County Oregon giant hogweed Posted about 8 hours ago

Bugs on hops

My hops plant looks terrible and it has bugs on it that I don’t recognize. Can you identify the bug? And is my hops plant a goner?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Apple treat infestation

We have a young dwarf apple tree. I have attached a photo of the leaf curl it is now developing, we planted it this year. What can we do?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Tree Identification

Hello, We just finished a 4 day trip on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. This tree was about 4 miles above Harpham Flat on river right. There were several and it was about 20 feet tall. I'm including an image of the leaves and bark. Should have paid more attention sorry but very curious. Thank You! Mike Rudolph

Deschutes County Oregon Posted about 11 hours ago

confirmed infestation - now what? for a home gardener.

Although I have sprayed for fruit rot this year most of my crop now has larva present. I even did a spray or two with Sevin and malathion at a couple of week intervals, with no apparent results. I recognize that this years crop is lost, but where do I go from here?

What should I do next year to eliminate another lost crop? Can you suggest a regiment that I follow next year? Or should I cut down the tree?

Thank You

Marion County Oregon Posted about 12 hours ago

Bugggs on a dogwood tree

I have a 5-6 year old tree that is now covered in some odd sort of bug egg, we can’t identify it so we can’t figure out the best way to treat, can some one help?

Lane County Oregon insect issues Posted about 14 hours ago

Apple tree bloom

For the last three years my single Apple tree has produced over a bushel of Apple's. This year it hasn't blossomed. Nothing changed in what I did as far as watering, spraying and fertilizing. Neighbor is having the same problem. Is this a Sabbath year??

Jackson County Oregon fruit trees Posted about 14 hours ago

Little white flies in newly installed lawn in Portland, oregon

We installed a lawn about 2 1/2 months ago and it looks beautiful, but there are little white flies that poof up whenever it is being mown or walked on. What are they and how do I treat this infestation. They are now traveling into the established lawn area was well.

Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf insect issues Posted about 14 hours ago

Soil sampling

My plants are not growing well in the sandy loam burms we built, despite adding potting soil and a compost mix from local suppliers. How can I test my soil to see what is missing? Thank you.

Jefferson County Oregon soil testing Posted about 14 hours ago