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Questions asked to this group

Hellebore challenge?

My hellebore has an issue with its leaves, which is getting worse. There is another one just a few feet away which doesn’t have the issue. Doesn’t appear to be getting eaten, is it a fungus?

Clackamas County Oregon Posted about 1 hour ago

Leaf issues

Our plum tree has strange growths on its leaves, see attached photos, what is this? And how do I treat it?

Outside United States Posted about 2 hours ago

Home canning - substitutions/additions

Hi, I attended the jams & jellies home canning evening course that OSU extension held last summer. Since it's been a few months, I have some questions regarding boiling water canning for jams: 1. Is there a way to substitute fruits in a given recipe? For example, I have black currants, but cannot find black currant recipes (there are plenty for red currants). Can they be used in place of blueberries? blackberries? In general, how does one determine substitutions safely, considering potential differences in acid level? 2. Is it safe to add things to jams before processing that may not be in the recipe? For example, adding dried hot chili flakes to a berry jam, or a couple drops of lavender or orange extract? Dried lavender flowers? Fresh lemon verbena or basil leaves? Citrus zest? Can you substitute lime juice for lemon juice? I remember the emphasis on following recipes precisely, but am not finding many variations (or don't know where to find trusted recipes besides Ball Blue Book, USDA and National Center for Home Food Preservation). 3. If a recipe calls for lemon juice, must it be the bottled lemon juice, or can it be fresh squeezed? Same for lime? Thanks so much! Beth

Benton County Oregon food safety home food preservation Posted about 5 hours ago


Why my rose petals have brown top? Why my rose bud are so small, tight and don't bloom? Thank you so much. Bee

Crook County Oregon roses horticulture Posted about 6 hours ago

tree pruning

What is the currently accepted way to treat a cut after pruning a tree?

Lincoln County Oregon pruning Posted about 7 hours ago

Contorted red filbert bligh

I will be removing my contorted red filbert (Red Majestic) as it has the filbert blight. What can I plant in that same location? Or, maybe the better question is, what shouldn't I plant in that same location? Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon plant pathology filbert blight Posted about 8 hours ago

Plum tree

My plum tree leaves have these holes. I can’t see anything that may be eating it. Can you tell me what may be causing this? Thank you!

Washington County Oregon insect issues fruit trees Posted about 8 hours ago

Yellowing and spots on roses

My name is Cary and I work at Sponsors. We have 4 rose bushes and all of the leaves are turning yellow with spots, but the flowers are fine. Do you know what this is? Can I treat it? Will this hurt the plants? They get watered twice a day and are connected to an underground sprinkler system so the leaves do not get wet.

Lane County Oregon roses Posted about 9 hours ago

Lost baby bird

Not sure what kind of bird this is. On our yard looking all around like he's lost.

Yamhill County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Where are the bees

We have a small garden near Sunset Highschool in Beaverton. we grow many bee art factors as well as fruit trees and veg. Last year we observed at least 4 sp. of Bombus, at at least 6 honey bees. We had on average 2 dozen at any time. This year only an occasional bee has been seen What can be go in on?

Washington County Oregon pollinators conservation Posted about 10 hours ago