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Questions asked to this group

Toxic mushrooms

Hello, my dog passed away on Saturday from acute liver failure. We just moved in August to a 22 acre property in Oregon City. There have been many mushrooms popping up all over the property since the beginning of fall. Our Veterinarian’s best guess based on our dog’s symptoms and course of illness is ingestion of a toxic mushroom, mostly likely a death cap. I am trying to find answers and educate myself for the future. I am overwhelmed with the amount of different mushrooms on the property and I am looking at different pictures and have even sent pictures to some amateur mushroom hunters. I just haven’t been able to find clear answers so far. Please let me know if there is anyone who can help me. Thank you, Lydia

Clackamas County OR Posted about 2 hours ago


Looking to plant a very fragrant lilac that blooms more then once. Was thinking of bloomarang. When I entered my zip code it mentioned that this would not be hardy here? I always thought pretty much all lilacs loved a sunny spot around here. I am looking for something for outside my bedroom window that will get about 6-8 feet tall, very fragrant and multiple blooms. Have any recommendations? Thanks, Shannon

Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs Posted about 9 hours ago

Leasing property to Hemp Farmer

Do you have any information for the land owner about leasing to a hemp farmer? What we should be asking the farmer before agreeing to lease? Legal requirements for the land owner? Anything else I don't know to ask about? Thank you Michelle

Douglas County OR Posted about 9 hours ago

Is this a brown marinated stinkbug?

I found this in my home and we have a hazelnut orchard. Is this BMSB?

Marion County OR Posted 1 day ago

Wintering over Dahlia bulbs

Hello, I do dislike digging up my dahlias so I tend to tuck them in for the winter. If they do not make it, I figure I will just plant another lovely colorful one. This year my hubby really did a job on them though. He covered them with lots of yard debris and then put plastic over them. I wonder if they do need some water and the plastic will not allow for the rain to nourish them enough to make it through winter. Should they have some rain? Maybe he should put a few holes into the plastic to allow for some rainwater to get in. Or, do they need any water? Hubby says they do not. Can you please help on this. Thanks, Lovely garden lady

Multnomah County OR Posted 2 days ago

Ivy!! How to kill it?

Dear Oregon state extension, I have IV growing up the side of our house. What is the best method for killing it and keeping it from coming back? Thank you Traci Burton Canby Oregon

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

canning method for enchilada sauce

I'm looking for some advice on canning enchilada sauce. I want to make this without using tomatoes. Instead the recipe will be more like a roux using chilies. I found this post https://ask.extension.org/questions/430404 and I have read through the Ball Enchilada sauce recipe but it requires tomatoes. Can I follow the same general guidelines and pressure can to achieve my results?

Collin County Texas Posted 2 days ago

A lawns a waste of water?

I'm doing a research paper on fresh water and home lawns. WIth looming water shortages especially in the high desert where I live I'd like to know what the professionals think. Personally I'd like to see more native plants and less grass.

Deschutes County Oregon lawns Posted 3 days ago

Street Tree

I live in the Tukwila neighborhood in Woodburn OR. We have massive root problems with the trees planted between the sidewalk and the street. The space is about 4ft wide. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on what would be an appropriate tree to plant? I along with so many neighbors have had to or are going to have to replace our trees and don't want to have the same issues of raised sidewalks, broken sprinkler systems, clogged drains, etc. caused by roots. I appreciate any advice you have to give. I am also talking with the city and our HOA and they are willing to listen to any input I get. Thanks again.

Marion County Oregon trees and shrubs urban forestry Posted 3 days ago

Canned food

In cleaning my pantry, I noticed several cans with expired "god by" dates. Are these still edidble and good

Malheur County Oregon food safety Posted 3 days ago