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Questions asked to this group

Olive Tree Cultivation in southwestern Oregon

What varieties of olives have been successfully grown and born fruit in southwestern Oregon (in Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Coos, and/or Curry Counties)? Where can a person purchase nursery stock of these varieties? Thanks.

Coos County OR olives Posted about 7 hours ago

Grass Recommendation for Heavily Shaded Yard

We live in Beaverton, OR. Both the front and back yard areas are shaded by very tall, thick pine trees (that drop tons and tons of needles). Around these tree trunks are hard-packed, dense dirt areas and where there is grass, it's thin and sparse. Along the side of our house we have lots of clover among the grass that is there. Both yard areas get, at best, 2-3 hours of sun either early morning or late afternoon with some sun reaching down through the trees. What type of grass should I plant? Anything special needed due to all the pine needles? How best to break up the packed dirt areas and get some grass growing there? Thanks!

Washington County OR lawns and turf Posted 1 day ago

Plastic Free Electric Kettle

Hello, Can you please help me do some consumer research? I'm concerned about plastic in electric kettles. I've done research now for days trying to find a plastic free electric kettle & can't find one that is at least 6 cups. All of the websites I went to that said something like "the best 6 plastic free electric kettles" aren't accurate. When I research each electric kettle individually, reviews say there is some plastic on the inside that would come in contact with the water. In the future, where can I find this information out myself? Thank you for any advice you have to offer!

Clatsop County OR Posted 1 day ago

A disease on daphne

This is a picture of my sister's Daphne. The local garden shop said that it's powdery mildew. I'm no expert, but only powdery mildew I've seen is white and also more 'fluffy' than the spots on these leaves. I've never seen these pinkish/brownish spots and we are curious to hear your expert opinion what is happening to her beautiful Daphne. She has already lost one large Daphne to this disease. I also included more of a close up of the Daphne and also her Croton, which the disease also killed. Thank you! Sincerely, Sirpa Waananen

Butte County CA daphne Posted 1 day ago

What disease is affecting aspens in Bend?

We have aspens in our yard on Bend's west-side. The past couple of years the leaves have been turning brown and the trees are sickly-looking. We see the same affliction on other aspens in the area. Consultation with local tree services resulted in a variety of suggested causes, but no acknowledgment that they had observed this affliction. Have you observed this and do you know the cause/have a recommended solution? Our aspens have been watered well. Thank you.

Deschutes County OR Posted 1 day ago

Canning mustard

Can I can sweet hot mustard in a water bath?

Butte County California food preservation Posted 1 day ago

dormant oil on meyer lemon tree?

I don't think my tree is ever dormant. Is it okay to spray it now? There is fruit but no blossoms on it right now.

Multnomah County Oregon meyer lemon tree Posted 1 day ago

mix sulfur with dormant oil?

The Kim Porknoy article quote Renquist as saying they can be mixed, but that is contraindicated on the Horticultural Oil (Natural Guard) and Sulfur (Bonide) instructions. The person at Garden Fever in Portland that I asked had not heard that they could be combined.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Fungus on a cottonwood identification question

The attached photos show a fungus growing out of a black cottonwood. One conk, shown in my hand, has some characteristics similar to descriptions of sterile conk trunk rot. However, the fungal parts on the tree appear to possibly be an actual fruiting body. I did see a puff of what appeared to be spores release from near where I broke the one piece off. Any identification thoughts?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Tree species?

Hi OSU extension team! I was wondering if anyone could help identify this tree in our backyard? The bark seems “stringy” and hoping by zooming in on the needles you can get even more clues as to what it is? Thank you so much!

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted 2 days ago