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Questions asked to this group

Weed management handbook

The handbook is primarily about herbicide use on weeds, correct? Is there a resource describing non-chemical methodology? Thanks

Washington County Oregon Posted about 5 hours ago

Learning about tube feeding goat kids

Hi, I read somewhere that, if tube feeding is necessary on pre-term or newborn kids, the tubed colostrum should go into the second stomach, not the first. What happens if it goes into the first? Is urination a sign that the kid could process the milk? Couldn’t find answers to this anywhere. Thank you for your time and expertise, Susanne

Navarro County Texas Posted about 6 hours ago

pruning a branch thicker and taller than the leader

My prairie fire crab apple has a branch thicker and as tall as the leader. Should I prune it off? It would leave that side of the tree bare.

Lane County Oregon Posted about 7 hours ago

Pruning roses

Is it too cold this year to prune roses now?

Columbia County Oregon rose pruning Posted about 8 hours ago

Pruning plum tree

What is the proper time to prune our 30-year-old plum tree? Buds have started to form. Is it too late? This tree produces a ton of fruit. We want to control the shape a little bit. We aren’t sure what to do.

Douglas County Oregon pruning plum trees Posted about 13 hours ago

Orientation of raspberries planted in a row: N-S or E-W?

I am going to plant some raspberries here in Jackson county. I need to know whether row orientation of raspberries has any effect. North to South or East to West? I have room to go either way.

Jackson County Oregon raspberries Posted 1 day ago

Yellowing of Eastern White P ine

My well established 20 foot+ Eastern White Pine is starting to show a slight yellow tinge on the needles this year. Its has been well mulched with shredded tree trimmings (2-3") and its own needles. The ground on the north side of the tree slopes down approximately 4 feet so drainage is not a problem. The ground is clay (live near Salem airport). I'm thinking some sort of nitrogen slow release fertilizer pellets but am unsure if I should remove all the mulch there or just spread the fertilizer over the mulch. Also what is the current thinking on type of nitrogen. I'm also needing to trim up my Sequoia giganteas. Can I just trim them back on side of these trees need trimming: or should I just remove these branches. These are very near the above mentioned pine and they show no signs of yellowing. Thank You

Marion County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Cold Frame Gardening

I recently built two cold frames to try and get a jump start on my garden. I made a mix of coco coir, home made compost, bonemeal, calcium, Epsom salt and a 4-4-4 organic fertilizer for my soil. It is mostly just coco coir and compost though. I planted carrots, radishes, spinach and lettuce on Feb 14th. While it has mostly been around 40-45 degrees during the day and around 30 at night the cold frame seems to maintain a temperature around 10-15 degrees warmer. My question is, with the temperature fluctuations like they are, would I expect to be successful in the germination of the mentioned veggies? I have an automatic lid lifter for the cold frames that open the lids when the inside temperature reaches around 75-80 degrees. And once they germinate and get around an inch or so, would I need to be concerned about damaging them due to the colder weather? Thank you.

Lane County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

pH in blueberries

Just had some soil samples analyzed and the "soil pH" is about 3.9 and the "Buffer pH" is 5.5. The "% H" is 74.3 and the "Est CEC is 22.0" Which pH reading should I use to make decision on applications? If my target pH for blueberries is 4.5 to 5.5 should I add lime to increase the "soil pH" or should I do nothing according to Buffer pH.

Klickitat County Washington Posted 2 days ago

Green rose hips

Do green hose hips have the same content of vitamins and are they edible

Outside United States rose hips Posted 2 days ago