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Questions asked to this group

Orange fungus taking over my cedar trees!

Help! There is an awful looking orange fungus/mold or something taking over my cedar trees! It's spreading and I need kill it and treat them quickly I think. How can I save my trees?! It's spreading rapidly.

Hood River County Oregon Posted 18 minutes ago

Doug fir canopy plants

What will grow well in the sandy coastal soil beneath our doug firs? We live near Flora's Lake near the coast. Thank you! (Vinca??

Curry County Oregon Posted 44 minutes ago


Hi, my question is about refrigerating ketchup. Is it true that I one should never refrigerate ketchup?

Lane County Oregon food safety Posted about 1 hour ago

Sappiond Quinoa

Hello, I have 3 tons of Qninoa that the moisture has allowed the saponin to inter the grain. Do you think I could ferment the grain and use it for feed? (sheep or cattle) Thank You. Steven Rowe 48160 Floris Lake Loop, Langlois, Oregon 97450 atom88@frontier.com 541 348-2604 Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!

Curry County Oregon Posted about 1 hour ago

frog habitate

There used to be a frog that lived behind me. But the owner cleaned up and now it's gone. I would like to build a Habitate where frog/s might come. I have an area about 6' x 8' that supports 2 red twig dogwoods. It's a sunken area about 8" deep. And it has some native bleeding heart, mertensia and wild geranium. There is a Canadian Hemlock off to one side. What kind of frogs would be attracted to the area? Should I dig out some soil to make an ephemeral pool. I assume that would mean using bentonite? I moved here 2 1/2 yrs ago. I am very ingnorant about the soil.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 1 hour ago

Mushroom ID pt 2

Can you help me ID this mushroom please?

Lincoln County Oregon Posted about 2 hours ago

Mushroom ID?

Could you help me ID this mushroom please?

Lincoln County Oregon Posted about 2 hours ago

Beech Tree Trunk Substance

We have an 80-year old Beech tree in our SW Portland backyard that has developed a bright orange substance on the lower part of the trunk. It appears on the east / southeast side of the trunk. This is the first year we recall seeing the orange substance - usually it's just green moss. The tree otherwise seems healthy and the main issue we have had with it in the past is aphid infestation (some years worse than others). Could this be beech bark disease? Or some type of fungus? Treatable? Thanks!

Washington County Oregon Posted about 2 hours ago

What kind of insect eggs are these?

Eggs on our clumping bamboo last week. What kind of insect will hatch? Maybe stink or shield bug? Are they good or bad for garden?

Washington County Oregon Posted about 3 hours ago

Chalky dirt

Hello - When digging holes for planting in some parts of my yard (1/3 acre lot in SW Portland) I've been finding soil that is very chalky-looking. Seems like it's a "new" phenomenon that I've seen only in the last couple of years and it appears more prevalent in the areas of the yard that have the most clay (but I'm not 100% sure about this). Is this mold? Will improving the soil with amendments help? Is it safe to plant in these areas?

Washington County Oregon Posted about 3 hours ago