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Root structure

Hi there! Happy holidays! Hey… We are involved in a new project (always a new project ☺️) and are wondering about the root structure of a very large old Red Western Cedar we have in our backyard. I haven’t been able to find a good sketch of Western Cedar root structures. Do you have access to one or two that you could forward to me or send me a link to? Thanks so much as always! Jennifer

Multnomah County OR Posted about 12 hours ago


What is the recommended method for storing Walla Walla sweet onions. I have tried pantry room temperature, about 60 deg. and refrigerator at 40 deg. and both methods resulted in onions rotting in a month or so.

OR onions food storage horticulture Posted 1 day ago

My woolens are decimated!

I have always had an occasional problem with a moth hole or two but this is over the top and happened very suddenly.Almost all of my sweaters that contain even a little wool have many holes but nothing looks as profuse as the photo on your site showing carpet beetle damage. Some of the holes are large. The damaged items have been stored in multiple locations throughout the house in drawers, closets, and what I thought were airtight tea chests from Japan. One of them was covered in webbing and I have found a few brown tiny husks of dead larva that resemble brown rice but smaller, many white pin dots scattered,not in clumps, and a few tiny white thin dark headed larvae. Have also found a few small white webby pouches.I have been bagging items and freezing them. How cold does the freezer need to be to be effective?I have also noticed some eaten away spots in a wool rug. I have always kept pherome moth traps in my house and they don't show any activity. Because I have not found any insects I can't be sure of what is causing all the damage.I really hate the idea of exterminating with something toxic. I can't afford to dry clean such a large number of items and because they are mostly wool they cannot be washed in cold water. What do you recommend? I am desperate! is there anything nontoxic that could be done by an exterminator? Thank you.

Multnomah County OR Posted 2 days ago

getting started in 4H

I have a 9 year old daughter I would like to get started in 4H. We live in West Linn, Clackamas County. She loves animals so I would think that would be her choice area. How do I get started? thank you Brooke Call 5038916670 brookechq@gmail.com

Clackamas County OR 4-h Posted 4 days ago

Small green house

What vegetables can i start in a small greenhouse in december

Hernando County FL greenhouse gardening Posted 5 days ago

Tree Jacaranda

Bark is peeling around trunk. Worms are invading the gap. Large mushrooms around tree.

Santa Clara County California trees and shrubs Posted 5 days ago

growing walnuts - southwest Oregon

Hi, We're farming/homesteading down in Powers. Our land is mostly flat, we have 1/4 mile of river frontage, and the soil, according to the USDA's Soil Survey Map, is "Eilertsen Silt Loam." We'd love to pimp out our land with nut trees, and are curious what the experts say about growing walnuts in this soil type, and in this region. Since this is a remote area, and in a unique micro-ecosystem, we've come to believe our weather is more akin to the Eugene area/southern Willamette Valley (we don't have coast weather, but we don't have such a hot/dry summer as Roseburg). To get a better idea of our realities, we got a weather station that reports to wunderground.com. Would growing walnuts be productive, and if so, what varieties do you suggest? Thanks so much, Eleanor

Coos County Oregon small farms orchard walnut trees Posted 5 days ago

Arborvitae dying on fence side

My arborvitae keep dying! Plant them in hopes of their growing up to help to provide privacy over my fence. As you can see, the side facing the fence (the side that gets very little sun) dies and eventually the entire plant dies. Is there a solution? It doesn’t seem to help if I shake off the dead half. If not, is here another fast growing option that doesn’t mind its backside in the shade?

Clackamas County Oregon trees and shrubs Posted 5 days ago

well water testing

does extension service offer well water testing for contaminants other than nitrates? Thinking about pesticide residue, heavy metals, etc.

Benton County Oregon water testing well water Posted 6 days ago

Moss control

Is there a good and cost effective way to remove and prevent moss growth on sidewalks and driveways (other than move to Arizona)?

Benton County Oregon home integrated pest management moss removal horticulture Posted 6 days ago