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Questions asked to this group

CREEPY CRAWLERS and other insects

WHY ? I've become a cat magnet since i moved to my curren residence and have been here for over 7 years (I don't mind the cats ) , but i also become a magnet to creepy crawlers n other insects .. Including spiders ... no matter where i go outsdie or insdie they always follow me and come in my general direction (or even worse when they pop out out the blue really close to me ... Ireally dont like spides (mainly the really big ones) (the smallar fuzzy jumping spiders i actualy dont mind being around ) ~ it's t he rest of the creepy crawlers that bug me .. what do i do about it? (not sure which specices of jump spider it is but it was a black one with a white circle on it's nback with green fangs and red eyes ) .. he was cute ... it's the grey blue and all of the brown ish ones that freak me out , along with the daddy long legs folowing me in my backyard when i 'm trying to clear out the weeds ~ what do i do about em i really dont want to kill em but if the ones i DON'T care for get too close I will ~ expecially the poisonous ones ) what should i do

Oakland County Michigan Posted about 2 hours ago

Lace bugs and rhodies

  • Is it okay to just remove the old leaves damaged by last year's lace bug infestation leaving the new growth only? I sprayed with neem oil about a week ago and am finding a few adult lace bugs under most of the old leaves. They have not moved on to the this year's growth yet.

Lane County Oregon azalea lace bug rhododendron Posted about 8 hours ago

Lifecycle of Armored Scale

One of two Witch Hazel trees purchased and planted in October 2019 has armored scale bumps noticed today, June 6, 2020. Noticed about 4 so far. Is it possible to overcome the pest? Will it spread to other plants before I can eliminate them. Should I dig out and toss before it spreads. They're expensive.

Lane County Oregon Posted about 9 hours ago

Historical Stamp

Hi, I have a stamp that was kept by my grandfather and I think it is in German but I am not positive. I think the first four letters are MIEG and then maybe VND or AND and I am not sure about the shape. I took the best pictures I could. Please let me know about any other questions!!

Ramsey County Minnesota miscellaneous Posted about 9 hours ago

Gnarly Aspergaus - Why?

What cause this? It is common to a group of shoots (same area, but not to others outside of area. Not sure if the gnarly asparagus is all from the same roots.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 9 hours ago

Meyer's Lemon Leaf

Who is eating our Meyer's Lemon leaves? How do we make them leave it alone?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 9 hours ago

Skeletonized iris plant leaves

We have noticed that the leaves on several of our iris plants look like they have been skeletonized by some type of insect. There are also several small patches of a black moldy substance on a few of the plant. Do you have any idea what might be causing this and any idea what I could do or use to end this problem?

Polk County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Could you please help me identify this plant?

I doubt this is a local plant, it was in a pot outside by the front door of our new house. As long as it stays watered, it seems to love partial sun and has thrived since 2018 outdoors. Thank you for your assistance!

Washington County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Outdoor plant problem

Can someone please tell me what might be causing this? It is orange, not simply a brown dry section. Is affecting just a few random leaves.

Benton County Oregon Posted about 10 hours ago

Why Are Boxwood Leaves Browning

After being covered by a tarp for an hour this past Wednesday, a cloudy and cool day with sun breaks in Portland, the tops of the boxwoods began turning brown and wilted within hours. See photo. Why? What to do—cut out browned/wilted leaves now (to avoid spreading of damage?) or wait to see if recovers and re-greens on own? One boxwood was not covered and is doing fine.

Multnomah County Oregon boxwood abiotic issues Posted about 11 hours ago