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Questions asked to this group

Fast climbing evergreen plants

Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend a fast growing climbing plant that stays full all year long? I would like to train it up a narrow trellis against my 6’ cedar fence and eventually add a horizontal narrow trellis along the top of the fence to add height for privacy, Thank you! -Andrea

Clark County Washington Posted about 2 hours ago

apple tree problem

Hi, these odd areas are all over the trunk and limbs of my 3 espaliered apple trees in Portland. Is it a fungus? It is not where any cuts have been made. Seems randomly located. Don't see any bugs/larvae. What to do? thanks!!

Multnomah County Oregon apple trees burr knot Posted about 8 hours ago

seeding an existing lawn with and eco mix

Is it possible to successfully overseed/add seed of an eco mixture to an existing lawn and have it grow and take over the existing grass?

Yamhill County Oregon Posted about 8 hours ago

Strong smelling weed

We have a peculiar weed that starts like a flat rosette but by mid-summer branched up to several 12" central trunks with side limbs like small tree. It is kind of grayish green until it dries and turns reddish-brown in late summer. Has many, many little seeds on each branch but no leaves. The most remarkable thing is its very pungent odor. (It's not growing now, so don't have a photo to send). Can you give me a clue as to what it might be?

Jefferson County Oregon Posted about 9 hours ago

Apple trees in residential backyard

Hi. We bought a rental home and the previous owners have grown and taken care of three really beautiful and very fruit bearing trees. I think they have been groomed well prior to my ownership and they are shaped in a very umbrella like shape and very tall. This last year the apples all had small worms or maggots in them and we tossed 95%. Like to know what poison or services I should employ to get harvestable fruit from them this year. Currently there are new buds beginning to just now open on the branches . Thanks for any help

Linn County Oregon Posted about 11 hours ago

what are these

these eggs are in mud puddles in my parking lot. there is these little oval shaped things swimming around in the water. the pic that has the penny shows one to theleft . of the date on the penny.the other pic is water in a glass that has two of them in it.

Douglas County Oregon Posted about 12 hours ago

First year grapes

I am wondering if I should prune my grape. I just planted it last year and it has two Thin lines coming off the main plant. Should I trim each of those back to just two beds?

Marion County Oregon Posted about 12 hours ago

Lead Testing for Soil?

Hello, We are planning 2 raised garden beds in our backyard to grow veggies. Our house was built in approx 1948...would you recommend that we have our soil tested for Lead before proceeding? If so, how would I go about doing this in Tillamook County? We live in Nehalem. Thank you! -Ashley

Tillamook County Oregon raised bed gardening soil testing Posted about 15 hours ago

Bird eggs

I believe there are leftover bird eggs, in a nest, built last fall. I have pics. Should I remove the eggs? I presume that they are non-viable(from last occupant). It appears that another bird is attempting to build a nest(add-on) to this previous structure. Will dead/left eggs interfere with future habitants or should I remove the left eggs?

California wildlife Posted about 16 hours ago

Flea Beetles

I have gardened for two years in Newberg and each year the flea beetles arrive and do significant damage. I bought nemotodes last year and it didn't seem to help. I've since read that there are certain types of nemotodes for certain insects so maybe I purchased the wrong kind. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kirsten

Clackamas County Oregon flea beetles horticulture Posted about 19 hours ago