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Questions asked to this group

Plants in house

I have a lot of plants in my apartment Can hydro ( electricity) help photosynthesis... its winter no sun. Can I leave lights on 24/7?

houseplants Posted about 6 hours ago

Buying lattarula fig

I just read this article about fig trees that will grow here in Western Oregon and wondering if you had any recommendation of where to purchase?

Linn County OR figs Posted about 7 hours ago

Windmill Palm Cold Weather Care

I live in Washington County. So far I have not wrapped the trunk of my Windmill Palm this winter. It is 7 feet tall and planted last May. Do I need to wrap it and when? I hear we have some colder weather coming.

Washington County OR Posted about 11 hours ago

Dormant spray - fruit trees

Is a dormant spray harmful to bush tits that hang out in our apple trees? We have a flock of about 30 bush tits. Could they be eating insects on our apple trees. They come to our suet block n then fly to the apple trees.

I have lettuce and kale growing near our apple trees. If I spray will it harm the lettuce and Kale?
how late can I apply a dormant spray to our apple n pear trees?
Thank you, Bernadette

Multnomah County OR pesticide safety fruit trees horticulture Posted about 14 hours ago

Mason bee care

I would like a CLEAR and SIMPLE calendar or timeline/step by step guide on the care of Mason bees. The more I read the more complex it gets.

Washington County OR bees beneficial insects and pollinators Posted about 14 hours ago

How to sign up for garden seasonal tasks

How to sign up for garden seasonal tasks in Marion county

Marion County Oregon gardening Posted about 15 hours ago

Renew master gardener cert

I took master gardeners course- Marion county in 1991. I would like renew cert. can I and how?

Marion County Oregon master gardener program horticulture Posted about 15 hours ago

Artichoke seed disinfection

I'm wondering how I'd go about disinfecting artichoke seeds. I started a handful of untreated artichoke seeds and a little less than half germinated. In two or three days, no additional seeds have germinated and maybe only half of those that did had healthy looking radicles. The remaining seeds are now showing signs of fungal growth so I imagine that I won't get any further germination. Before I start more seeds, I was hoping to treat them to prevent further fungal issues.

Washington County Oregon starting seeds indoors artichokes horticulture Posted about 18 hours ago

Yard Design

Wife need big help in designing our front and side yards at our home in Springfield. She is ready but needs help. Want to design now for spring too.

Lane County Oregon landscape design Posted about 22 hours ago

Fruit tree sprays

My fruit tree information says it is time to spray my Pear tree with Lime Sulfur. In the past I have used Hi-Yield lime sulfur spray. What I would like to know can I use Garden Safe Fungicide 3 instead?
Thank you
Joe Foote

Multnomah County Oregon fruit trees Posted 1 day ago