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Questions asked to this group

Dying E. hookeri

My beautiful e. hookeri is developing black tips on new growth and seems to be slowly dying. What could be the cause of this? Can I stop it?

Virginia Beach VA Posted about 2 hours ago


I have, I believe, a fungi, under my thistle bird feeder, it’s almost scarey...about a foot in diameter, It’s black, and has a very fine, grass like appearance, growing straight up from it, I accidentally disturbed it, and it emitted a black smoke...probably spores. How do I get rid of it?...would lime destroy it? I’ll wear a mask to work on it! Thank you, I will appreciate your help. Irene Jones.

Washington County OR fungi identification Posted about 4 hours ago

White grubs in vegetable beds

I have four raised vegetable beds. As I was amending the soil this fall, I found white grubs in the beds. For the past two years I have been using Sevin to kill the grubs in my lawn. Is Sevin safe to use in vegetable beds, as the label claims? Is Sevin effective in the fall (the label says to apply in spring and summer)? Also, this summer I found a large number of June Bugs in my yard, so how early should I start applying Sevin in the spring?

Josephine County OR insecticides horticulture raised beds Posted about 5 hours ago

What kind of spider is this?

My husband brought this home for my son. He think it’s a tarantula. I thinks that it is not. Can you help?? In this picture the spider is about dime size or smaller! Also if it is a tarantula what can we feed it at this point? He said there were thousands of them on his local farm. Just to be clear it’s a vegetable farm. Thank you!

Jackson County OR spider identification Posted about 7 hours ago

Horse chestnuts

I've heard the spiny version of horse chestnuts are edible? What's the difference with those in stores?

Linn County OR plant identification chestnut edible plants Posted about 8 hours ago

Myrtle branches

I used myrtle branches as stakes for frost protection on another plant. These stakes have now shooted at all knodes.
Can I now cut and pot as many shoots? Including their original stem/branch.
Thank you so much. I am in Australia

Outside United States trees and shrubs Posted about 19 hours ago

black spots all over my quacking aspins.

how do i treat black spots all over my ouackings?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

My rose hips are always green and then rot to brown. When can I harvest them?

They are never red or orange. This is my first year trying to reproduce from seeds. I'm just curious if it is the climate or type of rose. When can I pick them? Help

Lawrence County Ohio rose hips Posted 1 day ago

Yellow spots on my rhoie

Hi there, My rhodie has yellow spots all over, in spite of replanting it this spring with lots of humus, regular fertilizing with rhodie food and regular watering. Any hints as to what is wrong and a cure? Thank you, ~Dean Terry Sent from my iPhone

Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture rhododendrons Posted 1 day ago

Manure garden amendment

What is the best manure to cover my 1700sq/ft garden? I have heard horse manure contains Botulism. If I have the choice between cow and horse manure which should I choose?

Marion County Oregon fertilizer manure compost horticulture Posted 2 days ago