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Questions asked to this group

Horsetail, will it spread??

I have bales of hay that I found horsetail in so I cannot feed it to my horses. I don't want to just burn it if I can use it. My question is if I use it for chicken bedding or as mulch will it spread seeds/spores even though it's dried for a year. I don't want it to grow anywhere here!!

Washington County OR Posted about 1 hour ago

Please Not Rust

My gorgeous blue spruce was planted a year ago. About 2 weeks after I mulched it with free wood chips, it looks like it is dying of thirst. Did I overdo the mulch, or is this a dreaded case of pine rust? Thanks for your help.

Multnomah County OR Posted about 3 hours ago

Coffee Grounds

Expert— We have been spading and tilling coffee grounds into compact clay soil for approximately 30 years at three different residences in an effort to create a fertile mixture. Now I am wondering whether coffee grounds might be a viable alternative to bark chips as a ground cover [if the aroma is not off-putting]. I have no trouble coming home with 50 to 100 pounds of used grounds daily by stopping at four different Starbucks on my home from the gym at approximately 11:00 am. Roger Hennagin

Multnomah County OR Posted about 3 hours ago

House plant

Sorry, but I haven't found the information I'm looking for anywhere else. I have an epiphyllum plant that persists in sending out long hairy shoots. Why does this plant do this, how do I stop it ? I tossed one out over the summer (it was nearly all hairy shoots by then) and it actually started growing leaves! I'm frustrated by this plant because I have seen ones that are actually very lovely. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated.

Lamoille County VT cacti Posted about 4 hours ago

What type bush is this..

I have a bush-tree like plant that I have no idea what it is...can you help...it has grown to 7-8 feet tall..red leaves with yellow flowers...all summer it just had red leaves ..it is now Oct and it now has flowers which are yellow..

Citrus County FL Posted about 5 hours ago

Weedy Pastures-Normal farm practice?

I have seen many weedy pastures and was wondering about it. We sprayed a 1 acre field intending to plant trees, but did not get the trees. It was very weedy in the spring and I decided to use it for pasture. Most of the weeds were dandelion/cats ear type, prickly lettuce and clover which livestock seem to like.. It was about half grass/half weeds. There was also a lot of parentucellia which I mowed as it does not seem to come back. I spot sprayed the young thistles, tansy and pulled the hawkweed/hawkbeard. I need to know if this would be considered responsible or accepted farm practice and if it would be acceptable practice to let the beneficial weeds grow with the grass. Thank you, Shirley

Marion County Oregon Posted about 20 hours ago

Doug fir, yellowing needles

Hello! I have had this fir in my front yard for 15 years and have never see the needles turn yellow in this manner. We have not made any changes to the trees environment. Is this something that I need to get treated? Would be so sad to see the tree succumb to disease.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted 1 day ago


what with and when should I fertilize my fall lawn?

Washington County Oregon lawns and turf Posted 1 day ago

Sitka Spruce aphids

I have two spruce trees that lost all of their needles this last year. They both have recovered. I learned that the culprit probably was aphids. Does this sound correct? Do you know the life cycle of these insects? I have found interesting 1/2 mm bugs on the side of my house near the trees. They look like a grub but have a camouflage shell and seem to put out a small web or fiber.

Lincoln County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Gardening in a greenhouse on the coast

What greenhouse can withstand the wind on the coast. Will a greenhouse allow me to grow tomatoes.

Lincoln County Oregon horticulture coastal gardening Posted 1 day ago