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Questions asked to this group

Fig leaf plant in Colorado

Hi I recently had fungus knat infestation from a new ivy. It seems to be getting my two fig leaf plants- but I worry something else may be going on. Can you look at pics and give advice? I also am using a dish soap solution- 1/3 tblspn natural dishsoap to 12 oz water.

Larimer County Colorado Posted about 5 hours ago

Identifying a conifer

Hi my neighbors in SE Salem have a stand of conifers that I’ve been admiring, but am unable to accurately identify. I wonder if you can help. The tallest is about 20 feet. The needles are about 6-8” long. Any help is much appreciated.

Marion County Oregon Posted about 8 hours ago

good pollinator for Theta?

In my front yard in Ashland I planted Jefferson and Theta filberts a few years ago. The Theta is doing fine but the Jefferson is not thriving so I want to replace it. I am growing filberts for the flavor -- what other varieties besides Jefferson can I choose from to go with the Theta?

Jackson County Oregon Posted about 23 hours ago

how long can I make jam with frozen berries

Hello- This is embarrassing for me, but I have frozen berries from the summer of 2015 that I've been wanting to turn into jam for well, a little over two years! While this is embarrassing, I'd much rather continue with my hope than throw them out if possible. Should they still be okay to turn into freezer jam?

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 24 hours ago

are red madrone fruits viable seeds?

Hi, picked up red beads under madrone, wonder if they can become a reproductive element. Can you find out if it has to go through a digestive tract, or have a super cold period, etc? thanks,

Benton County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

White berries, not snow berries.

Hi, wrote before about trying to find a plant native To Oregon, edible, that has white berries. Got a reply only Snowberries. Could there be one that starts white and changes color? Thank you, Summer

Columbia County Oregon plant identification Posted 1 day ago

Dying Blue Spruce

We have a 20-ft blue spruce that is being crowded 0n the right by the neighbors Douglas fir The needles on the blue spruce are dying from the inside, particularly on the right side. What could be the cause?

Washington County Oregon Posted 1 day ago

Fig leaves browning

Hello, we have a fig tree which we have had in the ground for the better part of a year. It has seemed to be happy and healthy, but within the last month, I noticed the leaves started to spot, then brown and a cluster of them seem to be wilting. The first two pictures are from almost a month ago. The last one is from this past week. Please let me know if this is something to worry about and if there is a remedy.

Multnomah County Oregon fig trees Posted 1 day ago


We are senior home owners on a fixed income. We need help, but are strapped in our finances. Is there help out there? Please!

Washington County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Moss and lichen on maple trees

I am new to the Portland area and have several maple trees on my new property that have a lot of moss and lichen on the maple trees. The trees have small leaves not big like Norway maples and they do not appear to be very healthy. None of the other trees seem to be affected by the moss and lichen. Many of the other trees in my neighborhood are also affected by the moss and lichen too. Is this a serious problem? Is it causing my trees to die? How might I remedy this problem?

Washington County Oregon moss lichen Posted 2 days ago