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I have a Ponderosa Pine Bonsai that seems to have lost it's vigor. The needles have taken on a brown hue to them, but have not fallen off nor do they fall off when lightly pulled on. I'm afraid it's not going to make it through the winter. Would anyone have a suggestion? I was thinking it might have been from over watering during the fall but that is really a guess.

Deschutes County OR Posted about 9 hours ago

Rodent identification

Is it possible that we have some type of pinion mouse living in the coastal area?

Lincoln County OR Posted about 13 hours ago

How to prune apple trees

I have apple trees that are 35-40 years old and I have pruned them every year by taking off the straight-up suckers and branches that are crossing each other. After so many years, there are lots of "lumps" along the branches where suckers have been pruned every year. Is it okay to level out these "lumps" by sawing them to leave a level branch, or will that hurt the tree?

Washington County OR Posted about 15 hours ago

Camellia sasanqua

I have 3 camellia sesanqua bushes, planted about 30 years ago in an open atrium. They are about 4 ft tall; one of the plant is a Yuletide, the other two are Cotton Candy (I think). The bushes are doing well, except that they have stopped blooming, or almost stopped blooming during the last couple of years. They used to be full of blooms this time of year; now I see about 3 blooms per bush, but lots of foliage growth. I have not pruned them in the last year or so, because I was afraid that pruning would stop the flowering.

Multnomah County OR camellia Posted 1 day ago

prairie dogs?

We live in Kings Valley at about 500 ft. Is it possible we have prairie dogs? I think there are a few living under our chicken coop. If not, something else very similar looking and not a ground squirrel. Haven't been able to snap a photo yet.

Benton County OR Posted 1 day ago

Huge spruce in my front yard with white dots on the lea side of the bark

Besides that this spruce that has been on my property for 25 + years has suddenly started dropping cones in the fall and one large branch coming from the mid top is only gray branches with no needles. There has been a lot of dropping of needles this fall.

Multnomah County Oregon urban forestry Posted 1 day ago

planting grapes

I am planning on planting grapes on the south side of my house (parallel to the house). How close would you recommend planting the grapes to the house for there to be room for the roots/ prevent damage to the foundation of the house?

Thank you

Washington County Oregon grapes horticulture Posted 1 day ago

Evergreen Huckleberry in zone 6?

I have seen growth zones of 6-8 and 7-9 for Evergreen huckleberries. I would like to know if Vaccinium ovation can be successfully grown in zone 6 at an elevation of 100 feet?

Clackamas County Oregon planting zone horticulture Posted 2 days ago

AP Credit Cap

Does OSU or the OSU Honors College cap the amount of AP credit I can earn total? In other words, is there a limit on the amount of AP credits that will count?

Washington County Oregon Posted 2 days ago

Pruning Lapageria Rosea?

I have a Lapageria Rosea ( Chilean bellflower) that is about 5 years old growing in a large pot outdoors. The first couple of feet of it's vines are very tangled. Can the plant be cut back to redirect its growth up a wooden lattice it abuts? It blooms a couple of times a year with 3 to 5 flowers but I wonder if it would grow more robustly if cut back? Thanks

Multnomah County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted 2 days ago