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Questions asked to this group

Crossbow pesticide use

I used Crossbow Weed Killer to treat ivy which destroying my fence. Is it legal to use that product in residential area? On the label under Part "wind restriction" something is not clear, but product was recommended by Home Depot ,

Lane County Oregon Posted about 1 hour ago

What is this plant?

I got this at Trader Joe’s and it was called a mini calendula but the leaves are thick, broad, and serrated. Can you tell me what it is so i can care for it properly? Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 4 hours ago

Geranium and Petunia Budworms

I have tried everything to get rid of the Budworms that destroy my Geraniums and Petunias. Any new ideas? I have used Imidicloprid soil drench and Spinosad but still our plants are devastated by early August.

Linn County Oregon Posted about 4 hours ago

plum tree with green plums

I bought a house with a small plum tree that has 1" round green plums. I saw a large tree at a neighbor's of the same variety and all they knew is that the fruit stays green even when ready to eat. They also fall when green making it hard to know when to pick them. Some have a slight softness I noticed and pull off the branch easier, so perhaps that is the sign of when to pick them. All I could find online was a green Gage plum. Could it be anything other than this? Can you give me some ideas of how to care for it? I want to keep it low enough for pickling on a small ladder. Also there are 2 trunks and I wonder if this is OK or if I should eliminate one of them. Thank you, Marissa Athens 541-345-3365

Benton County Oregon Posted about 5 hours ago


I live in a Salemtowne condo in West Salem. My HOA just paid someone $150 an hour for two hours to spray wasp nests. Can you advice on less expensive and less toxic deterrents?

Polk County Oregon Posted about 5 hours ago

Moldy smelling yard & grass turning brown & dying

Our lawn used to be beautiful & green - this past 2 years there are several areas turning dry & brown & growing worse & smelling super moldy/musty - enough to make us choke if the air is still. Lawn does get full sun exposure - not in a shaded area - we water 20 min 10 am & 15 min 4 pm. I mow every weekend - medium height. I noticed some mushroom growth last year & used a weed & feed/moss-out type of feed. It's worse this year. Help!

Jackson County Oregon Posted about 5 hours ago

Franky Boy Arborvitae.....brown on one side

Have had this arborvitae for 5 years....the last few years it browns in the winter a little on one side. Now the brown patch is growing. I love this plant....what can we do to save it? Thanks.

Yamhill County Oregon Posted about 8 hours ago

vole control

We have a vole colony in our vegetable garden, and I am setting snap traps with peanut butter bait. I am putting the baited end of the trap into the tunnel entrance, then placing an empty nursery pot over the top so that the vole will sense "cover". The traps are snapping but not catching any voles, and of course the bait disappears. Can you please suggest how I can refine my strategy?

Polk County Oregon Posted about 12 hours ago

Red berry mite

I believe from reading other peoples questions that it is safe to consume Blackberries with
red berry mite. Am I eating the Mites or just what they have done to the berry?
Any safety studies as this is a very common condition as I even see it on berries sometimes at the farmers markets. I grow my own and most are affected.

Multnomah County Oregon small fruits horticulture Posted about 14 hours ago

Length of time you can keep canned food

How long can you keep can food safely on the shelves. How many years. Green beans Beats Salsa's juices Meats jams jellies veggies pickled vegetables and corn. Cleaning food storage area dating back to 07. Best way to dispose outdated can food. Which items can be fed to chickens, which items can be composted safely, and which items to be garbage safely. Thank you!

Washington County Oregon food safety home food preservation Posted about 16 hours ago