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Questions asked to this group

Maple tree drying leaves

We planted this tree this past spring. After a couple of months of watering daily, this began in the leaves. By now, most of the tree is affected. What is causing this?

Washington County Oregon maple trees Posted about 6 hours ago

why isnt my sweet crn very sweet this year?

why isnt my sweet crn very sweet this year?

Northumberland County Pennsylvania corn Posted about 9 hours ago

White egg sacks on Japanese maple

I have had a worsening spread of white cottony deposits on undersized of Japanese maple leaves. What causes this and how is it treated?

Linn County Oregon Posted about 11 hours ago

Help indentifying new garden growths

Hello, What are these new growths in my garden? I am finding them in only one of four garden boxes. The same soil was used in all-a mixture of compost, top soil, and mushroom compost. Are they harmful to growing plants? Please see attached pictures. Thank you, Lisa

Marion County Oregon Posted about 11 hours ago

Pruning a 1 year + grape vine

In order get the biggest sweetest berries how far back should the vine be pruned? A picture would be dandy as my husband is not all that good at following written directions.

Yavapai County Arizona grapes Posted about 13 hours ago

What is this plant?

Hi, I recently moved into a house that has this bush in the yard. It has gotten quite a bit bigger since I moved in and I'm wondering what it is and if it can or should be trimmed somehow? If so, when and how should I do that? Thank you!

Linn County Oregon Posted about 14 hours ago

Is this blue-flowered plant a weed?

I recently moved into a house that had this plant growing in the middle of one of the pathways in the yard. There are also a couple in a bed nearby. It's placement and the fact that a few people who I've asked have said that it "looks like a weed" makes me think I should pull it out. But it's so big and hasn't spread or anything since I moved in, plus the bees really seem to love it. What is this plant and should I get rid of it? If not, would it be possible to try and move it to a place that's less in the way? Thank you!

Linn County Oregon Posted about 14 hours ago

New gardener with new house

Hi! I recently moved into a house with a yard, but up until now I have mostly lived in apartments, so I am completely new to yard maintenance and have no idea what I'm doing. I'm wondering if you have any general tips or resources for absolute beginners like me? I'm not as interested in growing food as I am in having a reasonably nice place to hang out in outside. The yard itself is pretty small and not very complicated (I think) - it's mostly lawn with some shrubs around the edges in some places. Thank you for any advice you can give me!

Linn County Oregon Posted about 14 hours ago

tree moss killing tree

There is a moss / lichen that seems to be killing the branches on my Japanese Snowbell trees in front of my house. It seems that once it gets thick enough on the branch, the branch dies. What is this and is there something that I can do to manage / kill it?

Benton County Oregon Posted about 14 hours ago

Second batch in canner and seal fails

I have an All American pressure canner model 916 that works very well with a first batch. If I reload the canner to do a second batch immediately after the first, the seal between the lid and canner itself fails. Steam comes out from under the lid, it does not hold pressure, and I have to "abort the mission". I have tried re-oiling the rim, putting in fresh water, but for the 4th time now this has happened. Any ideas? Thanks!

Sullivan County Pennsylvania home food preservation Posted about 14 hours ago