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Questions asked to this group

Idea for your website

I work as a reference librarian at Multnomah County Library and I had a patron come in to ask what type of tree we had in our parking lot that was shedding little white flowers. My first thought was to google your extension and search by trees; however, this proved very difficult indeed. I think it would be great if you had a tree identification page, or maybe I'm missing it? It would be ideal for a What's in Bloom Now link or other such useful resource. Thanks!

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted about 3 hours ago

A. uva-ursi brown and dead looking in April

Hi! I am working on updating my yard with natives to participate in the backyard habitat program, and I got a bunch of native plants in the fall to put in. I didn’t manage to get the A. uva-URSI into the ground until this month, and now as I am working on planting it, about a third of the plants are totally brown and dead looking. The remainder either are green and flowering or have a mix of green and brown leaves. Should I expect the brown ones to come back and proceed with planting them, or is it most likely dead? Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon horticulture Posted about 4 hours ago

dwarf cherry trees

We are cherry growers in North Cebtral Washingtonm, a number of tears ago I planted a North Star cherry and grafted it to Bing for dwarfing effect, when it was full grown, the tree was about three forths the size ofr Bing on mazzard (the tree has been removed). I intend to graft North Star on to one of the new dwarfing rootstocks to find out if there would be additional dwarfing if I gfrafted Bibg on the North Star, in effect the North Srar wouuld be an interstem. .Question, has there been research along those lInes and if so,where could I access that information? Thanks, Jack Feil, East Wenatchee

Douglas County Washington Posted about 19 hours ago

Plant i.d question

Hi, These thorny plants pop up all over under trees in salal on my property. They have green leaves and are now covered in the hips? from last year.

Multnomah County Oregon Posted about 19 hours ago

Identify grass and how to eradicate

We have a grass (images attached) that grows around our oak trees which is spreading rapidly. We have tried to control by physically “weeding”. However any contact with skin causes a burning rash. We would appreciate if you could identify and help us find a means to eradicate.

Polk County Oregon Posted about 21 hours ago

elk trouble

what kind of bush can I plant that Elk wont destroy

Clatsop County Oregon Posted about 22 hours ago

Pavers between Doug Firs

Hi, We have three Doug Firs about 20 feet and 5 feet from each other. Two of them must be at least near 100 feet high. We would like to make a sitting area of pavers and pea gravel between them to enjoy sitting under these beautiful trees. Will this be a problem for the trees, e.g. causing a problem for the roots underneath? Thank you!

Clackamas County Oregon root compaction Posted about 22 hours ago

minimum temp

what is the minimum temp. when growing Begonia's in the Spring?

Geauga County Ohio Posted about 24 hours ago

What is this bug?

Hi- Could you please tell me what this insect is? It sort of looks like a box elder bug, but not quite. Thanks for your help.

Benton County Oregon insect identification Posted 1 day ago

mason bees hive in my compost pile?

When i removed soil from my compost pile 30-40 bees came out. I believe they are masons. I had started artificial nests but they were not used last year. I don't want to destroy new eggs. Have they started laying by this time? I have a new pile started next to the old one. Can I take out old soil and hope they renest in pile next to it? I have tubes put out but they don't use them as a nest. The pictures show the artifical nest above the old compost pile on left and new on the right.

Clackamas County Oregon Posted 1 day ago