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Questions asked to this group

Jackrabbit issues- they are eating my garden......help !

I live in Powell Butte on acreage and with little water there seems to be little else for the jackrabbits to eat so they are decimating my garden. I only have plants that are 'rabbit resistant', I put wire cages around the really important plants, spray deer/rabbit deterent spray every week, I shoot some occasionally when I can, have a dog to deter them and have tried trapping them. My trapping has been very inconsistent, good earlier in the season and catching none lately. I've tried various baits from carrots, apples, lettuce, cabbage and change it up every few days. They won't touch the lavender, russian sage, austrian pine or catmint. But stuff like Ponderosa pine,yarrow , coreopsis, ecinacea and blanketflower they are decimating. Over time I'll just replace the things they eat with other plants that maybe they won't eat but .......in the meantime: 1) Do you have any rabbit trapping techniques that maybe I could try? 2) Any ideas for professional trappers that might come out and have better luck than me ?

Crook County OR Posted about 1 hour ago

Insect identification

I want to be sure this is not a murder hornet

Multnomah County OR Posted about 1 hour ago

unusual insert

I found an unusual insect, want to Be sure it’s not a murder hornet

Multnomah County OR insect identification beetle Posted about 1 hour ago

New grass turning brown

I am in Albany, OR. I recently planted grass seed in areas. I have been watering in the a.m. & p.m. It has come up beautifully. 2 days ago, I discovered one patch is turning brown. Some blades are very dark at the bottom and breaking off. What do I need to do? I so appreciate your help!

Linn County OR lawns and turfs horticulture Posted about 1 hour ago

ground nests of hornets/wasps

What insect nests in the ground and looks like a wasp? How long do they keep the same nest? I am not sure whether to pay an exterminator or not. They are under a Redwood tree, and I am afraid there could be several nests/escape routes, and don't want to spray myself.

Lane County OR wasps Posted about 2 hours ago

OST data use

Hello, I am considering being an OST but wanted to know a little more about what types of research and specific projects that data will be used for. Do you have any example articles/papers where that used OST data? Thanks. -Mark

Linn County Oregon Posted about 2 hours ago

Pear Picking

I live in Grants Pass Oregon and have 2 pear trees , last year i waited to long, so when is the best time to pick pears or how can you tell

Josephine County Oregon fruit trees pear trees horticulture Posted about 3 hours ago

soil test

hi, does the Cooperative Extn provide soil testing? If so, how do I go about getting one? I'm near Lincoln City. Thanks! Alice

Lincoln County Oregon Posted about 4 hours ago

Shrub identification

What is this plant and is it appropriate creekside?

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification Posted about 12 hours ago

canning cherry tomatoes

Hi I have tons of cherry tomatoes and would like to can tomato sauce with them. If they are cooked down and blended in a food processor do I have to put it through a food mill as well? In summary is it ok to can with some skins left in the sauce? Thanks!

Josephine County Oregon Posted about 12 hours ago