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please help. At home I have a terrarium - succulents (aloe vera, cactus and my own tongue) and today I transplanted plants and found in the soil of this worm, or larva, or whatever it is. I think if there was one, there would be more. What is it? Is it a pest? I don't know, I'm looking for google and I'm desperate for it, I can't find out what it is.
I water the succulents once every 10 days, so it has little water.
Thank you for every answer, you will help me a lot

Outside United States insect identification Posted 2 months ago

Lawn care


We put in sod last spring. We watered it heavily, and it seemed to do well over the summer. We have not used any fertilizer. Now it is very yellow. Is this normal? Also, I do not remember what type of grass this is. Can you tell from the pictures?
Thank you

Washington County Oregon Posted 2 months ago

Tall, unruly cherry tree

We have a cherry tree in the back yard of our recently purchased home in Ashland. it appears that the tree was never pruned or shaped when it was young. It’s now about 20+ feet tall. I’d like to prune and shape this tree. How much of the top of the tree is it safe to remove? And when during the year is it best to do the pruning?

Jackson County Oregon Posted 2 months ago

My cyclamen are resting?

I’ve got cyclamen in two pots outside my front door. One cyclamen looks great and the other cyclamen are lying flat. Any ideas why? Will it come back? Do I just need to prune it?

Clackamas County Oregon cyclamen Posted 2 months ago

What is happening to my plum tree

I was pruning my plum tree and noticed this odd peeling bark on a couple of branches. What is going on? Is it diseased or damaged?

Marion County Oregon fruit trees Posted 2 months ago

bush bean leaves cupped, poor yeild

Last summer I tried growing yellow and green bush beans. On both plants the leaves were very cupped, if there was any fruit it was very curled and the blossoms failed to fully develop. These were all grown in raised beds using soil I had purchased from a nearby supplier. (I am in Prineville, Crook Co.)
I have to think that the soil is lacking something since most everything else thrived. Can you tell me what I should add to the beds this year as far as any supplements or micronutrients? Thanks. Krystal

Crook County Oregon beans bush beans horticulture Posted 2 months ago

soil testing


I'm reaching out to find out if the extension does soil testing! I have a garden and would like expert soil testing. Thanks so much,


Multnomah County Oregon soil testing Posted 2 months ago

Jade Plant

My poor jade plant is around 3 feet tall and it's got a lot of white, soft, cottony residue in the plant joints and on the new growth.
I've treat it with both alcohol (every 2nd week for 6 weeks) then a break, but it didn't work so I got a pesticide that was recommended and I treat the plant every 2nd week for 6 weeks and the white is getting worse, not better. I haven't seen any pests, and my neighboring plants are all healthy. The jade is dropping branches quite rapidly now, and I'm really worried!

Outside United States jade plant Posted 2 months ago

How to remove Deep Large Tree Roots

You were very helpful last year with the growing of my potatoes.
This year we have very deep large tree roots in the front yard and back yard
that are pushing up the foundation of our house. I would like to be able to remove them
using an environmentally safe process that doesnt involve a skip loader!
Thank you

Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs tree removal and foundations horticulture Posted 2 months ago

Deer may be sick

This deer is in my yard this morning. It looks sick. Should I contact someone? It let me get quite close to it as well.

Marion County Oregon wildlife deer Posted 2 months ago