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Lawn Rennovation

Hi Beaver Turf, I live in NW Corvallis and have a large, shady, and very wet backyard. The soil is thick clay and gets very saturated in the winter, spring, and fall. The lawn was obviously planted long ago and is a patchy mix of moss, crab grass, weeds, and some unknown variety of turf grass. I would like to start from scratch. My plan is to level and cover the whole area with loam and then broadcast new seed and fertilizer. After this I would probably use a roller. Is this the best approach? If so, what seed variety do you recommend for our area? When is the best time of year for this project? Also, I have heard that covering the reseeded area with straw is a good idea. Is this necessary in your opinion? Thanks very much!

Benton County OR Posted almost 6 years ago

topdressing sand

I live in Christmas Valley & am a board member for the Park & Recreation District here. We have a 9 hole course that was built back in the 60's. Does it matter what type of sand is used for the greens? If so, what do we need to use?

Lake County OR landscape design golf Posted over 6 years ago

poanna control in turf-type ryegrass fall feeding and new pre/post emergents

I live in Southwest Portland and have persistent poa annua infestations. I read your answers to Alec K from 2-27-2013. The information is very helpful. I need more information about the Fall feeding--what is the area for the formula of 6#s nitrogen, 1# phosphorus, 4#s potassium, supplemented with 2#s sulfer a year. Is this applied once or twice a year (except for the sulfer) and when? I would also like to know about any more recent pre/post-emergents that are on the market that are work well in the Pacific Northwest, e.g., Tenacity (mesotrione), Eschelon SC (Sulfentrazone, Prodiamine). Velocity is out of my price range.

Multnomah County OR lawns and turf poa annua Posted over 6 years ago

PGRs in non-cropland utility areas

Hello, we are looking to cut some mowings out from our borders and looking into using PGRs. I'm not up-to-date on the latest research on fescue there any literature that's not behind a pay-wall I can access? Looks like Escort and Telar are recommended..but I've not found anything more current than 2002. Any recommendations? Thanks, Becky

Linn County OR lawns and turf turf Posted almost 8 years ago

poanna weed control or eradicate

i live in gresham, oregon and have a problem with the poanna weed in my lawn. what can i do to get rid or control this nuisance? it has been in the lawn for the past 10 years and i have tried a few things including corn glutamate meal. no luck with anything.

Multnomah County OR lawns and turf Posted almost 8 years ago

Installing New Sod and Amendments

I am hoping you can assist me with a turfgrass question. I recently bought a home and the grass is perpetually soggy even though I haven't watered since October. I was told this is largely due to the heavy clay soil retaining water and the lack of drains in the yard. I've interviewed several landscapers who have given me different proposals on how to remedy the problem (all recommend installing drains). Some landscapers suggest cutting up the existing sod, adding amendments to the soil then laying the new sod. Other landscapers suggest mowing the existing grass to a very very short length, applying Roundup to kill the grass, wait several days, till the old grass into the soil, apply no amendments then lay the new sod. In the latter approach the landscapers have advised the old grass will serve as an amendment and will prevent taking away some of the top soil when the old grass is cut out and removed in the first scenario. Do you have any thought on which approch would be better?

Alameda County California sod grass horticulture Posted almost 8 years ago