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pruning fuit tress fig and apple

Hello, i have brown turkey and desert king figs, also apple trees, can i safely prune these trees in January?Thank you for help

Clark County WA pruning fruit trees Posted 11 days ago

Best Grasses for Meadow Like Lawn Western WA

Hello, I would like to grow a tall lawn that I can mow once or twice a year. We have about 1/2 acre, mostly in sun. We realize we will need to tolerate and some weeds, and to watch for blackberry and other invaders.. We live on Vashon Island, and the natural look of tall grass is a common sight. We want the lawn to be wildlife friendly and pesticide free. Please tell me which types of grass seeds I should use. Thanks very much.

King County WA native plants lawn alternatives Posted 27 days ago

Why would a raccoon tail fall off?

What injury would make a tail fall off? We have a raccoon that comes by everyday.About 2 weeks ago he suddenly lost all of the fur on his tail. Today we found his tail in the shelter we made for him. He came by this afternoon and seems fine but definitely missing his tail! We have been giving him antibiotics for about 8 days that we got from a veterinarian friend to treat some wounds that he had. Our friend is out of the state now until summer so we can't ask him

King County WA wildlife raccoons Posted about 1 month ago

Organic gardening resources for Walla Walla

My daughter who lives in Walla Walla wanted a book on organic gardening in that region. I - and several book stores - can't find anything that specific. What would you suggest I can suggest so that she can have good advice on gardening organically where she lives? Thanks very much.

Multnomah County OR organic gardening inland pnw Posted about 1 month ago

All kinds of trees dying

I see all kinds of trees dying. I did a test which shows there are high levels of Aluminum oxide, Barium and Strontium. All these ingredients will kill tree roots slowly and have almost immediate adverse effects on the leaves. The trees look like they are dying from drought but it is due to having no roots

Have you ever examined the contents of the rain water?

Snohomish County WA forestry Posted about 1 month ago

Unwanted moss

What is the best way to get rid of moss in dirt and flower beds and keep it gone? I live in Washington state and our yard is mostly shady with many fir trees. Can I use a lawn moss killer with nitrogen and iron? Should I be using a pre-emergent like Caseron? The moss is also invading our lawn even after we had it professionally killed, thatched and reseeded. How do I get the soil tested for pH? I’m thinking I need to add lime to raise the pH from all the acidic fir needles over the years.

King County Washington moss Posted about 1 month ago

Does Sluggo Plus contain EDTA

EDTA is apparently toxic to dogs and earthworms, right? Toxicity in Dogs After Ingesting EDTA Iron Phosphate

Clallam County Washington edta slug bait Posted 2 months ago

Propagation Reference Guide - referred to by Mohan G. N. Kumar in the 9 page article he wrote

Hello, Regarding "Propagating shrubs, vines and trees from stem cuttings" by Mohan G. N. Kumar, which I was able to print out for myself he mentions " the companion Propagation Reference Guide with 117 of these plant species and cultivars" How do I order a copy of that publication? Can you give me the information I need to do that please? As I want to propagate an hydrangea, a dapne odora and a rose I would love to have more specifics regarding these particular shrubs. Please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks, Susanne Ashland

King County Washington extension publications Posted 2 months ago

We have, a patch of foxtail in our dog park. Is there a way to irradiate it...

We have, a patch of foxtail in our dog park. Is there a way to irradiate it w4ith out toxic chemicals so as not great to harm the dogs? Would viniger do any good. Thanks. Jon Zerby

San Juan County Washington foxtail acetic acid herbicide Posted 3 months ago

Keeping blight from spreading -- planting trees in an area that has had blight

I have a question about filbert blight. I live on Samish Island in Skagit County, WA. Samish Island used to be prolific in terms of filbert production. Several "neighbors" who live a mile and a half or so away, however, have had to pull their trees due to blight. That's a pretty fair number of trees. Before we knew this, we accepted 4 "starts" from one of these neighbors. On our side of this small island, a mile and a half away from our blight-infested neighbors, we've never had blight that I know of. Except the four starts that we took in from those neighbors. We've planted all blight-resistant varieties on our property. All seem to be doing great. Good nut production. Between 2 and 8 years old now. Maybe 25 trees. Here's my question. We just dug up the 4 "starts" from the neighbors because their blight finally showed up, years after planting. These trees were all 10 years old or so. Our yard is about 1/2 acre. We have several filbert trees that are not far from the blighted trees. (Between 20 and 200 ft away). All are Santiam or Yamhill (blight-resistant). Or Jefferson. Is it foolhardy to plant new Jeffersons in the holes from which the infected trees were just taken? Without thinking, I ordered the new trees. I can probably cancel the order if I act fast. I can't think of anywhere else in our yard to put the trees (we're almost full up). One other caveat: I recall a neighbor telling me about planting trees in a heavily infested area -- they were "blight-resistant" but got it anyway. Thank you for your advice!

Skagit County Washington Posted 3 months ago