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planting white clover into an orchard's existing grasses.

I have an orchard in costal Washington. The orchard has been planted in a field used for grass hay production before I bought it and started planting a variety of fruit trees. I keep the orchard mowed during the early summer to make it easier to get through the orchard. I would like to add clover to the mix of the grass, etc. that make up the current sod. My hope is to add additional nitrogen by using clover, to improve game feed (deer), and to help the fruit trees. Can I just spread some white clover seed over the orchard and let is come up in the current sod? If so, during what time of year can this be done?


Clallam County WA cover crops Posted 10 days ago

Should I prune my Camperdown Elm?

I live in Vancouver Washington, and planted a Camperdown Elm about 2 years ago. It was leaning quit a bit so I tried to stake it. I couldn't find any info about pruning this tree so I'm hoping you can help. Is there any pruning needed or other care I should be aware of?

Clark County WA Posted 14 days ago

What is this plant?

What is this plant? I love it and need to know how to properly care for it! (I need to dust it off, I just got it today)

Clallam County WA plant identification Posted 15 days ago

Is it possible to save Begonia tubers and skip a years planting?

I have a friend who has had her tubers for 40 years. Due to a series of serious health challenges she probably won't be able to plant all 30-40 this year, if any. Is it possible to keep them through the summer, overwinter (again) and replant the following year? And if so, how exactly? She has grown the same tubers for decades and some are 7" across! I have looked online and most questions deal with just overwintering until spring. This is about saving for an additional year without the benefit of planting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Skagit County WA begonias Posted 24 days ago

Rodent proofing

I have rodents (not rats, possibly voles or pocket gophers?) tunneling under my perimeter foundation. I've been told I may be able to stop them by heaping pea-gravel along the foundation outside and/or underneath the house. A pest control company did this to stop rats at a neighbors house, but they will not provide any information on doing this myself. Can you refer me to any resources for this?

Jefferson County WA Posted about 1 month ago

Coffee Compost

hello, my name is Annette Recently I've been becoming more and more disturbed with the amount of waste my work produces ( Dutch Bros ). Thats what lead me to your article on how coffee grounds can be a great addition to compost piles. What I hope to do is create a efficient way to make use of all the coffee grounds that go to waste everyday, if you have any suggestions on how I can put this idea into affect id greatly appreciate it.

Clark County Washington Posted about 1 month ago

Mess in the grass

We have small areas all over our backyard of grass with roots dug tunnels or paths by our fence or home..The patches are about 4to6 inches square. We have Raccoons & lots of large Crows. Would rats do this?

Washington wildlife damage management Posted about 1 month ago


I am interested in purchasing a microscope to exam my insects. Do you have a recommendation?

Spokane County Washington insects Posted about 1 month ago

Lavender in apricot jam

I’ve recently discovered how delicious lavender is in apricot jam. I have canned apricot jam many times before. Can I can it the same way, or do I need to do something differently because of the lavender seeds in it?

Yakima County Washington Posted 2 months ago

Mason bee house blown down

Hello Bee expert Our Bird houses where some mason bees were living Mason blew down in the last windstorm. There are about 25 individuals inside a nesting ball on the ground. We thought we would try to put it back in the house. You have some recommendations? We thought we would use a shovel to take the ground underneath them and gently put it back on the base of the house and then put the house back on top of them. This is the second time they have been disturbed this season. And we are worried that they might not make it due to being disturbed We wondered what we might be able to feed them. Since all the flowers have stopped blooming here, there’s not much for them to eat. Can we use hummingbird nectar?

King County Washington Posted 2 months ago