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Are wisteria wood chips toxic?

I know that wisteria pods are toxic and that some of the toxins are present in the vines. After trimming this year, I fed the vines through the chipper, which worked really well. However, now I'm not sure what's safe to do with the chips. I could do anything from using them as mulch in the non-vegetable portions of the garden to composting them or mulching the vegetables, but I'd prefer not to put them in a yard waste bin and lose that organic material from the property. Will the toxins break down after a certain time or do I really need to dispose of these off-site?

King County Washington Posted 6 days ago

Best mite resistant honey bee

I live in Kitsap county washington. Mites are exploding here and beekeepers have been treating almost continuously with OAV and more mites show up.

I want to get a mite resistant queen next spring. What is the best kind?

Kitsap County Washington Posted 7 days ago

Grown on recently dug dahlia tuber

Could you please tell me what the growth on the bottom of this dahlia plant is? I ordered the tuber online. It was a Gallery (border) variety. It had no problems on the stalk or foliage during the growing season, but when it was dug, the clumpy grown was all over the bottom of the stalk.

I threw the tuber in the trash bin and disinfected my shovel with 1 to 10 bleach. I also drenched the soil with the bleach solution. Did that do harm or help?

Should I avoid growing things in the same spot next spring?

Johnson County Kansas Posted 9 days ago

Douglas fir foliage turning brown

The foliage on the fir trees behind our house are turning brown. Any suggestions on causes or treatment? Or is this normal?
A neighboring tree in one of the pictures has severe lichen. And there is lichen in some of the fir trees. Is this related at all to the foliage turning brown on the firs?

King County Washington trees Posted 12 days ago

Super curious

Hello my name is alberto and I’ve had a praying mantis that has laid 3 egg sacks within a month and a half I was told that they die 2 weeks after they lay the eggs and that didn’t happen 3 weeks later she laid another and again two weeks later still no death and just about three weeks from the 2nd eggs she laid a 3rd so I’m just curious on finding out if that’s common

Snohomish County Washington mantid egg case Posted 16 days ago

Identification of marine carcass

I found this carcass of what I believe to be a marine Mammal on a beach near Westport WA on the evening of October 30th ,2020. It was approximately 4 feet long and I have more photos if needed that include a tennis ball for scale. My friend believes it is a seal but suggested I ask since it might be a juvenile larger species.

Grays Harbor County Washington animal identification Posted 23 days ago

Acer red maple/ disease?

Our 35 year old red maple doesn't look well. Found a photo of a maple with leaves that appear similar to ours from your site. There's no red in them but they have the same wilt and curling seen in the left of the photo. Last year it seemed like leaves were slow turning color in the fall relative to other maples nearby and didn't have the usual vibrant red and orange colors. The leaves also seem to be getting smaller.
Photo from your site:
I would appreciate any feedback and thoughts on what might be happening. Thanks in advance!

Benton County Washington Posted 24 days ago

Canning pickled beets

I am following the ball book recipe for canning pickled beets, but I would like to dice them into 1/4 " x 1/ 4" cubes instead of slices. Is that okay?

Whatcom County Washington Posted 25 days ago

Zinnias bulbs

I have zinnias in two big pots they have bulbs hanging from their roots can you save them

Benton County Washington zinnias Posted 26 days ago

Pasture grass recommendation

Can you recommend a grass seed to overseed my pasture?
1.5 acres
Hay production / livestock grazing.
SW Washington, Battle Ground, 10 miles North of Vancouver
Thank you in advance
Scott McKee
30218 NE 82nd Ave., Battle Ground, WA 98604

Clark County Washington pasture management Posted 27 days ago