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Surface Water Protections on Pasturelands

Are there any published standards for Western Washington that protect surface waters from Pastureland operations including runoff of fertilizers/pesticides, manures, etc.?

King County WA Posted about 21 hours ago

Iwood booring

Hi: I have an insect that was in my basement in a old cedar sign like the old signs at park entrances. The sign was in good shape but I moved it to a different location. What I saw on one side was a hold that had what looked like a cacoon in the sign, I took out the cacoon and there was nothing in it. That night a pill booking insect that was gray and had really big eyes that looked like they were on the top of its head. The next thing I know there are triangle shaped. Then there are long streaks in the floor. There are also holes and then there were big chunks. I have hard wood flooring and that is where the boring is going on. I have never seen the insect and there is no sawdust. What can I do to kill the bug

Pierce County WA Posted 2 days ago

Is geranium pusillum l. Toxic to horses?

Is it toxic to horses? Will harrowing help to control it?

King County WA Posted 5 days ago

New kind of Moss?

Is this a moss plant or something else? I found this plant at approximately 4300 FT elevation in the central Cascade Mountains of Lewis County.

Lewis County WA Posted 6 days ago

Jays and crows

How do we keep Crows and Jays out of our wild bird feeders?

Pierce County WA Posted 6 days ago

Golden Korean Fir - Needles turning yellow and falling off

I was wondering if you might have any advice about a small fir tree that I keep in a pot on my balcony. It is a Golden Korean Fir, and the needles have started to turn brown and fall off. This started in one area of the tree and seems to be spreading. Do you know of any diseases or pests that could affect a fir tree in this way?

King County Washington true fir Posted 7 days ago

Birch tree with no seed pods.

My birch tree seems healthy but it had no seed pods on it this year. Does my birch tree have something wrong with it?

Whitman County Washington birch Posted 11 days ago

How do I get my soil tested for verticillium wilt causing fungi?

We have questionable soil, lots of clay which we are working to amend. We have lost a vine maple and a bloodgood maple. I am suspecting fungus in the soil. Where can I send a soil sample to have it tested before I plant another susceptible plant?

King County Washington Posted 14 days ago

Adjuvant for low temperature water

We manufacture and sell a hydrophilic wettable powder insecticide (diatomaceous earth), it's OMRI, EPA and 50 state approved for use on crops. Applications can be up to 50 lbs per 100 gallons per acre. We recommend a non-ionic adjuvant to improve spray pattern and leaf wetting. e.g. APOE such as Spreader 90 or organo-silicone such as Brandt 719. Application is easy in all areas except when the grower uses cold water (~5 C), then they have issues to stir in our product. What cold-water non-ionic wetting agent would you recommend for fruit tree growers in the Pacific Northwest ?

Chelan County Washington Posted 14 days ago

what happened to my apple trees?

Hi. I planted a Honeycrisp and a Pink Lady apple tree 3 years ago. The first year no apples. The second year about 25 of the most delicious and healthy apples I've ever seen. This year the trees don't look good and they had just a few apples. Is something eating them. Is there pruning I can do to encourage better health and when should I do it? Is there anything I can do to have better luck next year??
Thank you for your help!!

Mason County Washington Posted 18 days ago