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English laurel hedge

When would it be best to trim an English laurel hedge to keep the seeds from spreading and sprouting all over the garden.

King County Washington laurel Posted about 1 month ago

first and last frost dates for 98620

need averages, I am 12 miles NW of Goldendale at 2000 ft elevation

Klickitat County Washington frost free date Posted about 1 month ago

Hazelnut pollination

I am wondering what are pollinators for Felix#2 Hazelnuts.?
Will Sacajawea do it?
If not, can you tell Me the best Pollinators for each of these please.
Thanks for any and all info you can give me---Texas Bob

San Juan County Washington hazelnuts or filberts Posted about 1 month ago

Revitalizing Neglected Hazelnut Trees

I recently bought a homestead / abandoned farm on the southern end of the Kitsap Peninsula, in Pierce County WA (Longbranch, 98351). There are 4 clusters of Hazel Nut trees that have been neglected for years that we would like to take care of, but we have little to no experience with nut trees. There are some partially rotted very large limbs, and above 7' the crowns are pretty much a rat's nest. All the trees produce a bounty of nuts and our sense is they would fare better and longer with some care. Unfortunately, we don't know where to begin and have been unable to find much information other than managing young trees.

Pierce County Washington hazelnuts Posted about 1 month ago

Aspens / Sap - aphids & hornets


Last year my aspens were inundated with - what I am guessing - aphids. The leaves had sap, were shiny, and the sap even dropped to the ground. This in turn, attracted hornets. Unfortunately - my 4 aspens are located next to our backyard patio and not too far from our neighbor’s home. I sprayed with water (almost daily) to remove the aphids and sap, but couldn’t get the pressure for the height of the tree, and it was difficult avoiding the neighbor’s dinning room window. While it is winter now, is there anything I can do proactively for this coming year - to avoid the aphids and sap production? Help.. Note - I’m actually in Washington state, but I haven’t found someone to contact. I saw an earlier discussion on this exact topic, so thought I’d try here.

Washington trees Posted about 1 month ago

camoflaging Glendawn septic mound

Looking for 3-6' high plants to camoflage our new septic mound:
low water needs
full sun
evergreens, but could be interspersed with varieties....

Whatcom County Washington drainfield planting Posted about 1 month ago

Cedar Tree - small holes

Hi, I noticed a group of very small holes about 10' up on a cedar tree. The other trees close by had a few holes as well, but this one was covered. I saw your other posts about birds, but these are quite small. Thank you.

Skagit County Washington sapsucker damage Posted about 1 month ago

Drooping hydrangeas

I have two old and established hydrangeas. The past few years they have been loaded with gorgeous blooms, but are so heavy that many of the branches fall over and even touch the ground. It’s not very appealing to look at. How can I trim these to give the branches strength and still have lots of blooms? Thanks!

Washington pruning hydrangeas Posted about 1 month ago

Jarred salsa

I have an opened jar of salsa. Can we eat it after a 12 hour power outage?

King County Washington Posted about 1 month ago


Wondering what this is? Have owned property for many years and have not seen this.

Klickitat County Washington Posted about 1 month ago