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Rhodedendron - yellow and rusty

What's wrong with my rhody and how do I fix it?

King County Washington Posted about 14 hours ago

Alder & Oregon Grape

Hello. I have a couple of acres that have an enormous undergrowth of Oregon grape and what I believe are Alder switches sprouting. The area also contains Aspens, some birch and Conifers. Is there anything I can use to control the undergrowth that can be applied in a backpack sprayer to selectively kill the Oregon grape and Alder starts?

Pend Oreille County Washington Posted 2 days ago

Black spider found in my garage

What type of spider is this. It's all black.

Whatcom County Washington Posted 6 days ago


Is the blight blackened fungus on madrone trees contagious to other plants?

King County Washington Posted 8 days ago

Brown spot

Hello from new plant mom. My albo monstera is getting soggy brown stops on the one leaf on the right. It used to be in a room with high humidity but I felt it was too much for the plant and I removed it. Plant gets bright indirect light. Little water. Could be fungus? Please help- worried plant mom!

King County Washington philodendron Posted 8 days ago

Native currant bush won’t bloom

Hello! I had 4 native red currant bushes. 3 died of some kind of fungus, but the 4th is growing well. It’s got lots of leaves, but no blooms this spring. Is there anything I can do to encourage it to flower?

Thurston County Washington currants Posted 14 days ago

Flower Seedlings have stalled

I have planted 12-14 flats of various flower seeds in plastic starter cells with moistened seed start mix. They are under LED light panels 16 hours per day. They all germinated but have stalled out, they do not seem to be growing. I under water once per week and have fertilized with 1/2 strength miracle grow once. Pictures are attached. Any ideas? Thanks, Bill

King County Washington Posted 14 days ago


Hi, we live on Vashon Island near seattle and Our veggie garden has nematodes. trying to find a non-pesticide alternative to get rid of them. I see that we can use plastic to cover the garden and raise the soil temp. but we might not be able to get much heat here at this time. I see that there is Majestene but not sure if that's wise? Any suggestions?

King County Washington nematodes Posted 23 days ago

Albino blueberries

I have nine blueberry plants they range from 4-9 years old (I think). This year one plant has had white berries on it over the winter. This plant has produced blue blueberries in the past. Are the white berries edible? Should these white producing parts of the plant be cut out?

Jefferson County Washington blueberries Posted 26 days ago

Ginko tree

I have a ginko tree with a y trunk. It is about 10 years old. Can i safely take off one trunk? I live in SW Washington st.

Lewis County Washington trees and shrubs Posted about 1 month ago