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Sharpshooter leafhoppers

I have hundreds of sharpshooter leafhoppers all over my yard. There are so many that you cannot sit in the yard without having them all over you. Is there anything I can use that's not harmful to pets, people and the environment to get rid of them. It makes me also wonder if they are the cause of lightened, yellowing and dying grass. Thank you R.Harvey

King County Washington Posted 2 days ago

Can’t identify a plant

Hello, I have a plant growing in my garden and it’s in nearly full sun but I have another one elsewhere that’s in mostly shade and both are thriving. It stands at about 12 1/2 - 16 inches tall and has sage green-colored leaves towards the top and darker sage green leaves towards the bottom. The main root of the plant is sort of a wood-like root (it’s tough, light brown, and “flakes” a little bit) and the stems that shoot off from the main one bearing the leaves are lighter green and as they ascend, the color of the leaves turns ashier and ashier (like baby’s breath). It does have little yellow flowers that bloom in some spots but not everywhere. They did dry out recently but the leaves are still hydrated. I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot figure out what it is!! Please help if you can (:

Clark County Washington daisy bush brachyglottis greyi Posted 6 days ago


me and my friend were digging one day because we were bored we had discovered large rock about 6” by 4” when we cracked it open it had shiny white and black crystals, We have discovered that it is granite and worthless to sell, now we are wondering what to do with it?

Washington Posted 12 days ago

What are the webs on my hedges? Are they harmful?

What are the webs on my hedges? Are they harmful?

Kittitas County Washington Posted 13 days ago

Why does the mint taste weird?

We tried two different varieties of mint for a recent recipe and had to toss all of it because in each case it just tasted.... weird. It was kind of minty but left a quick bitter aftertaste. We thought "maybe the smaller leaves will be better" but no, they were just as bad. One variety (provided from a friend's garden) looked like a peppermint variety (and was starting to flower) and the other was from New Seasons and looked more like spearmint but the leaves were larger than I would expect. They swore it wasn't lemon balm (which we realize looks just like mint but gets big and takes over the whole yard). And it wasn't just me who thought it tasted weird, we confirmed it by having others taste it too (this was in the context of a cooking class so it was, as you might imagine, an urgent mint emergency!) What kind of mint is it that stores sell in the little plastic packages? And is there a reason you know of that we might have had such a hard time finding good mint now? Could our recent heat spell have turned it bad?

Clark County Washington mint Posted 20 days ago

Bloodgood maple misshapen leaves

Hello! My bloodgood maple tree did not leaf out completely after a hard winter. I thought it was just delayed but when the tree did leaf out, the leaves were small and misshapen. A weeping Japanese maple in the ground close to it also did not leaf out, and also has very small misshapen leaves. Both were healthy up until the hard winter we just had. My pictures will not post for some reason but I can email. Thankful for any advise.

King County Washington maple trees Posted 25 days ago

type of moss?

I have, what my neighbor calls moss, that is infesting my entire perennial garden and choking out some plants. It is green, circular and looks like an ulcer. I have scraped it off the soil, then sprayed the area with a solution of vinegar, salt and Dawn detergent. After a while it reappears in the same place I so carefully removed and 'killed' it. It seems to be transferred by spores and with contact to my shoes. I have sprayed so much vinegar, salt, Dawn solution that it has effected my perennial plants. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of this nuisance for good? Thank you, Mary Ginnis

Pierce County Washington Posted 27 days ago

Bee eggs in my birdbath

I placed a planter in the middle of my birdbath . And I have bees laying eggs in the water and in my planter . What? !

Stevens County Washington Posted 27 days ago

Brown spots on petunia blooms

My red petunias have ugly brown spots. The adjacent purple ones do not (yet). Humidity high at times, but usually there is no visible fungus until the end of the season.

King County Washington flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted about 1 month ago

Apple tree leaves turning yellow

I purchased a yellow delicious apple tree online. Although the shipping took 7 days, it looked in very good shape. All leaves were green. I planted it in ground the same day as it arrived. However, the leaves have been turning yellow quickly every day. Now it's only 6 days later and most of the leaves are yellow now. I did some research on the Internet but could not determine what the problem was. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

King County Washington apples Posted about 1 month ago