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I’m using copper mesh, copper tape, corn meal, salt lines (not near plants or same beds) beer traps, hand picking night and early morning raids! What can I do to protect my plants?? These things multiply before our eyes! The destruction is astronomical! Help!

Clark County Washington slugs Posted about 19 hours ago

Hedgerow impervious to dogs

Hi, love your online article on hedgerows. Im considering merits of vegetative boundaries of dog enclosures. Im trying to design private off-leash areas. Is there anything I could grow sure to contain a large, motivated, energetic dog that can leap a 6’ fence? Thanks for attention and for ask-expert service!

King County Washington Posted about 21 hours ago

Freezing fruit for diabetic people

Do I have to put a lite syrup on apricots to freeze them?

Thurston County Washington Posted about 22 hours ago

Using expired multi-purpose-sterile-solution in the garden

Have you ever heard of any ways to make use of expired Multi Purpose Sterile Solution? I have an almost-full 16 oz. bottle of it. (My husband used to use it for his contact lenses about 11 years ago, I think.) I was wondering if, instead of tossing it out, I could maybe make some sort of beneficial spray out of it for my rose bushes, etc. Maybe the addition of a drop of soap & some vinegar to the solution would be a good idea(?) I don't want to try it if you think it might harm the rose bush, etc., though. Thank You, DW

Clark County Washington Posted about 23 hours ago

Scotch broom genetic mutation?

Thousands of this invasive weed but none have had a flat branch like this one I just found. As flat as a piece of gum.

Thurston County Washington Posted 2 days ago


Is Escalonia susceptible to disease in the Pacific Northwest

King County Washington Posted 2 days ago

Why wild roses

I have a rose bush that I planted 20 years ago. The original plant was pink. About 10 years ago I started getting variegated yellow/pink roses, which I love. This year I got a few of the variegated flowers but a large amount of magenta wild rose flowers. I do have a wild white rose bush in the yard. Do you know what might have happened and is there a way to get rid of the wild roses on my variegated bush?

Island County Washington Posted 2 days ago


What is this

King County Washington Posted 3 days ago

Are the sprouts edible?

You mentioned the squash flesh and the seeds are edible but what about the actual sprouts? The white worm-shaped spaghetti squash sprouts? Is it okay to eat them and if so, is raw okay?

King County Washington sprouts cucurbits Posted 4 days ago


This will be my third year that I have had a patch of ever baring strawberries. The last two years the patch was very productive, but this year hardly nothing. The plants are very healthy, but hardy a strawberry What could be the problem?

Benton County Washington Posted 4 days ago