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young small veggies

I have small zucchini and small acorn squash on the vines, but they never mature. Later in the summer, they come on strongly amd mature, but not at first. Do you know why?

Yakima County Washington Posted 4 days ago

How hot is too hot for egg sacs

I bought my praying mantis egg sack from my local Fred Meyers. It's been over 90 degrees outside last few days, and it's been hanging out in that temperature on the fence without any shade. Do I have any concern for my praying mantises? I bought the praying mantises 2 3, weeks ago back then it was high 80s.

Benton County Washington Posted 9 days ago

aspen tree help

I have this aspen for 4 years and the last 2 it is getting these black and brown leaves. I have attached a few pics. I have not sprayed anything especially because a robin just made a nest with babies a couple weeks ago. i reside in spokane, wa. Thank you the help.

Spokane County Washington diagnosis of plant problems aspen trees aspen disease Posted 12 days ago

Split tips on the branches

I have many arborvitae with split tips. Any ideas. Attached are pictures of the problem. Each picture came from a different tree.

Chelan County Washington trees and shrubs Posted 12 days ago

apple tree bark

Is the bark of the apple tree poisonous? Can apple bark be safely used in cooking fire?

Thurston County Washington Posted 16 days ago

Bark peeling away on Japanese cherry (Amanogawa)

Last summer (2018) was hot for very many weeks and sap started to come out on the west side of my Amanogawa - this attracted ants, who began to gnaw on the bark (I saw bark dust on the ground). Once I got rid of the ants and temperatures cooled down, the tree bark didn't look too bad - see the photo. Over the winter and now into spring (2019), I had hoped the bark would heal, but it seems to be splitting open and getting worse - see the next two photos. I have seen no insect activity and there has not been any damage by tools, etc. The last two photos perhaps look worse than they really are because the tree was wet from rain today. I can provide more photos if permitted. The leaves are nice and green and the branches look fine. Help! I do not want to lose this beautiful tree.

Washington ornamental cherry Posted 17 days ago

Arborvitae helpless or hopeful?

Quite a few of my arborvitae have died or are half dead? Half brown or partially black on the inside. Should I just cut back all the brown black limbs and hope for the best? Fungicide? Toss them? Help me !!

Clark County Washington Posted 18 days ago

bean seedling damage

Hi - Can you tell me what might be eating these beans. Only a few plants in the row are being damaged. I see no sign of slug or snail damage and haven't seen anything on the plants. Thanks. Virginia

Walla Walla County Washington Posted 21 days ago

Bronze Birch Borers

Are the leaves falling from sick birch contaminated and need to be burned?

Benton County Washington Posted 26 days ago

mystery tree

Hello - my daughter lives in Walla Walla and they have two of these trees. She'd like to know what they are, and if the fruits are edible or useful in some other way. Thanks very much.

Walla Walla County Washington Posted 26 days ago