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How can I get rid of fleas in a room?

I kept five half-grown cats for a friend. She said that she checked them for fleas and even treated them. If they didn't have fleas, they must have had eggs on them or something because some days after they left, my sewing room in the basement (where I kept them) was infested with fleas!

I spread some diatomaceous earth and I'm doing the light/sudsy water thing and that's working, but there are just so many of them. I've kept them confined to that room by stuffing rags under the door and spraying around the door. I don't want to use a lot of toxic sprays, etc.

I read that if they don't have a food source they'll be dead in about 100 days. Is that true? They don't have a food source unless maybe they found a mouse.

Cullman County Alabama fleas lrk Posted almost 5 years ago

night-blooming plant

What is the name of this plant? It only blooms with these beautiful bold flowers once every 4 or 6 years. We were told a moon plant but no luck. It's about to bloom again and only after midnight it opens up to a beautiful bold white with yellowish background. The leaves have veins in them.

Cullman County Alabama night blooming cereus flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials Posted almost 5 years ago

Is this a fungus growing on my lawn?

Please find attached some photos of my lawn grass which has some kind of "growth" in spotty areas and is spreading like wildfire all over. Can you please identify this problem and tell me what product to use to manage it? I am located in northern Alabama.

Cullman County Alabama lawns and turf lrk Posted almost 5 years ago

Thank you for this service! I have an old philodendron plant that as of the...

Thank you for this service! I have an old philodendron plant that as of the past few months has been putting out thin,almost transparent leaves. They'll grow upright, then develop yellow and brown spots that eventually make the leaves droop, curl up, then die. Have always kept in the basement in wintertime. Took to back porch this weekend (used to thrive in its particular spot). Please advise.

Cullman County Alabama Posted about 5 years ago

Pasture grass allergy 'flyers' concern

What kind of plant could produce seeds this time of year that fly around in the air, look like snowflakes ~ umbrella shaped & stick to you & make you sneeze?
Ruling out dandelion ~ Sage grass? What can I apply to kill it off besides cutting or bushhogging. I have already limed the pasture to get rid of unwanted weeds.
THANK YOU in advance. PKDixie ~ Cullman, Ala.

Cullman County Alabama Posted over 6 years ago