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What is this that is growing in my garden

Houston County Minnesota cucurbit Posted about 1 month ago

Black spots on my aspens bark

Within the past couple of weeks black spots have shown up on the bark of my aspens. How can these be treated? Spots can be rubbed off. I fear a fungal attack on these trees. Here in Taos, NM, it's been extremely hot with little rain. The wind has blown quite strongly every day. Should the bark of the trees be sprayed with a fungicide?

Taos County New Mexico Posted about 1 month ago

What is this bug?

This bug was crawling in the toilet and out the drain pipe alive it was wet and now it died by drying up. It looks as though it has a stinger . Can someone please tell me what kind of insect this is and should I be worry?

Orleans Parish Louisiana Posted about 1 month ago

Non-partisan municipal elections

Which City in Michigan was the most recent City to require non-partisan municipal elections

Washtenaw County Michigan zoning and land use regulation cfei Posted about 1 month ago

Law allowing sewer or water discounts to commercial users?

What law allows municipalities to charge lower sewer/water rates to commercial users and force residential users to provide these subsidies?

Livingston County Michigan drinking water cfei city infrastructure municipal finance Posted 3 months ago

Problem with leaves on beech tri color tree


My tri color beach tree is beautiful about 20 feet tall. Two years ago I noticed the leaves on top of the tree are a completely different color. Dark maroon color and does not match the rest of tree. I thought the following year it would get better. Last year I called an arborist to give me some advice. They sprayed it. This year it's still the same. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Livingston County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Odd leaves on Tri Color Beech

I have a young Tri Colored beech tree that gets a few large dark purple leaves on one branch that also has Tri-colored leaves. I trimmed back the part of the branch with the solid colored leaves but they are back again this year. Is this common? How keep the solid colored leaves from coming back?

Dearborn County Indiana Posted 4 months ago


I have a bucket of sunflowers I stored over the winter if planted with they still grow, ? there is thick long bulbs

Oakland County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Michigan morel mushrooms

Ive found some morel mushrooms, and want an experts opinion before i consume them

Wayne County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Dying aspen tree grove

We've had a small aspen tree Cluster/grove in our home and it's been healthy for a long time. Recently we've discovered babies popping up around the house. This year however, the grove trees seem to be dying. The branches grow no leaves leaves are drying up, and there's one tree in particular that's growing small leaves at the top, while the bottom is dying. There's also some spots where sap is oozing out. I didn't have enough space to insert photos, however. What's happening?

Taos County New Mexico Posted 5 months ago