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Ready Mix Batch Plant Operation Regulations

What are the regulations regarding operation of cement batch plant near a community or residents dwellings?
Thank you.

Manitowoc County Wisconsin zoning and land use regulation Posted 24 days ago

What kind of stone is this

I am very interested in this rock. Rocks have never appealed to me but I would love to know what kind this is. It’s like it’s calling me to it almost. It’s so weird. But if you can tell me that would be great and maybe if there is any history behind it. Thank you so much.

Jackson County Missouri rock identification Posted about 1 month ago

clear with sediment

I had some drilled stones that were clear except there was something that looked like sediment on the bottom. Like lightly stirred up sediment on the bottom of a crystal clear lake. I made a necklace out of these stones and gave it away as a gift. I don't know what those stones were called and I'm having trouble locating more of them.

Fulton County Georgia rock identification geology Posted about 1 month ago

Food Bank in School

What are the liabilities for housing a food bank within a public school?

Lapeer County Michigan Posted 2 months ago

solar ovens

hey do you know anything about solar ovens?
if so can you please answer my 4 questions
1) How long do i need to leave an item for it to cook?
2)How much heat can a solar oven pizza box usually produce?
3) Does it work the same with all pizza boxes (homemade)?
4) What is the best way to make it with at homemade materials?

Arizona solar Posted 2 months ago

This mystery’s rock

This rock looks like…I really don’t know… the picture will explain

Miami-Dade County Florida rocks and minerals rock identification geology Posted 3 months ago

mature pear tree was blown over during rain storm

My pear tree is severely leaning but still alive and I want to drastically prune it and try to raise it back up to save it since I think it helps to pollinate my other pear tree thats 25' away from it. Many branches snapped from the hundreds of heavy pears so a good pruning will only help if I can save it. A so called pro said it might be too far down but I want to try anyway. Any advice ?

Horry County South Carolina Posted 3 months ago

,rock ID

I have a rock covered with what looks like light brown honeycomb there is several rocks fused together it's 12x8 inches123 lbs why so heavy for a small rock I took a sludge hammer to break a piece off all most impossable what do I have? is this rock have any value?

Fresno County California rocks and minerals rock identification Posted 4 months ago

what's up with the big tree?

Good day,
I would love to have some expert suggestions concerning a big old tree next to my home in east Finland.

It is about 17 meters high, and the circumference at the bottom is 1 meter,
I guess it is about 60 years old.
It stands 7 meters from the house and of course I love it, but it seems to be dying from the top down.

The rest of the tree looks healthy from a distance, but is it?
Attached to this email you will find some pictures of the top and also of the branches below, and of the way the it is rooted.

Two months ago the dead part was only one meter, now it has more than doubled.

My questions:

1. What's up, do you think?

2. Can I have a professional take off only the dead top and let the rest of the tree be as it is?
Or should the whole tree be cut down?

Thank you so much,

Outside United States forestry Posted 4 months ago

Cat pee and poop and flowers

Will flowers grow in a flower box where cats have previously peed and pooped? Or do I have to change out the whole box. They mostly peed in it. My spring flowers are all spent and it's time to put out fall flowers. Just want to know before I try to plant if the soil has to be changed.

George County Mississippi Posted 6 months ago