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Petrified wood crystals?

My friend recently found a big piece of petrified wood covered in small translucent crystal's that are smokey black at the tips. I believe they are some type of quartz due to the heat and the forest fires, this would explain the black trapped at the tips. My friend found them by a creek.. we live in Arizona. I need professional help finding out what these are! The Crystal's are about half a centimeter large each, and they are all clustered together. I am wondering if it is possible for quartz to grow on wood? This was found on a very very old tree. This is very strange and I have not seen any crystalized pieces of petrified wood that look like this anywhere on the web! Help would be greatly appreciated.

Yavapai County Arizona geology Posted 16 days ago

Spider ID

Need help with identification please
Foresthill, placer co, ca
Also thought it odd that it couldn't climb out of the glass...kept slipping. Died in the jar about 30 minutes after capture so I tried my best to get an image of it's "face"

Placer County California Posted 24 days ago

Did you find out what they are ?

I have same looking bugs..don’t know what they are

Whatcom County Washington pest identification Posted about 1 month ago

Peaches fall off before ripening

Both my peach trees will get dozens of fruit about the size of kumquats and then all fall off before they ripen. What can I do to fix it?

Sussex County New Jersey peach trees Posted about 1 month ago

Bites all over legs and some on arms and feet

So I noticed first my daughter itching her head but nothing was in her hair then I noticed a bite or two on myself no bugs tho I checked the whole bed then the next night I had bug bites all over my legs my daughter only had a few and now they are on my feet and arms my daughter has a few on her face and I have seen little yellow larvae things in her hair now I did find some strange larvae on the bed will show in pictures please help the itching is terrible I use Sarna and extreme cortisone itch cream I feel like I’m always getting bit but the bites are growing a lot In numbers and when I itch them I think they multiply I live in the woods no neighbors in wv I was thinking maybe carpet beetles because of some of the things I have found scrubbed bedroom top to bottom where I am getting bit

Preston County West Virginia Posted 2 months ago

Mold/Fungus on my Thundercloud

What is this mold/fungus on my thunder cloud plum tree and what can I do about it? Also my tree went through a drought but it seems to have survived. There are a lot of suckers growing from the roots. Is there anything special I should do to help my Thundercloud? I just had it pruned in November.

Solano County California Posted 2 months ago

Smooth rock

Is this rock worth something

Santa Clara County California rocks and minerals geology Posted 3 months ago

pH meters

Any recommendations for pH meters for home gardeners. willing to pay

Burlington County New Jersey Posted 4 months ago

soaked beans in a ceramic bowl - both the bowl and the beans turned blue-ish

I soaked some dried beans in a ceramic bowl for about 8 hours. Both the beans and the bowl turned blueish. Are the beans now safe to eat? Or are they contaminated with glaze leached from the bowl? Is the bowl safe to use? I have had that bowl for 20 + years. I have attached: 1) Picture of the package that the dried beans were from with more from the same batch still there. They were purchased recently. 2) Picture of the outside of the bowl. Until recently, the inside looked about the same. 3) Picture of the inside of the bowl with blue-ish stain spots. I would include a picture of the soaked beans with blue-ish spots, but I only seem to be able to attach 3 photos.

Oakland County Michigan Posted 4 months ago

Egg shaped rock

I have an egg shapped rock that is very heavy. It is covered with something black but underneath it is gold in color and not magnetic. What is this?

Santa Barbara County California california rock identification Posted 8 months ago