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Cat pee and poop and flowers

Will flowers grow in a flower box where cats have previously peed and pooped? Or do I have to change out the whole box. They mostly peed in it. My spring flowers are all spent and it's time to put out fall flowers. Just want to know before I try to plant if the soil has to be changed.

George County Mississippi Posted about 1 month ago

Wall insulation with swamp cooler and brick walls

I need to insulate my home in the Denver area. I'm trying to decide on the best choice of material. I found the CSU Extension overview, but am wondering what is best in my home. Specifically, I use a swamp cooler all summer and have a furnace installed humidifier that runs for the heating season. In the spring and fall there are a few tense weeks when guitar tops start splitting. I'm wondering how keeping my humidity higher effects the choices I make insulating the house. It's a typical early 60s ranch with drywall and studs and a brick exterior. As far as I know, there is no vapor barrier in the wall of any kind. When I redid a shower a few years ago, I could see light coming through spots in the brick. The entire house is cold and drafty, and noises outside often make me think the windows are open. Attic is insulated and windows have been upgraded.

Denver County Colorado Posted about 1 month ago

Can you identify this scat

I found this scat in my yard. I live very rural in a small village by the Mimbres River

Grant County New Mexico Posted about 1 month ago

Dead limbs with fungus

I have limbs on my trees that are dead they seem to have a fungus on them I pulled on this limb and it fell to the ground what should I do about it

Lafayette Parish Louisiana plant disease plant pathology fungus identification Posted 3 months ago

Property loss and rising lake levels

Asking another question: Are there articles about what happens to housing ( in terms of value, liability, foreclosure, etc.) on Lake Michigan when the lake rises? I'm thinking of the properties in St. Joe's that have lost all their beach...and most if not all of their land between their structure and the water.

Washtenaw County Michigan flooding great lakes lake levels property values Posted 3 months ago

Name of Snake

I want to identify the kind of snake which i saw in my back garden

Outside United States snake identification Posted 3 months ago

Can you identify

photos are by use of magnifying glass in front of phone camera lens but it is like a size of a flea. Howerver, it ran and did NOT jump like a flea would have (have cat and dogs, I know it's not a flea for SURE). I think in describing one could say that it felt a tiny bit ..idk.... softer? This bug was picked off from crawling on a living room chair. As soon as I picked it off I immediately snapped it between my two thumb nails. It was scurrying along rather quick and too took me 3 attempts to pick it off for it also flatter than any bug I've seen (even before squishing). As with anyone I think safe to say; I hope and pray its not a bed bug, hence resembles an "Apple seed" to me. Eeeeks!!! Also, don't know how many more there could be, but how do I get rid of them PLEASE. Thank you in advance for responsding , your time and knowledge is a much welcomed HELP.

Hillsborough County Florida pest identification Posted 4 months ago

Petrified wood crystals?

My friend recently found a big piece of petrified wood covered in small translucent crystal's that are smokey black at the tips. I believe they are some type of quartz due to the heat and the forest fires, this would explain the black trapped at the tips. My friend found them by a creek.. we live in Arizona. I need professional help finding out what these are! The Crystal's are about half a centimeter large each, and they are all clustered together. I am wondering if it is possible for quartz to grow on wood? This was found on a very very old tree. This is very strange and I have not seen any crystalized pieces of petrified wood that look like this anywhere on the web! Help would be greatly appreciated.

Yavapai County Arizona geology Posted 5 months ago

Spider ID

Need help with identification please
Foresthill, placer co, ca
Also thought it odd that it couldn't climb out of the glass...kept slipping. Died in the jar about 30 minutes after capture so I tried my best to get an image of it's "face"

Placer County California Posted 5 months ago

Did you find out what they are ?

I have same looking bugs..don’t know what they are

Whatcom County Washington pest identification Posted 5 months ago