Black Hills Spruce

Replanted 5 Black Hills Spruce 8 days ago,, there was no good rootball just exposed roots. Planted in black dirt water well one of the trees the tips are turning brown the other 4 look okay. Noticed the color changed in 4 days. Are the trees going to make it that I over water underwater them?


20180604_181817_300x300%2523 20180604_181836_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture spruce trees 14 days ago

misshapen amur maple leaves

Had a customer drop off this branch from an amur maple tree. Each node has growth as in the photo, branch diameter is roughly 1/4". Would like to know a name and if it is disease or insect caused. Thanks!



Hughes County South Dakota 14 days ago

Something is Killing my grass

In my grass I`ve notices these little mounds of dirt all over the place 1.5" dia. x 3/4" high with holes about half the size of a dime burrowed into the grass . The grass itself turning yellow in long stripes ? A local nursery I frequent had no idea of the problem and gave me your address in hopes you might be able to help ? Normally my grass this time of year would be a deep green and very healthy looking . Sending photos in hopes they will help ?

Thanks Much , Dave Brown


Dsc07027_300x300%2523 Dsc07037_300x300%2523 Dsc07030_300x300%2523

El Paso County Colorado lawns and turf 14 days ago

Tree disease, infestation or Rot?

This tree gets leaves every year but loses them early. The tree has small green fruit (crab apple?) this year but the leaves are already spotted brown.

The larger concern is that the branches seem to rot or decay from the inside out. It recently lost a 6" branch that split then mostly snapped under it's own weight.


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Montgomery County Maryland trees ornamental apple old apple or crabapple 14 days ago

brown spots in newly seeded lawn

I'm trying to establish a new lawn from seed. The soil was prepared and seed spread a couple weeks ago. I put a few erosion blankets made of excelsior in an area with a slope issue to control erosion. Also used a straw blanket in another slope area. Watered daily. The grass came up and looked great until after a few 90 + degree and high humidity days then I noticed dieback circular spots in area with excelsior blankets. Grass in straw area looks OK. I removed all of the blankets and lightly raked out dead grass and remaining excelsior. Do I have a problem with fungus in the dieback spots? How should I treat those areas before I reseed?


Ramsey County Minnesota lawns and turf lawn reseeding horticulture erosion control on steep slope 14 days ago

echinacea, rudbeckia wilting despite water

A year ago we planted what we recall is some type of coneflower, echinacea or rudbeckia. The plant is wilting terribly, despite the rain and adequate watering. It gets ~ 5 hrs of sun. I attached a few pics. Leaves are green - no spots or holes. But there are some dark spots on the stem. Diagnosis??? THANKS in advance!!!


Wilt1_300x300%2523 Wilt2_300x300%2523 Wilt3_close_up_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland abiotic issues flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials disease issues 14 days ago

new, profuse plant

This plant is appearing this year in profusion. Can you identify it for me?



Pennsylvania 14 days ago

Dermanyssus gallinae in Oregon

Hello, I have 5 chickens and I am wondering if they have Poultry Red Mite, because their egg laying has dropped off, and they have standing around with fluffed up feathers. I have developed a serious case of contact dermatitis, cause unknown, that fits all descriptions of red mite bites. Yesterday I tried cleaning out their pen and developed many more symptoms similar to red mite bites. I would like to know if these poultry red mites are in Oregon and how to treat them. Thanks a lot for writing me back.


Marion County Oregon poultry 14 days ago

i have a dying contorted hazelnut tree. i believe it is eastern filbert...

i have a dying contorted hazelnut tree. i believe it is eastern filbert blight. is there a treatment to save it?


Lucas County Ohio 14 days ago

White Oak trees dieback

Last year very little dieback this year 1/3 to 1)2 of the 200year old tree is dying. I can send you pictures. What do you think the problem is?


Img_20180525_180541663_300x300%2523 Img_20180525_164507812_300x300%2523

Otter Tail County Minnesota oaks horticulture dieback 14 days ago

Mock Orange Bush

I have two mock orange bushes that I have had for 2 years now. One of the bushes looks completely beautiful, good leaves and flowers.
I have another one where some of the leaves (not all) are curling inward and seems to have some brownish on the leaves. Also the white flowers seems to have a brownish to the edges.
I contacted the Green House Garden Ctr. and they weren't sure.
There are no bugs or insects on the bush, so thought it could be a fungus or bacterial issue.
Hope you can help me. Will try and upload picture later.


20180604_150240_300x300%2523 20180604_150240_300x300%2523

Carson City Nevada 14 days ago

trimming upright yew

upright yew has grown too tall usually trim back lightly this time of year. Can I try to trim more off height this year?


Ramsey County Minnesota 14 days ago

Do you know what type of flower this is?

We found the flower is a dracunculus vulgaris. We live in a home that is almost 100 years old in Monmouth. The purple flower (picture attached) blooms once year for 2-3 days. The flower is larger than my hand which is about 7 inches. Thanks, Deborah



Polk County Oregon plant identification 14 days ago

Alternative evergreen to replace Blue Spruce trees dying from fungal disease

Can you suggest an alternative evergreen for blue spruce? We have a screen of 30’ blue spruce that our local tree service tell us are beyond saving. We are going to remove and replace with a different evergreen. We are located in Allegan County in Saugatuck. We are searching for a fast growing species of evergreen. What would you recommend?


Allegan County Michigan trees and shrubs 14 days ago

Pond Water Quality

Hi, I live in South Starksboro and we dug a small 5,000 gallon pond in our yard primarily fed by drainage from the surrounding mountains. Our water has a slight orange tint to it and has small orange blooms that form when left undisturbed. When we dig in certain parts of our yard, along with other places in our general area, you can find a similar orange colored mud/dirt. We assumed it was an excess of iron, but a litmus test showed no trace of iron. What could it be and how might we remedy it? The following are the estimated water quality results: total alkalinity-50, ph-6.0, hardness-120mg/l, iron-0, copper-1mg/l, lead-0, nitrate-10mg/l, nitrite-5mg/l, fluoride-0 and residual chlorine-5mg/l. These results were from only one test.


Addison County Vermont 14 days ago

Ants Killing Potato Plants?

So I planted 5 Yukon Gold Potatoes on the side of my house. I was watering them yesterday and I noticed that one of the previously healthy potato plants looked like it was dying. Upon closer exception I found that the stems were eaten into and a hundreds of ants were swarming on the plant. A few of the other potatoes are also showing signs of the same damage and a small amount of ants though they still appear to be mostly healthy. Last year I had a potato plant around the corner from the site where they are now and when I went to harvest them all the potatoes had been destroyed by ants. They all had small tunnels dug through them. Did I disturb an ant hill or something? Are they maybe going after some bug that I can't see? I have never seen anything like this and I am wondering how to save my 4 remaining plants. Thanks, Ashley First Photo: Plant when I found it. Second Photo: What it looked like when I sprayed all the ants off.


1_300x300%2523 2_300x300%2523

Linn County Oregon insect issues potatoes 14 days ago

Asparagus bed 'died'

We put an asparagus bed in 5 years ago. It has been prolific and done well, however this year only a couple stalks have come up? What do you think happened? We have a couple theories: 1) with such a dry winter, the bed just didn't get enough water or 2) the neighbors ground cover and raspberries encroach under the fence, although we keep it weeded - the bed just got 'choked out'. Any thoughts? And if it is the water issue, do you think the bed will come back with adequate water. We are in Denver, 80207.
Thanks (we are so sad!)


Denver County Colorado 14 days ago

What kind of spider is this?

The closest thing resembling this spider I have found online is the sac spider. Everytime I Google "small white spider on gardenia tree" spider mites come up which look nothing like this. I need to know if it is ok to leave it, if it will actually benefit my precious tree or if I need to send it packing! I have notice that it stays under the white flower. It may move when iilook at it and move things around but everyrime I check in on the little booger, he's right back against the flower. Is it a coincidence or is this spider white b/c gardenia blooms are usually thier home? Thank in advance and hope to hear from anyone who may know soon!



Nelson County Kentucky spider identification nelson county kentucky horticulture 14 days ago

My daughter is entering into the Hancock county Fair this year. She is doing...

My daughter is entering into the Hancock county Fair this year. She is doing fancy chickens. I was told she needed 3 birds 1 rooster and 2 hens. All the same color. I can not find anywhere information on showing fancy chickens. This picture is showing what she has to show. They will be only 6 mo old by the time the fair ends. So they will still be cockerel and pullets. My question is. Can she enter just one as cockerel or pullet. Or does she have to enter all three? Do they have to be a year old? Do they have to be all the same color? If you can direct me to a website that would help.



Hancock County Ohio 14 days ago

Dried up Apple leaves

I just noticed that the leaves on many branches of my apple tree have dried up, especially on the south side. It is almost 40 years old and was covered in blooms earlier this year. I saw no evidence of blight when it was green. Is this the result of our very dry winter?


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs 14 days ago

Maroon colored new growth tips on upper part of Colorado blue spruce.

What causes the upper tips of a Colorado blue spruce to be maroon colored. Rest of tree has normal color on new growth. We live at 8,000 ft in Estes Park.


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs 14 days ago

How long should I wait to plant after sheet mulching and killing the grass?

I want to sheet mulch my lawn so that I don't have to mow, and to create a native plant garden. If I sheet mulch it in June (cardboard, dirt/compost, then bark mulch), when should I plant? Would some plants be better to plant in the fall, and then others wait until spring? Or should I plant some things immediately after sheet mulching?


Ottawa County Michigan lawns and turf 14 days ago

Lupinus lepidus

Hi: Hi: I am looking for a native drought tolerant lupine that will reseed itself, to help restore a sunny, dry rocky slope in Central Point. Lupinus lepidus looks like one possibility: I have lots of Calif poppies there already. Do you know of any nursery in Medford area where I could purchase some that are container grown? I don’t have good luck growing from seed. Thank you, Jane Cox


Jackson County Oregon 14 days ago

What is this plant

Ive noticed this bushy/stalky plant in a wetland area of my property the last two yrs. returns in exact same stop. Some rosehip looking buds last yr but never flowered (at least yet!). Wondering if u can enlighten me as to what it is? See attached pics. Thx!


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Olmsted County Minnesota horticulture plant identification 14 days ago

Very slow growth on linden tree transplant

Purchased and planted a Greenspire Linden (2 1/2" diameter) on April 4. Buds began opening early May. As of now, have dark green leaves but a bit sparse nearer the trunk (many interior buds nearest trunk didn't open or withered before fully open) and leaves average only about 1-1 1/2 " long. New shoots growing but very slowly...about 2-3" long average. Clay soil which supported a young Linden for 3 years before being shattered by a pickup truck. Have a robust moisture meter and am watching soil moisture levels carefully. The moisture meter at about 4" depth and greater shows Wet+, and sometimes Wet (as opposed to Normal or Dry). The soil, while good and wet, is not saturated.
Is this poor growth normal for a new transplant?


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs 14 days ago

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