Horse euthanasia uni of fl

What is the price and protocol of euthanasia and disposal of a horse at the Uniof Fl large animal clinic? The horse weighs about 1000 pounds.


Clay County Florida about 1 month ago

White patches on maple bark

The large maple in my yard has white patches on its bark. Is it bad? Can we do something about it?


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Ingham County Michigan trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Soil sample

I live in woodburn and rent a home. The grass when I got here was fine and I took care of it. After a while it all died and died fast to nothing but dirt. I have recently redone the yard and it looked amazing. Now it's starting to die again. Is there a place I can go for a soil sample as I was directed towards you.?


Marion County Oregon soil soil and fertility issues soil testing about 1 month ago

Winter care of FIg plants

How do I care for the fig plants now that leaves are dropped and temperatures are getting lower? Should they be "covered"? If so, what is the best approach to take? I have three fig plants, planted in ground, but I d not know the varieties. Twoare about 3' high and 3' round. The third one is smaller, about 2.5 feet x 2,5 feet. The three fig plants are planted about 4" apart from each other.. Two plants are ones purchased from a Wholefoods store about 5 years ago: these two produce a lot of fruit mostly n late summer/fall. The third plant is a cutting from my grandmother's fig plant and is over 50 years old: It is the smallest one. It produces fewer fruit and usually starts at end of summer/fall. They get full sun,. We have a lot of clay in the soil and after rains it puddles in the yard and around plants. Please advise.


Queen Anne's County Maryland fruit fig trees overwintering about 1 month ago

establishing my microclover lawn

I planted a microclover lawn in late sept. It is coming op nicely now with the exception of some weeds and grasses. I am told That I can get herbicides that will be grass and weed selective and not harm the clover. Is this true ? If so should I apply them now or wait until spring ? How will the microclover hold up during the summer heat ? Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated'

Thank You,


Marion County Florida lawns and turf microclover about 1 month ago

blueberries..fertilization and production

I have had a number of blueberry plants in my yard for the last 5+ years but they have shown little growth and produce few blueberries. The plants are in clay soil but I amend it yearly with compost. They are in sun until about 3 or 4 oclock. Any suggestions? When should I fertilize them? Thanks.


Multnomah County Oregon blueberries small fruits home gardening about 1 month ago

Time to plant rhodie in east multnomah county

is it too late now or should we wait until spring?


Multnomah County Oregon about 1 month ago

Shrub Treatment Schedule and Necessity

I have been using a shrub service for a few years and am wondering if all of the pesticide and oil treatments they do each year are really necessary. I reduced some of their treatments but they still do the following 5: 2 horticultural oil treatments (fall and spring) and 3 pesticide applications (April, May and Sept.) I had an infestation of bagworms on arborvitae about two years ago and scale on a large redbud. These appear to me to be under control. I am wondering if I need to keep this schedule of 5 applications each year. Any advice is most appreciated. Thank you so much!


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs pest control about 1 month ago

tree ID by leaf

Can you please tell me the tree.(attached)
Dale Johnson
El Paso, TX



El Paso County Texas trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Glass-Like Leaves

We planted cherry tomato in our apartment in pots 2 month ago and till now they have grown about 50 cm. But now there is a problem in their leaves. There are some points which seem like glass in which the green color has been vanished. I've attached photos. Please help us how should we manage such problem.


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Outside United States tomatoes indoor gardening about 1 month ago

network adapters and drivers

So I recently reinstalled windows 7 into my computer because my PC was running slow. I made the stupid mistake checking what drivers i needed prior to the reinstallation. I don't have a driver for an Ethernet connection and the little wi fi antennas receiver things on the back are broken so I can't use wifi. I tried installing realtek drivers and it didn't do anything and then i tried installing the intel driver for this and it still didn't work. Please help i need this computer up and running soon.


Bergen County New Jersey computer about 1 month ago

Trunk discoloration

I planted Snowsweet and Honeycrisp trees last fall and pruned the main trunk early this April. Over the summer, the upper end of the pruned trunk has turned black and the bark is flaky. My other little apple trees that I did not prune do not have this discoloration problem. Is this normal after pruning the main trunk? If not, how to remedy for overall tree health?



Crow Wing County Minnesota apple trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems about 1 month ago

Moving Hydrangeas

I have 2 established hydrangeas that we are going to need to move to correct a drainage problem. When is the best time to move them, fall or wait until spring. Is it too late to move them now if fall is best? Please give instructions for digging & moving.


Washington County Oregon about 1 month ago

Blue Chip. juniper

Our 16 yr old Junipers on a 3 to 1 slope that had always been beautiful died this year and we could notice no disease on them. They are on a hill that faces the southwest and have a Skyline Honeylocust tree above them. We believe we have not over or under watered them. After they died, we dug them out and they had thick massive root system. We do not want to replace them until we know what killed the first ones. Do you have any thoughts on this? Do they need to be covered with something in the winter?


Chisago County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Fat soluble vitamins


I've read your article at; as I've been looking for an answer to the question: How does one flush the excess fat soluble vitamin from the body? Is there a natural substance, such as olive oil, that would carry the excess out of the body quicker?

Thanks for your time,



Harford County Maryland human health human nutrition about 1 month ago

Dealing with overgrown junipers

We are trying to determine how to deal with some long-neglected overgrown juniper bushes. They were planted about 25 years ago, are about 10 feet tall, and are currently crowding about two feet into the neighboring parking area. Cutting them back to the curb will expose the dead, brown interior. We like the privacy they give (hiding the parked car at the parking island from the houses across the street) but need the two feet of parking space they have grown into. Can junipers like this be trimmed and shaped attractively or are we better off removing, replacing, and better tending the new shrubbery? If the latter, what shrubbery would you recommend for a Colorado mile-high climate (Boulder)?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

What sort of spider is this?

What sort of spider is this?



Outside United States spiders giant house spider eratigena atrica about 1 month ago

question about webs

Hello, My name is Robin, living in Central America, Republic of Panama. I have a question about spiders. I am asking because I know very little about them, but am very interested in learning more. Would you mind trying to answer a very specific question?
I am aware that some spiders spin/build webs, some do not. If I were to take a spider, newly born, and isolate it, separating it from its mother immediately after birth, and assuming I was able to provide food for it, watch it grow into adulthood. Would this spider, never seeing another spider build or spin a web, would it still build/spin a web? Why/Why not? Thank you.


Outside United States spiders arachnids about 1 month ago

Spider Identification

Please let me know what type of spider this is from my garden (see attached jpeg file). It is as big around as a silver dollar. I have been gardening for over 50 years and have never come across this type of spider.



Prince George's County Maryland insect identification wolf spider about 1 month ago




Outside United States horses about 1 month ago

fungal problems with carolina cherry?

Planning on planting the above species in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, is the above issue significant since the location is quite dry? Thank you


Los Angeles County California cherry trees about 1 month ago

blueberry pruning

I have 14 year old blueberry plants that have never been pruned. They are now 8 feet tall and getting very spindly. How should I prune these to get them to a manageable height and get new canes growing?


Clackamas County Oregon blueberries small fruits home gardening about 1 month ago

I live in a singlefamilyhouse in Bethesda and have neighbors with trees and their trees shed alot

How critical is it for me to remove leaves from my lawn in Bethesda? I have neighbors with many trees & their leaves blow into my grass/lawn. Thanks


Montgomery County Maryland lawn leaves about 1 month ago

Thick black dust in my house?

I have a thick black dust in my home. It gets on everything. It coats my curtains, gets on my furniture. I have never had this and do not know where it comes from. I live near a interstate and some web sites suggest that is the cause. Can someone please tell me where this is coming from?


Burke County North Carolina about 1 month ago

blue spruce

What can i use to save the two blue spruce trees i have growing in my yard just brought the house all lower limbs have been trimmed off because they were dead about 10 ft up i live in TN.


Tennessee trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

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