Do spiders stay warm at night?

I have a weather station that is mounted to my chimney. The thermometer is sheltered under the station in a sort of grilled compartment. After a year or so up there on the chimney the thermometer started to give some very unusual readings. It would heat up around 1am at night and then cool down again after sunrise. This happens intermittently. A few days ago I took apart the whole thermometer assembly and found a lot of web and a medium sized spider. Could the spider be causing my heat anomaly?


Alameda County California 2 months ago

Help identifying trees

I was just trying to identify what type of trees these are in front and to the side of this house.


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Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs plant identification 2 months ago

Diffenbachia help

Help. Most of tge leaves have come off of my plant. The ones that are left are sagging and on very long stems. If new sprouts come on the trunk of the plant they rot and never grow. I tried moving it to a brighter room. Not in direct light but has a white curtain. I have not let the soil dry out. Can this plant be saved and look healthier?



Dougherty County Georgia houseplants 2 months ago

Allegy prevalence; Timothy hay/grass

I'm wondering how much Timothy hay is around the Littleton area? I have a major allergy to it, and I was able to find information about where it exists but not about how much, or if it's an all year allergy or only during a certain season.
This also goes for Oak trees and perennial Rye grass. Any information you can tell me about these would be very helpful for me. Trying to find somewhere to move to with the least amount of my allergens. I currently live in Tampa, FL where Oak trees are everywhere.

Thank you for any advice you may have.

Emily Compton


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 months ago

Trees from Extension Service

I remember that I used to get an order form from Weld County Extension that allowed land owners in Weld County to order trees. I have moved so I no longer get that order form. Is the county extension office still doing that and if so can I get an order form sent to me to order some trees for the spring?


Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 months ago

Request for a guest speaker

Hello, My name is Kim High and I work for the Baltimore County Health Dept. I am the lifestyle coach for our diabetes prevention program. We just started a class at the Randallstown Library in Baltimore County. The class currently meets every Thursday from 10:30-11:30 until March. I am interested in having a guest speaker come out to talk to the group about healthy eating. If this is something that you are able to assist me with, I would like to hear more about how this process works. Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from someone.


Baltimore County Maryland 2 months ago

Is this Clematis?

A friend was given this plant by a neighbor and is wondering what kind it is. I think it is clematis. Am I right? Does anyone know what variety it might be? Thank you!


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Beltrami County Minnesota flower identification 2 months ago

Harvest potatoes after frost

I just dug up some potatoes from my garden today. There has been some frost and below freezing days but for the most part the potatoes look fine. Only the top 1-2 inches of soil seemed frozen. Are they OK to eat?


Baltimore County Maryland potatoes vegetables digging potatoes disgging potatoes after frost plant care 2 months ago

Rain garden negative impact on neighbor's foundation?

Greetings, I am a Realtor and a past client called me with concerns that the neighbor's rain garden may be contributing to some foundation issues he is having (heaving basement floor). The rain garden belongs to a commercial business. How is a situation like this assessed? Can you determine if a rain garden is adequate to handle the water it collects? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sarah Sarah Nurnberger Realtor Coldwell Banker Burnet 612-719-0120


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 months ago

Marion Berry in Illinois

I have Marion Berry Caine’s which will be in third year in 2018. They produced in 2017. Last winter I protected them with enclosure on ground and heat cables to keep temp above 30 degrees. What would be an alternate winter protection regime for my area? Same weather as St Louis. Thank you, Ron Gray


Richland County Illinois berries 2 months ago

Sugar maple death

I have lived in this house for about 4 years and for the first 3 the sugar maple seemed fine. No loss of leaves, no black spots, no galls no moths or other signs of insect infestation. No other tree around seems sick or has the same symptoms. However, last summer the tree started to loose its leaves and is completely dead. This fall, a branch was taken off by the wind. The bark is split on the trunk and branches and is peeling off the very dead trunk. Can you tell me what happened?


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Clark County South Dakota 2 months ago

Emergence of lawn weeds

Hi! The house we bought has a lawn full of dandelions, bindweed, creeping charlie, & possibly plantain weeds. We are trying to plan our attack. Any idea what week or month these weeds tend to emerge in Fort Collins?


Larimer County Colorado 2 months ago

Unknown houseplant

Can anyone name this plant which was purchased at a supermarket in Maryland?



Prince George's County Maryland houseplant ribbed succulent houseplant houseplant id tavaresia angolensis 2 months ago

value of a lease of farmland

I have a client with 26 years remaining on a lease of 150 acres of farmland in Mitchell county. The new owner wants to sell the property free and clear and pay the value of the lease. Pretty average land. Is there some valuation publication on a calculation of the value of a lease?


Mitchell County Iowa 2 months ago

Hydroseeding Mix Specification

I'm looking for a Hydroseeding Seed Mix for an upcoming construction project near Fairbanks. Is there any information that you can give me? Thanks.


Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska 2 months ago


My wife and I would like to landscape our front yard in a bird and bee friendly manner while using water in the most efficient way. Do you have any suggestions as to where we should go for advice?
Thanks,Fred and Janet


Boulder County Colorado 2 months ago

Name of this tree

Hi, we are trying to figure out what type of trees (see pic)these are and more about the root system and how they grow. Thank you Keely



Clackamas County Oregon horticulture plant identification 2 months ago

Trellis holding wisteria vine

Downed tree damaged wisteria trellis. How can i save the vine and remove the trellis?


Suffolk County New York wisteria 2 months ago

A plant? A shrub?

Hello. Can you identify this? I need this for our research T ^ T (It is the one with small, red berries. Nevermind the plant behind.)



Denver County Colorado plant identification 2 months ago

Egg laying behavior

For the first time ever we've had no eggs for about a month. 7 out of 14 hens are just about ready to lay. The others are older (4years or so). Are the old hens influenced by the behavior of the young (no egg laying)? Like women who live together whose menstrual cycle then mirrors one another's? The hens are all healthy and happy and have excellent living conditions.


Bosque County Texas 2 months ago

Orange Harvest

I bought an Orange tree early last spring from a local grocery store that was approximately three feet tall measured from the top of the pot to the top of the tree growth. I live in the New Orleans metroplex. The tree was full of good looking growth, but in the last ten months of growth, it has lost all of the limbs on the West side of the tree. All the growth now is it's East side and leaning that way, can you tell me the best way to deal with this? I planted it approximately 15 ft. from a 6 ft. stockade fence on it's West side. Also the tree had lots of blooms on it in early summer, but only one evidently set due to it growing only one Orange fruit. Being the first ever Orange tree I've tried to grow, when do I harvest the ripe fruit from the tree? I wanted "vine ripened" fruit, at least until there are a lot of fruit to harvest! Thank You for your expedient attention to these questions!!! P.S. I can send pictures if you need them, it's just that it's dark out now, and I have surgery scheduled in the morning.


Jefferson Parish Louisiana fruit trees horticulture 2 months ago

Political affiliation

Do Township officers have to be elected in a partisan election, or can they change the elections to non-partisan like in Cities. (in cities, there are Council members, and Townships have officers, clerk, treasurer, and trustees. I think that Cities have the rules in their charter. Is there a similar thing in general law townships?)

A partisan election severely limits choices to just the primary elections and really makes it very difficult to "unseat" incumbents.


Allegan County Michigan zoning and land use regulation 2 months ago


What are these spots on my jade plant? Do I need to be concerned? Should I clip the bad parts off or leave them be?


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Multnomah County Oregon houseplants diagnosis of plant problems 2 months ago

Mock apple lifespan?

What’s the average lifespan of a mock apple tree in a zone 4 Minneapolis neighborhood?


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 months ago

soil testing

do you provide soil testing services and how do I get one done?


Pulaski County Kentucky soil testing pulaski county kentucky horticulture 2 months ago

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