What kind of mushroom is this? Is it rare?

What kind of mushroom is this? Is it rare?


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Ramsey County Minnesota mushroom 15 days ago

What's this houseplant?

Just given to me, apparently doesn't flower, new leaves appear from the leaf axil of existing leaves, in pairs.


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Outside United States houseplants horticulture houseplant identification plant identification 15 days ago

Creeping Jenny turned to weeds

The Jenny on the south side of my house was thriving 2 weeks ago but now is brittle and most leaves shriveled. It has been there for two years. The Jenny on the front of my house (east) still is beautifully alive. What do you think? (p.s., my south side neighbor hates me; could my Jenny be poisoned?)


Kent County Michigan 15 days ago

yellow stringy garden pest

I have a yellow, string-like pest that grows on my green leafy veggies. It appears to have no root system and it wraps around the stems of my veggies. It looks like some sort of parasite. I have been battling this pest all summer, but I have not been able to get rid of it. I would like to know how to get rid of this pest and what to do to prevent this pest from surfacing next year. I am a PA native and have done gardening for MANY years, but I have never seen anything like this. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Judy Grimes (315)810-4084


Onondaga County New York 15 days ago

What is this plant?

This is an indoor plant. I've never seen anything like it and people always ask me what it is. After online searching, I think it might be one of the Calatheas, maybe a "rattlesnake plant"? Would love confirmation or correction!



Franklin County Kentucky plant identification horticulture 15 days ago

Hell/Devil Strip advice

Hi- I'd like some suggestions for a low-growth, no-mow, ground cover that is dense, hardy and fast-growing enough to crowd out weeds. I'd like to plant it on a 8" strip just to the inside of my curb so it has to be salt tolerant when it snows. Also, the spot is below 4 large thirsty conifers so the plant needs to tolerate drought and acid from lots of dropped needles. I am in zone 6 and the spot gets morning shade and afternoon sun. Thanks!


Dutchess County New York horticulture groundcovers 15 days ago

corn canning

i need to leave and do not have time to can my corn. would it work to freeze it whole and the can it when i return in a couple of weeks?


Douglas County Oregon home food preservation food safety 15 days ago

maple tree disease

we have two maple trees whose leaves turn brown and fall off in august every year. leaf out green ever spring with no sign of disease except falling leaves. any ideas? gary mincher


Ripley County Indiana trees and shrubs maple trees 15 days ago

Dying pachysandra

Why has my pachysandra suddenly have a large swath that is brown and dying? It looks like it has been burnt .


Howard County Maryland pachysandra volutella groundcover pachysandra dying 15 days ago

Big identification

Can you please tell me what kind of bug this is? They are in my carpet everywhere. Thank you


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Virginia Beach Virginia 15 days ago

plant forma cats

Buongiorno.sapete come si chiama questa pianta? Dicono allontani i gatti perché ha un forte odore. Dovrebbe fare piccoli fiori.grazie


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Outside United States plant identification 15 days ago

What's this?

Just moved into Ft Collins home and discovered thousands of tiny white bulbs ranging in size from a few mm to an inch in diameter. They've now --September 1--surfaced into soft green needle-like leaves with no sign of a flower. So prolific I imagine they must be some sort of weed. Haven't seen them anywhere but our property. Photo attached. Thanks.



Larimer County Colorado 15 days ago

OK to eat plants with insect holes?

Had infestation of earwigs this summer, also have/had small white worms. Chard, Beets, Radish and broccoli hardest hit. Now want to harvest. Older/larger plants have holes (various sizes); Newer and smaller/younger plants have some holes. Some plants with more holes appear to be not as healthy. Process is to harvest, cut stems, soak in ozone 15 min, dehydrate at 125 degrees, vacuum pack and freeze below -20 for 48 hours. Store for future consumption. Please advise


Archuleta County Colorado fruits and vegetables 15 days ago


I have a bee hive full of bee's in the radiator of my car,don't guiet know what to do. Any suggestions on this matter? Need help..


Christian County Kentucky bees christian county kentucky agriculture 15 days ago

What tree is this and is it edabel

What kind of tree is this and are it's berries edible.


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Lewis and Clark County Montana 15 days ago

Peonies Zone 8a

Is it even worth thinking about growing peonies here? I am in Fort Worth.

If it can be done, how do we get them to grow?


Tarrant County Texas 15 days ago

Identify this plant

Please identify the plant in the picture. It appears to be a vine mixed in with Jap stilt-grass. I pulled this piece out.



Howard County Maryland vine buckwheat vine vine identification 15 days ago

Please identify

Elmo with plant.



Snohomish County Washington mushrooms 15 days ago

Cool weather- are the tomatoes done?

Hello, I was caught unprepared by the cool temperatures yesterday and yesterday evening. I have many tomatoes and bell peppers still on the vine. Some are close to ripe, but many are still quite immature. With temperatures falling below 50 degrees last night, and sustained below 70 degrees yesterday and today, and given that I did not cover the plants. The only thing perhaps going for me is that the plants are in a raised garden, with some protective arborvitae windscreen cover from the east and south. Is it likely the unripened fruit has "chill damage" and won't ripen? Should I bring all the fruit inside to see if I can ripen in a paper bag in a cool location? Or, will it still ripen on the vine? Looks like we have better weather coming over the weekend, but is it too late given the chill over the last 36 hours?


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture tomatoes 15 days ago

Moss identification

On my hikes at Cleary Lake Regional Park near Prior Lake in Scott County, I have found one particular location where (what I believe to be) a certain kind of moss grows. (See attached pictures.) Unlike typical forest floor moss that appears "short-cut" and "fuzzy", this moss has longer green spires that give it much more dimension. It blankets the ground in patches alongside one part of a shaded trail near some wetlands. While there would seem to be many other similar locations that this moss would grow in the park, I have only observed it along one particular stretch of one trail segment. I am curious to know what type of moss this is - assuming it even is a moss. Can you help identify it? Thank you for any insights you can share. Jim Guttmann


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Scott County Minnesota 16 days ago

insect identification

What kind of insect is this? That's a nickel behind it to help estimate size. Thanks in advance for your help!



Prince George's County Maryland insect identification 16 days ago

Plant identification

Do you know what this is. Is it poinious


Pierce County Washington 16 days ago

Identy help

Im trying to find out what this is and i have tried the plant identifier several times with no help,,,,
Please help,,,,
Thank you for your time and consideration


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Cumberland County North Carolina horticulture plant identification 16 days ago

Youth Development - 4H Cloverbuds

Hi, I'm interested in involving my 1st grader in 4H Cloverbuds. Is there a program locally available for this? Also are there any clubs and/or programs available for those who home educate? Thank you!


Marion County Kentucky 4-h clubs 4h youth development 4-h cloverbuds marion county kentucky 16 days ago

Disease of fruite tree

My cherry tree is losing leaves and some of the branches are dying and

There gum oozing from its trunk.please help me


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Outside United States peach trees horticulture disease issues 16 days ago

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