Grafting Fig Scions

What kind of trees will accept fig grafts in northern California?


Placer County California fruit trees fig trees grafting fruit trees about 1 month ago

Plant Identification help

I bought this plant on clearance at Walmart. The tag said exotic angel plant. Please help me identify which specific plant this is so that i can know how to properly care for it. Thank you



Missouri plant identification houseplants about 1 month ago

Mushroom Cluster

What kind of mushroom is this? Are they safe to eat or or harmful to my plants?



Dallas County Texas about 1 month ago

Hello, we some lemon trees but they are going to be cut to make pedestrian...

Hello, we some lemon trees but they are going to be cut to make pedestrian road. My question is can we remove them n order to plant them somewhere else? por once they r cut they die Thank you


Outside United States trees and shrubs fruit trees lemon trees citrus about 1 month ago

Sick Red Pine Grove - Possible Chemical / Herbicide Poisioning

Hi, I left a phone mail also. I live in a Townhome Assoc on East Lake shore of Mille Lacs. We have a crazy board member / groundskeeper who I saw spreading a granular sustance in our Pine Grove of eighty 50 YR OLD Red Pines on top of saturated bare soil with Round Up. Local agency like SWCD forestors have looked at and have come to conclusion they have no jurisdiction, but herbucude use is apparent. Additionally, the groundskeeper damaged several pines by her own personal lot by driveway and cut down three sick red pines also. Can this be tested for? I sw her do it, I have Pics of it on the ground and she lies and denies using anything under the grove (she claims she just sprayed border. I suspect a heavy dose of 2 4 D. Thx



Aitkin County Minnesota horticulture about 1 month ago

Dead Unknown Weed

We have a dead unknown weed and we are requesting ID assistance.



Summit County Colorado weeds about 1 month ago

Wasp nest in chimney

How do I get rid of wasps in my chimney.


Kaufman County Texas about 1 month ago

Grass won't grow

Why won't our centipede grass grow next to the house?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Gregg County Texas about 1 month ago

I watched U.of M. video "called What to do with pot bound trees."...

I watched U.of M. video "called What to do with pot bound trees." See it here: The gardener says that the first tree ball was "sliced," using vertical slices---without positive results. The third tree was boxed---with positive results. In part 2 of the video, he shows how to box: you make 4 vertical slices. So, what's the difference between making "vertical slices" and making "four vertical slices?" Just the number of slices? Doesn't make sense and I don't get it.


Summit County Utah trees and shrubs horticulture about 1 month ago

Moving to Florida- shall I transport rooted cuttings in water or plant them in pots?

On Nov 6th, we will have a 3 day drive with a packed car. Can anyone advise whether I should use plastic zip lock bags with the rooted cuttings in plastic cups + water (ex: night blooming cereus, basil, philodendron) or hurry up and plant them into small pots with soil. I am taking a few potted plants already. Thanks kindly, Aurora


Montgomery County Pennsylvania about 1 month ago

roof and wall air barrier/underlayment

I'm building a shed that has to be built of non-combustible materials. Concrete slab, fire treated studs and rafters, fire-treated plywood for wall and roof sheathing, HardiPlank siding and trim, asphalt shingles.
I would typically use Grace Ice and Water Shield on the roof sheathing under the asphalt shingles, and Tyvek on the wall sheathing under the HardiPlank. I need something like those to control water and air infiltration.
Both may be combustible, but are sandwiched between non-combustible materials.
Can I use those?
If not those, what can I use?


Norfolk County Massachusetts about 1 month ago

What is this?

I found this on my counter and on the floor. Please someone help me identify


Img_6761_300x300%2523 Img_6761_300x300%2523 Img_6762_300x300%2523

Callaway County Missouri pest identification household pests about 1 month ago

lawn to garden

I have a lawn, with less grass then weeds, and would like to have a vegetable garden. What method would be best? raised bed or not? I live along the amazon creek in eugene by the fair grounds and I believe the soil is mostly clay. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Greg


Lane County Oregon horticulture vegetable gardening about 1 month ago

root mealybugs on succulents

i have a bayer product that contains .72 % imidacloprid and .36% cyfluthrin. I want to do a soil drench on my succulents prior to bringing them inside. Directions say to use 1 oz/gal for lawns and 3 oz/gal around foundation. Which do i use ? Also, if i use other products how would i determine the dosage for my application.?


Passaic County New Jersey houseplants horticulture pesticide about 1 month ago

Dahlia bulbs

I have a huge perennial garden with over 300 dahlia bulbs that have all bloomed. I know it is best to wait until after the first good freeze to dig them out of the ground. However, I must leave the state in 10 days and if we do not have a freeze before then, what can I do? Dig them up anyway, bag them as I always do and put them in the cool basement? Dig them up, leave as much dirt on them as possible, bag and leave them outside until after the first freeze, and then have a friend move them to the basement, maybe put them in the freezer for an hour or two and them move them to the basemen???? HELP! I know leaving them in the ground will cause them to rot. I don't want that. HELP! I will appreciate any suggestions you might have. Cliff Stiles, M.D. or 320-968-7233 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Benton County Minnesota horticulture wintering dahlias about 1 month ago

Mystery plant

Some years ago during the summer of 2010 we found a volunteer plant growing in a flower pot in our backyard. It was quite an interesting and attractive plant but we had no idea just what it was. We took a couple photos of it and, using them, tried to identify it but even so it mostly remained a mystery. Looking about the area we found Locust trees, Black Locust possibly, that had leaves that were similar but different enough to cast doubt. Our plant's leaves were more rounded and wide toward the ends and there was no leaf at the tip of the stem as there was with the area's Locust trees. Also, the main stem changed from green to become woody toward the end of the season. Wondering if you can shed some light on what this plant actually is?


Plant1_300x300%2523 Plant2_300x300%2523

Carroll County Maryland plant identification about 1 month ago

Pruning spruce trees with cytospora canker

I am a member of the landscape committee in a town home association. Our property is surrounded by many spruce trees that are close to 20 years old (mostly Colorado spruce). Several of the trees are infected with Cystospora canker (dead lower branches, purple needles, white/bluish resin on infected branches). A tree expert confirmed C. canker. We would like to do some pruning ourselves. Any tips? Should we have a professional do this?


Washington County Minnesota blue spruce about 1 month ago

Fall lawn Care

Is it to late to fertilize, aerate, and power rake your yard and put down grass seed and top soil? I live in Kent.


King County Washington about 1 month ago

composting orchid bark

Can I put old orchid potting mix in my vegetable garden compost? Do any orchid diseases transfer to non-orchids? Thank you.


Maryland compost about 1 month ago

My neighbor says these mushrooms growing under an oak tree are edible. Is he...

My neighbor says these mushrooms growing under an oak tree are edible. Is he correct? Thanks



Trumbull County Ohio mushroom identification mushrooms in lawn mushrooms about 1 month ago

Nematodes and Elbon rye

I am on the board of a community garden in Dallas. We have started having issues with nematode infestations in our plots. Several of our gardeners, including myself, have tried French marigolds with no real help. I did a search for possible solutions and came up with your recommendations to use elbon rye as an option. I am wondering if we would have to plant this in our plots every year in the fall or whether it would keep the infestation down for a couple of years? We are also wondering whether we need to treat the pathways between the plots so that they don't migrate across into the plots? Our option of last resort would be to completely remove the soil in the infected plots and replace it with clean soil. Our question on that is how deep do nematodes live?
Thanks for answering my questions.


Dallas County Texas about 1 month ago

How long is too long to 'freeze' black walnuts before planting?

I enjoyed the article on Growing Black Walnut trees by Baughman & Vogt. In the guidance it refers to putting the walnuts into the freezer for 3-4 months. If it takes longer before the ground is ready for planting them, is 5-6 months in the freezer too long? Thank you. Kent Michaelis


Shenandoah County Virginia about 1 month ago

Live Oak trunk rot

The lower trunk of a Live Oak on my property appears to be rotting away. Does anyone know how to help this tree?


Img_0191_300x300%2523 Img_0541_300x300%2523 Img_0193_300x300%2523

Kimble County Texas trees and shrubs urban forestry about 1 month ago

unusual spiders

I lived in Elbert county between 1984-1996, near Fondis. Saw brown black widow spiders and brown tomato worms. Are these unusual? Took master gardening classes at that time from Dr. Crenshaw.

Not a question. While living in Elbert County near Fondis between 1984-1996, I observed a distinctly brown black Widow, and also a brown tomato worm. Never saw these anywhere else. At the time took master gardening classes from Dr. Crenshaw. are thes rare or new?


Elbert County Colorado about 1 month ago

winterizing roses at 6500 feet

I have 7 knockout rose bushes and 9 other roses of different types in my rock garden.
Two years ago I lost all of them to the early frost.
I replaced all of them and lost two, not the knockouts, through the winter last year.
I cut them all down before the first frost and covered the base with mulch.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!


Douglas County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 1 month ago

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