Best Hardwood Trees & Planting Practices for Heavy Clay Soil

My property is just east of Rutersville in Fayette County. It was farmed eons ago and doesn't have any oak trees or other quality trees. It has lots of Huisache, a few cedars, some Bois d' Arcs and Hackberry trees. I am working to improve the property by removing Huisache and others and would like some oaks and other desirable hardwoods. My preference is for Live Oaks and Mexican White Oaks.

I have decent topsoil for 6-8" then a pretty heavy and dense clay below. What hardwoods will grow best in this soil and what are the best planting practices for this soil type to improve success?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Fayette County TX about 1 month ago

What are these called?

Im doing research on a bunch of bugs because I'm always so fascinated by bugs and animals and i just wanted to know what those little things in the front of spiders mouth are called. They're like mini arms. (specifically on a jumping spider)



OUTSIDEUS about 1 month ago

Plasterboard V-ing or peaking

To the experts out there.
Peaking or v-ing of plasterboard along the joints of 2 platerboards.
Will this lead to cracking?
Is it worth to fix it if it doesnt lead to cracking?
Just an aesthetic problem?
Any other adverse effects i should know?


OUTSIDEUS building construction new home design and construction about 1 month ago

Jumping spider qurstion

Trying to find out what type of jumping spider this is, found in texas



TX about 1 month ago

No match between mail handout and on-line link

Why don't they match? Bottom left hand corner has a QR code to "learn more" but the link is bereft of all but 2 classes.


Boone County KY boone county kentucky cooperative extension about 1 month ago

I need help identifying some houseplants

Hello, I have photos of some house plants I recently bought. I'd like to know what species they are so I can research care for them. Thank you


Img_0142_300x300%2523 Img_0147_300x300%2523 Img_0148_300x300%2523

New York County NY horticulture about 1 month ago

canning dressings?

what procedure do i use to can sweet onion dressing?


Burke County GA home food preservation about 1 month ago

What's eating this tree?

This Fir shows recent damage in Bellevue. The debris on the ground is fresh. The damage is more than bark deep.The tree is ± 40' tall. Chunks look too big to be squirrel. There have been Eagles in the woods in the past. I can't imagine anything needing this much material for nesting. Sasquatch?



King County WA tree damage wildlife about 1 month ago

Ambrosia psilostachya

Does Ambrosia psilostachya grow in Pennsylvania? Is it grown with any efficacy? Is it native. If sown from a Western seed provider, will those seeds grow in Western PA? We want to use this perennial for a food plot for dove, quail, pheasant and turkey.


Beaver County PA seeds small grains agronomy wildlife habitat about 1 month ago

What is the best Organic soil to buy?

What is the best bagged organic soil to buy for a vegetable garden/raised beds?


Arapahoe County CO soil and fertility issues about 1 month ago

forage based parasite management

Plz, if you can help. My cattle have parasites but I do not want to use meds any more. I heard about forage based medicinal pastures with dandelion, tobacco and chicory. If you have any info or can direct me to someone that does. We already practice pasture rotation, I would like a medicinal pasture to rotate cattle into.


Taylor County TX pastures and forages about 1 month ago

lots of tomatoes - no size

tomatoes had no size . this was the first time I planted this area. I raised the area and added new planting soil. I think the soil just didn't have enough soil admendments. what would you suggest to beef up the soil. I have already rototilled adding cow and vermiculite to prep for upcoming season


Adams County CO fruits and vegetables about 1 month ago

Toxic Soil in Lawn

My lawn will not support the growth of new grass and most of the existing grass died last summer. I water regularly 2-3 times a day. I used Scotts Moss Control at end of last summer. Before I invest in more grass seed, I need o know what I am up against and how to remedy it.


Allegan County MI lawn lawn establishment about 1 month ago

Help with Starting a Garden

Hello, My name is Kiely and I'm working to start an alternative outdoor program for toddlers, elementary, middle students and students with physical, developmental, and learning disabilities called Ballyntyne Learning Farm. We are located on a Christmas Tree farm in Salem, Oregon and I will be teaching enrichment classes on bird watching, weather, soil, composting and gardening, physics, and a number of other topics. I'm planning on starting a large garden on the property for the kids to play and learn in along with a separate pasture for small farm animals for the kids to groom and feed. While I don't have lots of experience in gardening, I'm hoping to see if it would be possible to get some help from your OSU Extension program. Any guidance would be so appreciated! If students could come out to the farm to help with the garden as a part of their practicum or service hours, truly any help is so so appreciated! Please let me know if this would be a possibility! If you'd like to take a look at the working website, here is the link! Best, Kiely Kreitzberg 503-708-6284


Marion County OR horticulture about 1 month ago

Goat Heads

I live in a rental property in midtown, and have inherited a 'goat head' infestation in the backyard. We have pulled up all the crawling weeds, and burned what we safely could. There are so many thorns in the backyard that we cannot let the dogs out, or really even walk outside--see attached image. Do you have any suggestions for corralling the remaining pests?



Pima County AZ weed issues weed control about 1 month ago

Edible Natives

Hi, I'm starting a vegetable garden, and I would like to include as many edible native plants as possible. Please tell me what is the most reliable source of native seed from the Chesapeake Bay region. My goal is to practice restoration agriculture. I would also like to know what kind of assistance the MD extension is willing to provide to help me get started. I used to live in NY, and a farming specialist from the Cornell extension would come out to assess/evaluate possibilities, make recommendations, etc. for free to help out new farmers. Does the MD extension do the same?


Anne Arundel County MD native native vegetables vegetables that are native restoration agriculture about 1 month ago

Bolting Radishes

My husband and I have built a greenhouse and I love it even though it is a learning experience. I have planted German Giant Radishes 3 times in my planter boxes and they sprout quickly, grow 4 inches tall in a week and lay over and never make radishes, What is the problem? My lettuce did the same. Help!!!


Howard County TX about 1 month ago

Volunteer program

Joyful Journeys is a non profit organization helping low income families with community enrichment programs. This summer they would like to offer a small class on patio or small plot gardening...and need a person to teach that class...Please see if anyone in your program would be interested.


Adams County CO about 1 month ago

spanish moss control

I have 80 mature dogwood trees with a hugh amount of spanish moss growing in them with azaleas planted under them.I saw an artlcle on the internet from your extension service stating that a bordeaux solution would kill the moss but will it be safe for the azaleas.I called my local ext service and they told me there was no chemical control for moss available.


Jasper County SC about 1 month ago

red wine grape

Is there a red wine grape that will grow and produce a good red wine in Penrose Colorado?


Fremont County CO grapes wine about 1 month ago

Why is rendering video still a straining task for modern laptops?

I remember watching videos on a laptop I had back in 2000. The processor was more than ten times weaker than the processor I have on my Macbook Air, it had about 15 times less memory, and the hard disk was constantly 95% full due to the ridiculously limited space. However, running videos continues to be a straining task, despite all this progress. Often I have to increase the volume to cover the noise of the fan that runs like crazy to keep up with the heating of the processor. How does this make sense?


OUTSIDEUS computer literacy technology about 1 month ago

Norway Tips Dropping in Droves.

I live in mid-Michigan and have 12 large Norway Spruce trees. In the past 8 to 10 weeks, the tips have been coming off in droves, especially when the winds blows or it rains. The attached pic shows they're all roughly 3" in length and are separating at what I'd call a growth spot. There's no sign they're being chewed off by squirrels. The ground below the trees is literally carpeted with tips. I've lived here 12 years, and this is the first time it's happened. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Norway_tip_300x300%2523 Norway_droppings_300x300%2523

Ionia County MI about 1 month ago

Evergreen shrub question

I live in Highlands Ranch and want to plant some shrubs along a fence. I want to have something green year-round that will grow 8-10 feet, and would ideally love to have flowers or berries on them for color. The area receives full to partial sun in the summer (my neighbor has a large cottonwood tree that partially shades this area), and full sun in the winter. Any suggestions you might have would be very welcome! Thank you.


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Sod Reccomendation for Highlands Ranch

I'm considering Green Valley Turf and Graff's Turf (Hy-performance blend) to re-sod my full sun lawn. I was hopping there was some impartial 3rd party evaluation of local sod providers. Who provides the healthiest, attractive, lowest water use, etc.


Douglas County CO lawns and turf about 1 month ago

Paper wasps in the house

We are finding an occasional paper wasp in our living room often between the window and the screen. This has been happening for more than a year. We also see them flying around the front of the house in warmer weather but never going in anywhere. What do you suggest we do?


Frederick County MD wasps wasps in winter paper wasps about 1 month ago

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