Zucchini turning yellow and shriveling in new raised bed

I have a new raised beds that contains a mixture of 2 parts organic compost to 1 part organic topsoil. Other than my greens (lettuce and spinach), nothing is thriving in these new beds. Specifically, zucchini begins to turn yellow and then shrivels and dies. Bean plants don't grow much but seeds sprouted and also seem to be growing very slowly. These beds are in the same spot sun-wise where a bed thrived last year. What I am doing wrong? I've tried holding back on water and watering frequently and neither seems to make much difference. Help!


Jefferson County Colorado fruits and vegetables 17 days ago

Cabbage Plants

Just a quick question. Have you seen or heard of putting table salt on a cabbage head to make it grow tighter head?


Gladwin County Michigan 17 days ago

Question for Tony Koski

Hello Tony,
You have been helping me with buffalo turf seeding. It has been 24 days of keeping the seeds moist and I now have some germination. I used the tenacity as you suggested and the weeds that do come up turn white and stop growing. I am now seeing my grass seedlings, that are only an inch tall and very few of them, starting to turn white. Could the tenacity be killing the grass also? Thanks, Debbie


Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf 17 days ago

Insects in basement multiplying

I'm hoping you can help me. I will try to attach a photo for you. I've looked at all of your indoor insects and none seem to look like the ones I have. I've seen a millipede type insect in my basement before, but only 2 in the last year. I don't know if this is what is breeding in my tub. I'm not sure if it's coming up through the pipe, so I plugged it. I cleared all of them and the next day they were all there again. The big ones are worm-like. We hired an exterminator service to spray outside. We live on a lake. I hope you can help me and how to get rid of these. Thank you. Kim



Otter Tail County Minnesota horticulture insect identification 17 days ago

winter creeper (eunonymus) and boxwood

I live in Golden at 7500 feet (Look Out Mountain, Will either of these survive at this altitude? If not, any suggestions for evergreen shrubs that are not junipers or pines??


Jefferson County Colorado 17 days ago

white mold looking things on my tomatoes

Hi my- tomato plants have a white mold appearance and it may be mites. What is the best way to get rid of them or minimize the damage they will do to my tomato plants?


Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture tomatoes 17 days ago

My lawn with all it's unwanted friends

I have a lawn that has a lot of cheat grass..and a small clover like plant with little yellow flowers. I want to try removing them with a herbicide that is safe for home lawns.


Montezuma County Colorado lawns and turf 17 days ago

Fungus in wood mulch

Found several black spots in mulch in landscaping by some evergreen shrubs. When you move it a powdery residue (smoke-like) raises up. I did aerate it a little but would like to know what it is, how to get rid of it and how to prevent it coming back. Thank you


Carver County Minnesota horticulture fungus 17 days ago

Japanese Maple propblem

The bark has started to peel back and reveal the following - see images.


Img_0704_300x300%2523 Img_0703_300x300%2523 Img_0702_300x300%2523

Oldham County Kentucky oldham county kentucky horticulture tree health 17 days ago

may have found a bed bug?

okay, here is a photo of top and bottom views. Hope it is discernable, you will have to open it to full size. Thanks so much!


Img_0455_300x300%2523 Dsc_0005_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland insect rule out bedbug pest id 17 days ago

Roses still not doing well

1)I have 4 rose bushes and had asked for advice about 1 month ago. Applied spinosad as advised, then some copper fungicide. These pictures show the latest - with white stringy fibers on them. What do you suggest I do? 2) Also I have many cosmos plants and want to share the seeds with neighbor. When should she plant them and can she put them in regular soil first, or do they need to go in pots? Thanks so much.


Img_7484_300x300%2523 Img_7485_300x300%2523 Img_7486_300x300%2523

Allegany County Maryland shrubs roses cosmos 17 days ago

grass or grounscovers ffor shade in denver

I have two beautiful lindens which provide too much shade to enable a lawn to grow; Ilive in Denver; what do you suggest?


Denver County Colorado plant selection 17 days ago

ID This Bug?

The attached picture is one of several bugs that was found on my roses.

What is It? Does it harm the roses? If it is harmful to the roses what type of insecticide and/or treatment would you recommend?

Thanks, L. Balog



Wayne County Michigan insect identification 17 days ago


All the tomatoes I planted have small leaves ,although the tomatoes are coming, I don't like the small leaves and wonder if it is the breeding they are doing today. I can't help but think the tomatoes we buy to grow today have been so manipulated they don't resemble the old plants. I used to grow tomatoes with large leaves and healthy and very few problems. Today I do live in an area where the crop spays can't really reach me to easily so I can't blame that. It is just disappointing to look at them. Do you have an other idea for the small leaves?


Jackson County Minnesota horticulture tomatoes 17 days ago

Bugs in the house

Hello I am trying to identify this bug in the image below. I am not certain how to get rid of these bugs, but they are in our home. We have two new infants and I want to make sure they are not harmful. Thank you for an guidance you can provide! Dani



Ramsey County Minnesota insect identification 17 days ago

River birch trimming

Hello, I visited the farmers market and they referred me to you with my question. Thank you for being a resource for my tree problem. My river birch is very scarce. Should I trim all the branches without leaves to see if it fills in. They're high up so I can't scrape them with my nail to see if they're dead or not. The leaves fall all the time and branches drop off too. Here is a photo. Thank you for your help!


Img_5743_300x300%2523 Img_5657_300x300%2523 Img_5656_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland pruning tree river birch 17 days ago

asbestos in siding

How do you determine if the siding on a house has asbestos? Is there a test? Thanks.


Iowa County Iowa 17 days ago

What is wrong with my tomato?

Hi, I have a tomato plant here that has recently developed deformed, stringy leaves. Many of the leaves have also turned brown and dry. Any idea what could cause this? Is there anything I can do? Thanks, Irene


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Rice County Minnesota 17 days ago

Bush suddenly losing lleaves

I have bushes for privacy around my patio. At the beginning of the summer they all had curled up new leaves. I clipped off the affected leaves and they looked fine now the end bush is half bare and a large swath of leaves left are brown and dried up. What could it be and how can I save the Rest?


Grand Traverse County Michigan 17 days ago

may have found a bed bug?

Hi, We just got back from a trip and I think I found a bed bug in our car. I put it in alcohol in a ziploc bag, and looking closely at it, it really resembles a bed bug. I used to be able to send specimens in to be identified. Do you still have this service? Thanks!! (I could try to take a photo, but it's hard to get a decent photo of something small like this, though I could try).


Montgomery County Maryland insect issues bed bug bed bug photos bed bug identification insect identification 17 days ago

Is this slime mold?

We found this on top of our mulch pile and have never seen anything like this before. We think it is a fungus, but like I said, we are not sure because we haven't seen it before. It is a pinkish-tan and looks like a pile of vomit. Is it something bad or good?


100_5940_300x300%2523 100_5941_300x300%2523 100_5944_300x300%2523

Branch County Michigan slime mold 17 days ago

What is this insect?

Hundreds of these small insects are swarming around our mostly-dead Knockout roses. I'm not sure if they're the reason the roses are dying or are attracted to a dying plant. Either way, I'm trying to identify the insect to see if we need to treat the plants or just leave it alone. For scale, the insect seems to be about the size of a winged termite, slightly larger than a flying ant. This picture doesn't show it, but we think we see a tiny stinger.



Oakland County Michigan insect issues 17 days ago

Cutting back a lilac

I have a several old lilac bushes in my backyard. They are quite old with some very large old growth along with some new. They only have leaves on the top half of the bushes and do not put on many flowers in the spring. How & when can I trim out the old growth so that they will continue to grow or should I take them out and plant new bushes?


Polk County Minnesota pruning lilac lilacs 17 days ago

Unknown tree

his started as a weed between two fences. Now it is gigantic and growing into the wires. Can you identify, please?


Image1_300x300%2523 Image2_300x300%2523 Image3_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland plant identification invasives invasive vines euonymus fortunei euonymus vine euonymus wintercreeper wintercreeper 17 days ago


I'd like to know how to prune a cherry bush. it is about 5yrs. old and never had a pruning. now it is almost impossible to get to the inside of the bush where there is a lot of fruit but rotting. would appreciate any help you can offer. Also one side of our peach tree is totally barren of leaves. it started spouting some at the right time but they dried up. can you help me figure out what happened? oh and there are no peaches at all on the healthier side either.


Lyon County Minnesota pruning shrubs bush cherries 17 days ago

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