Bug on bathroom wall

I have seen maybe 5 of these in my house over the last 5 years. They are super tiny, smaller than a tic tac.
Any ideas of what this is and should I be concerned?


Multnomah County Oregon about 1 month ago

Name this plant

Name the bush


Virginia about 1 month ago

hopyard trellis design

We are building a 5 m high trellis in Malaysia to grow black pepper, and we would like a company with experience in building high hop trellis systems to comment on our design. We are prepared to pay for a review and comments. Would this be something that you could do? If not Do you know an individual or company which might do that? thanks for your attention Merry Chistmas and a Happy New Year, with lots of good beer! Andrew Watson,Ph.D.


Contra Costa County California about 1 month ago

Transplanting a 25 year old creeping juniper

Is the rootball on a 25 year old Creeping juniper large? Would I be able to transplant it 2 miles away? Same soil. Thank you Peggy


King County Washington trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

apple trees

why didn't my tree produce any apples this fall?


Roanoke Virginia about 1 month ago

Christmas cactus

I have a Christmas cactus that belonged to my grandfather and he had gotten it from his mother in law. So I know the plant is well over 100 years old. How long can a cactus live? It only has a few buds but it does bloom every year.


Polk County Iowa about 1 month ago

What is this

We have several of these plants growing in pots and are not sure what they are, 5 ft tall Can you help?


Osceola County Florida about 1 month ago

Abnormal leaf

What type of disease is this ?whats the remedy


Outside United States disease issues plant disease about 1 month ago

We have a 50 acre Christmas Tree Farm that we have operated for over 30...

We have a 50 acre Christmas Tree Farm that we have operated for over 30 years. Drainage problems have occurred in the last 10-12. At this point in our life, subsurface drain tiling seems exorbitant. Can we achieve some measure of drainage with surface canals or grass waterways? A creek cuts our 50 acres in half. How many grass waterways or canals would we need? We currently use no fertilization and only tree specific pesticide use.


Montgomery County Ohio about 1 month ago

What is this plant?

Hi! I just bought s bunch of plants from Home Depot here in SC. This plant is labeled as rhododendron but I don't think it is. Can you help me? I want to know if this plant is toxic to my dogs and cats. Thanks!


Horry County South Carolina about 1 month ago


My Leyland just turned brown. I beleive this is because they were planted so close and the other trees snuffed it out. Is this correct or could there be another cause? Thanks,


Anne Arundel County Maryland leyland cypress browning tree about 1 month ago

I have a vining plant on starboard side of the house

I have a climbing vine with hairy fibers along the gutter down spout. What precautions do I need to take to eliminate this.. I know it poison is . Any help appreciated!


Camden County New Jersey weed issues vines about 1 month ago

White spots

What are these white spots on my candelabra cassia?? They are on the underside of the leaves...are they mold or bug eggs?? And what can I do about them??


Brevard County Florida plant disease horticulture about 1 month ago

Gloves & Tools contaiminated by Rose Rosette virus?

I operate a small city based garden business. One of my client's compact shrub roses developed rose rosette. She was reluctant to have me remove the rose entirely as she was entertaining for the holidays and this would create a gap in the garden adjoining the front entrance. I cut back the "witches brooms" to accommodate her request. I intend to remove the rose as soon as her guests have departed. However I am concerned my pruners and leather gloves are contaminated. I generally use a 90% alcohol solution to sterilize my pruners but am uncertain it will suffice in this instance. I am at a loss as to how to ensure the leather gloves do not spread the virus - any insight would be appreciated. I hate to have to dispose of either the gloves or pruners, but am always very cautious with my tools since I work in several gardens and understand the risks. Would appreciate your knowledgeable guidance.


Alexandria Virginia about 1 month ago

tree farming

I would like to start a Christmas tree farm,and would like to know what evergreen tree would be good for my area ,being the heart of texas.


Freestone County Texas christmas trees horticulture about 1 month ago


I love snowbells trees but before planting one, I would need to know if they would do well in the Washington area and their life span.

Thank you very much.



District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

When to repot

For years, I've been withholding water from September and bringing my amaryllis into a small greenhouse before the first frost. The last quarter of the leaves are drying off now, and I remove them as they dry. When is the best time to transplant so that I don't destroy the root system? As soon as the leaves are all off, or should I wait a bit after that? Last year they started regrowth in February and were spectacular.


Allegheny County Pennsylvania houseplants about 1 month ago

japanese tree lilac

3 year old tree. Beautiful leaves but does not bloom. Nursery said it could be ants but I havent seen any.


Olmsted County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Live oak trees dropping leaves now.

I have two live oaks that are dropping a large number of leaves now. They've been in the ground about ten years and I've never had this issue before. A tree service told me that they've had some other people call in with the same concern. I talked to an arborist who told me the problem was related to my use of Scott's Bonus S fertilizer, which I've been using for many years. Someone else told me the problem was related to Dallas' extraordinary amount of rainfall this year and the recent warm weather. Do you have any idea what is going on with this problem?


Dallas County Texas horticulture about 1 month ago

Mystery plant

Can anyone identify this? It started out looking like an egg, and then this grew out of it.


Marion County Kentucky about 1 month ago

Green Lawn

How can I grow a beautiful green lawn all year?


Prince George's County Maryland lawn maintenance about 1 month ago

What is this plant & how can I save it?

This small plant is dying. I cannot identify it and would like to revive it. Thank you!


Outside United States horticulture about 1 month ago


Hi, Is it okay if I place my potted Anthurium on my balcony? It has curtains that I can close to block strong sunlight. Won't it work? Thank you


Outside United States horticulture about 1 month ago

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