Please ID this tree for me

We have several of these trees growing at the edge of the woods on our property that we bought last summer. We thought maybe they were dogwood but were disappointed this spring when no white bracts appeared. Some, but not all, have these tiny green cluster "buds" that appear to be starting to open into tiny white blooms on some of the trees. The leaves are too shiny to be dogwood. Can you tell me what they might be?



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Howard County Maryland plant id 13 days ago

Phlox or not?

Years ago I had a garden full of phlox. Last five years there have been no blooms. Dug up, but they came up probably from remaining root. They are host to PLANT BUG and are the sacrificial plants in the garden, Do I really just forfeit them? Originally they received less sunlight, but now that several trees have had to be removed, they are in full sun. Does the soil around them need to be in the sun as well? I do have liriope next to them and am always fighting wild strawberry. What could be the reason they do not bloom? Am I mistaken? Have my phlox died and been replaced by a look-alike? I took a sample to the office on Homewood Rd. in Ellicott City and left the stems with Rhea. She tried to determine the problem, but referred me to this website. Thank you, Kam


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Howard County Maryland plant id horticulture summer phlox no flowers 13 days ago

Type of plant should I keep it

I would like to have a verification of this particular plant seems to be throughout the garden I was wondering are they invasive or are they control and what kind they might be



St. Clair County Michigan plant identification 13 days ago

plants attracting butterflies

1. spacings between plants for (a) fragrant mist flower, (b) butterfly weed,
2. width and height of butterfly bush (buddleia) when matured


McLennan County Texas 13 days ago

Dying fir trees

We have several fir trees dying. They start dying at the top of the tree, then continue to die out. Can you give me a reason why this is happening? Who can I get to take down these dead trees if needed?


Lane County Oregon 13 days ago

maple not leafing out

Red Maple was planted by nursery 11 years ago without taken out of it's burlap sack (2" tree at the time). Called a specialist last fall. They blew out around it's roots (to get it more water) and re-packed with soil and mulched a 1 foot diameter around it. The tree had been growing slowly and losing leaves early in the fall. It looked good all winter and now is not leafing out. The buds that I can reach crumble in my fingers. The branches appear green inside. Is it salvageable or do we start over with a new tree? We live in Minneapolis, MN


Minnesota trees and shrubs 13 days ago

I know this is a sage; i just don't know what type.

I got this sage from a company named isla-bonita. The flowers look alot like the flowers of the species they described on the nametag (salvia azurea) but the leaves don't match. (The leaves are hairy and triangular shaped) Others seem to have similar problems when i try to search for any awnsers. The sage itself is held up on a stalk of sorts, and is around 60-90 cm in height, with light purple flowers.


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Outside United States plant identification 13 days ago

Matteuccia (ostrich) Fern Frost Damage

Hello, My backyard has many ostrich ferns that appear to have been affected by the recent frost Sunday morning (5/15). The fronds were unfurling when the frost hit and now many appear wilted and "zapped" by the frost. Do you know what I should expect from these? Are they dead? Will they produce new fronds this season? Go dormant this season? Or something else? Thanks. Michael


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture ferns 13 days ago

Request for plant list

Hi. I am a Master Gardener in King County, WA. And I am also the landscape chair at our condo in Cannon Beach. We are looking to update plantings that thrive in the ocean front environment, on a sand dune. With minimum or no irrigation. Other than invasive European dune grass! I was wondering if you have a list of plants that you recommend for the north coast area? Thanks for any advice or resources.


Clatsop County Oregon horticulture plant selection 13 days ago

Where to find fertilizer

my soil was tested by MSU and found to need a fertilizer of 3-0-3. I am not able to find such a thing. How do I go about getting that particular ration in a fertilizer? Do I have to get individual potassium and nitrogen, or can I get it already mixed.


Oakland County Michigan 13 days ago

identify weed with tiny tubers

Please help to identify prolific weeds with tiny peanut like tubers/seeds. They appear in early spring
produce seeds/tubers then die off completely until next spring. They produce yellow flowers.
are clusters of the peanut like tubers


Erie County New York 13 days ago

Strange spot on bark of maple tree

I have a wild maple tree that started growing in my yard. It is about fifteen years old. I have notice about ten little white spots that look like the dark bark has been removed. The spots are on the older stronger branches. They are about the size of a dime, but the one in the picture is a little bit bigger. What is it from? Does this tree need a treatment of some kind?



Oakland County Michigan maple trees trees and shrubs 13 days ago


I have acreage in Bend Oregon that is over run by gophers. I am looking for native gopher snakes to cut down the population. They are out of control. I have looked everywhere and can't find any. Would you be able to help me? I could use 10 snakes I think. Thanks. Barb Holcomb


Deschutes County Oregon 13 days ago

How to reduce weeds in landscaping

I live in Midlothian, Texas. I have 2 large landscaping areas with flowers and plants in them, most of the area is in full sun. Both have crushed granite on the surface. One area has no landscape fabric and the other one does. It makes no difference as to the large amount of weeds I get in both beds. What can I do to eliminate or slow down the weed production? It seems like the majority of them are coming from the top of the landscape as opposed to below. My neighbor has a field right next to us where he plants wheat. Please help, it took me 11 hours and 3 days to get all the weeds pulled from both areas this week.


Ellis County Texas 13 days ago

Weird bugs in home.

I have seen and killed 3 of these so far. With two Guinea pigs living in the basement near the area I see them appearing from, this concerns me. I don't know if they bite or sting but they have wings under the black shel and the head is red. I have to kill to get a good photo. Thoughts?



Carroll County Maryland insect identification 13 days ago

Pine Needles for Mulch?

I have lots of pine trees in my yard. I also have a garden and I read that the pine needles make good mulch. I like to put mulch under my tomatoes. Is it a good idea to use pine needles under tomato plants. I think pine needles make the soil acidic and wonder if under pine trees is a good place to put ashes from a fire pit. ( I've heard that pine trees like acidic soil so perhaps this isn't a good idea).


Ramsey County Minnesota 13 days ago

soil ph for grass

I cut down 2 large pine trees last Fall and have been told I need to add lime to the soil above and near the stump areas to get grass to grow there. I have a high-calcium lime product but the directions have no guidance for this situation. Can you suggest an amount/100 square feet? Also, about how long would it be before I could plant grass?


Anoka County Minnesota lawns and turf horticulture soil and fertility issues 13 days ago


What can I do to bring them back basil and cilantro orragano


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herbs make sure they are the water they need and proper light conditions 13 days ago

Zestar! pollination

What is the best pollinator for Zestar! apple trees. I have at least a dozen kinds of apple trees, but none of the other trees are blooming when the king blooms open on my Zestar! trees. They are setting fruit but not as heavy as they should. I would even be willing to put in a crab apple tree if it was the best option.


Nicollet County Minnesota 13 days ago


I was informed by a medical doctor's office that the extension office would be able to identify the bug that has burrowed into my skin. Is this correct? If so what do I need to do? If not, what department would handle this?


Pottawattamie County Iowa 13 days ago


Hello, I wintered my begonia and it was doing great. Now that it's been outside it looks sick and has developed little white spots on its leaves. Is it diseased now?


Ramsey County Minnesota 13 days ago

reusing or composting potted soil

Folks - I just read on your site that peppers might grow well in pots. I have some pots that were used for tomatoes last year. I have read that one should not reuse potted soil, as it may contain organisms that can harm this year's crop. 1) Can I use it for different plants? I have in mind using it for hot or bell peppers. 2) If I do use the pots with the soil, is it important to keep them far away from this year's tomatoes? 3) Is the soil also acceptable for use in a compost pile? Thanks as always,


Howard County Maryland soil reusing potting soil container vegetables compost 13 days ago

Railroad Ties in Vegetable Garden?

We just bought a house and I love to garden. I noticed during the inspection that there was a raised garden bed all ready in the backyard. Now that we have possession of the home it looks like the border is old railroad ties. I'm not sure if they are or not. I know it isn't safe to grow edibles in soil contaminated with creosote. Is there a way to test the existing soil for this? The bed is in the very spot I would have picked for a garden so I am wondering what I need to do for the soil or if I need to switch places with the greenhouse out there. Help?? Thanks Jennifer


Yamhill County Oregon vegetable gardening horticulture railroad ties 13 days ago


Why is it not recommended to water you garden with soft water?


St. Louis County Minnesota 13 days ago

buttercup issues

I have pasture at the edge of Eastern Jefferson County which has buttercups and I am afraid my horses will be poisoned. Is there any program which could help me eradicate the buttercups and plant or encourage grass. The pasture is hilly and has washed terribly with the rains and now looks over grazed and yellow with buttercups. I have 2 horses on about 7 acres but the entire area is not covered in buttercup yet. Thank you, Mikell Grafton


Jefferson County Kentucky horse pasture pastures and forages 13 days ago

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