Small Shade Tree

I moved back to MN after 35 years of living out east NY & Jersey with a milder climate. Now I am trying to figure out what kind of shade tree to plant in our back yard. After 3 years of thinking, shopping and researching I have come up with the MN strain Honey Locust. Couldn't find it anywhere this summer so I still don't have a tree. I have been told that there is trouble with Honey Locust dying in this area. I want something with dappled shade that isn't a huge tree but has a high canopy. Is there another hearty tree I should be thinking about? I'd love if it had fall interest. I also don't want it to cause trouble for the neighbors. Invasive roots etc. It will be planted about 15 ft from the house. And if you could tell me the best place to purchase a tree. Thank you.


Ramsey County MN 21 days ago

Black on collards and kale

What is it? Okay to eat?



Multnomah County OR kale horticulture vegetable gardening 22 days ago


Need to know what this is.



OUTSIDEUS 22 days ago


I have a large infestation of honey bees is there anyone that will remove and relocate them.


Berrien County MI bees 22 days ago

?treat/spray(e.g.,baking soda solution) BEFORE weeding my bindweed w/ powdery mildew on it's leaves?

I am about to weed, again, the green, almost unkillable vine that has been growing through my 1-1/2' juniper shrubs( beside my driveway in the unwatered parkway) since before 1991. The top side of most of the weed's leaves are covered with a dusty white powder. (Though I have neither "officially" ID-ed the plant nor the white powder, bind weed and powdery mildew are very good guesses. I have included 2 photos.)

I am wondering if it may be wise to 1st "treat" it to discourage the reappearance of the white powder the next time the weed grows. When the leaves have the white powder on them and I disturb the leaves, while weeding, the powder flies.

(I've read fact sheet 2.902 on powdery mildew-btw
...including the bit about using a baking soda solution)


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Denver County CO weeds 22 days ago

What kind of pig?

We acquired this pig and the previous owner isn't sure what kind it was. Can you help?


Img_0946_300x300%2523 Img_0964_300x300%2523

KY agriculture pigs fayette county kentucky 22 days ago

How to tell the difference between Symphyotrichum and boltonia asteroides

Hello, we seem to have both Snowbank and a White Aster that grows to 5-6 feet tall in our garden, but is very difficult to tell the difference. Can you please give me some guidance?


Carroll County MD 22 days ago

Commercial Kitchen

Dear Sir or Madam, Your organization is listed for having a commercial kitchen for of time rental. Can you please elaborate on the process of such interchange. Regards Ben Afshari


Woodford County KY family and consumer sciences woodford county kentucky community commercial kitchen 22 days ago


Not sure what this is and if it needs full or partial sun


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Hartford County CT 22 days ago

Pruning Nectarines in Oregon

I don't see any nectarine tree articles on this site. Should I just search the net? Thanks.


Columbia County OR 22 days ago

New Lawn

Hello! My husband and I just built a house and had our lawn installed from seed about 3 weeks ago. Some areas are starting to get pretty high. When do you recommend cutting it for the first time? I have read that you should wait up to 2 months to allow the root system to get established. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you for your time. Tammi Chunko


Westmoreland County PA 22 days ago

Possible fungus on Oak tree

I would like to know what these balls on a White Oak (I think) tree are. In particular, I'd like to know if they are toxic or poisonous--I just could find nothing like it in a couple of tree identification books. Thank you. Elaine Covard


Whiteoak_300x300%2523 Whiteoak2_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD trees oak galls 22 days ago

Plants type I'd please

Good morning,
I found this plant in my bungalow at gran Canaria island, but I don't recognise what it and how to take care.


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OUTSIDEUS houseplants horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 22 days ago

Will arbor vitae recover from BMSB damage?

Hi ~
My Mission arbor vitae have been throughly munched on by the dreaded BMSB. Can they recover from the damage, or is it a lost cause?
Related ~ is there any way to prevent BMSB from feeding on arbor vitae and other ornamental plants?


Ingham County MI master gardener program 22 days ago

My lilacs started browning out a month ago. They have been watered. Don't see...

My lilacs started browning out a month ago. They have been watered. Don't see any bugs. Scared they're dying!


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Harford County MD trees and shrubs lilac bushes leaves browning 22 days ago

Where to go to learn how to Artificially Inseminate Sheep

We are in Missouri and are willing to travel outside the state. We can also spend a few days in class but are unavailable for long terms or sessions. Where can we find something close? We are having no luck on our own.


Laclede County MO sheep reproduction sheep management sheep and goats small ruminants ruminants 22 days ago

creek bank weed problem

The creek runs through our property located within the city limits. We will consult with the city after learning of the options you may suggest. We would appreciate any advice as to how remove the weeds now, and to stop the problem in the future. The creek bank is very steep with rock from the creek bed to the top of the bank with weeds continuing onto the strip of land which borders the creek. We think spraying would not be allowed as the weeds are too close to the creek. Weed wacking is almost impossible due to the rock and the steep bank. Thank you in advance for your help with this problem.


Sioux County IA 22 days ago

Who is snipping off my hyssop seedheads?

Hello, I have noticed that most of the seed heads on my anise hyssop have been cleanly snipped off by someone. There is no trace of them on the ground. The stems are not bent or broken. The plants stand tall. They seem to be snipped off at a 45-degree angle. I've grown hyssop for several years without this happening, and I have many hyssop plants in my garden. Normally I leave them up to feed the goldfinches and juncos over the winter. I have also noticed that the seed heads on my big bluestem and some echinacea are similarly snipped off. The goldfinches eat those, too. We live in St. Paul near the Como Zoo and Fairgrounds on a small city lot enclosed by fences of varying heights and types. We have squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, mice, voles, and woodchucks regularly in the yard, as well as birds of all kinds. No one in our household deadheaded them, and they are in the back yard so I doubt any other human being is doing it. There are deer in Como Park that could possibly come into the yard, but it seems very unlikely given how close and enclosed the yard is. Also, I have not noticed any fresh, green plants being eaten, even in the herb garden, so I don't think it would be a deer. A friend who is an expert on birds doubts goldfinches or other birds could or would snip them off. Who could be doing this?


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Ramsey County MN 22 days ago

Planting Recommendations for Steep Slope

Just added many cubic yards of black dirt to lessen two steep slopes from about 80 degrees to 60. Looking for recommendations for erosion planting. Each area is approx. 288 sq ft (12 ft x 24 ft). See pix. Prefer drought resistant plants - can water but water source is almost 200 ft away. Anoka Sand Plain under the black dirt. Dappled sun most of day, with about three hours sun in late afternoon, early evening. Grass, flowers or both? Kinds? Sources? Seed blanket? Type? Source? How many pounds of seed? What about Columbine? It grows wild around here, has deep roots and grows root mats; however, it can be downright invasive. Anything I didn't ask that I should? Thanks.


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Anoka County MN 22 days ago

What type of mushroom is rhis

Have clusters of this around a tree


Img_4895_300x300%2523 Img_4897_300x300%2523 Img_4900_300x300%2523

Jackson County MO mushrooms 22 days ago

What insect is burrowing.

These little mounds appeared in my yard after several days of rain. What insect is causing this?


Img_0082_300x300%2523 Img_0081_300x300%2523 Img_0080_300x300%2523

St. Mary's County MD lawn dirt mounds 22 days ago

What is this plant?

It's located on display in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Thanks



Kings County NY 22 days ago

What vine is this?

This vine is the bane of my existance and pops up wrapping around my plants and fence constantly. Sometimes it has flowers which are trumpet shaped and purple/blue.
How can I get rid of them best?



Baltimore MD plant identification invasive plants horticulture 22 days ago


I have this growing in my yard what is it?


1475611781804_300x300%2523 1475611867236_300x300%2523

Multnomah County OR fruits and vegetables 22 days ago

New fruit trees

I planted 2 peach and one pear tree last fall in my smallish space. I notice this yea that they all had at least 2 plant stems in each pot and both stems have leaved out. Should I trim these down to one trunk for each plant Q


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Baltimore MD fruit trees pruning 22 days ago

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