Is it possible to start a new "rhody" from a cutting?


Chester County Pennsylvania horticulture shrub rhododendron propagation from cuttings 17 days ago

Holly trees

we have 3 holly trees which have different degrees of white fungus under side of leaves and branches.Leaves turn brown and drop.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs 17 days ago

what's eating my pear trees?

Something is destroying my pears! Do you recognize the damage?


Marion County Oregon horticulture fruit trees pear 17 days ago

ground bees swarm

ground bees are swarming at back and front doors. last fall, i dug up soil to get rid of overgrown plants and ground cover. i suspect the loose soil might be attracting them. what can be done to get rid of them before someone gets stung? dont want to kill them. please help w/ advice. thank you. c-


Howard County Maryland ground bees possible mining bees 17 days ago

What kind of tree is this?

I'm trying to determine what kind of tree I have growing in my yard. The pictures were taken on 4/30/15.


Washington County Minnesota horticulture trees and shrubs plant identification 17 days ago

pear buds have rust, disfigured

My pears are all affected in my single pear tree. All the tiny pears are discolored and have 1/4 of the fruit body with the rust appearance. I sprayed earlier with an insecticide, but not a dormant spray. This tree had black spot two years ago, not last season. The fruit had worms. I would have had a high yield, pitty. There are a few remaining flowers. I'm tempted to remove them to keep from speeding spores if it is a fungus. What's your diagnosis and treatment?


Washington County Oregon plant disease 17 days ago

Irrigation pond algae

We are having a bad problem with algae in our irrigation pond. How can we find out about what kind, and how we can get rid of it without harming the horses that graze in the irrigated pastures?


Deschutes County Oregon horses ponds 17 days ago

a lot of dead limbs on Weeping Cherry tree

I have a Weeping Cherry tree that we have had for about 10 years. It's huge, not like your normal size weeping cherry tree but for the last 2 years it's has less and less leaves and a lot of dead limbs. I have looked at leaves and around tree but never found anything. Please advise me what to do. We love this tree and don't want to have to dig it up because it's huge and we don't want to loose it


Jefferson County Kentucky trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Tree Issues

The roots on a tree (nearly 10 years old) that is part of our landscape package are starting to come above ground. What does this mean and is it possible we will need to have the tree removed?


Boone County Kentucky tree health forestry horticulture exposed tree roots boone county kentucky 17 days ago

I have a red elderberry growing over my septic tanks, not the drainfield. Is...

I have a red elderberry growing over my septic tanks, not the drainfield. Is that a plant that is ok to be there? I think it's near the edge


Anoka County Minnesota 17 days ago

Solomon's Seal

How to eradicate solomon's seal from flower bed?


Sioux County Iowa 17 days ago

Hi Master Gardener, I'm in southern Wisconsin and would like to try growing...

Hi Master Gardener, I'm in southern Wisconsin and would like to try growing interesting or exotic fruit varieties - ie. pluot or other hybrids. Not apples but interesting peaches, plums or other trees. Do you have any recommendations on what to plant and where to get the plants? Is there a U of M professor that would have ideas? Sincerely, Mark Janowiak New Glarus, Wisconsin 608 558 7887


Green County Wisconsin horticulture master gardener program 17 days ago

planting mix for raised beds

I am putting in 4 raised beds 4'x8' x 20" high. I am looking into ordering 10 yards of compost from Natures Needs in White Plains. They recommend either their pure compost or a mix of 80%compost and 20% loam. They sent me a soil test of the compost and it has a ph of 8.4.

Should I go with the compost, the 80/20, or just add my own soil?

To grow vegetables what do I need to add to lower the PH to 6.0?

Finally, is there another source that you would recommend?


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture raised bed material 17 days ago

I have a Harroldson apple tree. It gives fruit essentially every other year....

I have a Harroldson apple tree. It gives fruit essentially every other year. My problem is the apples are dented and mis-shapen. Also there are dark spots within the apples. I have suspected apple maggots. I have sprayed with Bonide Fruit Tree spray. I have also used sticky red spheres to trap the flies. I get a lot of flies but they don't seem to have the classic wing pattern of the apple maggot. Also, last year the apples were dented by mid June which seems early for apple maggots. Last year I sprayed 5 times. Now I read on the bottle I shouldn't spray more than twice. However the spray chart on the bottle lists 6 different times to spray. Would you also clear this up for me. Thank you very much. Tom Kraft


Hennepin County Minnesota 17 days ago

I have either a Liberty or Freedom apple tree that has never produced more...

I have either a Liberty or Freedom apple tree that has never produced more than a few immature apples. It is an early bloomer with few blooms left now in May. I have only space for one more tree. I am considering a Prairifire crabapple or Pink Princess crabapple pollinator. Will one of these work or do they not bloom at the same time? The Apple tree has white flowers. The crabapple trees have pink flowers. Are bees going to select for one and ignore the other. - Martha 301 254 8037. Call if you want. Thanks


Charles County Maryland apples crab apple trees 17 days ago

Grass and lawn problems

Last summer I had some voles in my back yard and where there tunnels were the grass has now disappeared. In addition, even where the vole tunnels weren't, several bald areas have developed and my lawn looks awful. I also have an infestation of blue William (?), which is taking over as well. Is it too late to plant grass seed? What can I do? The lawn has really deteriorated over the last few years. Thanks.


Howard County Maryland lawn sowing grass seed 17 days ago

peaches dropping off tree young fruit

Peaches are dropping off tree small young fruit any reason for this


Williamson County Texas horticulture trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables 17 days ago

I direct programs in poor countries that use innovative extension methods for...

I direct programs in poor countries that use innovative extension methods for increasing poor-farmer income -- for example, helping farmers adopt business as well as better agricultural practices. We are getting increases in income and cost-benefit well beyond the status quo. We need help evaluating and doing further research on these methods. Are there any professors at OSU's Ag School that are interest in these issues?


District of Columbia County District of Columbia 17 days ago

Indian Hawthorn Problem

I have several Indian Hawthorn shrubs in my yard. About one month ago the leaves began to get spots, slowly turn yellow, then orange/red and then drop. Many of the shurbs are almost bare but all have the beginnings of the spots. Can you help? Many thanks. Rita Trevino


Harris County Texas horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

cake flowers

Are Dahlias safe to stick into a cake as decoration?


Benton County Oregon food safety 17 days ago

Is this a weed?

Is this a weed?


Ramsey County Minnesota 17 days ago

I want to build a 3-tiered retaining wall on a small hill in my back yard to...

I want to build a 3-tiered retaining wall on a small hill in my back yard to plant fruits, herb and vegetables for consumption. Each wall would be about 18" or 2' tall and have a flat area next to it for planting. I have heard that some materials can leach harmful chemicals into the soil. What is the safest material to use for constructing the walls to reduce this possibility so that I can use my garden for fruits and veggies for years to come? Thank you for your help!


Washington County Minnesota 17 days ago

Carpenter Bees

We purchased a log cabin in Bear last summer. The place is infested with carpenter bees. I have killed hundreds of them with a badminton racket, and there is no end to them, it seems. The house had not been maintained so the wood is not protected. I did research online and found I need to spray insecticide dust in the spring which is too late. I do not know where to get the insecticide dust or what precautions I need. Is it too late to spray? Do I need to wait until August or September when the new bees emerge? I have bought a spray and sprayed in the holes. I think this encouraged them to make new holes. Do you have any suggestions? I am concerned that this will be a continuous cycle and if I seal the holes that they may be some in the holes and continue to drill. These are big holes.


New Castle County Delaware carpenter bees lrk 17 days ago

lilac/ash borer

We have just treated our ash tree for the lilac/ash borer. What is the recommendation for other trees in our yard? Is there a preventative measure we should take? We have Japanese lilacs and lilac shrubs nearby.


Weld County Colorado horticulture trees and shrubs disease issues 17 days ago

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