I found a beetle in my driveway which I am concerned may be an Asian...

I found a beetle in my driveway which I am concerned may be an Asian Longhorned Beetle, possibly an immature one. Can someone tell me one way or the other? The enclosed photo of the beetle in a margarine container is not great because of the lighting. I bumped up the contrast a bit to bring out the details more. Hopefully this is enough for someone to make an identification. - Harold


Delaware County Ohio pest identification beetle asian longhorned beetle 16 days ago

Foreign . object in garden

Several days ago I noticed what appeared to be a plant like orange 5 inch rubber like stem growing in my garden. Upon removing the stem. Six white 2" sized eggs appeared. I immediately dug these up deposited into the nearby woods. This morning I noticed 2 . more stems growing in another part of my garden. Could someone please identify these?


Harford County Maryland plant id 16 days ago

Planting a lawn

Best type of grass for shade and filtered light? Also, what type of soil for lush growth? Does OSU provide landscape design consulting?


Washington County Oregon horticulture lawns and turf plant selection 16 days ago

Straw Bales Near Ann Arbor

What is the best way to find straw bales available for sale? I have a few earth ponds and would like to control algae naturally rather than via chemicals. Thank you.


Washtenaw County Michigan straw 16 days ago

Burr Oak Growth

I purchased a burr oak through the Johnston city tree sale in May 2013. At the time of the sale the tree was about 6ft tall and has been in good health since then. In the spring of 2014 it added another foot of height to the main stem, which seems to be the typical amount of yearly growth expected. This spring, however, it seems to have gone crazy (possibly due to all the rain?) and it has added at least 3ft to the main stem. The side branches have also grown extensively. I have not watered or fertilized the tree at all this year. The main stem is strong and vertical up to the point where the new growth begins, but the new growth is bending over under all the weight. Obviously, I cannot do any pruning till the winter. Should I attempt to stabilize the new growth with a very tall stake? I have also noticed that one of the side branches is starting to pull away from the main stem. Should I attempt to treat the break to avoid infection with oak wilt?


Polk County Iowa 16 days ago

I am making a new landscape garden to cover my septic tank covers in my front...

I am making a new landscape garden to cover my septic tank covers in my front yard. After removing the sod and laying the edging pavers I was told to round up the grass that remained, add peat moss and till it. Unfortunately I did not read the weed killer label and used the extended one to three month weed control. I was ready to cry as I was ready to plant in the next few days. I used Sprectracide Weed and Grass Extended control with a gentle spray to cover the weeds and grass. I did not soak the ground. The next when I realized my mistake, I had my son blade off the top inches where he could with his 4 wheeler and blade. We removed that dirt. In most of the spots where I saw remaining dead grass, I tried to skim off the top inch or two, it hadn't rained yet. The next day my brother tilled it up with peat moss added. I don't want to go ahead and plant it if it's not a good idea to do so at this time. It will be planted with sun perennials and a few bushes and butterfly plants. What would you suggest I do? Is the there a way to test the soil? Is it better any way to wait to plant because it's mid-July? I would like to have it in by Labor Day. Should a plant a few plants in places that I think didn't get the soil removed for a test? Any help is greatly appreciated. I still can't believe I did! My cell phone number is 651.307.5502 if you need to contact me by phone. Thanks in advance, Barb Ginther


Dakota County Minnesota 16 days ago

This spring we had a volunteer apple seedling spring up from the cores and...

This spring we had a volunteer apple seedling spring up from the cores and peelings that we buried in our garden in the fall. I replanted the seedling in a pot, and it is doing well. It is approximately 8 inches tall. I believe it is a Harraldson. Should I plant the seedling in the ground this year, or should I bring it inside for the winter. It was an unplanned tree, but we'd like to see it grow if we can. Thanks for your help. Carrie


Sherburne County Minnesota 16 days ago

Flues and coreopsis

Are flies attracted to coreopsis? My garden is filled with them. I have checked and cannot find anything dead or decaying. These flies have a green sheen to them and sit on top of the coreopsis.


Northampton County Pennsylvania horticulture insect issues 16 days ago

Naked Ladies

None of our Naked Ladies came up this year as well as many of our friends plant. Will they come back next year or will we have to replant them?


Jefferson County Kentucky horticulture floriculture jefferson county kentucky naked lady plants 16 days ago

we have a large baswwod tree. the leaves are still green but getting very dry...

we have a large baswwod tree. the leaves are still green but getting very dry and wilty.


Stevens County Minnesota 16 days ago

Heavy metal testing in soil samples

Hi, Can you direct me to someone who does heavy metal content analysis in garden soils? I am interested in finding out if contaminates in concrete are leaching into the soil. Thank you, Liz


Montgomery County Virginia soil testing soils 16 days ago

cutting back oriental poppy leaves

Oriental poppies are done blooming. All that is left is big furry leaves. Should this be cut back?


Newport County Rhode Island horticulture trees and shrubs 16 days ago

mushroom identification

This fungus is growing in my tomatoes pot. The first on appeared in may, this is the second crop. The soil is a mix of top soil, garden compost and chicken manure. Is it edible? I am pretty sure it is not a "prince " as it has no odor when scratched. Thank you


Multnomah County Oregon mushrooms 16 days ago

Eradicating trumpet vine

I have a campis radicans that I have been trying to eliminate for several years without success. I have used glyphosate, 2,4-D, and Crossbow. HELP!!!


Marion County Oregon horticulture weed issues 16 days ago

6' Dwarf Dragon Lady Holly tree planted last year turning yellow and a question about ivy

In July 2014, 2 6' hollies were planted in front of our house, surrounded by 5" of river rock, not mulch. (Rock was here when we moved in.) Earlier this year, they both had yellow leaves and several dead branches all over the trees. Landscaper put a fertilizer spike in the soil; they did better for a while. One did more poorly than other, and it is now covered with leaves that are turning yellow and falling off. Entire tree is affected. I tried to take soil sample. All very dense clay below the rock. About 6" down, hit standing water. Other tree, planted 12' away is fine. Not as much clay; no standing water. Suggestions?
Also, ivy was planted last year in area between rock and front sidewalk. Trying to create ground cover. Not spreading as fast in part that gets more sun. Leaves also yellowing. Planted in garden soil (bags from Lowes) over clay, about 3". Soil is moist though top half-inch layer is dry. Not sure if can root in the dry soil (which has a lot of mulch in it--as part of the soil in the bag, not landscaping mulch). Suggestions to encourage growth? Other ivy in yard has much bigger leaves than the ivy planted last year by the landscaper. (He has not been helpful. Just blames deer and wet weather over the phone.)


St. Louis County Missouri horticulture trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Spots/Mold on Roma tomatoes

For the last 3-4 years, my Roma tomatoes all develop yellow/black/brown spots that then get mold on the skins. I know the last few summers have been exceptionally wet, but I wonder if these tomatoes are ok to eat? I first planted Roma in the backyard garden in 1990. We used to get good sun most of the day - from around 10am to 4 pm. But the garden now gets less sun b/c large oaks shade it until around 12 noon everyday. So now it only gets sun around 3-4 hrs a day. Or, maybe I have something in the soil that's causing this? So, 2 questions: 1. Should I even be trying to grow tomatoes with a garden with such limited full sun? 2. Are these tomatoes with spots ok to eat? That is, do the spots that look like mold penetrate the whole fruit to make the whole tomato unsafe to eat? Thank you.


Anne Arundel County Maryland vegetable tomato 16 days ago

Dying trees

I have very old trees in my yard that look like pine but i think their Hemlock.. I noticed that the branches on a few were drying up last year.. This year they all look like their dying & the more i look around on my travels the more i see its happening to all of them .. I posted it on Facebook & alot of my friends said its happening to theirs TOO... Do you know WHY


Lackawanna County Pennsylvania horticulture trees and shrubs tree health 16 days ago

Sugar Maple tree that appears to be dying

I have a mature sugar maple tree that was planted on the Eastern side of my house about 10 to 12 years ago. It is maybe 12 or 15 feet high. It was a beautiful, healthy tree. However, the last two, maybe three years, the leaves have been much smaller. And now, there are many dead branches at the top and leaf formation is sparse. We have put tree fertilizer around the drip line the last 2 summers with no improvement. Is there any blight or pests attacking sugar maples? With all the rain, I don't think water is the issue. I fear it is dying. HELP!!!!!!


Prince George's County Maryland trees and shrubs sugar maple 16 days ago

Farmer's Markets

What are the locations and times of operation for farmers markets in Fayette County?


Franklin County Kentucky horticulture farmers markets agriculture fayette county kentucky growing season 16 days ago

Green Bean

A rabbit has eaten all my green bean plants. Is it too late to plant new seeds?


Monroe County Michigan 16 days ago

Mushrooms ?

We have these things (see photos), growing in our garden. Don't know what they are or if we should be concerned. Don't know what to do about them either. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Baltimore County Maryland plant id 16 days ago

What can grow uner a large,old Norway Pine? Grass will not, and this tree is...

What can grow uner a large,old Norway Pine? Grass will not, and this tree is in my front yard in South Minneapolis. I tried wild ginger twice with no success, and really would like something rather than bare ground and knobby-knee roots to look at.


Hennepin County Minnesota 16 days ago

Thorny vine growing from base of shrub

I noticed this thorny vine growing up from among the stems of a shrub in my garden and up into the canopy of a nearby Japanese Maple. It is very woody, yet still light green at the base, and has very sharp thorns throughout its length. I had 4 stems growing close together in partial sun. Can you tell me the name of the plant, and if there's anything I should do to stop it from returning? I cut it as close to the ground as I could and untangled it from the host plants, but the roots remain.


Prince George's County Maryland plant id 16 days ago

trying to idenafy the graps ?

Hi My name is Randy, we have grape vines at our place we just moved into.. we don't know anything about these grapes.. when to pick and what kind of wine they are for ? hope you can help ? thank you


Thurston County Washington 16 days ago

Oak Leaf Hydrangea - can I grow it in my yard?

I am planning a garden renovation for a shady front yard and want to plant some oak leaf hydrangeas. I'm reading conflicting information about the amount of sun they need - can you help me? My yard is shady from a high canopy of trees, gets some dappled light, faces west. Is there one variety of OLH that might do better than others? I would prefer one with a height of 4 - 6 feet. Thanks so much!


Montgomery County Maryland plant selection oak leaf hydrangea 16 days ago

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