Canning nut.

Can I can my own peanut, or almond butter?


Grant County OR home food preservation food safety 25 days ago

Native grasses for steep slope

I have a steep slope or bank that I would like to seed with native grasses. It is about 40 feet high and about 10,000 sq. ft. total. I sprayed the broadleaf weeds with a backpack sprayer, but had it been any steeper I could not have climbed it. Now, with the weeds gone it is about 10% different grasses and the rest of it is bare soil.

Is it possible to seed this with native grasses? How would I do this? Should I hydro seed it? Is there a ground cover that would be better than grass for this area?

Thanks for your help!


Denver County CO 25 days ago

Insect killing black eyed Susan's

The rudbeckia on my south facing bank are rapidly dying from the top down, this insect is clinging to the fuzzy stems . The coreopsis and purple cone flower in the bank are not effected. There is so much damage, I'm not sure I can save anything this year, but whabt can I do to try and avoid this problem again next year. Thank you Bonny Paetznick


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Crow Wing County MN 25 days ago

Apple varieties in season in Oregon in September

What types of apples are in season in Oregon in September that would be suitable for apple pies?


Denver County CO apples 25 days ago

Insect killing black eyed Susan's

The rudbeckia on my south facing bank are rapidly dying from the top down, this insect is clinging to the fuzzy stems . The coreopsis and purple cone flower in the bank are not effected. There is so much damage, I'm not sure I can save anything this year, but whabt can I do to try and avoid this problem again next year. Thank you


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Hennepin County MN 25 days ago

A Question about using a clear plastic storage bin as a mini greenhouse

I live in Boulder and have about two dozen cuttings of Lamium that I am rooting in small pots. I started the cuttings too late for their root systems to be developed enough to plant them in the landscaped area in the fall. To get them through the winter, I searched the web for small greenhouses I could buy, but none of them looked sturdy enough to bear the weight of snow or the force of high winds. Then I saw clear plastic storage bins at Target. I bought one just the right size to invert over the potted Lamium plants in late October or when the weather gets too cold and wintry.
The question I have is this: do you think that the inverted bin (which I will hold in place by putting a rock on its top) can become too hot inside from the sun and burn the developing plants? I was thinking that in good winter weather I could just take the bin off the plants and be sure to put the bin back over them at night and during days of bad weather. What do you think about turning the bin into a mini greenhouse?
Another question: I am misting the developing cuttings with a spray bottle several times a day, and watering them when the soil is dry to the touch, which is about everyday. Should I continue to mist them in the winter, when they would be under the bin? If you think the clear plastic bin is a bad idea, can you give me pointers for building a mini greenhouse to protect the plants? I look forward to your input. Thanks, Jackie Bedwell


Boulder County CO 25 days ago

Weed Identification

Is it possible for you to identify this particular weed for me?

Thank you,


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Douglas County CO 25 days ago

Ailanthus Webworm

I have spotted the complete defoliate of various deciduous trees in an area of northern Carroll County. I believe this is an ailanthus webworm infestation. I have included photos that were taken from a distance (off Bear Branch Nature Center trails), however, I believe this is along the Union Mills horse trails. I thought it ought to be reported somewhere.....


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Carroll County MD 25 days ago

How late can I reseed my lawn?

I'm prepping my lawn to reseed (dug out old lawn and will be putting a layer of new soil on top). Should be ready by this weekend for seed. However, I'm leaving on vacation Sept 7 thru 19. With 90 degree temps looming, can I wait to reseed when I return (and temps should be cooler)? Not sure how late I can reseed in the fall.


Clackamas County OR lawn care 25 days ago

Type of spider

I hate killing spiders however I have an infestation of these bigger ones. I've been bitten years back by a confirmed BrRec (took it to USF for confirmation) my venom response was minor (no necrosis). Question: is there anyone out there I can mail the corpse to who can confirm my suspicion? USF no longer does this. Pic attached. (I do not see the violin look on THIS one but not sure the type). If he's harmless he's welcome to stay rent free ;)



Yakima County WA brown recluse spiders spider identification hobo spider 25 days ago

Queen Anne's Lace toxic?

There is a discussion in our livestock group...some say queen anne's lace is toxic to horse and goats. It is in our pastures, some say horses have become neurologically unstable after ingestion. What is the consensus at MSU?


Oakland County MI horses horse nutrition toxic plants 25 days ago

Attracts bees!

I saw this plant in my northwest Denver neighborhood. It was rather unruly looking and covered a long fence but it looks like good bee food. What is it?


Img_1068_300x300%2523 Img_1067_300x300%2523

Denver County CO plant identification 25 days ago

type of goat breed

hi, i seen your site and looked at lots of pictures but i'm still not certain what kind if goat i have, his name is bam bam and i have had him for many years and was just curious cause every one around here said they never seen a goat with horns like his. i didn't even know what to feed him so i feed him grass and hay grass in the winter and every evening he gets some alfalfa cubes and a little sweet feed not to mention sometimes a treat like carrots, apples and he seems to like the pizza crust too lol, same thing i feed the wild mustang horse i have and both of them stay healthy and never need a vet. i know your probably busy, but if you can respond it would help. thank you for any help you can give me. > >Pan /|\


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Marion County IL 25 days ago

What type catapillar

Wondering if you could kindly id this?


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Dakota County MN insect identification dagger moth caterpillar 25 days ago

How to Water a Mature 45' Ponderosa Pine?

Last winter in our back yard we lost 6 large branches from snow load from our 20 year old, approx. 45' tall Ponderosa Pine. We live in a residential development in Lakewood about 2 miles east of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Most of the needles are green, perhaps 5-10% are brown/dry.

I watched your video on the Ponderosa Pine which stated they are drought tolerant, however I believe the limb loss was due to the tree being dry. I have a stake style watering device attached to a garden hose, also sprinklers..

  1. How should I water the tree? Stake/sprinker?
  2. How deep should I drive the watering stake?
  3. I'm thinking 4 stake locations around the tree trunk about halfway between the trunk and the drip line?
  4. How long should I let the stake/hose run in each location? I'm getting about 1.2 gallon per minute from the hose, (3 min, 10 quarts).
  5. How often should I water in the summer, winter?
  6. Fertilizer?
  7. Other suggestions?

Thank you!!!

Robert Youngberg



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Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 25 days ago

Slim flaux length

Hi. 70 year pin oak here has slim flaux for the past couple of years and a bit branch dieback occassionally but this years flaux is present for over a month now. What do you think bout that? Also, i know in general flaux isnt bad but what else should i look for if tree is declining? Thank you so much.


Westchester County NY trees and shrubs horticulture 25 days ago

Tree identification

I would like to know what type of tree is in the picture. I have two larger ones in my backyard. They are dropping some kind of nut right now.



Jackson County MI 25 days ago

Walnut tree blues and Rhododendrons

My backyard walnut tree was taken down five years ago. Is there any Rhododendron that can successfully grow in that very spot? If so, where can I find one? I'm told that Exbury Rhododendrons may tolerate the juglone in the soil. However, I saw that the U of M Extension Service says they are not good in Minnesota. Suggestions? Thanks, Dee


Ramsey County MN 25 days ago

black beetles everywhere!!

I live in Fruita and have recently noticed that I have a large number of small black beetles that seem to be mostly on my concrete driveways, patios and stucco walls. They seem to be somewhat nocturnal. I have never seen them before and the number of them is alarming me. They do not seem to be eating any of my garden plants or bothering anything, but me. Can you tell me what they are and if I should be concerned and exterminating!


Mesa County CO 25 days ago

Black walnut tree

Hello, I have a black walnut tree that is over 60 years old. Never been sick or anything but, this year I have lost 3 branches off of it this summer. Leaves are healthy, nuts are looking good. Can't see any signs of why this is happening. They are all from the same side of the tree. Any in sight?


Hennepin County MN 25 days ago

What kind of bug is this and is it any kind of problem?

What kind of bug is this and is it any kind of problem?



Fairfield County OH insect identification 25 days ago

Safety of drinking water.

I'm planning a trip to the Big Island in Hawaii, and the vacation house I'd like to stay in uses treated rain water. Here's what they say about it:

"As for the water. We do collect our water via rain in our 10,000 gallon catchment tank. If rain is short we have water delivery. We treat the inside water through a double filtration system, then sterilize it with UV light prior to entry into the house. We have our housekeeper treat the water in the tank with chlorine and baking soda to steady the PH level."

Is this likely to be safe to drink, cook with, brush teeth with, etc.?

Doug Yeager


OUTSIDEUS drinking water 25 days ago

Asparagus Ferns

We live in a condo that used to have a large garden, but since everyone is getting so old, they have grassed in all but a patch of our asparagus.....6 plants. They have just come to me and asked me to get rid of the plants, because the ferns are so tall and unsightly. We got a good crop last year, and I hesitate to do this. Is there any way I can trim them so they won't look so bad? They are very tall this year, and a trimming might satisfy these people. If so, how much can i trim them down. Thank you, Sally


Freeborn County MN asparagus 25 days ago

Carpenter bee season

Once infested, is there ever a time that the queen leaves the nest? I'd like to get the damaged wood on my house replaced and painted, but don't want to trap any bees inside. Thank you for any insight.


Allegheny County PA 25 days ago

Best Tree for my house

Hi, I recently moved just a few miles away from UMD, and am wondering what the best/most beautiful types of trees will grow in this area. I would be looking for a small to medium sized tree that can get full sun, preferably one that doesn't need attention often. I'm not quite sure what type of soil is in this area, but would be willing to test if it helps. For instance, would it be a good place to grow Gingko trees or Japanese Maple trees?


Prince George's County MD plant selection trees 25 days ago

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