Red fire ants

While I was weeding by my stone walkway I noticed red fire ants and then by my ornamental flower garden all the leaves are being eaten so I sprayed with orthro& flower garden.weeding my vegetable garden I saw red ants by the wood border& flowers How do I treat these areas? I already use the pesticide and don't want to continue with that but they are all over eating the leaves off of my flowers and vegetables what can I do?


Otsego County NY fire ants 12 days ago

Update My Grandmother's Pickles

Greetings; I have attached my grandmother's crystal cukes recipe. I'm guessing it was from around the 1940's. She and my grandfather ran a farm outside Forest Grove. I am wanting to make these this summer and was reviewing the recipe. The recipe and notes I've attached were written by my mother in 1986. I was fine with it all until I realized that they are not water bath processed. Is there a way the recipe can be updated -- retain the integrity of the ingredients and pickling process while canning them in compliance with todays safety standards? The recipe calls for simmering the cukes in the brine for nearly 2 hours! Yikes! is that necessary if they are water bathed? would love some feedback and guidance on this. I hate to toss the recipe as my grandmother was famous for her crystal cukes and I would love to keep this family recipe alive. thank you! Elizabeth Morse OSU Alumni and Home Ec grad (76)



Polk County OR home food preservation food safety 12 days ago

Propagating Azelea

One of my healthy azalea bushes lost a branch today. Someone was helping me garden and I think they broke it off accidentally. Its a very healthy plant. I stuck it in water. I want to know if I can root it that way, so I can re-plant it. thanks, Sharyn D


Baltimore County MD azalea shrub azalea propagation 12 days ago

Trying to identify this plant

Puzzled at what this plant is



Grand Traverse County MI plant identification master gardener program 12 days ago

pesticide safety for honey bees

We have two hives of bees close to our flower garden of dahlias. we spray once a week when they are budding for corn borer control and other insect damage. I need to find a pesticide that can be safely sprayed on the flowers that wont hurt the bees. we have over 300 dahlias planted and sell to a florist so they have to be quality. I have used bayer vegetable and flower spray with excellent results but that contains cyflutherin which is highly toxic to bees. thank you for your assistance. Doug


Rice County MN bees insecticides pollinators 12 days ago

Irrigation for mature spruce trees

We have 2 very large spruce trees in front of our house. I'd estimate they are about 60 feet tall. For many years these were included in an area that received irrigation from a sprinkler system, receiving spray irrigation for about 30 minutes every third day May thru September. We recently re-landscaped and the garden area where the trees are located now receives drip irrigation individually for about 20 small plants (all under the drip line of the tree. Question is: should we add additional drip line(s) for the trees themselves, and, if so, how big and how many ?


Img_0462_300x300%2523 Img_0463_300x300%2523

Denver County CO trees and shrubs 12 days ago

Crazy Hovering Flies

Just curious... I have, continually, 2-5 flies dedicated to hovering right at the entrance on my minihouse, a small studio with a garage door that opens to the backyard. These flies are impossible to kill because the never land. They constantly hover and weave back and forth, right about eye level. I'm from the Midwest, and I've never encountered this type of fly before. I've tried to google it, but have had little success in determining what they are and how best to get rid of them. Thanks for any suggestions. Sorry I don't have a better picture of one; I can't seem to kill them! But they're there, trust me.



Multnomah County OR insect issues 12 days ago

Can you identify this

This is growing in a basal cluster in a rock bed.



Sherburne County MN 12 days ago

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priece 10 ton


OUTSIDEUS 12 days ago

Organic Farming

What is involved in converting current crop land into Organic crop land? I own land in Dunn county ND that we have rented out for years as crop land. Now we are thinking of growing organic crops. I'm just starting research and would like advice on where to start. I currently live in Nevada but not sure if requirements are the same in all states.


Dunn County ND organic production agriculture 12 days ago

What plant is this?

Plant growing in my flower bed.



Miami County OH horticulture plant identification 12 days ago


Native to our region...Truro, Mass.?



Barnstable County MA wildflowers and native plants plant identification 12 days ago

10 week old pullet laid an egg

I purchased my chicks April 6th, they were a day old. I have been feeding them Nutrena Chick Starter/Grower 18% protein, from day one, free feed. They have been out of the brooder and in the coop/outside run for two weeks. They have free access to grass and bugs and their food. Today, I found an egg in the run. The pullet (I believe the Buff Orpington is the culprit, bright red face on her), scratched out a spot in the dirt and left me an egg. What am I doing wrong? And how can I correct this so she doesn't continue to lay at this young age? The only thing I have changed, as of late, I turned on the heat lamp (red light) in the coop, it hasn't been on for a week. We went down into the low thirties last night. Any advice would be helpful.


Bonner County ID raising chickens chickens egg production chicken health poultry 12 days ago

Is this native to Cape Cod?

NATIVE TO CAPE COD? White gaura?


Barnstable County MA wildflowers and native plants 12 days ago

Unknown plant

What's the name of this plant?


Tia-1875912928_300x300%2523 20160616-142430_300x300%2523

Cook County IL horticulture plant identification 12 days ago

What is this plant?

What is the common name for this plant? Does it flower?


1466116094735159403897_300x300%2523 1466116157545-1735153767_300x300%2523

Canadian County OK plant identification horticulture 12 days ago

What is this larvae?

How to get rid of this larvae which just appeared out of nowhere on or second floor deck. Picture attached.



Albemarle County VA 12 days ago

Mushrooms ☹️

I live in Christmas Valley. I have Samoyed dogs and one ate a mushroom in the front yard (death cap) She was very, very, very sick and I am lucky she survived. Someone told me putting lime on the lawn would kill them (the mushrooms, not the dogs). I water sparingly, but Mother Nature is being very generous this year. Any direction you can give me will be appreciated. I want to kill them!!!


Lake County OR mushrooms horticulture 12 days ago

What is this

Is this a weed or some kind of flower? I think I once planted something in this spot but I can't remember



Cass County IL weeds horticulture plant identification 12 days ago

Is this something edible?

This plant (there's actually about 7 of them) belonged to Indian neighbors before they moved and the apartments sprayed them, but they came back. I believe it's a spice or something edible, but I don't know what. Long, pointed oval leaves that grow in threes on alternating sides of the main stem, small yellow flowers, short little bean pods.


20160616_172331_300x300%2523 20160616_175705_300x300%2523

Lowndes County GA gardening plant identification horticulture 12 days ago

Identify cherry tree

I have a 50 foot cherry tree in my backyard it seems to be a wild cherry the fruit is purple to Black they're sweet they're good but I don't know what it is


Multnomah County OR fruit trees horticulture cherry trees 12 days ago

I think I have Thistle plants

I have these spikey plants growing in my flower beds. These plants are aggressive. I pull, I cut, I spray. They keep coming back. If they are Thistle, how do I get rid of them. I read they have roots of 2 feet.


Prince George's County MD weed thistle 12 days ago


Yellowing bottom leaves - is this from powdery mildew, or a nutritional deficiency? Had mildew previous years, but never yellowed an dropped leaves like this. What do I do?


1466113499941100933828_300x300%2523 14661136359112045671015_300x300%2523

Carroll County MD flower monarda mildew 12 days ago

treated clover with fungicide

can this fungicide affect my organic garden?


Frederick County MD garden vegetable lawn clover with fungicide 12 days ago

24 hour grow lights a bad idea?

Some of the seedlings we planted indoors seemed very stunted, despite (or maybe partly because of) 24 hour a day red and blue spectrum grow lights we used this spring. Now they are continuing to grow very slowly after 3 weeks and more of being transplanted in the garden. Is round the clock grow light hard on seedlings?


Hennepin County MN 12 days ago

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