Need insect ID

Can you ID these beetles


Tillamook County Oregon insect issues beetle 21 days ago

Rooting fittonia

Can i clip my fittonia and place in water to root? I have heard many different opinons on this subject but its all confusing.


Anne Arundel County Maryland houseplants propagation 21 days ago

How do I prune a redbud tree?

I have a red bud tree from Minneapolis Tree Trust (don't know how old it is - is about 8 feet tall). Planted it spring of 2013. Should it be pruned and if so, when and how? It has two major trunks coming up from the ground, lots of branches, is doing well although not a lot of flowers this spring. Have looked at many websites about pruning redbuds but they are confusing.


Hennepin County Minnesota pruning redbud trees pruning redbud trees 21 days ago

Threeawn grass elimination

How do we get ride of Threeawn grass from hay patch


Bastrop County Texas pastures and forages 21 days ago

Soil testing and pricing

I just spoke with someone at the MSU soil lab about how long it takes to get the results before I saw this. What are packaging requirements if you do not use the $25 lawn and garden mailer? She mentioned a couple of other options for soil testing. I couldn't find the $12 or $22 test or how to send it.


Lucas County Ohio soil testing 21 days ago

The common orange lilies that grow wild most everywhere by the side of the road

My daughter lives in Idaho & has not been able to locate the lily described above to plant in her garden. They are orange, not cultivated, grow wild almost everywhere. She is a forester & knows a lot about plants (I am searching for her because she's been away a lot due to the fires). She realizes that these wild flowers just may not grow in Idaho, but she'd still like to try. If you have any suggestions re where she could obtain bulbs, I'd appreciate it! Many thanks.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs horticulture 21 days ago

What is the best way to kill milkweed that has taken hold in pachysandra?

I will have my landscaper use any chemicals that are beyond me.


Cuyahoga County Ohio herbicide milkweed 21 days ago

Must I buy a Summer Crisp pear tree to pollinate my Parker pear tree?

My new Parker pear tree instructions say I also need a Summer Crisp tree for pollination. I don't have enough room or access to full sunshine for two trees. The tree salesperson said she has only one pear tree, and it bears fruit, but it may be getting pollinated by her apple tree. If I must buy a pollinator, can it be apple? We can't use up all the produce from two pear trees. Also, lack of space means I may need to plant a pollinating tree about 70 feet away. Is this too far?


Hennepin County Minnesota pear trees pollinating pear trees 21 days ago

Weeping willow trunk base and installation of a flower bed

We have a large dual trunk weeping willow in our yard that is on a gradual hillside that my wife would like to encircle with a roughly 18"-24" height (varies based on hillside slope) flagstone wall and have filled with dirt and then topped off with mulch to create a raised flower garden around the tree. We desire to keep the wall as snug to the tree as possible so we estimate there will be between 18-24" of width between the tree trunk and inside of the block wall as it encircles the tree. The first row of flagstone would be placed on the ground and built up, and we are using flagstone instead of block so we don't have to dig into the soil to level the first row, potentially disrupting the trees roots. On one side of the tree it is solid tree trunk and the other has some areas of thin roots and soil decay in between the dual trunks in the area that would be covered with soil by the new flower bed. We've spoken to several people and are getting mixed answers about whether putting soil around the base of the tree could potentially kill it. What we want to know is if we cover the trunk base up to a potential of 24" with dirt will that potentially kill the tree, which we absolutely do not wish to do.


Barron County Wisconsin trees and shrubs horticulture 21 days ago


how can we get rid of Voles in our yard??


Josephine County Oregon vertebrate pest management moles and voles 21 days ago

Bayland Bush

This bush was planted beside the trail just NW of the lake in Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA


Santa Clara County California trees and shrubs horticulture 21 days ago

Grape vine accidentally cut today - possible to save?

Hello, We have a community garden in East Baltimore, and this afternoon one of our new volunteer gardeners accidentally cut down a grape vine to the ground. This was a 10+ year old vine; we're not sure of the exact variety, but it produced seedless sweet red grapes early in the season and was in a mostly-shaded area. Is it possible for the vine to survive, and is there anything we can do to give it a better chance? Thanks so much, -


Baltimore Maryland fruit grape vine cut to ground 21 days ago


Is it possible to safely can fresh salsa without adding vinegar?


Clackamas County Oregon food safety home food preservation 21 days ago

broad mite picture and life cycle,control

need any and all info on the above thank you Donald granger


Multnomah County Oregon insect issues insects 21 days ago

Best time to plant pyracantha?

We bought 4 pyracantha plants in 3.5 gallon containers that will need to be replanted in the back yard. The soil is caliche like and will require a get deal of effort to dig the holes. When is the best time to put these in the ground (it is now mid September)? Also, the plants are about 5' H by 2' W. Are the containers big enough if we hold off planting? Any planting tips for this soil type?


Washoe County Nevada 21 days ago

Real Estate That Has Never Seen A Mortgage

Is there such a thing as any private real estate in the United States that has never had a mortgage on it? How would someone find out?


King County Washington home ownership 21 days ago


Can you identify this insect? I have tried Google Images, but nothing similar is found. It is outside of our office. Thanks.


Harford County Maryland orb weaver spider insect id 21 days ago

Insect identification

Please see attached photo of insects seen congregating on milkweed pods in my garden today (9/14/2015). Appears to be multiple stages of life-cycle and possibly predictors feeding? Would like to know insect identification. Beneficial or harmful? If harmful, to what plants and how to control. Thanks


Hennepin County Minnesota 21 days ago


How do I stop the squirrels from eating my new hibiscus plants. The potted hibiscus plants are being eaten by squirrels early in the morning. They eat the stems, then the new buds are left on the ground all around the pot. How can I get rid of the pests?


Duval County Florida wildlife damage management squirrels horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 21 days ago

Blue Spruce shrub

I have this small blue spruce shrub and having trouble with it this summer. Half the bush seems dead and there are some kind of cones or something hanging from the branches. I took 2 pictures but not sure I attached them correctly HELP!


Delaware County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Water damage caused by neighbor

Hi. My 89-year-old mom lives on property SE Loveland. She has water rights. For the third year, her neighbor has flooded her property with irrigation water and caused severe damage, yet refuses ot compensate or correct her ways. My mom has incurred large expenses relative to damages and costs of repairs/repair attempts. The neighbor refuses to cease or to re-direct her water. Is there a local attorney who deals with these water violations--or, more precisely, where might I find information regarding irrigation/flooding laws/contacts?


Larimer County Colorado 21 days ago

Hi! I have a 2 beds of June bearing strawberries that I want to move to...

Hi! I have a 2 beds of June bearing strawberries that I want to move to another bed. Right now I have tomatoes and peppers in that bed so I would prefer to let them run their course. Is it possible to move them in spring of next year? If so what is the best way to do that? Thank you!!


Hennepin County Minnesota 21 days ago

Hard Maple Tree Leaf Wilt

In the past several weeks, I've noticed that many of my hard maple tree leaves at the lower levels have turned brown and are shriveling up. This is occurring with many of my maple trees in my ravine area. Are you aware of this type of problem? Should I be concerned about it? Are my trees in danger of dying?


Berrien County Michigan trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Need help identifying this plant

Hi, I noticed this green plant growing by our walkway - the leaves are wider at the bottom and have 3 point at the top. (Almost like a "W" shape with the middle point being taller than the two on the sides.). Also has little green berries


Suffolk County New York trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture 21 days ago

I've had to dig my amaryllis bulbs since I'm leaving the state for 2+ weeks...

I've had to dig my amaryllis bulbs since I'm leaving the state for 2+ weeks and I'm sure it will frost in our low area while I'm gone. Some are in pots, others not. In the past I've just laid the unpotted ones out on newspapers in the basement for several weeks until they more or less have dried up leaves, then put them in peat moss for the winter. Should I trim the "very healthy" roots to limit the bulbs shriveling and maybe the leaves on both potted and unspotted? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Olmsted County Minnesota frost 21 days ago

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