Tomato/Kale Infestation

Hello, My name is Cristina. I have a summer garden and I have some issues with insects/pests that I was hoping you would be able to help me with. The first picture I have enclosed is of one of my Tomato plants. The second is the Kale plant. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thank you ahead of time!


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Baltimore County Maryland vegetables insect pest 13 days ago

Potassium Acetate

Hi I'm an intern this summer!! I'd love to know some information about KOH in general and specifically Potassium Acetate. What are the advantages for using Potassium Acetate in fertilizers? Which kinds of agricultural companies would benefit from using it? Have you heard of its role in high end golf courses? How many and/ or which companies currently use Potassium Acetate in their fertilizers? Have they seen success using it?


Texas horticulture 13 days ago

How do I go about finding a commodity distribution site/dates/times for the...

How do I go about finding a commodity distribution site/dates/times for the Bowling Green, Oh including income guidelines? Impossible to find information. Trying to help a friend.


Wood County Ohio commodities 13 days ago

Outdoor container planting

Any advice to keep plants over the winter? Specifically, small evergreens in a pot and perennial daisies in a whiskey barrel container.


Arapahoe County Colorado container gardening 13 days ago

iris borers

What powder can I use on iris rhizomes after I remove the borer in place of the banned methoxychlor?


Juniata County Pennsylvania 13 days ago

Milkweed seeds

This page was suggested to ask a gardening question (I am not able to access the site). I ordered (local) Common Milkweed seeds to lure Monarchs to my garden. The seeds came with a "bonus" of Gomphocarpas Physocarpus Balloon Plant Milkweed seeds. I can't find any information that these are okay to be planted here in Delaware. I'm leary of planting them for fear of hurting what we already have. Please advise! Thanks so much, in advance. :D


New Castle County Delaware butterflies milkweed butterfly garden wildflowers and native plants 13 days ago

Curly pondweed on farm pond

Hello. I have an excessive amount of what I think is curly pondweed on my farm pond this summer. I'm not aware of any extra nutrient inputs to the pond. This pond supports a healthy fish population and I'm concerned the pondweed may threaten the health of the pond. Can you suggest any reasons why there may be an abundance of curly pondweed this year? Also, is there any management actions or controls that I can implement that won't harm the native plants and wildlife in the pond? Thank you.


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Bedford County Pennsylvania invasive species pond management 13 days ago

Raised Garden Liner

My name is Justin Wolter. I live in the Town of Lisbon, WI. I built a raised garden using bricks (see attachment) in my backyard a few days ago. My wife and I want to make this into a chemical free garden for either this Fall or next Spring. I am looking for tips, if you have any, on a good quality liner I can put into the garden? I heard bricks can dry the garden out quicker. I had a neighbor who told me to put cardboard on the edges and bottom, I am not sure that’s the right approach nor am I sure if I want cardboard integrating into the quality dirt I use. Right now I am just collecting opinions so, anyway, if you have any tips on a safe, quality liner I would be very appreciative. Thanks, Justin



Waukesha County Wisconsin 13 days ago

Composting weeds? European or Creeping Bellflower...

According to a neighbor, the book "Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest" (by Czarapata) warns against composting the purple weed, European or Creeping Bellflower. What is the best way to dispose of this invasive weed? The City of Minneapolis restricts yard waste in trash. Will composting the green stems prevent seed production? If a stem dries and produces seeds, will composting prevent seed germination?


Hennepin County Minnesota 13 days ago

Help identifying

Need help identifying what type of snake this is?



Lincoln County Mississippi 13 days ago

Growing in my yard

Please identify this plant.
Thank you.
Have a great day



Cook County Illinois 13 days ago

Silver Maple root damge, and soil compaction.

Tree: mature Silver Maple. massive. Probably around/over 50'. I've attached a few photos. Situation: We had a damaged tree removed in the back yard. The tree removal company used a front end loader with treads. The drove around the Silver Maple under the drip line, directly over the roots!!! They damaged a few sections of the roots, and compacted the soil around the roots. My concerns are... 1. The roots that have been stripped. Is this a concern? Will they heal themselves? Do I need to spray them with some type of protector? 2. Compaction of the soil directly over the roots. I'm planning on Aerating late summer. Is there any issue with aerating in the summer? Most of the websites I've seen say to aerate in fall or late spring. Thank you,


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Anoka County Minnesota 13 days ago

Insect Identification - Beetle

I found a longhorned beetle in the back of my UD truck today. We had just been doing a project down near Massey's Pond in Smyrna. Can you identify the beetle from my photo? If not, I have it in a specimen jar and I could bring it by for an ID.



New Castle County Delaware insects insect identification beetle insect id beetles 13 days ago

Brown Bosnian Pine

I have a Irish Bell Bosnian Pine that I planted last September. It looked great until the first week of June when all of lowest level of branches turned brown. I was told that it needed more water. For the next week I added two gallons of water to the four gallons supplied by a laser cut quarter inch drip hose every third day. I then discovered the ground was always wet, even muddy. Now a month later the whole four foot tree is brown from bottom to top. Too much water or what?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Is this Redbud?

The leaves are heart shaped going down the whole stem and and the stem is not hollow.


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Berrien County Michigan plant identification trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Pine tree disease

One of the pine trees in my yard is looking sickly. It started with the lower branches' needles turning brown , but now seems to be turning brown at the very top too. I am wondering if this is due to disease / insects? And what can I do to save it? Thank you!


Campbell County Kentucky tree health horticulture campbell county kentucky 13 days ago

Need volunteer ship

I want to work and live at a farm


Cumberland County Pennsylvania 13 days ago


What's the best way to get rid of patches of nutsedge in my lawn? Is it better to pull by hand or use a herbicide? Any recommendations on the right herbicide? Thanks, Kathryn


Howard County Maryland weed nutsedge 13 days ago

What is this green insect?

Will you please help me to identify the green insect in the attached image? I've noticed an abundance of these over the past few days (mainly on my deck - which sits beneath an elm tree I believe), but I don't recall seeing them in years past. I'm hopeful that it's just a common beetle and isn't associated with any tree diseases, but if that's the case then I'm also curious as to why I haven't seen them before. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



Ramsey County Minnesota 13 days ago

Leave on raspberry bushes

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me to figure out what is happening with my raspberry bushes. The ends of mature leaves are curling and turning back. It looks very much like they are getting burnt. I have noticed some ants and big shiny flies around their area. I planted 5 canes this spring and they are all affected to a varying degree. They keep putting on new, healthy leaves and two are setting blossoms. Thank you so much for your time and help! -Jennie



Laramie County Wyoming 13 days ago

spruce tree needles

Will spreading spruce tree needles four inches deep on top of my silty clay soil(?) and spading them into the clay improve the soil in my garden? Or will the needles and clay form adobe?


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Beetle identification

Hi, I found this beetle in the basement and have been trying to id it on-line: no luck. Can you tell me what it is? Thank you, Stan


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Charles County Maryland insect id beetle idenification 13 days ago

Plant ID?

Can anyone tell me what type of plant this is? Saw it in Marion, Oregon last week. Thank you!


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Marion County Oregon horticulture plant identification 13 days ago

Cicada Killer wasps

How should I deal with about 2 dozen cicada killer wasps located in a public garden heavily visited by families with young children? My management team called in an exterminator and that reduce the population. He squirted a liquid poison into their ground holes. Today there were fewer wasps, but we still feel hesitant to open the garden to the public. We understand they are not normally aggressive unless threatened. The site is the Enchanted Garden at the Miller Branch Library.


Howard County Maryland insect issues cicada killers 13 days ago

What is this? Ivy?

I have this plant in a hanging garden outside. It has grown to hang about 4 feet long. I feel like it's some type of ivy but can't find it


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Wake County North Carolina horticulture plant identification 13 days ago

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