peonies with only four petals.

my peonies finally bloom after four years..they are not plush..they have single ring of petals.not like the look of carnation looking plush blooms..they are sarah bernhardt peonies..whatswrong with them?


Lancaster County PA horticulture 19 days ago

Soft Water Watering

Is it safe to use water that has been soften by a salt water softener system? I have been told it will deplete the minerals in the soil--and kill the plants,trees,etc. I have Fig trees and do not want to destroy them..


Lancaster County PA horticulture 19 days ago

blossoms shriveling up/dying on cherry trees/perhaps others

What would cause our cherry blossoms to shrivel up and not produce cherries -they are getting to be at least 5-7 years old, and we have never had cherries. We had a few asian pears originally, but it seems to be doing the same as the cherries this year, and perhaps our peach! We have had peaches in the past. Photos of our 3 cherries are included, although the smaller one actually has a few cherries that have started, at least for now! The first one is a Bing, 2nd a Rainier, and the smaller one a Bing. Asian pear and peach photos also included. Thank you! Jack Simmons



Multnomah County OR fruit trees cherry trees horticulture 19 days ago

Flowering bush identification

Can you tell me what kind of flowering bush is in our yard? It was planted by the previous homeowner, but she doesn't remember what it is.



Somerset County NJ horticulture 19 days ago

Tree identification

Can you help me identify this tree? Unusual flowers bloom seemingly from the bark. And, the trunk is reddish-brown with many lenticels. I have included photos. Let me know if you need additional information. Thanks for your help.


Img_3680_300x300%2523 Img_3681_300x300%2523 Img_3682_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD trees and shrubs plant identification 19 days ago

Ants nesting inside rotten tree

I live in Teller County at 9,000'. Had a tall, dead blue spruce felled today. Found the inside was rotten to about 12' from stump. Inside stump is a colony of extremely small, reddish, almost transparent ants, unlike any I've seen previously. There is no indication from examining the outside of the trunk how they might have entered. There is no tell-tale "sawdust" from boring. I'd like to identify the species and what it might take to kill the colony. The rest of the tree is okay to cut for firewood. The company that felled the tree is a contractor for C.U.S P. (Coalition for the Upper South Platte and indicated he'd never seen these ants and would also like to know what they are and their habits. Thank you for any help you can provide. Marilyn Callan


Teller County CO 19 days ago

Ground cover for hillside

I am interested in a good ground cover for a hillside. I am tired of mulching it every year. I am not a fan of pachysandra. Would creeping phyllox or lavender be appropriate? Do you have any suggestions for ground cover? I plan to plant a few blueberry bushes on the hillside before planting ground cover. Thank You Becky


Img_9470_300x300%2523 Img_9468_300x300%2523

Allegheny County PA 19 days ago

Honey Bees and Insecticides

Do Neem Oil and Sevin cill Honey Bees? Is there an insecticide that does not kill Honey Bees, one that can be used in gardens?


CO 19 days ago

White pine growth

What is it? Is it treatable? If not treatable what is the solution?


Img_0281_300x300%2523 Img_0280_300x300%2523

Washington County MN 19 days ago

Canning BBQ sauce in bottles with swing-top lids

Hello, I am looking to either water bath or pressure can homemade sauces in bottles with swing-top lids. Is this possible? Safe? Shelf-stable? Some of the sauce recipes are safe for regular water bath canning in jars, while others are safe for pressure canning in jars based on their pH levels. Thank You! Chad Clark 503-329-7753


Clackamas County OR home food preservation food safety 19 days ago

Mullein invasion

Hi! I live along the Cannon River in Cannon Falls MN. We restored a 140 acre area to its original splendor (Savannah prairie) almost two decades ago. After doing a burn on the prairie three years ago, mullein started emerging and they have multiplied very quickly and I'm guessing in the thousands. After researching online and ruling out any pesticide usage, mechanical removal seems the best way. My question is, since we have surrounding native grasses and prairie flowers, if we MOW with a brush hog when the stalk starts to come up but before it flowers, will we be damaging the other species for the next year or two? We don't have much time as the rosettes are already visible and growing larger. I hope you can offer me some advice.



Dakota County MN 19 days ago

Zoysia Grass

My neighbor planted Zoysia Grass in their lawn adjacent to mine and it has since invaded my lawn. I first noticed the Zoysia in 3/31/14 and installed a root barrier on 4/27/14, see photos. Unfortunately the root barrier did not work it has since made it's way into my yard. I am in a townhome and would like to ask you how this grass spreads (can it spread through clippings also?) and can you also please tell me how to stop it from invading my lawn. Thanks for answering my questions and I would appreciate any additional information, articles or web links you may have.


20140331-zoysia_300x300%2523 20140427-zoysia_300x300%2523

Harford County MD zoysia lawn root barrier 19 days ago

Unknown plant

My yard has a lot of this plants. I don't known they are weed s or not.



Frederick County MD weed issues 19 days ago

Blueberry Bush Stems Dying

Hello, One of my blueberry bushes (which I got from New Jersey) has a couple of completely dead branches and is showing signs of more browning on other stems (from the tip down) about 2 inches. I was googling and it looks like either Blueberry Scorch virus or Blueberry Shock virus. I'm not really sure how to tell the difference between them. I ended up pulling the bush and roots out. But there are some little roots still in the soil. Should I remove the soil since it still contains those small little roots. I have 4 other bushes planted in the same row (no signs of disease so far). Will the disease spread to the other bushes? Are some just "carriers" and show no symptoms. If the rest are carriers, are they ok to just keep? If I buy a replacement bush, can I just re-plant it in the same spot the diseased bush used to be? Will the "leftover roots" that are hanging out in the soil from the diseased plant infect the new bush? is there a way to guarantee the new one won't get the disease? Thanks!


20170508_150431_300x300%2523 20170508_150521_300x300%2523

Howard County MD fruits and vegetables fruit blueberries 19 days ago

Apple tree expert

Hello, We be liege to have a sick apple tree and have been keeping an eye on it since last summer. Does the extension offer any services where someone can come out and look at my apple tree to see if it is sick or give an expert opinion/resources? Or do you have any recommendations or resources for me around this topic - diagnosing or advising an apple tree at my home. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you, Andrea


Hennepin County MN 19 days ago

mulch in colorado

I am on an HOA board and we are in need of new mulch. One vendor is suggesting shredded redwood mulch and another is suggesting metro brown mulch. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to one or the other? Also, our present landscape person has let grass under some of our trees die and is now suggesting that grass does not grow under trees. I know that under pine trees it is difficult, with needles falling, but is it generally true or is that not the case? Thank you.
Nancy Carabell


Boulder County CO 19 days ago

Herbicide contamination question

My lawn "service" sprayed some thistles in a bare flower bed on 5/3 using a 2,4-D product. Now the soil is contaminated and I am afraid to plant anything - I have an impending complete back yard re-landscaping project about to start that includes the flower bed. What are my options - replace the soil? Wait for sun & time to degrade the herbicide (what's the half life?)? Heavy watering? Service company says 2,4-D won't be a problem for new plants.



Arapahoe County CO 19 days ago

Why did my Japanese Maple not leaf out this spring?

In 2012 or so I "rescued" a Japanese Maple sapling that had been thrown into the woods along with several other trees still in their plastic containers by an unscrupulous developer who discarded leftover landscaping following completion of a subdivision. Although it was barely alive, I planted my "rescue maple" and nursed it tenderly. It practically doubled in size over the next four years, from about three feet tall to almost six feet now, although it is still very much a sapling. It has been robust and fully leaved each year since. But last fall the tree didn't lose its leaves in the fall. And this spring it never leafed out. A few of last fall's leaves are still gray and curled on the branches. When I researched the internet about the problem several weeks ago, several suggestions ranged from lack of water to a parasitic infestation, but I have not had to manually water this tree since its first year and close inspection shows no borer activity or other evidence of infestation that I could recognize. The tree is not dead, as there is robust leaf activity at the base of the trunk on the ground. There is some evidence of deer rutting on the trunk, but nothing that girdles the tree completely. The tree is near to, but not within, the drip line of a black walnut, so I don't think the maple's malaise is from black walnut toxin. I have a baby fig tree a lot closer to a black walnut and it leafed out beautifully this spring. I live in Owings Mills on two acres of largely undisturbed land in a home that was constructed in 1862. When the USGS needed a soil sample in the vicinity of Soldiers Delight (I live on the northeast corner of Deer Park and Lyons Mill roads), they chose my property since my land is largely the way it was 150 years ago. When I bought the house in 2001, a Bing cherry tree was in the location of the Japanese maple, but after my first year here the cherry stopped producing and eventually died, as did a pear and two apple trees on the property. I surmised at the time that the fruit trees were all planted when the house was built in 1862 and had simply reached the end of their lifespans, and I still believe that to be the case. The Japanese maple gets strong morning light and dappled sunlight the rest of the day from a pair of giant oak trees that grace my front yard, one of which is in contention to be the third largest white oak in Maryland. My yard was certified as a Baywise garden in 2015, so there are no pesticides or fertilizers that could be impacting the Japanese maple. I work at home if anyone would like to stop by and take a look at this remarkable piece of property. I am attaching some photos of my little acer. If you can call me or email with any suggestions of how to rescue my "rescue maple" from the brink of whatever is afflicting it, I would most appreciate your help. Thank you! .


Japanesemaple01_05-08-17_300x300%2523 Japanesemaple04_es__05-08-17_300x300%2523 Japanesemaple05_es__05-08-17_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD japanese maple tree decline 19 days ago

Ground Cover Suggestions

Iā€™m looking for a low growth ground cover. 4ā€ tall max that can take direct sun, sips water and requires as little maintenance as possible. For small back-of-curb to front of sidewalk area 6ā€™ wide, length varies. Any suggestions?


Weld County CO sustainable gardening and landscaping 19 days ago

Wild Rose Invasion

The neighbor's roses have invaded from under the fence into our lilac bush. There is 3'-4' of empty space where both lilac and wild rose suckers have grown. If I leave them alone will the wild roses kill or strangle the lilacs? How do i get rid of them without killing the main lilac bush (the roots are intertwined) or spreading the roses further into yard?


20170508_125540_300x300%2523 20170508_125516_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN horticulture wild roses lilacs 19 days ago

Honeycrisp not blooming

Hi, about 12 years ago, I planted a honeycrisp that, in the last 4-5 years, has refused to produce more than about 12-15 blooms each season. The tree is about 12ft x 12ft, is very healthy, and receives full sunlight during the day. About 2 years ago, I quit fertilizing the lawn near the tree because I was concerned this might be the problem. In the photo, the much smaller and younger honeycrisp (on the right) has always bloomed heavily and is a good producer. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeremy



Hennepin County MN 19 days ago

Growing Figs

I have some fig trees in my backyard in Potomac MD (20854). One of them provides very large and delicious, one has much smaller size, not that tasty, one even smaller but tasty. Last couple of years, I did not get any, I guess winter was too cold. One year, the whole tree died, then started new growth for root! I have few questions: 1. What is the best way to winterize them? 2. What is the best variety for my climate? 3. Is there a way I can get cuttings of different varieties and either root them or graft them? 4. I never feed them anything other than water. Anything (ORGANIC) I can use? Any advice is much appreciated. Esmail Sadeghi 240-876-0183


MD 19 days ago

Weed Identification

Could you please identify these weeds and how to eradicate them?


Weed_3_300x300%2523 Weed_4_300x300%2523 Weed_5_300x300%2523

Leelanau County MI 19 days ago

Weed Identification

Could you please identify this weed and how to eradicate.


Weed_1_300x300%2523 Weed_2_300x300%2523

Leelanau County MI weed identification 19 days ago

Care for Pine Trees

...How often do I need to have my Ponderosa Pines have a general insect spay? Now I having them sprayed 3 times a year.

...I have a Colorado Spruce Tree, how often do I need to have it sprayed for galls?

...Do I need to have my pines sprayed for IPS Beetle / Pine Bark Beetle, I live at 6,000 feet,


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 19 days ago

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