Raspberry Leaf discoloration

I planted my raspberries 2 years ago. I am a little worried about 2 of the five canes because the leaves are a little yellowish. The other canes seem vigorous and healthy. They are getting watered properly. What should I do to get the two canes healthy? Thanks


Lane County Oregon raspberries horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 16 days ago

I have a mature (1992) windbreak of austrian pine and white, norway, and blue...

I have a mature (1992) windbreak of austrian pine and white, norway, and blue spruce on the south and west sides of my property. Is it beneficial to leave pine cones and needles on the ground or is it healthier for the windbreak to clear them out? Also, is it best to leave dead branches to block the wind or cut them out?


Lucas County Ohio 16 days ago

Dying Pachysandra

Do you have any info as to why local Pachysandra is shriveling up and dying? I am in Delaware Co. And see it in many spots but not in large amounts. Thank you Alan Fitts


Delaware County Pennsylvania 16 days ago

Weed or plant?

I planted a lot of flowers last year, label with stakes. Names washed off Is this weed or something I want to keep?



Johnson County Kansas plant identification 16 days ago


How can I get rid of snakes in yard


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania wildlife damage management snakes wildlife management wildlife 16 days ago

Nitrogen deficient gardening mix

I recently had garden mix delivered. I was told that it was 30%topsoil, 30% organic compost and 30% sand. Just for kicks I tested the soil and surprisingly the nitrogen was completely depleted. Did I get what I paid for? Can I add bone meal as an organic way to add nitrogen before planting my vegetable plants and/or seeds (I have read that it also deters rabbits) or is there another way to organically add nutrients that would be available to the plants immediately.


McHenry County Illinois 16 days ago

pruning roses

I have done no maintainance on my garden roses in front (south side) of the house. They have grown large and gangly and look out of control. I would like to cut them back to 2-3 feet in a more orderly shape. Is now a good time to prune? I do not know the variety but they bloom pink and red in the spring. Thanks.


Dakota County Minnesota roses roses pruning 16 days ago

Borer Beetle Birch tree

Hello, I have a borer beetle infestation in my birch trees. I've mulched and given them deep water soakings. The upper branches have begun to die off and there are the d-shaped holes that indicate the beetle as well. is there a systemic application I could use to treat the trees? Thanks for the info.


Deschutes County Oregon 16 days ago

black walnuts

to grow a black walnut tree from a seed does the husk have to be removed? I have some with the husk dried on them


Sanborn County South Dakota trees and shrubs walnut trees black walnut tree 16 days ago


I live in Langley BC, all of a sudden I have mushrooms popping up everywhere, on the lawn in my strawberry plant, in my herbs, right in the middle of the plants. My son says that mushrooms can be so poisonous that I should not mess with them. If they are in the middle of my plants does that mean I can't use my herbs ad strawberries. Is it unsafe to cut them out of the plant?


Outside United States mushrooms 16 days ago

This tree looks weird

We have this tree in the back of our school yard, I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I have not been out there since the fall. The trunk is all black and there are little holes all over the tree trunk and branches.


Img_7633_300x300%2523 Img_7623_300x300%2523 Img_7626_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland sapsucker sapsucker damage tree holes in tree woodpecker holes black bark bark black leucanium scale 16 days ago

Korean Fir disease?

We planted two Korean Firs last spring, and shortly after, I noticed that one had patches of branches missing needles and in place these barnacle looking formations. Not been able to find any images or info on line that resembles this. Sorry photo not so good. Hoping you can tell whether this is a disease, and if so, what cause is and how to treat/prevent?



Clackamas County Oregon tree health horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 16 days ago

State Fair Entries

Looking to sign up and show Dahlia's this year at the State Fair. Are there classes given on what the rules are for showing / presentation of this class or any of the flower shows?



Linn County Iowa 16 days ago


are there any monies to help start a greenhouse operation for a veteran? Thanks


Taylor County Kentucky agriculture veterans starting a greenhouse taylor county kentucky 16 days ago

Hazelnut spray

We live next to a filbert orchard and they seem to be spraying a lot at this time. Is there any danger from being in our yard while they are spraying? How often can we expect them to be spraying?


Marion County Oregon pesticides hazelnuts horticulture 16 days ago

Pond Algae

We have a 2 acre pond that is currently growing algae on the surface, plumes under the water, and another stringy "plant like" plume growing from the bottom in the shallow areas. How do I control or eliminate the algae? It started a year or two ago and is getting worse. We have bass in the pond and it is used for swimming in the summer.


20160420_093257_300x300%2523 20160420_093316_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon pond and water gardens algae 16 days ago

Dying Azalias

Two, 30-year old azaleas and a rhododendron, all growing in light shade under a Korean Dogwood, have been looking terrible for the last few years, and are now near death. Other azaleas of the same age, located in different areas of our yard, are fine. Anything we can do? Is replacement in order? Might the soil something in that particular area be the problem?


Img_1364_300x300%2523 Img_1365_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland dying azaleas 16 days ago

Ground nesting bees/wasps

Hello, Yesterday, I noticed 5-10 bees or yellow jackets nesting in a large mound of dirt in my backyard. I have not been able to get close enough to determine from sight whether these are bees (which I understand to be relatively docile) or yellow jackets (which I understand to be very aggressive), but they are definitely not cicada killers. However, I have a young child and a puppy that play in the yard, so I would like to know what I am dealing with to determine the best of course of action. I have seen some information online that suggests that, during this time of year, only bees would be nesting in the ground. Can you confirm this is the case? Thank you in advance.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania insect issues insect management entomology 16 days ago

Honey Locust tree

I have a Honey Locust Tree that has several areas on the trunk that have sap weeping through the bark. there are a couple branches that have died. Is there anything that I can treat the tree with if there is a bug or bore? infecting the tree. I am going to cut the dead limbs off but want to treat the tree so the whole tree doesn't die if possible


Salt Lake County Utah 16 days ago

Soil treatment fungus

Hello! I just removed laurel bushes that were diseased--appeared to be white fungus on branches with leaves that looked like they had insect damage. I would like to plant in the bed again. Do I need to treat the soil or what should I do before replanting? Thank you very much!


Anne Arundel County Maryland diseases soil treatment trees and shrubs 16 days ago

safe sealing?

This is the response I received from the manufacturer of Roasted (Red) Peppers after I contacted them because I was very concerned when I pried up a corner of the lid there was no AIR POP & so I was very concerned about the safety of the food. Here is the owner's response: "First, allow me to thank you for purchasing our product. I would like to quickly explain and hope to put your mind at ease. We do vacuum and pasteurize our Roasted Peppers and we are un FDA assuarance control. Which means, prior to shipping out our product, the FDA has to release it by physical inspection and analysis. As far as the "popping" of the vacuum, our products pull a maximum of 10 psi unlike jams, jellies, juices, which pull a minimum of 50 psi. Which, is why you hear the traditional "pop" when you open. Our products have a tremendous amount of air in them at the point of sealing, therefore we don't normally get the pop that you do with those products. However, rest assured our bottles are vacuum sealed. I hope this short narrative explains a bit of our process." I should add that the peppers are really stuffed into the glass jar & right up to the lid--might this make a difference w/ regard to the lack of AIR POP? and Would you be in concurrence with his explanation?


Lane County Oregon food safety 16 days ago

purpose of boiling bath

For three years in row my pickled peppers have been soft or mushy. I have even used alum in hope to keep crunchy. I believe I am boiling to long. If the sole purpose of bath is to seal jars properly, I am considering reducing boiling bath time. Any thoughts



Denver County Colorado food safety 16 days ago

Ant ID

Last night we observed two large ants in our kitchen. I captured one and froze it so that I could take some pictures. I was surprised because we had had an infestation of little brown ants a month ago and had an exterminator come by and spray around the house and in the house. There have been no more of the little ants, but then these showed up last night. They didn't walk like ants I'm familiar with: it looked like their bodies were sliding along the floor with their legs slipping and sliding as they slowly made their way. I've enclosed a couple pictures. I know they're ants because they have the elbows in their antennae. Can you identify them? Where do they typically nest? What do they eat? Why would the insecticide that is keeping away the little brown ants not keep them away? Is their odd way of moving because they were exposed to the insecticide and would have died soon? Thanks!


Img_2542_300x300%2523 Img_2545_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland ant identification carpenter ant insect identification 16 days ago

mushroom farming

I am interested in starting a small mushroom farm. Are there any special license requirements or regulations for farming and marketing mushrooms in Pennsylvania? I would also like to know what restrictions there are on collecting and selling wild mushrooms.


Washington County Pennsylvania 16 days ago

What type of weed and how to get rid of it...

Hi there: This weed has spread everywhere over last few years...see pictures. What type of weed and how to get rid of...


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Maryland weeds lawns and turf 16 days ago

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