lawn seeding issues

For many years I've followed the MN rule and prepared and reseeded sections of my lawn in the autumn. It comes up beautifully that same autumn but come spring it is dead as can be and I end up reseeding all over again. I normally use seed composed of fescues and ryegrass for drought tolerance and do a fall seeding as recommended. What should I be doing different?


Anoka County MN turfgrass grass seeding time lawn management 23 days ago


when is the best time to transplant a potted hyacinth the directions are when plant stops blooming and all blooms are gone store in cool dry place until the fall then plant the bulbs an I plant when the weather get warmer which I hope is soon. and where should plant them in the sun or shade? Thank you


Anne Arundel County MD bulb houseplant hyacinth 23 days ago

Planting grass seed

Is this a good time to plant grass seed, and do you have test kits for Ph? We live on a lot with many oak trees, and our lawn has many bare spots and moss areas.


Montgomery County PA lawns and turf 23 days ago

classification of bacteria

i need help to know how to use medical and the effect of use it frequently


OUTSIDEUS 23 days ago

mushrooms - leave them or rid them?

I have a flower bed that surrounds a lilac bush. This Lilac bush has had two summers now with a powdery mildew issue which I am working on. It shares this flower bed with an old tree stump that is too close to dig out without significant harm to the bush. The flower bed has a few perennial flowers (columbines included) crocus, tulips, daffodils, and pansy's planted in it. The tree stump started to show a few sprouts of mushrooms (carmel colored and no bigger than a quarter) last year, but I only had to remove them maybe 2 or 3 times in the growing season. Well, you can imagine with this last week of moisture, that all of a sudden i go to inspect the progress of my bulbs, and the stump is surrounded in a HUGE ring of the fungi. I have read to leave them to help with the decay of the dead tree and roots.

So, my question is, do I or should I be rid of them? I am afraid they will take over or damage the flowers, and worse attack the lilac in which it will not be able to survive the powdery mildew and the fungi.... if i do get rid of them, is there things I should not use that could do just as much damage to the cohabitants of the same mini environment? If not using chemicals, are the other methods (baking soda or Tea Tree Oil) as effective?


Denver County CO 23 days ago

What low maintenance plants can I use in northern Minnesota.

We bought a cabin in Cook County, Minnesota. The previous owners keep several raised gardens, see pictures. However, we still work in the cities and although we will come as often as we can, we will not be able to tend a garden. What low maintenance plans could I use in these gear dens for noe?


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Cook County MN 23 days ago

Suggestions for household ant bait, trap or insectacide

Suggestions for household ant bait, trap or insectacide


Licking County OH household ant bait traps 23 days ago

Who is eating my deer feeder?

I just came back from a week vacation and found our empty deer feeder chewed up - both sides and only on the roof area. What animal causes that? If I start putting corn in it again, will the damage stop?


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Prince George's County MD wildlife gnawed wood on deer feeder 23 days ago

Red currants

Can red currants be refrozen after thawing?


Wayne County MI 23 days ago

Can I give nutra-start kid milk replacer to lamb

Wondering if we can feed at least one bottle until tomorrow because we purchased this bag thinking that we could feed it to the lamb now everything's closed in our town and it's all we have



Montrose County CO 23 days ago


Good afternoon, I'm very excited for the warm weather and the prospect of gardening (in a couple of months), but I have found an abundance of some sort of weed in several of my raised beds. I tried to identify it, and think it may be roundleaf buckwheat, but I'm no expert! In fact, I'm probably wrong! I have attached an image for reference. My questions are... 1) should I kill it? I'd like to plant something else there. 2) can it be killed naturally? I would pull by hand but they cover a very large area, and I doubt I could ever get them all. I prefer a natural method. I live in central Oregon between bend and sisters. I really appreciate your help!!!



Deschutes County OR weed issues horticulture plant identification 23 days ago

Soil testing of lawn

Do you'll do soil testing of residential yards? If so how do I need to take samples? Also how long does it take to get results and cost?


Warren County KY warren county kentucky horticulture soil testing 23 days ago

Insect/Disease on Shtubs

What are these white colored rod shaped size about 1/4 inch in size? See photo below. We have 12 bushes and al have these white rod shape items on them. What do I need to do?



Anne Arundel County MD shrub possible white prunicola scale 23 days ago

Coppiced Cedar tree

I've a tall, very old coppiced cedar tree that looks rather puny with its less than vibrant greenery and small cones. 3 different arborists have given me 3 different assessments as to what to do with the tree. One -- who also specializes in large tree removal -- said to cut it down as it will eventually rot, split, and possibly fall onto my house. Another said it was dying but he could treat it with special fertilizers, soil treatment, etc. for $2500 over 18-24 months, and the health of the tree would improve significantly. The 3rd arborist said while it's not the most robust cedar tree, it wasn't dying or it isn't necessarily unhealthy. He suggested adding fertilizer every year and just keeping an eye on it. I've been doing the latter, but when we have severe wind storms, I do worry about the tree coming down. I've lived in my home with this tree in the corner of my yard for 10 years and wonder what you might suggest. Thank you.


Clackamas County OR tree health urban forestry 23 days ago

Should I get it

I am a 13 year old boy I want to get a ball python but I don't know if we should get on


Barren County KY reptile husbandry ball python 23 days ago

ponds and waterdogs

i have a new pond that is mostly above ground (embankment). it leaks. a neighbor told me that putting waterdogs in it would solve the problem and that csuagext would be a source for them. is there any truth to this?


La Plata County CO ponds 23 days ago

Oak issues

I have 2 old oaks in my backyard. One has been on the decline and we had it trimmed way back to keep large branches from crashing into the house. Part was left to keep the other tree from seeing any balance issues(i assume). The trimmed tree is continuing to decline with the bark coming off and these holes in it. There is a chance its a wood pecker but seems like it might be internal. This has not spread to the other tree but is this something I should be worried about? They are large trees and the cost of removing them is not something I care to think about.


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Prince George's County MD tree decline 23 days ago

New Homeowners - lots of pine, thick yellow patches

Hi there! We bought our first home! It includes a half acre of grass and trees, including 8+ pine trees. The grass looks like it must've been long under the snow - there are patches of thick yellow grass among the green .. When is it appropriate to thatch the yard, how do we know if we need to aerate and when do you do that ..? And .. what kind of maintenance do you recommend under our pine trees to promote grass growth? Branches are trimmed 7-9 feet up the trunks. Finally - how do you know what type of grass you have? I read briefly about warm/cool grasses. Thank you!


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Washington County MN lawns and turf landscaping 23 days ago


are crimson sweet melon as good a pollinator as sugar baby for seedless melons ? the ratio 150 crimson sweet -50 seedless. do the pollinator have to be real close to the seedless melon


Martin County MN watermelons pollinating cucurbits 24 days ago

Flower/plant ID

Got this in a flower arrangement. Can't find it anywhere. Can you help?


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Montgomery County MD 24 days ago

Renovating Lawn


I bought my first home last summer and the lawn is a mess. We had a ton of crabgrass and a lot of thin spots. I'm hoping for some help to improve it, and I have a few questions:

  1. Can the Purdue Extension Service do a soil test? If not, can you point me somewhere that can?
  2. Any good advice on deciding when to try and improve the existing lawn versus killing it and starting over?
  3. I'm thinking of using a fine fescue seed blend. Any thoughts? Our lawn is about half high sun and half moderate shade.
Thanks for any help you can give!


Lake County IN 24 days ago

HONEYSUCKLE VINE - Lonicera x heckrotti

I planted a honeysuckle vine last summer and it really thrived and filled out the trellis it was climbing. My well-meaning neighbor cut back the entire honeysuckle today to about a height of 6 inches. 1) Will it die? 2) Is there any special care I can give it to prevent it from dying or to help it grow again this season? 3) I read it probably won't flower this season, is this true? 4) In the future, what care should be given to the plant?


Hennepin County MN vine honeysuckle 24 days ago

Pepper seedling foliage problem

I am experiencing yellow spots and bumps on some of pepper seedlings. It started with some pinhole size yellow spots, then the veins stared yellowing. The worst ones look like crystallized around the veins. Not all the leaves are sick. The plants otherwise look strong and healthy.
Could you help me to identify the problem and recommend a solution?
Thank you for your help!


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Montgomery County PA 24 days ago

How do I transplant Hydrangeas?

Hi have about four mature hydrangeas that I need to transplant because we plan to expand our patio. I realize it would have been better to do it while they were dormant, but a host of reasons prevented that. They were pruned back in the fall and now new growth is starting. I need to move them out of the way, hold them in a temporary state above ground until work is complete (about 4 days), then replant them. What suggestions do you have?


Clackamas County OR transplanting horticulture hydrangea 24 days ago

Wild Geranium

I live in a rural area just outside of West Linn and am plagued by two types of wild geranium..a lace leaf variety and cranesbill. I am on 5 acres and each year I have more of it. While it is easy to pull, it keeps coming back and the roadsides are filled with it. I have, also, tried spraying but nothing seems to help. Any advice? Also, I would like to plant something native and fast growing to help overtake it.


Clackamas County OR horticulture weed issues 24 days ago

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