Bumpy yard

My yard which is sodded is very bumpy this year. It isn't really visible from the street but when I mow I can really feel it. The grass looks fine. It hasn't been like this in prior years. I've lived there for 30 years. Is there a reason or an indication of a problem?


Dakota County Minnesota 17 days ago

I have a terraced garden which is on a hillside that had been cut out to form...

I have a terraced garden which is on a hillside that had been cut out to form the road below. This garden was made using black dirt hauled in from another site. Therefore, all of the soil around it is clay, and is probably not good for the worms. I read in one of my gardening books that a worm census is a good indicator of a garden's fertility. He recommends taking a 1' by 1' by 7" rectangular prism of soil, and counting the worms in it. A good garden is supposed to have ten worms or more. However, I did not count any. We sent in a soil test to the U of M midsummer last year, and it said that our organic matter was 5.7%. What should I gather from the number of worms, the conditions nearby, and the percent organic matter? Should I add worms to the garden? Also, I have a question about tillage. In the same gardening book, it says that there are quite a bit of downsides to tilling, including compaction, tiller pan, and the destruction of worm cavities. Is there evidence that shows that using a tiller contributes to subsoil compaction? The author recommends using a broad fork in the fall to aerate the subsoil so that the roots and worms can better perforate it and to increase its water holding capacity. Is this a productive thing to do, and will it really aerate it, or will it just compact the soil around the tines?


Scott County Minnesota 17 days ago

What is this plant?

Can you help me identify this plant? Photo attached. Thanks


Baltimore County Maryland flower plant id 17 days ago

Ailing Bishop's Weed

My decorative Bishop's Weed that was so lush and full only weeks ago, is suddenly turning brown and looks decidedly unhealthy. See the attached photo. Any suggestions?


Baltimore County Maryland groundcover bishops weed disease 17 days ago

Permitted use vs actual use

A L1 light industrial zoned site property abuts our Residential zoned condo development in Canton Township, MI (poor zoning on the part of the Township). The new owner of the property has relocated two Heavy Industrial plants they owned - one in Michigan and one in Ohio to this site. They moved their heavy equipment to this site and added new equipment and advertise they have 400 ton presses. They are an international deep drawn metal stamping company and operate 3 shifts a day - 24/7. They have destroyed the peacefulness of our residential neighborhood with the continuous sounds of exhaust fans, presses thumping, scrap metal being dumped, intercom use in the building, the vibrations felt in our homes, etc. The Township gave them tax abatement and allowed additional construction to the existing building to facilitate the outdoor conveyer system to dump scrap, the addition of a Cold Storage building (they use a flammable product in their manufacturing process. The Township says they are Light Industrial and their periodic monitoring of the sound says they don't exceed the decibel allowance. Our ordinances are vague concerning noise and nuisances. This has been ongoing for almost a year. Our property value and the ability to sell our homes are now in jeopardy. The question is - do we as residents have any recourse to fight this mess? The stress level of constant sound/noise is becoming unbearable. Sleep is disrupted and opening your doors and windows or sitting on your deck is impossible.


Wayne County Michigan zoning and land use regulation 17 days ago

Replacing a lawn with wildflowers

Hello, I'm looking to replace my fairly modest patch of grass with a wildflower/meadow look. I live in the Portland metro area and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations. Should I mix in any grass or clover? Would the space still be mostly green in the winter? How much, if any, reseeding should I expect to do? I didn't see any articles on the extension site about this, but please let me know if this topic has been previously covered. Thank you very much for your help, Kris


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture lawns and turf 17 days ago

Tomato problem

My tomatoes are splitting on the vine from the stem down the sides. What can I do to prevent this?


Salt Lake County Utah tomatoes tomato cracking heirloom tomatoes tomato splitting jlk hybrid tomato 17 days ago

What is this giant plant?

The plant is approaching 8 feet with no bloom in sight..still think velvet leaf or emerald tree??


Multnomah County Oregon plant identification empress tree 17 days ago

Grape infestation

Can you identify what this infestation is on my grape plant. There are also tons of ants. Also what can I do about it, if anything.


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture insect issues grapes 17 days ago

Dwarf evergreen for small space near a boulder

I live in western Massachusetts and have a small pocket beside a new bluestone walkway. It receives almost full day sun. A large boulder anchors the pocket. I think that I need a SLOW growing globe evergreen. What do you suggest. The space is no more that 3 1/2 by 31/2 feet. We get lots of snow and temperatures down to 25 below zero.


Franklin County Massachusetts horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

I have what I believe is a Prince Charming Lilac, which was doing well and...

I have what I believe is a Prince Charming Lilac, which was doing well and beautiful. In the last few years, the leaves are discoloring orangish and yellowish with the green by mid summer. This year, no flowering at all. Lots of branches look dead and some that bloomed this year have brown crunchy leaves and look dead. I am down to very few branches alive, but with discolored leaves at the end of the branch in a clump. What could be wrong? What should I do? It was planted before we had an above-ground pool--can that be affecting it?


Hennepin County Minnesota 17 days ago

what kind of frog is this?

I found this frog about 5 miles east of Wray Colorado 80758. Can you tell me what kind of frog it is? It is about 4-5 inches in length. I think it is a bullfrog.


Yuma County Colorado 17 days ago

edible mushrooms

Is there a person in the Fort Collins /Loveland area who can look at my mushroom samples and tell me if they are safe to eat?


Larimer County Colorado 17 days ago

hi - please help! there's something happening with my lilacs! some appear to...

hi - please help! there's something happening with my lilacs! some appear to have died off... others are exhibiting some color shift in the leaves, and areas of die off. what can i do? i can send a couple more photos, if that would help.


Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Like a hibiscus but not

this beautiful plant is like a hibiscus but much larger flower and different leaves. Can you identify it for me?


Ocean County New Jersey horticulture trees and shrubs flowers : annuals and herbaceous perennials plant identification flower plant id 17 days ago

ID by bite?

I was camping and received several bites on my ankles. Thinking chiggers, I wasn't much concerned. Then they became large blisters (nickel and dime size) filled with clear fluid. I saw my CNP who gave me steroids and an antibiotic and told me I could drain them with a sterile needle. I did and the next day some of them turned purple. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or if it's part of the healing process. Ideas?


Highland County Ohio insects 17 days ago


how can I control aphids. I have tried all kinds of sprays and powder to no avail. my plant leaves are full of holes and I think is afids. please advise


Saginaw County Michigan 17 days ago


my plants, vegetable and hot pepper are being invaded with what I believe are aphids. I have tried all kind of sprays and powers to no avail. my plants are suffering wilt little yield and leaves full of holes.


Saginaw County Michigan 17 days ago

Spider ID Help - Common Orb Weaver??

This spider (picture) has enjoyed my exterior doorway for a solid month or so this summer in Houston(very hot and humid). It spins a orb web every night, but is no bigger than about a nickel. I'm just assuming it's some variation of an orb weaver but I may be wrong, just curious.

It's a little blurry as my camera had a tough time focusing on the spider itself.


Harris County Texas entomology insect identification 17 days ago

Aspen tree question

One of my clients has Aspen trees in her yard and the appear healthy. The new growth on a couple of the trees produced large poplar leaves this year. Is this common? Will the Aspen tree prevail or is it possible it could become another poplar species? I cannot find any info on this. Thanks


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Bugs in soil

I have bugs in my soil. I have 20 plus years of gardening, in Alaska, but have never seen these before. They look like tiny flies and some that look like white aphids. Most of my plants are doing o.k., first year soil, so....Anyway, are these bugs harmful?


Deschutes County Oregon insect issues 17 days ago

Dying Boxwood

I have a 25 year old Boxwood, about 3 foot high, that has a large area that is turning brown and appears to be dying. The affected area is in the Middle of the bush and the dying area continues to grow. The plant is in part shade and in the same soil it has been in for 25 years. I have applied Copper Fungicide, but haven’t seen any improvement. Can you please give me some guidance on what I should do next? Thank you.


Howard County Maryland shrub boxwood volutella 17 days ago

Too much lime?

We recently moved t0 St. Helen, MI.The area is known for its', sandy soil and ants. What fertilizer should we use and what kind of grass seed?


Roscommon County Michigan 17 days ago

Minature blooms on my Confederate Rose

I have several Confederate Rose plants here in Loranger LA (zone 8b). One appears to be preparing to bloom. Looking close, I see some miniature "blooms" that are confusing to me.
Do you know what they are, and their purpose? I don't have a clue.


Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana horticulture trees and shrubs flowers : annuals and herbaceous perennials 17 days ago

Fly larvae

I have recently had an infestation of house flies. I kill a handful of flies every day. I have noticed that they have tiny larva-like things inside of them that wiggle around and are a cream color. I don't think they're fly larvae because to my understanding house flies don't reproduce that way. Can you tell me what these are? Thanks!


Fayette County Kentucky household pests agriculture house flies fayette county kentucky home insect control 17 days ago

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