Japanese Stilt grass?

Is there a pre-emergent treatment against Japanese stilt grass? What treatment is on the market for the house owner and what treatment for the lawn company? Thank you for replying and your help.


Montgomery County Maryland invasive lawn stilt grass control 13 days ago

Bird Boxes

Need proper instructions on building Barn Owl boxes and placement of them.


Estill County Kentucky agriculture barn owl boxes estill county kentucky 13 days ago


Could you help me ID these mushrooms growing in my front yard, and if they are edible?


20160811_102421_300x300%2523 20160811_102520_300x300%2523 20160811_102453_300x300%2523

Mercer County Pennsylvania mushrooms in lawn lawn and turf 13 days ago


I have a terrace with my third floor condo. The terrace has walls on three sides with one side open. Recently, I have noticed bat droppings on the terrace. Would you offer some suggestions on how to keep the bats off my terrace. Thank you. howfaul


Frederick County Maryland wildlife bats 13 days ago

how to rid my lawn of orchord grass

Is there a spray that I can mix up to kill the orchard grass that is taking over my lawn? Is there a dry mix like fertilizer? The same with brome grass? Thank you


Worth County Iowa 13 days ago

New to area

I have recently moved to a piece of property (38 acres primarily pasture) about 11 miles south of Westcliffe. I am completely new to rural living. There is a chicken coop that is in good shape and I would like to raise a few chickens. Also I would like to start keeping bees.

Could you point me to resources to help me get started?

Also, there is a very small aspen grove west of my house. Should I water that? If so how often and is there anything I should do to protect it from deer during the winter.




Custer County Colorado 13 days ago

Invasive groundcover

Can you tell me what this groundcover is. It took over a good portion of my lawn which I had to replace. Now it is starting to pop up again. I live in Houston Texas.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Galveston County Texas 13 days ago

Siberian Spruce turning brown at the top

Normally 2 very healthy trees; this Siberian Spruce and another pine have turned brown at the tops.
Something to worry about?


Img_0932_300x300%2523 Img_0933_300x300%2523 Img_0937_300x300%2523

Wood County Ohio 13 days ago

white pine

seems to be diseased,we have two trees. don't want whatever is wrong with the one to spread . sap is seeping needles are small and not as full as the other tree trees are at least 100 ft


Anoka County Minnesota white pine horticulture tree dying 13 days ago

How much soil/top soil is needed for grass

Hello! I have a gravel bed I would like to convert back into a bed/lawn of grass. If I choose to not remove the gravel, how many inches of soil will I need to place over the gravel to sustain grass from seed?


Bucks County Pennsylvania lawns and turf 13 days ago

Unknown herb

The seeds came in a basil package, but they smell lemony


2016-08-11_09.39.40_300x300%2523 2016-08-11_09.40.02_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland basil herb lemon basil herb identification 13 days ago

Identify this plant

Can you help me identify this plant which popped up in my garden area. I have not yet planted the garden; I'm new to the home. But as I remove the weeds, new plants grow, like this one. It GRE task fairly quickly... In about two weeks i think.


Img_20160811_091903699_300x300%2523 Img_20160811_091913959_300x300%2523 Img_20160811_091850433_300x300%2523

Georgetown County South Carolina plant identification 13 days ago

Norway Maple

I have a very large Norway Maple on my property. There appears to be (from my limited research) sunscald on some areas of the trunk as well as black trunk in some small areas. I became aware of this when I noticed several different types of mushrooms growing on one of the lower limbs. The mushrooms have since fallen off, but am concerned about what to do and when may be the appropriate time of year to take any action. Thanks in advance for your help.


13887055_10206586319446489_7705975047994565175_n_300x300%2523 13663643_10206570314086365_168230610_o_(1)_300x300%2523 13918472_10206570313886360_1661327366_o_300x300%2523

Allegheny County Pennsylvania 13 days ago

What is the name of this plant?

What is the name of this plant? It is in my garden in Javea, Spain. It has thick green/greyish leaves.


20160811_150244_300x300%2523 20160811_150238_300x300%2523

Outside United States plant identification 13 days ago

Clay soil

What kind of tree can I plant that: -will thrive in Maple Grove, Mn (Hennepin Co.) clay soil in our yard with poor drainage -that is fast growing -that the roots are strong but not invasive to water pipes etc


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture tree recommendations 13 days ago

Native or weed

Hello, Not sure what this plant is and if I should remove or keep it in my native pollinator garden? Thank you, Andy Apple Valley



Dakota County Minnesota horticulture plant identification 13 days ago

I need to identify this plant / weed / herb

This has started sprouting up in several patches of my lawn during the past couple of weeks. I want to treat or remove it, but am not sure what I'm dealing with, nor the best way to deal with it. I live in Olney, MD. Thanks.



Montgomery County Maryland virginia copperleaf weed weed identification 13 days ago

How do I know if my lawn is fungus , diseased or what ?

Please help me find where to send a soil sample , I have a sod lawn and live in Colorado . I have a sprinkler system and water three times a week plus . I have brown spots all over my front lawn . Where can I send a soil sample to find out what I need to do . I do not have a lot of money to spend on a lawn . I did rent a rake last fall and got a lot of dead grass up .

Thank you for your time .

Sincerely , Cathy


Jefferson County Colorado lawns and turf 13 days ago

Wire grass and bagging clippings

1) I was recently told by a certified horticulturist that grass clippings should be bagged. He felt that cut and drop was propagated by environmentalists and other interested parties who did not want to over fill landfills with grass clippings. 2) I have been fighting a perennial weed for 20yrs. I have used round up personally and had professionally applied it to no avail. Is there anything on the marker to other than suppressants like tupersan? I think that weed is wiregrass. It looks like in early am before the sun really rises , a lighter green shade than my tall fescue. The weed is soft to the touch and pulls up easily. No grub activity this year


Anne Arundel County Maryland weed id lawn 13 days ago

Found this by my bathroom sink today. Just wondering what type it is!

He seems different than the usual daddy long legs or other brown house spiders I've seen.



Stark County Ohio spider identification spider id 13 days ago

Help - I have no idea about what is a weed and other problems

Hi - I iist moved into a new house with a garden and I am completely lost. I can't tell what is a weed or not so I took some photos to upload. Please help. Also my daisy-like flowers are dying and the tomato plants have spots. Help!


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Suffolk County Massachusetts vegetables flowers leafhoppers lilies brassica tomato insect damage tomato leafhopper damage plant identification 13 days ago

Do you know this plant

Do you know the name of this plant? It has tiny leaves and small ball with a big strong thorns. Has a small root and grows like a weed.


Img_20160811_133658_300x300%2523 Img_20160811_124905_300x300%2523

Outside United States plant identification 13 days ago

identify plant

Thanks :)



Outside United States 14 days ago


Hello Sirs,

we are naïve entrepreneurs in floriculture sector. we have planted carnation in greenhouse a year back. first harvesting has been done, but the plants severely attacked by wilting, probably by fusarium wilt. the disease was so severe that we were forced to remove all to its branches and leaves reducing the size of plant to its main stem size. now I doubt that these plants will ever grow to its fullest size and bear flower. we really appreciate your guidance on treating this kind of disease and how to apply effective nutrients so that plant will thrive healthy and bear flower.


Outside United States floriculture carnations flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 14 days ago

Dry Cypress Trees

I was wondering whether it was normal for cypress trees to slightly discolour and for the needles to be fragile shortly after planting. We have 2 in good compost in large plant pots and have watered these when we have had really dry spells but the trees are very dry. Is this normal?


Outside United States trees and shrubs 14 days ago

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