Dark brown-black patches on leaves of montera deliciosa

I have recently discovered dark brown-black patches (some larger than others) on the big leaves of my plant. It seemed to me that three days ago they were not there. The plant itself is an offshoot of an offshoot of yet another of about 40 years ago. Itself - it is relatively new, with ony three leavs as yet. I would hate to lose it as the original came from my father's palnt in Egnland many yeqars ago. Can you help?


Outside United States trees and shrubs about 1 month ago



We just landscaped our new yard, and I'm unsure when to fertilize in the spring? Early, like in March or later like in June? I read on your website to do it before July, but that is all I could find. We have a honeylocust, crabapple, river birch, bosnian pine, CO and Norway Spruce.

Also, when should I apply iron to our Autumn Blaze maple?

Thank you for your help!


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Beetles and Larvae on my Maple Tree

I have a couple of types of beetles all over the trunk of my maple tree (see two pictures below). Are they harmful or is this just the normal fall-time "roosting" of some harmless beetles looking for a little warmth and wind protection? The third picture shows some of the many larvae or worms coming out of tiny little crevices in this same trunk. Thank you, Frank Holly


Harford County Maryland insect id ladybird beetle and larvae about 1 month ago

Empty shells from my pinion tree

Why does my healthy,50 year old pinion tree produce beautiful large quantities of empty shelled cones? The nuts look great but only have a small unformed sliver of what should be nut meat. I live in Albuquerque and take good care of the beautiful tree. I have had one or two goods nuts over the 21 years I have owned the home. I've heard it could be bugs but the nuts look perfect. I've heard over watering, but that seems like nonsense to me. I've heard city pinion trees need to be sprayed with chemicals to produce. Is there such a thing as an ornamental pinion tree? If so, mine is gorgeous.


Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs horticulture about 1 month ago

vine weed problem

I live in northern El Paso County and have encountered several areas of vegetation around my home with a vine like weed. I wanted to find out if this is a noxious weed and how to eliminate it without harming the other native grasses, if possible.


El Paso County Colorado lawns and turf about 1 month ago

Unknown houseplant

Looking to identify this plant we inherited when we bought our new home. It's potted and appears to require a lot of water


Jefferson County Missouri horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 1 month ago

fragrant shrub

Hi - I walked by this shrub in Boulder today (10/25) and was arrested by its fragrance similar to balsam fir. It has fernlike leaf fronds and an upright white flower cluster, and the bush was about 5 feet tall by 5 feet around - a very rounded form. It was on a sunny exposed berm. Beautiful! I must know its name! and favorite conditions, including especially max elevation. See attached picture. Can you help? Thank you!


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Green Fungus on Soil Surface

Help! I have a green, leathery, fungus type growth on the surface of the soil in two of my gardens. I can peel it off, but it grows back. It seems to be very invasive, growing right up to the base of plants. Can I get rid of this and how?


Anoka County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Flowering evergreen bushes

Hello. We recently moved into a house in Tyler, Tx. The front is very shaded as the entire property is surrounded by trees. The front of the house is bare and in serious need of shrubbery. Can you recommend some hearty flowering bushes that would stay evergreen throughout the year? They need not get too tall as an architectural feature of the house is floor to ceiling windows across the front of the house and I wouldn't want to block those. Any suggestions for any possible bedding plants and shrubbery are greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Smith County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture about 1 month ago

Wooly aphid I think

So on my crabapple tree - where new shoots are coming out is a cottony looking substance - this tree did not bloom this year and of course no fruit - will the winter freeze kill them? Should I treat with something Thanks so much cathi


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Pruning tips

When is a good time of the year to prune trees and shrubs that have had two growing seasons since original planting?


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

How does a 45-year-old tree root system grow?

I have a small crack in my foundation that I wonder if the large aspen tree root system has caused. And, if so, will it continue to cause damage?


Carver County Minnesota trees and shrubs invasive tree roots tree roots tree roots and house foundation jlk about 1 month ago

wave petunias

This past spring I found in my hanging pots from the year before a multitude of petunias that had come up from seeds that were dropped from the wave petunias that were in the pots from the previous summer. I repotted about 20 plants and then transplanted into my garden and pots. This really cut down on my flower bill and they were beautiful. Something was very strange however. First, as they grew these petunias actually were regular petunias and not wave at all although they came from wave petunia plants. Also I had a multitude of colors, none of which matched the wave petunias that they came from. I had colors I have never seen before such as white with tiny purple lines, a reddish pink, deep purple and a very pale purple as well, white with pink lines, 2 different shades of pale and medium pink. I just read that wave petunias will only produce other wave petunias and will remain true to the color of the parent plant, but this definitely was not the case with my petunias. What happened here? Also, while I loved all these colors, they did fade out and get leggy by the end of summer as regular petunias do. I would like to grow just the wave petunia from seed so I am a bit confused. Can you give me any information please? Thank you so much.


Washington County Tennessee horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 1 month ago

pine tree fertilization

Does an accumulation of pine needles under the tree serve as fertilizer, or should the needles be removed periodically?


Allegheny County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs horticulture about 1 month ago

What kind of shrubs is this.

It was landscaped planted here by a previous owner


DeKalb County Alabama trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture about 1 month ago

soft, bright red spiney balls on the tree in the Fall about 1" diameter

Don't know what kind of tree this is, looked all over the internet for hours trying to find it. Can you help? New Stanton, PA Mick


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs kousa dogwood about 1 month ago


I thought this was cilantro or parsley growing in my yard but could not identify with pictures. What is this?


Henderson County Tennessee plant identification horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 1 month ago

Volunteer bean plant?

Any idea what this is, beans edible?


Georgia about 1 month ago

Teff hay


I live in Vancouver WA & am looking for Teff hay to feed my miniature donkeys. I need something very low in sugars. I have tried numerous feeds & limit pasture to 1 hour, but still have trouble maintaining their weight. A vet recommended Teff hay, but I've been unable to find anywhere. Do you know of anyone that sells teff hay?

I appreciate your help!



Clark County Washington horses horse hay teff about 1 month ago

Price on dresser

Just wanted to know a price range on this dresser


Outside United States about 1 month ago


How and when do I prune this bush? Also what is it?


Baltimore Maryland shrub plant id viburnum about 1 month ago


Hello, My name is Ken Kennedy and I am Head Gardener for Portmore Gardens which is situated in the Scottish borders. I have which I think is a fungal problem in my greenhouse, it affects almost all varieties of pot grown plants but Streptocarpus, Fuschia, and geraniums succumb first. I suspected the Fungus was coming in via our water supply which is a natural spring, I stared treating plants with various fungicide drenches but to no avail until I used ones which controlled Phytothera. THe first one was called "Subdue" in which the active ingredient isMetalaxl-M. THe other was called "Proplant" and its active ingredient was Propamocarb Hydrochloride. these were given most waterings and improvement was seen within weeks this carried on and plants it seemed the fungus was defeated, however after 18 months it slowly crept back in as i discovered not unlike antibiotics these products have a limited use after which the disease is unaffected by it. I at that point contacted a specialist to examine the water supply to see exactly what we were dealing with, He came up with one fungus which was very prominent in our water supply. It was trichoderma Harzianum which after investigation was found to be used for the control of other fungal diseases. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Outside United States greenhouse horticulture about 1 month ago

I planted an Autumn Jazz Arrowwood Viburnum 3 years ago and although it is...

I planted an Autumn Jazz Arrowwood Viburnum 3 years ago and although it is healthy and does flower every year, the flowers do not turn to berries. I thought I read that I needed another nearby? Not sure, can't find where I read it.

An update: I did more research and found that I do need to plant another Arrowwood Viburnum that flowers at the same time as mine, which is late spring, early summer. I have a spot that is about 50 feet away that I could place another shrub. Looking for something that will work for zone 3. Northern Burgundy maybe? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Caledonia County Vermont trees and shrubs horticulture about 1 month ago


what kind of small tree/ shrub is this?


tree no photo about 1 month ago

humane yellow-jacket control

I have a small nest of yellow jackets about 10 feet from my front door. Unfortunately, I found them by moving the railroad tie under which they were building their nest. I split the nest in 2 (and ran!) After they calmed, I turned the RR tie over face down, and put another piece of RR tie over the ground part of the nest. Since, the YJ's have worked to fix the damage. If I wait until the weather is cold and there is snow, can I move the nest to the edge of my property without aggravating the YJ's? Will the larvae survive? I do not want to eliminate the YJ's, just move them, and I live on 1/2 an acre lot so I have room for them. I think I will have to cover the ground nest with dirt and tamp it down, but I'm hoping the larva on the one under the RR tie will survive once it is moved. Assistance appreciated, Sarah Krank


Laramie County Wyoming about 1 month ago

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