Does cornmeal stop Horsetail weed from coming back?


Deschutes County Oregon horsetail corn gluten about 1 month ago

Summer squash in Colorado

We have tried various brand seeds for both Zuchini and Yellow squash with very little success. Lots of big green leaves but essentially no fruit. And then we end up with downy mildew.
are there recommended varieties that we could try


Douglas County Colorado about 1 month ago

Is this mold?

We have this orange stuff all over the house. The shower curtain pictured is worst. But it’s also on walls, ceiling, everywhere. It wipes off easily but does leave a slight stain on white walls. It’s only on the top of the shower curtain rod. The underside is completely clean. What is it????



Franklin County North Carolina household mold about 1 month ago

Reducing/preventing Japanese beetle damage on organic grapes

How do I reduce/prevent Japanese beetle damage on organic grapes? I've read about spraying a Neem solution on leaves before and during beetle infestation. I've seen mesh rolled up on posts that cover the leaves in beetle season. Other options? Is Neem effective? Readily available at garden/hardware stores? Where would one buy the mesh?


Washtenaw County Michigan grapes about 1 month ago

bulk soil

Hi! I have built some raised beds for my backyard and would like to fill them. I am wondering if there are any good resources to buy compost, topsoil, peat moss, vermiculite etc. to fill my beds in bulk so I am not spending hundreds of dollars at a box store. Thanks!


Winona County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Only one apple tree

My 91 and 87 year old parents have been successfully raising and harvesting 300+ Haralson apples each year. Two summers ago they lost one of their two trees and only got 5 apples last year. They know they need two trees for pollination. Is there anything they can do to get a better harvest other than planting another tree? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Crow Wing County Minnesota fruit trees apple trees pollinating apple trees about 1 month ago

prunella vulgaris, Lamiaceae-mint; Heal All

How do I get rid of this in my two year old lawn? When should I begin the project and how do I go about re-seeding with grass seed that will do well in some sun and some shade? We have three lawns to do...


Prunella_vulgaris__heal_all_300x300%2523 Prunella_vulgaris__lamiaceae-mint_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon weed issues lawns and turf about 1 month ago

Abtoes Blue redwoods

I have eleven abtoes blue redwood in my backyards and one is showing a lot of droopy limbs and some weird looking growths. We had a drought two years ago, thinking it could be stressed. I have a neighbor who hates them thinking he could be trying to kill them. I am afraid that the other redwood could be in danger. they are about 20 years + and have done great till know.


Img_3255.jpg.xls_300x300%2523 Img_3249_300x300%2523 Img_3251_300x300%2523

Contra Costa County California tree health climate forests woodlands about 1 month ago


I have a bail of cotton from Camp Springs MD is it worth anything?


Prince George's County Maryland cotton referral about 1 month ago

Douglas Fir Laminated Root Rot

Hi, I currently oversee the care of a 4 acre residential property on the east side of the Olympic Pennusula (Poulsbo WA). Approximately 2.5 acres is forested with primarily Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cherry, Alder, Maple and a few Madrona. The firs have been dying at an accerated rate (lots of blow downs), involving almost all of the existing firs. Laminated Root Rot was diagnosed. Is there any way to save the few healthy, sizeable firs? It's so tragic to watch and I feel helpless. Thanks, Shiela


Kitsap County Washington about 1 month ago

Please identify this plant. It may or may not be some kin to a cruciferous. I...

Please identify this plant. It may or may not be some kin to a cruciferous. I hate to eradicate it if it is edible. It appeared in my garden in the summer/autumn 2017 and persisted through the winter. Both dates are represented in the attached photos. There may be some f2 mustard plants nearby in the photos. Thanks.


Unknown_20180319_132939_300x300%2523 Unknown_2017-11-20_10.36.46_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds plant identification about 1 month ago

Amend soil 2 yrs after planting Plant Select or not?

Two years ago, I landscaped my yards with Plant Select perennials. At the time, I put 66 cu yds compost amended soil in an 6675 sq ft yard for new sod as well as plants, shrubs & trees in borders. Since the soil in Aurora is clay with little top soil, I am wondering if I should top dress the plant beds with 2" amended soil or not this spring? When pulling back 4" gorilla mulch over plant beds, I see no evidence of any amended soil that was originally tilled in.

How do Plant Select plants do when the soil is not amended each year? Or am I wondering if Plant Select plants were developed to adapt to Colorado clay soils are they not in need of further soil amendments?

BTW I have not used dry or liquid fertilizer on the plant beds since planting 2 years ago. What would you recommend and how often?

Would really appreciate your recommendations.


Arapahoe County Colorado about 1 month ago

Growing asparagus

We have. A lot of bent spears....what can we do?


King County Washington about 1 month ago

Arborvitae dying

About 8 years ago we planted arborvitae. They thrived and gained 50% in height and then over the last two years they have slowly started dying. 1 Why are they dying? 2 What variety could we plant that would survive better? Jim


100_2333_300x300%2523 100_2336_300x300%2523 100_2337_300x300%2523

Washington County Oregon plant health arborvitae about 1 month ago

Treating fairy rings in horse pastures

Have 2 fairy rings in my smooth brome horse pasture. How can I safely treat? Is Physan 20 a good option?


Weld County Colorado about 1 month ago


How to turn woodpecker away that has been pecking on my house


Washington County Oregon nuisance wildlife about 1 month ago

Starting with apple trees

Hi there, I would like to try to grow a couple of apple trees. I have a couple of questions - 1. septic mound - how far away should the tree be to be considered safe? 2. Do ornamental crab-apple trees provide the same pollinator benefits - so could they be used as my 2nd tree if I got say a Frostbite tree? 3. if not - would you have a good suggestion for a 2nd smaller tree to go with a Frostbite variety? Thanks so much!


Chisago County Minnesota planting on septic mounds about 1 month ago

Why are Crain flies at my door

I've read many posts about crane flies hanging out at the door. People have answered about how to kill them, however I want to know why they are hanging out at the doors. It's like they're drawn to something. Does anybody know why?


Bastrop County Texas about 1 month ago

Thorny Problem

This very thorny thick stemmed plant is growing in my community. It was cut back but is growing back aggressively. Thank you.



Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification bramble thorny plant invasive about 1 month ago

Invasive vine

This is growing on a sunny hillside in my community. Can you help me ID it? Thanks.


Img_6313_300x300%2523 Img_6314_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland invasive rosa multiflora rose shrub about 1 month ago

Good time to reseed a lawn?

Is it warm enough yet to reseed a lawn?
if I have a small area of lawn 10by20 that all died out and is matted down is it best to till it up and start over?


Washington County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture about 1 month ago

Weeping willow - rot and webbing at base - bark peeling off

I have a 20 year old weeping willow that has a white webbing under the bark and the bark can be easily pulled off. the tree is rotting under the bark. This condition is all the way around the base of the tree but the rest of the tree looks healthy. Please advise - We love this tree and would hate to loose it.


20180305_103443_300x300%2523 20180305_103557_300x300%2523 20180305_103641_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland trees peeling bark about 1 month ago

fertiizer applications

How many fertilizer applications does a lawn require in eastern Iowa?


Scott County Iowa about 1 month ago

Why is it recommended to wait until May to mulch in Southwest Ohio?

Why is it recommended to wait until May to mulch in Southwest Ohio?


Butler County Ohio mulching about 1 month ago

Selling downed trees for lumber

What the title says: I had a fairly large, straight pine tree (type uncertain) come down in the recent windstorm. I would like to sell it for lumber rather than simply cutting and disposing of it. I live in Glenn Dale, just west of Bowie. Do you know of any buyers of trees in the area?


Prince George's County Maryland selling wood selling downed trees for lumber trees about 1 month ago

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