Mildew in Ninebark 'Diablo' shrub

My 12- to 15-year-old Diablo Ninebark shrubs have had downy mildew for 3 or 4 years. Each year I prune branches out that have mildew. I disinfect my pruners between cuts, clean up as much as I can around the bushes, and throw all the leaves and branches in the garbage. The problem becomes more severe each year. These bushes get lots of airflow around and through them. I'm keeping the centers open for air flow.

I am wondering if I can give the bushes a hard pruning this spring before they leaf out, and if that will help control the mildew. How far down can I prune them -- is a foot from the ground too much? Or would I be better trying to control the problem with a fungicide. My thought is that if I get rid of as much of the mildew as I can, I would have an easier time controlling it with a fungicide. I have not yet used a fungicide.


Richland County North Dakota about 1 month ago

Compost purchase

We are looking to add compost to our landscape. We live in eastern Washington county and would like to know the best place to purchase.


Washington County Oregon horticulture compost about 1 month ago

What is this thing I have found?

Hello. I found this on the bank of the Columbia River today. I think it is from a sturgeon but it looks too big to be a scale. Could you possibly tell me what it is please? Thanks so much. Patricia Hampel.


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Oregon fossil bone identification about 1 month ago

Snow Load

Where can I find out the current weight per square foot of the snow in Fairbanks. I am not set up to do the calculation myself so the formula won't do me any good. Thank you for your help.


Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska about 1 month ago

Health of organic vs non-organic dried beans.

I am writing you today because I am a RD (registered dietitian) and have received many consumer questions about the safety of eating dried beans that are NOT organically grown. There are many new varieties of heirloom beans being sold that consumers are interested in. But, the companies that grow and/or distribute them are not selling organic beans. My understanding is that not a lot of fertilizer and/or pesticides are needed/used to grow dry beans in the first place. And that because beans grow inside a bean pod they are safe from contaminants. I appreciate your kind reply, so I can accurately answer questions about the safety of eating non-organic dried beans.


Benton County Oregon fruits and vegetables about 1 month ago

compost barn

Do you have any experience with materials for cows compost barn ,like sand or other material,diferent of sand dust .
I will appreciate very much your nrepply.
Dr. Patricio Luzuriaga
From Quito-Ecuador S.A.


Pennsylvania dairy production dairy dairy herd health about 1 month ago

Arrowhead Vine

Someone gave me cuttings from their Arrowhead Vine years ago. They rooted and I put them in a container that they have far outgrown. They were very 'leggy' so I cut them way back thinking that I would make into a smaller table type arraignment. They had no nodes on them, just a long stem from soil to leaf. I have had them in water for sometime now waiting for them to root - they're doing great in the water but can't live there forever - but they are not rooting. Is there a chance I can put them in soil and they will acquire roots, or are they doomed to certain death as they are? Thanks!!


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Denver County Colorado about 1 month ago

Evergreen trees resistant to black walnut?

Hello, we are trying to plant some evergreen trees near a pair of existing black walnut trees. So far, most of the seedlings or transplants we have tried have died (white pine, norway spruce, blue spruce, balsam fir, white spruce). Last year we tried some red cedars as we read they are supposed to be resistant, but they didn't do much better. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Washtenaw County Michigan about 1 month ago

Body Condition Scoring Range Cattle

In an article I noticed a reference to a paper titled (3 Step Boding Condition Scoring for range Cattle) that is available form your school. Where/or how do I get the paper? Have looked on the website but cannot find it. Can you help?? Thanks


Rio Blanco County Colorado about 1 month ago

salt damage

I have a deep well,,that goes into the lower Arapahoe. It has salt content and it shows in my gardens. How can I defeat the salt problem when I water my plants


Adams County Colorado about 1 month ago

Time for Planting Wildflower Seeds

When is the best time to plant wildflower seeds in a raised bed in Grand Junction?


Mesa County Colorado wildflowers and native plants about 1 month ago

pruning burkwood viburnum

I have a tall poorly pruned Burwood. It is tall so I don't get to enjoy the flowers and very sparse below, just some big branches. I watched a video about cutting them back hard (with a chainsaw) to about 3 ft above ground. I don't want to do that but if I cut some of the bigger branches back to say 3-4 ft will some new growth come out of the ground or just out of the branch?


Clatsop County Oregon trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Mushroom Compost

Someone suggested using mushroom compost in my flower garden. Should I use this and if so what type to buy. Thank you.


Ramsey County Minnesota compost mushroom compost about 1 month ago

lawn care in Feb and March

Can you please tell me what lawn treatments should be done in Feb and March. We have mostly zoysia in the front lawn. Don't know exactly what kind of grass is in the backyard, but it doesn't turn brown like zoysia. Also, do you happen to have a document that describes general month by month lawn and gardening things to do in Northern Delaware. Thank you. Marcia Adato


New Castle County Delaware lawns and turf lawn care winter about 1 month ago

Shade only shrubs

Hello. I need a shade loving shrub that will create privacy next to my patio. i live in a condo community in Colorado Springs. We are allowed to plant next to our patio upon approval of the board. The plants they recommend need sunlight. My area is blocked from the sun by another building and large pine trees. I need 9 feet horizontally and height of 4-5 feet.Do you have a recommendation?


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Marshall Ash Tree

This Ash was here when we moved here in 1999 and this issue came in last summer. They were green clusters that have now changed into this woody hard brown (as per picture) Any advice or knowlege. My neighbors have same issue with their Ash Trees. Hope my picture goes thru.



Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Rain Garden

If I build a rain garden that is at least partially above ground (basically a large [3'wX12'lx2'h] planter box with no bottom) what do I need to consider during winter freeze?


Centre County Pennsylvania horticulture rain gardens about 1 month ago

I have a greenhouse, now what?

Hi! My name is Ashley M., and I work at a school in Tangent. The school was given a greenhouse, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I've been reading up on greenhouses, but a lot of the materials seem to assume that (1) you're starting from building it yourself, or (2) you're going to be doing planting over the winter, and I'm just curious if that includes right now? I was hoping just to use it as a learning activity for my kids, and I was curious about any resources I might be directed to? I'm just uncertain where's best to even start with this - and not a lot of people at the school know either! Thank you for you time! Ashley M.


Benton County Oregon greenhouse horticulture about 1 month ago

High potassium in water

Our well water tested higher than normal (1.8 with 1 being limit). I am planning my very first vegetable garden. We had lower field soil tested and it showed high potassium. 1. Is high potassium a problem for vegetables? 2. Should I ammend garden area with something? I tried to find information on internet but apparently I am not searching properly. 3. Can you suggest reading material to help me with this. Any suggestions would be very helpful. We are both new to this farming life and learning as much as possible to succeed. Thank you for your time. Dawn Vilarino


Klamath County Oregon soil and fertility issues about 1 month ago

Ever living branches.

A year ago my husband brought me a bouquet from King Soopers. The flowers died in a week, but the leafy branches stayed green. I've kept them in a vase for a year, giving them water and fertilizer. They haven't grown any roots, but they have strange growths on the leaves. I started to wonder if they were plastic, but they sure look real. If I peel off a growth and open it , it looks like a bud, with little white petals. Any idea what this is?

EDIT: I think I found it. I googled "leaves with flowers in the middle" and came up with "Ruscus
Apparently they're not really leaves, but flattened branches, and are often used in floral arrangements because they last so long. Wow.


16707585_10208767554887490_6276039109944585770_o_300x300%2523 16722442_10208767554327476_4916769620969083012_o_300x300%2523 16729053_10208767553767462_8739562398671397832_n_300x300%2523

Larimer County Colorado about 1 month ago

prune apple tree

I have been pruning an apple tree, in the same manner that I used to prune most trees that need to be strengthened so they don't break in the snow, by cutting back the longer branches. I was in this business back east for many years, and it was always a good thing to do. However with this apple tree I am getting tons of sucker growth at the crown of the tree.
What am I doing wrong please?


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Current recomendations, both organic and other, for botrytis

Hello, Was reading about molds and mildews common to greenhouses on the PSU website and it suggested that I contact the extension for a current list of treatments, cures, or preventative measures for Botrytis. I appreciate any assistance you could offer very much, it is taking over a greenhouse! Matt 858-245-5765


Santa Barbara County California botrytis greenhouse about 1 month ago

Prune Filbert

I have two filberts that I planted 18 months ago. The pruning instructions I've found on line say nothing about when to prune or if timing even matters. I have suckers growing up from the roots all around both of them. Plus I'd be inclined to make them bushes as I believe is done in Europe rather than trees. Looking for info and/or relevant links. Thanks, Bill Chenoweth Lebanon


Linn County Oregon pruning horticulture about 1 month ago

moles or voles

Am pretty sure this lawn damage is due to voles or moles. What can I do about it?



Hennepin County Minnesota voles about 1 month ago

Alge Control

I have a small pond, 1/2 acre, on a piece of undeveloped property in South Dorchester Co. The land is considered marshland. Once warmer weather comes the pond is totally covered with what I think is filamentous alge. The pond is no more than 3' deep. I have put 2 wood duck boxes in the pond and can not see how any baby ducks can survive as soon there will be no open water. Do you have any recommendations on how I can control this problem ? Thanks,


Dorchester County Maryland pond algae algae control pond mangement algae in pond algae about 1 month ago

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